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*** The information given in the Times New Roman format and in blue, has been literally copied from the books. I would be grateful if you did not modify anything so that it would arrive as it is to the people who read it. The information given in arial and in green is information given by me (they are my words). Thank you so much.


After what happened in * Mysteries Revealed and the ** Magic Presence, Mr. Guy W. Ballard returned to his home in Chicago where, according to eyewitnesses, Master Saint Germain was presented without prior notice in the dining room of his house through the "ray of light and sound." This gave rise to the download of the Teaching of "I AM" and its diffusion management by Mr. Ballard and his wife Edna, between 1935 and

1940 from one end of the United States to the other. Half of what was downloaded and disseminated was published in the books of the Saint Germain Series. The other half was published in the magazine La Voz del YO SOY, whose responsibility fell on the excellent painter Charles Sindelar (domiciled in Los Angeles, California).

* Unveiled Mysteries contains the story of the beginning of the New Age of Aquarius, when on August 16, 1930, on the side of Mount Shasta, California, Mr. Guy Ballard (Godfré Ray King) met the Master Ascended Saint Germain. This gave rise to a series of events that would trigger the founding of the "I AM Activity" to spread the Teaching, which for the benefit and Ascension of mankind, the Masters of Wisdom will download.

** The Magic Presence It is the continuation of the saga initiated in Unveiled Mysteries, where the beginning of the New Age of Aquarius is marked.

In addition to the Teaching downloaded by the beloved Saint Germain and other Masters, the ascensions in America, the Retreats of the Ascended Masters and the Atomic Accelerator among other topics are considered here.

*** The information given below has been literally extracted from the book "THE VOICE OF I AM" 1935-1936, Volume 1, page 2.


The beloved Ascended Master Jesus tells us:

There is nothing, since My ministry two thousand years ago, that has a greater importance for humanity than the "Presence" Plate, which is available to students, since by holding the vision of the "Presence" position ”Before the individual, it compels the external consciousness to accept the Truth that the“ Presence ”is there - which, in fact, throbs in everyone's heart.

Then, everyone has to know with unquestionable security, that they can unlimitedly download the Intelligent Activity and Power to achieve every constructive purpose that the external expression may desire, and this without any conflict or confusion. It only requires the fervent and determined call of the individual to "Presence", sustained long enough to dissolve the human shell of limitation that the personality has attracted to itself, which has no power of its own, except that which the human being gives.

*** The information given below has been literally extracted from the book "THE VOICE OF I AM" 1935-1936, Volume 1, pages 17 and 18.


The Upper Figure on the Plate represents the Electronic Body of the "Great I AM Presence, " which is the individualized focus of God, who creates the physical body.

The colored circles around the Electronic Body represent the Causal Body, which consists of the accumulated good of all previous incarnations, and is composed of all the substance used constructively in previous lives. It is a constructively qualified energy reserve, being the total sum of all previous Self-Conscious efforts towards Perfection.

The Rays of Light that are projected from the "Presence" are the Divine Mind or Love in action, continuously pouring His Gifts of Perfection into the use of human personality.

The lower figure represents the physical body, surrounded by the Violet Consumer Flame, held inside the steely White Light Pillar that is poured down from the "Presence ." The White Light of the Pillar forms a wall of protection around the physical, ethereal, mental and emotional bodies, and acts as

an insulator for all the discord and destructive creations of the outside world.

Between the Electronic Body and the physical body is the Higher Mental Body, which is Intelligence selective discerner, who knows the Perfection of the Presence and the imperfection that the human being has attracted around the physical body, but refuses to accept the imperfection. Know the requirements of Life Physically, it reaches within the Presence and takes out what it may take to change the external conditions to Perfection.

When the student invokes his Magna Presence I AM

to wrap it with the Electronic Protection Circle, and to let the Consumer Violet Flame flare through your mind and body , the Presence instantly projects this Wall of Light and Violet Flame around the physical, ethereal, mental and emotional bodies. Thus, the student of Light can move in the world and, however, not be affected by the discordant destructive creation of other human beings, nor by the discord accumulated by humanity in the past.

