Excerpt from the book "The voice of I am I": Description of the Art Print of the Great Presence I Am 4/5/5 part

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It speaks of the colored circles around the Upper Figure in the Plate, in terms of "Causal Body", and constitutes the accumulation of all Substance and Energy that have been used constructively and qualified with perfection. This has been collected from all previous incarnations, and is kept under the control of the Electronic Body - the Top Figure on the Plate. That is the " Great Presence I AM ". Each individual has an Electronic Body - a Body made of Pure Universal Electronic Substance of Light focused and projected from the Great Central Sun, around which our Sun is one of seven.

Inside the Flame, a Ray of Light enters from the Head of the Upper Figure from the Great Central Sun. Through that Ray of Light, Intelligence, the Electronic Force and the Substance-Light that constitute the individual's own Identity flow from the Great Central Sun. That is your individual portion or focus of Divine Life, Divine Intelligence, Divine Substance and Eternally Pure Energy from the Great Central Sun, the very Heart of God. It is maintained in the Electronic Body that it is a Being of such Flaming Light and Substance that its physical eyes could barely withstand the intensity of the Light, except for a moment.

The Radiation of Energy around the Electronic Body and the Substance that makes up the Circle of Colors is called the "Causal Body, " which forms a sphere around the Electronic Body. The “Great I AM Presence of each one of you is your Focus of Life, the Eternal Identity of each one of you, which forever says“ I AM ”and the manifestation takes place.


These colors are the qualities we attract to produce special activities in the things we create and in the forms we use in the external world. Even in the Internal Fields, the na Magna Presence I AM uses these same Qualities when doing creative work at Cosmic Levels of His Activity.

The Electronic Body of the na Magna I AM I Presence projects from S the Higher Mental Body (not illustrated in the Line). It inhabits the Causal Body or can descend and blend into the physical structure because it is the Focus of the Divine Intelligence, Qualities and Powers of the individual that govern the intensity of the Light to be discharged through of the physical body for some particular achievement. There is also talk of this as Angel Guardian, Critical Mind or Inner Christ. The Higher Mental Body is the Being that the Bible refers to as the Unique Son of God because that Body contains all the Faculties and Intellectual Consciousness of the Magna Presence I AM I will not accept any imperfections within S . It has the ability to scrutinize the imperfections of humanity and see what is required to change them to Perfection. It is the Being that attracts from the Electronic Body the Power to achieve change in the physical world.


The Upper Mental Body is like a reducing transformer. It is a focus of the Energy, Life, Faculties and Power of the ag Magna I AM Presence within a body of substance that vibrates at a rate much slower than that of the Electronic Body, but much faster than the physical body. It regulates the intensity of the energy used in the physical body according to its diverse needs.

Wherever the individual feels harmonious and thinks about constructive activities, the Higher Mental Body can descend (and usually descend) and mix with the physical or flesh body. Wherever you have been harmonious and have maintained that sustained constructive activity, the Higher Mental Body has entered and it is the constructive thought and harmonious feeling that you experience when you are in that state of consciousness. When they become discordant, that Body recoils or withdraws from the physical and stops between the physical and the Electronic Body.


The Higher Mental Body projects Its Faculties down to the intellectual consciousness of a human being that we know as the external mind. The attributes of the Higher Mental Body then act through the intellectual consciousness of the individual, and these constitute the means and manner by which we contact the external physical world and report through the senses, the conditions we encounter in the material world.

Your human intellect is just like the roots of a plant. These faculties are planted - as he says - in the substance of the mental body, and also extend to the substance of the emotional body. At every moment, you are using the Energy coming from the Great Central Sun while flowing from the Heart of the Electronic Body into the Upper Mental Body; and from the Heart of the Higher Mental Body within your physical heart. The beat of your heart is the Heartbeat of the Great Central Sun! At every moment, the Energy of the Great Central Sun is flowing through the physical body of each of you.


Your heartbeat has a cause. The beat and breath in a physical body is not that they suddenly begin within the physical structure without having come from a Central Source or the Major Life of the Universe. That Great Cause of all creation is the "Great I AM Presence" in the Great Central Sun. It is the Heart of God. The pulsations of Life that make your hearts beat and your lungs breathe are the Heartbeats of the Energy of Life that comes from the Upper Figure through the Ray of Light from the Great Central Sun. In the same way that we receive the beat of our heart from our Higher Mental Body, it also received the same beat from the Electronic Body of the "Great I AM Presence"; and in turn, the Electronic Body received Its Heartbeat from the Great Central Sun. This is how and why all Life is One and is connected to the Source of everything, because the Rays of Light are the Cohesive Power of the Universe, and are the ones that control every substance everywhere. The pulsations coming from the Higher Mental Body that make your heart beat and your lungs breathe, are Waves of Light coming from the Source of All Light - God, "the Great I AM Presence."

