“Exploration of dimensions 1-5” by Lord Melchizedek

  • 2019

"Exploration of dimensions 1-5" by Lord Melchizedek, Channeled through Natalie Glasson, avoid not reading it! It's extraordinary!

Dimension exploration 1-5

We can recognize dimensions as a source of healing and awakening, as well as a source of inspiration and enlightenment.

I, Lord Melchizedek, share with you information about the dimensions of the Creator Universe .

My purpose in doing so is to support your greater integration and experience of the qualities, vibrations and frequencies of the Creator that are available to you.

Each dimension of the Creator Universe is similar to an understanding of an aspect and an expression of the Creator .

Each dimension is a source of support and guidance for your own spiritual evolution while instigating initiations and learning to promote your relationship with the Creator .

You can invoke a certain dimension to support your being and your reality to support an activation, action or the creation of an experience within your reality.

We can recognize dimensions as a source of healing and awakening, as well as a source of inspiration and enlightenment.

The definition and explanation of the dimensions of the Creator Universe that I share with you is a simple expression to encourage you to access, download and experience the energies to help your ascension .

Others may describe the dimensions of the Creator's Universe differently, after all, they are abundant in energy, wisdom and expression, there is much to resort to, access and many different ways of explaining the dimensions .

Each explanation becomes an expression of the truth and an access point for further exploration.

Your purpose with the dimensions of the Creator Universe is to access and explore the energies, develop your own understanding and encounters with the Creator, thus recognizing the presence of the Creator in your multiple reality. ways.

I, Mr. Melchizedek, invite you to feel the energy of each dimension . In doing so, they will gain their own experience of the dimensions, which will align with their current path of ascension and evolution, offering them what is essential to help their acceleration. .

In truth, the understanding you get from each dimension is connected to what you need to take the next step of your spiritual evolution on all levels of your being.

First Dimension

The first dimension is named so as not to dictate what the low energy vibration is or to say that it is worth less than any other dimension .

The first dimension encapsulates the final objective; the process of access and incorporation of the achievement of whatever its focus or intention. It could be described as the incarnation and integration of a conclusion.

If you are starting a project, creating a focus, it is a good idea to align and discharge the appropriate and essential energies of the first dimension to embody the goal's conclusion, therefore, its course is established.

You become, be present and embody the final result, which allows your creation journey to be easy and effortless, since you receive the support of everything you need from the Creator .

Second Dimension

Again, the second dimension is not named that way because it is smaller than the first dimension .

The second dimension is equal to all dimensions and, especially, coincides with the first dimension.

The second dimension is based on the energies and qualities of the Creator to create, throw energy and intentions into action and manifest.

The second dimension supports him in creating foundations in what he is achieving or directing his approach, while also generating an impulse that drives him.

To invoke this expression of the Creator when you feel stuck, unsupported, unable to see a new path or opportunity in your life or spiritual evolution is immensely valuable.

It is equally valuable to request to connect the energies of the second dimension to earth if you are starting a new adventure in any way, since you will be excited about the energy, power and vigor to create and access what is needed.

Third dimension

The third dimension encourages you and offers you a true experience of the physicality of life on Earth.

You are encouraged to immerse yourself in the wonders of physical experiences, as well as your ability to create through the capabilities of your physical body, material matter, form and experiences on Earth .

While the Creator's energy as a physical form can create the focus of separation with the Creator, its purpose is to allow it to fully explore certain qualities of the Creator while accessing its internal power and creative nature.

The third dimension invites you to observe and listen to your physical body and the world around you. It encourages you to practice the commitment to the energy and qualities of the Creator in a way that is tangible and extremely real.

The enjoyment of life can be experienced to direct your focus inward to realize the joy, bliss and love of the Creator that is always present.

This dimension can create feelings of being limited or having a limited perspective if the focus is placed only within the third dimension, you may recognize this as feelings of being stuck, helpless or isolated.

If you focus predominantly on your spiritual evolution and feel that you need to become more entrenched in physical reality, even if you don't like doing it, anchoring the third dimension can help you.

The third dimension helps you explore deeply how the Creator expresses himself through you in a physical form that can be a magical experience.

While many people feel that physical reality is something they wish to escape, it is a complex world of co-creation with the Creator, which supports the most accelerated spiritual evolution of all.

You are encouraged to create a balance within your being and reality with the support of the third dimension .

Fourth dimension

The fourth dimension is connected and supports the emotional body and the planes.

The qualities of the Creator that can be experienced through emotions, internal feelings and their senses are available within the fourth dimension .

The energies of the fourth dimension encourage access to the states of love, peace, happiness and freedom.

The divine flow of the Creator is present and will activate the improved experiences of the divine flow within your being, allowing you to exist in synchronization with the constant flow of the Creator .

The fourth dimension encourages you to recognize the perfection of the Creator in all realizations; which is, in essence, the divine plan, the guide and the presence of the Creator .

As a result of committing to this dimension, you can activate within your being and base the qualities of fulfillment, softness, alignment and harmony.

If you want to nourish yourself emotionally, help and advance in your connection with others, whether they are on Earth or in the internal planes, and you feel supported and nourished in your life and spiritual ascent, I encourage you to resort to the fourth dimension n.

One of the greatest gifts of the fourth dimension is to be recognized as an energy united with all that is the Creator .

Fifth Dimension

The fifth dimension has many labels, my favorite is the Age of Love, 'because it not only encourages you to see, feel and recognize love, but also inspires you to embody and express the love of your being and the Creator .

Love is the result and inspiration that encourages you to download and accept your divine self on numerous levels of your being.

The fifth dimension helps you create and access the freedom of your past experiences that hold you back in your current reality, whether you are aware or unaware of them.

By creating freedom and liberation within your being, you allow yourself to access a new aspect of yourself that is in a deeper resonance with the Creator .

In the fifth dimension, emphasis is placed on creating a balance within the mind, mental body and consciousness, so that the truth of the Creator can be easily recognized, revealing the spiritual self.

Experimenting with spiritual concepts and ideas allows greater recognition of oneself and the Creator .

Tuning your mind and focusing on creating manifestations from the presence and power of love is a key aspect of the fifth dimension, allowing you to take responsibility for your reality, realizing that you create and choose your experiences on Earth.

The presence of love is immensely healing and allows you to explore the presence of the soul within you.

If you want to improve your love quotient, bring clarity to your mind, sharpen your manifestations, explore your being and spiritual abilities, as well as create a cure for the past, request the fifth dimension to download in your be.

During the meditation, you may want to resort to each dimension individually, 1 5, requesting a discharge of the appropriate energies, qualities and wisdom to be based on in his being.

Take time to observe the influence of energy on your being.

Some dimensions may feel more shocking than others, allowing you to understand what your body, mind and soul require in your current stage of ascension.

I, Lord Melchizedek, will continue my exploration of the dimensions next week, exploring dimensions 6 9.

With sacred support and love for you,

Mr. Melchizedek

Your purpose with the dimensions of the Creator Universe is to access and explore the energies, develop your own understanding and encounters with the Creator, thus recognizing the presence of the Creator in your reality in multiple ways.

Author : William Hernán Estrada Pérez, Editor and Translator in the Great Family of hermandadblanca.org

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