Everyone will, at some point, at some point, have to consciously invoke this Pillar of Protection around their human personality, in order to cut and self- free yourself from the surrounding influence of the external world and achieve its Ascension.

This is the Law of Life of the individual, and also the way in which he becomes an Ascended Master and manifests Perfection in all his activities.



* The Colors of the Causal Body are: The inner Circle is Blue, then Gold, Pink, White, Green, Gold-Ruben (orange) and Violet follow, as circle m s external.


* The Higher Mental Body is not drawn on the Presence Line.

* The Ethereal Body is what Science calls Subconscious (it is where memories of all our incarnations are stored).

* The two most important things in the instruction given by the Ascended Masters through Guy W. Ballard (Teaching of I AM ) and Geraldine Innocente (The Bridge to Freedom) are the Tube of Light and the Violet Consumer Flame . The Ascended Masters tell us that its use is imperative if we wish to reach Ascension . And if we do not use them we will not be able to ascend.

**** Two other very important things are:

- Remove any obstruction that may exist, especially in the emotional body that prevents the energy of the Presence from reaching us and that the decrees can be made. To do this I leave a decree below.

- Another thing that the Ascended Masters tell us that is very important is the Flame of Honor of the Great Heart Cosmic of God.

In this regard, the Powerful Cosmic Being Victor tells us in the book "Decrees of the I AM for Victory": You will not be able to achieve Victory without that Flame of Honor of God ! They can't have healing! They cannot have Liberation! They cannot have Unlimited Supply! You cannot have an Unlimited Use of the Great Powers of Life, until this is satisfied in a habit established in you, to demand that the Invincible Victory of the Flame of Honor of the Great Cosmic Heart of God be manifested in your world, and May it become your world to bless everything in this World!

*** Excerpt from the book «LA VOZ DEL YO SOY» 1937

Volume 2, SERAPIS BEY EDItORES SA, pages 29, 30 and 31.


The lower figure represents the human or flesh body; the Upper Figure represents the individualized Presence of God, which is the Electronic Body of the "Great I AM Presence."

Between the body of flesh and the Presence is the Higher Mental Body, an equally tangible form in His own Eighth as your body of flesh is here, but it does not appear on the Plate. It constitutes your Discerning and Selective Intelligence. The Higher Mental Body knows the Perfection of Presence, and also imperfection, the undesirable creation that the human has attracted to itself, but does not accept imperfection in His world.

The Ray of Light that goes from the Heart of the Presence through the crown of the head, anchoring in the heart of the body of flesh, is Life, Light, Substance, Energy, Intelligence and Activity through which physical body has life and is allowed to move.

When you turn your attention to the "Great I AM Presence, " this Ray of Light and Energy begins to grow and intensify, until the point of Light within each cell of your flesh body responds to it. Then the process of discarding the densest qualities of the meat body begins. As this intensifies, the Splendor forms a Tube of Light around the body of flesh. You can invoke the Presence to action to make it so Invincible, so Impenetrable that not even a bullet can penetrate it. It becomes an "Invincible Wall of Light" around you, and not a human thought, feeling or suggestion can penetrate or disturb you in any way. This is one of the greatest needs that humanity has today.

The Violet Flame that flows upward, through and around the lower figure, represents the Consuming Violet Flame that your "Great Presence I AM" discharges when you invoke asking for His Action to pass through you and your world, to consume all Discordant creation, past and present.

The use of the Violet Consumer Flame is imperative. It is the only means by which all undesirable accumulation can be dissolved forever; its cause and its effect can be consumed and annihilated. Everyone should invoke the Presence to the action to pass the Violet Consumer Flame from the feet up through the physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies as a torch, dissolving and consuming forever all things or conditions undesirable that the human being has attracted to himself. This is the only way by which you can free yourself from the wheel of birth and death, free yourself from the hundreds and perhaps thousands of incarnations in which you have lived. Anyone who thinks that it is not imperative or necessary to use the Violet Consumer Flame, will face his great mistake when it is too late. There is no human being on Earth who is an exception to this Mighty Law. All incarnates in this world have felt discordant feelings, have pronounced negative words and sheltered imperfect and discordant thoughts, which entails a great deal of substance and qualified energy with discord, all revolving in and around the body in the aura of the individual.