Those energy impulses are constantly flowing through their flesh structure and going out into the outside world. At the moment that you put the attention on the Divine Life of the Universe, on the Perfection of Life or contemplate the Perfection, Harmony and Beauty of the Universe, the energy that flows through you is projected to the world around you, qualified and coated with the quantity and quality of Perfection on which they have their attention.


The moment they see or hear destructive conditions, the energy, while flowing, assumes the image of discord that they may be recording through their attention. That energy is constantly flowing through you, and everything that your faculties register is instantly photographed on the energy while it radiates from you. That is why at the moment when your attention is focused on destructive things, your Life Energy flows forward and assumes the image of that destruction, then returning to you because all the energy in the Universe flows in a circle. You can take a person, blindfold him and release him in the desert, letting him wander, and eventually return to the point where he started. Your own energy does the same.

Discordant conditions in the outside world are qualities. If you pay attention to them, then your Life Stream touches you, takes the picture and returns, building that on your meat structure.

When you point your attention to your "Great I AM Presence" and invoke Your Perfection, then the Qualities of Perfection in the Causal Body constantly flow forward and you grasp your Permanent Perfection in the energy that flows through. That is why as they build a momentum at the tip of Decrees, in recognition of the Major Life Activities, they will find that they qualify the flesh of their body and the atmosphere around them. You can load this into your business, your home, your affairs, your world, your country, and finally offer Your Perfection back to your Source.

When man learns to live for the Happiness of the Perfection of God instead of for the gratification of temporary and ever-changing feelings of his own feelings, he will have the Mastery on the substance of his world. Wherever you insist on entertaining yourself with the things of the physical world, you will have only the calamity of the physical world, because the things of the material world do not include the Quality of Permanent Perfection, Happiness or Balance.

The Mastery of Life is already permanent in two thirds of all - the Electronic Body and the Higher Mental Body. This can never be contaminated with discord. When the attention is held there and the Call is made asking that the "I AM Presence" be the only Governing Presence, Quality and Authority in the flesh structure, the Presence will respond; but it has to come through the conscious call of the individual by his own free will and desire from within.

If you have the idea that God will take care of you without making the Call, you are wrong. Hence, humanity is not cared for Perfection. If that Divine Power did not require the Call of his intellect and human feelings so that ALL His Perfection and qualities were permanently kept down here, humanity would not have imperfection in the external world. The fact that the discord is rampant and that humanity is currently immersed in calamity, is proof that the individual did not know how to live Life. If God did it without you calling, why has it not been done? We would not have been told for centuries, "Cry out to me" (Jeremiah 33: 3), if that Call was not the Law of Life.


They can sit down and say, "God will take care of me, " but they have all those Intelligence powers to use. They have feeling attributes! They are energy conscious directors. They are designers of the form. They have free will, and unless those faculties and tools of Life are used according to the Divine Plan of their “I AM Presence, ” and compelled to act out there in this physical world under the authority of that Presence, then imperfection will pounce. and take them out of balance. There are only two qualities that can act in your world: the constructive and the destructive.

This Law is as simple as the abc. It is self-evident. It is Almighty and as accurate as the multiplication table. No one can get her out of the Universe. He who understands it will want to obey. When you obey, you will have a Permanent Happiness. But people who live in ignorance of their own whim, will have to fall into the destruction of that conceit, since ignorance and pride have no constructive quality in themselves.


When you make the Call - “ Powers of Light from the Great Central Sun! Get off! Get off! Descend! ” With the Authority of your own“ Great I AM Presence ”, it is the Presence in you that makes the Call, because all constructive desire is God in action, and the Call to the Powers of Light from the Heart of God to come to the activity of this world is a constructive desire; so that it has to be God in action through the individual. To invoke the Major Part of Life to carry out His Plan, or to flare His Perfection wherever you go, every constructive decree and Call to Presence will be executed instantly - as long as the individual understands this Law and applies it correctly. Every constructive thing is God in action through you to push Perfection through.

Why sit down and let a whirlwind of the destruction of the outside world pounce and destroy you, when you can keep your attention on the very Source of the Universe and realize that through it, you can invoke the Power of life of God to make them the Master and Master of the circumstance? Then, use all the Major Powers and Faculties of Life to produce Perfection, to control the substance and energy of this Earth, to qualify and expand the Perfection of Life. Unless they live according to God's Plan, they will be destroyed by the massive discord of humanity.