Everyone who has achieved Ascension (including Jesus) had to use this Violet Consumer Flame to dissolve his own human creations, before the substance of his flesh body could vibrate to a rat that would allow him to ascend. Everyone will have to do this someday, and it is the only way in which someone can free themselves and become a Master wherever they move through the universe.

When you sincerely and firmly give attention to your "Great Presence I AM", at that precise moment your Ascension begins.

The practical side of this Teaching, of this true Understanding, is that when you firmly give your attention to your Presence, the Ray of Light and Energy from your Presence begins to intensify and expand, causing the rapid expansion of the Light within each cell of your body, until the Earth loses its attraction of the body. Then, as attention continues on the Presence, the subtle part of the body of flesh ascends and is absorbed into the Higher Mental Body. Thus, the transformation of the human to the Divine takes place; all sense and appearance of age leaves the face and body, the hair returns to its natural color, and the clothing dissolves in the Octave's Vestments. Once the subtle part of the body of flesh is attracted to the Higher Mental Body, it ascends to the Electronic Body of the "Great I AM Presence, " and it is then that the individual becomes an Ascended Being, just as Jesus is, Saint Germain and hundreds others. This is the Eternal Body of Light of the individual, which never changes. The Ascended Being can raise or reduce the vibrational rat of His Body, and make it visible or invisible at will in the human octave. This is how the Ascended Masters appear and disappear at will. There is nothing spiritualistic about this. It is merely a Great Divine Law of Life in perfect action, so far not understood.

The Ascended Master is as above a disembodied individual, as the Light is above the darkness. The Ascended Master is a Conqueror of the said death, while the person who has gone through the change called death has failed to sustain the Mastery or Control of his substance and energy. Therefore, he will have to return in another baby body, grow and try again to reach his Victory, keeping his harmonious physical body for long enough for his Presence to discharge through it, the Full Power of Light and Love and, in that way, expand the Perfection of Yes - which is the Victory of the Ascended Masters, the Ascension.

The Flash of Color around the Presence represents the accumulation of all the Good of all the past lives of the individual. It is the Great Energy Reservoir that the individual has earned. This Great Energy will be discharged to physical use when the Presence is given sufficient attention.

Around the lower figure or body of flesh is the accumulation of all the irritable and destructive qualities that the individual has generated over the centuries. The Great Mercy of the "Great I AM Presence" is that very few are allowed at some time to see this discordant accumulation. Hence, it is imperative to invoke the Presence to use the Violet Consumer Flame on a daily basis, until this is completely dissolved and consumed.

To the left of the lower figure appears Mount Shasta, where some of the experiences reported in Unveiled Mysteries took place. On the right, the Teton Mountains appear where the Retreat - The Royal Teton - is located. It is in this Re-shot that the Grand Assembly of Ascended Masters meets twice a year, to provide a Great Service of Light, Love and Perfection for the Liberation and Blessing of both humanity and Earth.

The information given below has been literally extracted from the book LA VOZ DEL YO SOY VOLUMEN 1, 1935-1936, SERAPIS BEY EDITORES SA CHAPTER 20.


The conscious use of the Consumer Violet Flame is the only means by which every human being can free himself from his own human discord and imperfection.

Apart from the Ascended Masters' explanation of what the estMagna I AM Presence is, and where is the greatest possible assistance and blessing to humanity in this Earth is the Instruction of the Ascended Masters concerning the use of the Violet Consumer Flame.

Through His use, the Masters have dissolved all discordant creations of His past lives, and have become the Ascended Beings of Perfection that they currently are. Every human being will have to do the same at some time and place before freeing himself from his own human creations, past and present.

The student must understand that the APPROACH, PROJECTION and SUSTAINMENT proper of the Consumer Violet Flame is done by his own ag Magna I AM Presence, since the Presence is the Flame of Pure Divine Love of God; but what the student has to do is invoke his Presence to the dynamic action to produce the Flame and then visualize it. This means holding the mental image of the Flame going through your mind, your body and your aura, rising from the floor by your feet, through and around the body, cleaning them from all imperfections.

In this way, the student will be able to dissolve and purify any unnecessary and discordant substance and energy, which he has used in all his lives. This allows Pure Energy, Light and Perfection from his ag Magna I AM Presence to pour His Fullness to him and through him without any interference.

People do not have the slightest idea of ​​what they have created through their thoughts, feelings and spoken words, not even in their current life, not to mention the hundreds (and possibly thousands) of incarnations they have lived in the past.

However, all substance and energy that human beings have used, were given Pure and Perfect in the beginning, for the purpose of creating and expanding Perfection on this Earth.


Through thoughts, feelings and discordant spoken words, humanity has created compound forms of substance, energized by feelings, and projected into the atmosphere around it. Most of these are too procacious and unpleasant to verbalize their description. Suffice it to say that there is no human being who has not done this to some extent, in all past and present lives. Everyone has felt discord and sent it forward in thought, feeling and spoken word - the vast majority of people to a much greater extent than they are willing to admit.

However, the Law is the Law. Every human being uses energy and substance, awake or asleep. Everyone is creating vibration and form, through individual consciousness at all times. The Law acts whether the individual is ignorant or wise, and no one escapes His Action.

It is through the great and Infinite Divine Love and Compassion of the Ascended Masters, that the Great Mercy of the "I AM Great Presence" acts. The Instruction in the use of the Violet Consumer Flame is the most merciful service that any Being can render to humanity.

Through the Divinely conscious effort of the individual to use this Flame of Divine Love, the person is able to consume all his creations of the past, and purify his mind, body and world.

In this way, the individual never has to face his distorted creation, as long as he uses the Violet Consumer Flame with intense and sustained determination.

Thus, he will be able to reach up to the Eighth of Life of the Ascended Masters, and begin to extract more and more of His Perfection, until manifesting the totality of His Mastery - the attainment of his Ascension.


This is the Grace that Jesus taught, and it is the only way - both on Earth and in Heaven - for an individual to achieve the status of Ascended Master, and be free from all the limitations and disharmony of the Earth.

The GREAT ETERNAL LAW is that EVERY INDIVIDUAL HAS TO PURIFY HIS OWN CREATIONS THROUGH HIS OWN CONSCIOUS APPLICATION AND USE OF THE CONSUMER VIOLET FLAME. It is impossible for one person to do this for another. In view of the fact that the individual created his imperfections and limitations, he will also have to "uncreate them" and purify them, until everything in his Being and world manifests Perfection. Then it will be free.

The effect on the mind, body, being and world of everyone who uses the Violet Consumer Flame, is to purify all substance and energy in all their bodies - mental, emotional and physical. It calms the vortexes of vibratory action in the emotional body, dissolves impurities in the flesh, and consumes the wrong thought patterns in the mental body. In this way, the individual establishes constructive habits of thought, feeling and verb.

The Violet Consumer Flame increases the vibratory action of both the mind and the body, so that the currents of Light and Energy from the "Presence" flow in perfect balance, bringing a relaxation in feelings that is absolutely imperative if health must manifest itself and be sustained in the body.

The Violet Consumer Flame is an elevating, transforming, purifying and vivifying activity of Pure Divine Love from the Heart of God - the Great Central Sun - which is the "Great I AM Presence" of the Infinite.

In the same way that heat melts the wax until it drops dripping by its own weight, and as the heat increases, the wax ignites when consumed by fire; likewise, the Violet Consumer Flame melts the impure substance in the physical, emotional and mental bodies of the individual who visualizes it pouring through it and its aura, for a distance of approximately one meter around.