Humanity has been self-destroying and destroying others for four and a half million years. It is time for human beings to wake up and learn to live Life and to invoke these Major Powers of Life that are in the Universe, and that will keep everyone happy. If you do not let God expand Perfection and live from the inside out, then you will be destroyed from the outside in by the human evil that surrounds you. There is only one thing to do, and it is to permanently keep your attention on the "Great I AM Presence", and continue invoking what is in the Eighth above the human to come to the physical world and order it to manifest and assume the control. Refuse to accept anything destructive in the external, do not give it power or feel that it has more energy than the Great Central Sun from which everything proceeds, and which is the Heart of God. The Owner, Creator and Maker of all Good! That Good is the Cosmic Light that is the Activity of all Perfection, because

The Light of God never fails! (x3)

and the Magna Presence I AM is that Light!


The Line of the M Magna I AM Presence is the Open Door through which every incarnate human being on Earth can see God face to face; because the Line represents the form of the individualized Presence of God of each one.

The Ascended Masters have said that, when you are in contact with the form of something, you are in contact with the Presence of that something, since the form contains the consciousness of its Creator . When we keep our own attention on that Sheet, the awareness of our own ag Magna I AM Presence is poured through that way to us, whatever it is that we invoke in that moment.

Remember once again, the Great Divine Director said: Your attention is your Power of Concentration! Your feeling is your Rating Power! Your mental image is your Power of Visualization! Then, wherever we contemplate that Plate, our first obligation is to project the most intense Love to that blessed `` I AM PRESENCE '' that gives us (and has always given us) all good and only good.

We should offer all that we are and have His Heart, and invoke His Unlimited Light to flood us and flood everything we do with His Authority, Victory, Liberation, Protection, Perfection. n, Obedience, Divine Justice and Opulent Supply of every good thing, to compel His Divine Plan to unconditionally control everything we do daily.

Try to feel that in the same way as the wave of Light that is projected through the Heart of the Electronic Body (the upper figure on the Line) travels and continues to travel as a Blessing Cosmic for the entire universe, through the beating of your heart, so should every wave of energy coming from our physical hearts., only carry the Blessing of Light, Harmony, Rejoicing and Perfection to all physical activities on the planet.

In this way, every time we contemplate the Line, it helps us remember what we owe to this physical world for what we use of Its Substance and Energy; and also the reason that it is absolutely necessary to keep the Harmony uninterrupted in everything we do on a daily basis, especially in everything we feel every day until everything that the Presence wants us to do and have, be poured through us in the fullness of achievement.

Then, His Divine Plan of Perfection will be revealed revealed in His physical realization. It is only when we do this in all our activities, that our happiness becomes permanent and we enter into the Eternal Perfection that is our natal right.

The Pouring of Life, Light and Perfection from the Great Central Sun through the Electronic Body of each one, is Eternal and always-expanding; because the discord cannot reach the Electronic Body to interrupt Its Perfection, since it is the Eternal Authority over all manifestation. Then, His Pouring of all Good through us would be Eternal and always-expanding as well, if we give him all authority in the physical octave of our experiences here.

This blessed and wonderful Art Print of the "Great I AM Presence" is the constant reminder to each of us, of all that Life wants to give us through His Powerful Rays of Light; since through those Rays of Light, the Supreme Life of the Universe is constantly emerging and trying to press more of His Perfection through every human being that contemplates it and allows everything that the Presence wants to flow through itself pour for everyone's blessing.

Then, in all our attention and Calls to the "Great I AM Presence" asking that His Perfection and Protection pass to bless everyone on Earth, we fill ourselves more and more with the Perfection that everything requires to bring a balance everywhere on Earth, until everyone becomes the Victory of Ascension.

My blessed of the Light, love, love, love your own "Great I AM Presence" at all times, in the middle of every condition, with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your feeling, with all your strength, until everything in you and your world becomes Your Perfection, and until you become one with Your Electronic Body in the Fullness of Your Ascension!


The image of the "Great I AM Presence, " as illustrated in this Plate, is the Focus that humanity has required over the centuries, in order to keep the True Pattern for the Reality of each Reality before the vision. who, so that through attention, His Power can be manifested in all His Fullness. Then, the human accumulation of discord can be dissolved and consumed from the Currents of Life of all, since that is the only reason why everyone does not see their own "Great I AM Presence" with physical vision, every time the attention is turned towards Her or the Call is raised asking for help.

The powerful Rays of Light that are poured from the Electronic Body (the upper figure of the Plate) constitute the Pouring of that Divine Love that transcends every human concept, and that opens the Door to all the Perfection that is within His Heart. That Door not only opens all the Perfection that is within the Heart of our own "Great I AM Presence", but also all the Perfection from the Eighth of the Ascended Masters and the Great Central Sun. It also opens the Door to all the Perfection that is poured from the Heart of each Ascended Master that has ever existed in this Universe.


These Rays of Light constitute the Irresistible Power of Light from the Great Central Sun, the ONLY SITE from which the Light can come forward to some part of the Universe. That is the means and the way by which the Universe as a whole manifested itself and is constantly sustained. Those Rays of Light are the Power by which all substance and energy are drawn up to the Ascended Master Perfection - which is the only predestination there is.


In Unveiled Mysteries, the claim was made that all our faculties are elastic. Our beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain and all Ascended Beings have reminded us again and again about our Attention Power, Vision and FEELING or Qualification Power.

We invoke the "Great I AM Presence" and the Higher Mental Body of all those who read or hear these words, and the Ascended Masters, to carry these words with such Flaming Illumination, Directing Intelligence, Clear Crystalline Understanding and Acute Ascended Master Alert, that you all understand and remember all that this implies for you; apply it and FEEL your intimate connection with Them and the Discharge of His Power through you to realize your Decrees instantly.

The powers of the intellect ARE elastic! Observe! You can have your attention focused on a problem here in the physical world, and in the next second, you can put it on the Physical Sun, the Great Central Sun, any planet, sun or star in the sidereal space. You can also put your attention on any Ascended Master or Cosmic Being in the Eighth of Light.

Remember, when your attention is on your problem ... the energy and qualities of the problem are constantly being brought back to you! This means your flesh and your EMOTIONAL world, because if the problem seems serious, it produces concern and a feeling of disturbance in you. The moment you think about your problem, all the feeling and energy in your body and world is put in a tension, showing the qualities of your problem that are absorbed through your feeling, in the meat structure of your body.

The moment you take your attention off the problem, put it on the physical sun and begin to think about the Perfect Focus and intense concentration of Electronic Force that this Focus has, you begin to realize how Almighty the Great has to be Directing Intelligence that can concentrate so much energy in one place; keep the sun in its orbit; direct His Rays to the various planets of our system; sustain energy over millions of years; keep them suspended in the outer space; supply them with the intelligent direction, and make them obey the Great Cosmic Law of Vibration and Magnetic Attraction.


When your attention is on the Sun, you only contemplate the Perfection that exists there, the Magnificent Intelligence that created it, the Wisdom that sustains it, and the tremendous Blessings that you and I and all mankind constantly pour; since without His Rays of Light on this physical Earth, there would be no human body that could live here. Through the ELASTIC POWER OF YOUR ATTENTION, you can connect with the energy of the Sun millions of kilometers away.

While you are thinking about this, the energy of the Physical Sun is flowing into you, filling you with Your Qualities, Your Intelligence, Your Wonders, Your Blessings, Your Consciousness and Your Power - ALL OF WHICH ARE ENTIRELY DIVINE, ETERNAL AND ALWAYS -IN EXPANSION!

At any time, you can take your attention from the affliction of your problem, and orient it to the contemplation of the Sun! As soon as you look over there, the feeling of distress about your problem will disappear, because you will be absorbing Qualities from the Physical Sun. The Qualities, Intelligence and Major Action of Life that exist there cannot avoid drawing from you Love, gratitude, worship and adoration to that Magnificent Intelligence, Power and consciousness of Life, and whose substance and Energy you have the privilege of using.

Through your attention at any time, your feelings can be loaded with either the qualities of your problem or the Qualities of the Infinite Intelligence that governs the sidereal space and the Great Manifestations that occur there. Their attention instantly brings them to either the powerful Gifts, Illumination, Sustaining Power, Peace, Happiness and Love that is in the Sunlight and other Celestial Bodies; or to the limitations of this physical world that is full to overflow with conditions that people DO NOT want.

If you can think of the Physical Sun, you can think of the Great Central Sun or every Great Being in the Universe. You can think of any place in the Infinite Space, and attract the Qualities and Powers of Life there.


As you contemplate the Great Magnificent Activity of Life, your feelings and your world expand. You are saturated with the Qualities and Powers that are there, and all those powerful Manifestations are infinitely greater than you and this tiny physical world in which we live. When you know that your attention is elastic, you can then understand how you can reach out to the Infinite, and attract all of His Gifts and Powers to finite action. You will then have all the Power of the Infinite flowing through you, wherever you keep your attention on that Power long enough to let it flood you and flood your world.