The action that in fact takes place in the use of the Violet Consumer Flame, is that it increases the vibratory action of the substance in the three bodies, at a rate at which no discord or imperfection can exist, since these conditions can only exist at lower rates of vibration.

In the use of the Violet Consumer Flame - which is the cleansing, harmonizing, elevating and illuminating Activity of the Sacred Fire, the Divine Love of the "Great I AM Presence" -, the student has the Power of the Ascended Masters to put all thing in his being and world in Divine Order - harmoniously and permanently. But it requires firm and alert attention, and an inexorable determination to have the same Great Liberation that Jesus revealed to mankind, and which He and other Ascended Masters are expressing and living today.

Every student, when doing this, should realize that the Consumer Violet Flame is the Energy itself and Substance of Divine Love from the Great Central Sun, that each one's own "Great Presence I AM" attracts a focus. concentrated like a Flame, and flames it through the bodies and aura of the personality to put everything in Divine Order, so that the Perfection of the "Presence" can express itself through the mind and body, and go out into the world of the individual.

It is totally impossible for God's Love, Energy and Substance from the Great Central Sun to have any effect on anyone's mind, body or affairs, except to produce rest, peace, harmony, abundance, enlightenment and Perfection. It is eternally impossible that This can create something other than Himself. Hence the student must be aware of how self-evident is that the only result that can be derived from His use is Rejoicing, Victory, Liberation and Perfection. Any other interpretation or suggestion concerning This or its use is nothing more than evil human ignorance and fear, and IT IS NOT THE TRUTH.


It is childish, ignorant and foolish for someone to have any other concept about this, except the Glory and Beauty of His Perfection. Anyone who says something to the contrary regarding this, demonstrates that he does not have the slightest understanding of what the Ascended Masters mean. The Masters have explained what the Consumer Violet Flame is, and they have asked the students and humanity to use it, so that everyone can have the same wonderful Liberation, Blessings and Perfection that They continually manifest.

It is necessary for the student to think clearly enough to realize that personality cannot create a Flame; and in view of the fact that personality is the only creator of destructive qualities, any ignorant suggestion of fear and discord concerning the Violet Consumer Flame is nothing more than an invention of the human intellect. That is self-evident.

The Violet Consumer Flame can only be focused, projected and brought to activity by the "Great I AM Presence." Only the "Mighty I AM" is Lord of the Flame. This is the Flame of Divine Love - the very Energy, Substance and Intelligence from the Great One and Eternal Source of Everything - the Great Central Sun.

Beloved and blessed students! Annihilate forever in your own consciences, all fear of using the Violet Flame! If individuals are afraid to use the Flame of Divine Love from God's own Heart, what hope will there be for them, and who can save them? Neither Jesus nor Saint Germain nor anyone else can ever help the individual if the ignorant human intellect fears His Gifts of Victory, Liberation and Perfection.


Remember that fear and doubt are the two thieves of human happiness. Use the Violet Consumer Flame, My Precious of Light, and annihilate once and for all eternity, all in human consciousness that tries to limit or dominate you, by suggesting fear or doubt.

The Liberation of all human limitation is yours, as long as you dare to do what the Ascended Masters have explained. The liberation of old and moldy human concepts is within your reach through the use of the Violet Consumer Flame. The liberation of the karmic accumulation of centuries and old racial beliefs of the ages is yours, if you only apply the Ascended Masters Instruction and use the Violet Consumer Flame to clear everything that may disturb or limit them in some way.

Challenge any ignorant, disturbing and negative suggestion that can confront them. Expel it from the consciousness of humanity forever, so that you can prove through your own individual experience that the Light and Love of your own "Great I AM Presence" is the Supreme Controller of all conditions in your beings and worlds .

They do not yield an atom of power to any human suggestion inferior to Perfection. Dare to be the Fullness of your "Great I AM Presence" in dynamic action, producing Perfection in your beings and worlds. Close the door to everything that denies the Truth and the possibility of its realization in all your physical experiences.