Humanity is limited because human beings have kept their attention attached to the limited. They can become Unlimited as long as they keep their attention CONTINUOUSLY about The Unlimited and adhere it there.

The more they think of war and its mad and evil destruction, the more of that there will be in this world and in their individual world. If they hate those who created it, they will only be adding energy to keeping it sustained for longer, because all war is sustained by hate. However, you have the ability to adhere your attention to the Infinite Power of Light, and download your Overwhelming Action in this physical world to stop all that is not Perfection, as long as you make the Call using the Great Creative Word YO I AM, with the Authority and Power of the Ascended Master Consciousness instead of the human acceptance of limitation.


You cannot achieve mastery over the problems of the finite through more of its limitations! They cannot achieve the mastery of their problems by holding their attention to another equally destructive problem, and trying to combat one problem with another. By the time they finish with all that, they will have three problems for each one that they have tried to solve, and that is what happens with everyone today! Whenever people try to solve a problem by whatever means it is not possible to invoke the ag Magna Presence I AM and the Ascended Masters, it creates many in the place of the one, because it is not Using the Intelligence that is greater than the problems you are trying to solve.

If there is a malignant problem here in the physical world, there is only one thing that will change it, and it is to grab one's attention to the Presence and Power of Light that dissolves everything other than Yes Hence, it is necessary for the individual to issue these Great Decrees for the annihilation of ALL human problems be individual, of the state, of the nation of the world. Anyone who has problems and wants to free themselves from them, has to make the Call for all humanity to be equally liberated, because when we invoke asking for the discharge of the Light sufficient to free the whole, the individual receives all that is required for self -release from the pressure of the whole, which, after all, is the driving power that continues to accumulate more problems over the whole world at this particular time.

Hence, it is necessary to give Love and adoration to those Great Ascended Masters of Light who wish to liberate them, who wish to liberate America; who wish to free all mankind from all evil forever! Can you free yourself from all the massive accumulation of all the evil of centuries? They know they don't! They know they can't do it alone! The external world cannot help you and does not help you, because you are not using awareness above the problem.

When the human beings of this world fail you, then completely return to your own Magna I AM Presence and the Great Host of Ascended Masters, and say: Magnos Ascended Beings! Give me Legions and Legions of Angels to compel the Liberation and Victory of Light everywhere! Bring them to the eighth physics, and let them do what mankind cannot! That is what it means to have Ascended Master Friends of Light! That is what it means to have the Power of Ascended Masters realizing their Calls! If mankind knew the full significance of that Line of the ag Magna I AM Presence, nothing on this Earth would prevent him from putting it first wherever they were; porque es un recordatorio constante del M s Grande Poder y Presencia en el Universo, y de Ella viene todo lo que alguna vez ser requerido por quien sea en la Tierra en tanto que la gente de este planeta permanezca sin ascender.

Por consiguiente, mant nganse constantemente en conexi n con el PLENO PODER de su Presencia y los Maestros Ascendidos, de manera que la mera intensidad de Sus Cualidades, Energ a, Sustancia y Poder fluyendo en, a trav sy alrededor de ustedes autom ticamente disuelva sus problemas, y barra sacando toda su aflicci n al tiempo que mantienen su atenci n sobre Su Poder de Maestría.

Comanden en el Poder y por la Autoridad de su “Magna Presencia YO SOY”, la Gran Hueste de Maestros Ascendidos y Todos los Seres de Luz, y dejen que Su Magno Poder de Luz saque del Universo toda condición que sea inferior a Su Perfección; eliminando su causa, efecto, registro y memoria de manera que nunca pueda volver a afectar a nadie ni a nada, en ninguna parte de la Creación.

A fin de ser libres, ustedes tienen que comandar como Dios comanda, porque tienen que comandar la sustancia y la energía para determinar cómo habrán de ser calificadas…¡si entra en contacto con ustedes y su mundo! Si sienten que el problema es demasiado grande, sigan llamando a esos Grandes Seres a que la recalifiquen, hasta que ceda…¡y nunca se detengan hasta que ceda! Sólo hay un fracaso, y es el de rendirse. De manera que…¡PÁRENSE…DEN MEDIA VUELTA ….Y CONQUISTEN…POR LA “MAGNA PRESENCIA YO SOY” Y LA GRAN HUESTE DE MAESTROS ASCENDIDOS POR SIEMPRE!.

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Extracto del libro La Voz del yo soy yo

Extracto del libro “La voz del yo soy yo” : Descripción de la Lámina de la Magna Presencia Yo Soy 4 /5/6 parte

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