Perfection is possible for every human being on this Earth; and when the individual is determined enough to keep his attention focused on his "Great I AM Presence, " Perfection will manifest in all of his life's experiences.


The Violet Consumer Flame is what Jesus meant when he said: "Moses brought the Law, but I bring Grace." GRACE means putting everything in Divine Order through Divine Love, and this is done through the use of the Flame Consumer Violet - THE ONLY WAY on Earth and in Heaven that has ever been done or will be done, because it is the way by which The Great Divine Law maintains Order permanently.

This is the Knowledge of the Sacred Fire, which has coexisted with the humanity of this Earth from the beginning. It is the Purifying Activity that provides the M Magna I AM Presence, through which the external activity of the external personality can be expressed once again to express the Divine Way of Life.

USEN USEN USEN the Violet Consumer Flame around your mind, your body, your home, your office and your world, in all your affairs; and they will see that their blessings will transcend their most daring dreams.


I hope that the blessed doctors and nurses who handle the discordant conditions of the mind and body of afflicted human beings will only know and experiment with the Violet Consumer Flame; and through it, they will bring wonderful protection and unlimited help to their patients.

They could then go into these conditions, provide unlimited assistance and yet remain completely unharmed by the reaction of the conditions they are trying to cure, and which often infiltrate them.

Hopefully, the blessed school teachers would understand the momentous achievement that could come to the children in their care, through the use of the Violet Consumer Flame. They could teach almost indefinitely and yet experience no sign of exhaustion. They could harmonize a room full of children with an Irresistible Power, which would make everything a joy and privilege to work together for the good of all.

If only businessmen understood how, through the use of the Violet Consumer Flame, dishonesty, intrigue, crime and discord of all kinds could be prevented in all external activities of mankind; and the True and Wonderful Achievement of the Ascended Masters that humanity was supposed to express, was experienced by every individual. NOW!

My blessed of the Light! Visualize the Violet Consumer Flame in and around your minds, body, home, business, country and world many times a day, until you become aware of Its existence in and around everything you contact, as How are your hands and feet.

Invoke your M Magna I AM Presence to action to unload the Ascended Master and Pouring focus of the Violet Consumer Flame on and through everything you do, in order to keep Your Action Self-sustained with such a great onslaught of Perfection that nothing can resist His Irresistible Presence and Power!

SI NTANSE siempre rodeados de un Gran Pilar de Llama Violeta Consumidora con la tonalidad de los letreros de ne n violeta, con la Llama fluyendo desde los pies hacia arriba a trav s del cuerpo hasta la coronilla de la cabeza, y subiendo hasta su propia «Magna Presencia YO SOY».

Hagan esto con gran intensidad durante al menos quince minutos tres veces al día. En pocas semanas o meses, sentirán tal liberación y sosiego en sus cuerpos… tal claridad en sus mentes… y tal victoria en sus asuntos, que ya no desearán más hacer otra cosa que continuar con Su uso.

Si desean una acción intensificada de la Compasión Divina y la Paz, hagan que el centro de su Gran Pilar de Llama Violeta tenga una delicada tonalidad rosa.

Realicen profundamente en sus SENTIMIENTOS que su poder de visualizar es el Poder de Visión de la Presencia, el cual se utiliza para conformar las imágenes; e invoquen la Presencia a la acción para mantenerlo por siempre auto-sostenido. Es la Presencia quien proyecta la Llama, y la Presencia siempre responde a todo llamado… ¡al instante!

Esto es todo lo que un estudiante necesita para ser capaz de SENTIR la Plenitud de su Presencia, y verla cara a cara. Digan a menudo y siéntanlo profundamente: «¡YO SOY siempre un Gigantesco Pilar de Llama Violeta Consumidora de Puro Amor Divino, que trasciende todo concepto humano y vierte a través de mí – por siempre – toda la Victoria y Perfección del Maestro Ascendido desde el interior de Su Corazón!»

**** Si deseáis tener más información podéis entrar en la página www.serapisbey.com

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