Exclusive from England: Nothing is solid, interview the Channel of the "Letters of Christ

“In the Light of the spiritual Truth of Christ, doctrines lose meaning and are quickly taken from the enlightened mind;

Carmelo Urso

Many thanks to Valerie Ann Melfi for translating this valuable material.

Carmelo Urso: First of all, we would like you to explain to us: What are the LETTERS of CHRIST?

The Channel: These are letters dictated by Christ through the mind of his anonymous channel to whom Christ told him that he should only be known as the Channel. The purpose of this was to focus only on Christ for being the true and inspiring author of the text.

Carmelo Urso: At what time were they written?

The Channel: They were written in the year 2000 and at the beginning of 2001.

Carmelo Urso: Do ​​you pretend to be the basis of a new religion?

The Channel: The Letters were given to enlighten us about the true NATURE of THAT that has given the being to the visible world and all creation in any dimension. It is a detailed document that gives the explanation of how and why the universe is not really solid, but is energy - Consciousness - the consciousness that gives life to all living things.

Carmelo Urso: Why does the person who channeled them remain anonymous?

The Channel: Many, many people have written spiritual literature, claiming to have received it from CHRIST or JESUS. In most cases, the author has become famous and his name may be remembered more easily than the work that has been written.

According to CHRIST, LETTERS are the seeds of our future spiritual evolution and are, therefore, of paramount importance for people on earth. It should never be forgotten that CHRIST is both the Author and the main spokesperson for the text. Nothing has been taken from any other people's writing at all. Everything has come directly from the very consciousness of CHRIST himself.

(Translators answer the following questions)

Carmelo Urso: We would like to know, Valerie, how did these Letters of Christ come into your life?

Valerie Ann Melfi (the translator): I was and had been a fervent Catholic all my life. Even when I was very active in my parish, throughout the years I became spiritually restless, in need of a higher spirituality and looking to find it. One afternoon, of all the enormous spectrum of spiritual material that we can find on the Internet, I clicked on CHRIST'S WAY and it stuck on the screen as I began to read what I knew immediately that it was what I had He has been searching.

Carmelo Urso: Valerie, what spiritual awakening process produced this text in you?

Valerie Ann Melfi (the Translator): The process is gradual and daily; however, miraculous, as one comes to perceive The Presence and Love of THE DIVINE CONSCIENCE at every moment and in every task in one's personal life.

Carmelo Urso: What was your personal vision of Christ before knowing these letters?

Valerie Ann Melfi (the Translator): My vision of Christ was what the Church taught us.

Carmelo Urso: Did they change the ideas and beliefs you had of Jesus after reading them?

Valerie Ann Melfi (the Translator): My ideas and beliefs certainly changed after reading the Letters. The following sentence, taken from Letter 4, has truly occurred in my own experience: In the Light of the spiritual Truth of Christ, doctrines lose meaning and are quickly taken from the enlightened mind .

Carmelo Urso: How was the work of translating the material into Spanish? What circumstances prompted you to do this job? Did you receive any external help to carry it out? Can a metaphysical cut material be translated, can it be equated with the spiritual work implicit in disciplines such as prayer or meditation?

Valerie An Melfi (the Translator): My experience has been wonderful. It has allowed me to go deeper into the understanding of the messages, but above all it is putting me in touch with the energy of Christ in the Letters. With great enthusiasm I am participating in this work; Many people can know these profound truths and thus demolish so many absurd beliefs that do not allow them to advance in their spiritual development and in the improvement of their life in general.

This work of translating a metaphysical material is only comparable to the spiritual work implied in prayer and meditation. In the spiritual traditions of the East, especially India, Japan and China, it is widely known that there are several ways to approach the experience of the divine: properly conducted intellectual work is one of them. The prayer that leads to meditation is another. The service is another. Contemplative and singing love would be one more.

Yes, I have certainly received help from other people. That is another story in itself. Each person arrived at the time of greatest need everything provided by CHRIST!

Carmelo Urso: According to these Letters, what is the Christ? Is it a notion that refers exclusively to the person of Jesus or does it have a broader scope of action?

The Channel: I, as the channeler, had the impression that this individual who came to me in response to my distressed call to Jesus, to help me in a time of great trouble in 1966, it was actually the Christified Jesus but the person of Jesus had already dissolved a long time ago, while the Christ had moved toward more sym The high dimensions of pure Divine Consciousness, free to remain there or to descend as He wished. As he descended on the frequencies of vibration of consciousness, he tuned in and assumed those vibrations allowing him to communicate rationally. ”

Carmelo Urso: In the gospels, the episode of Jesus in the desert is usually presented as his victory over the temptations that Satan displayed on his flesh, heart, mind and spirit. In the Letters, such experience is presented differently: in the desert, Jesus would have discovered the true essence of Reality, that is, "that nothing is solid." Could you explain to the potential readers or readers the implications of this finding of Jesus? Could you explain to the potential readers or readers the implications of this finding of Jesus?

The Channel: It is difficult to answer this question because some facets of Christ's experiences have been put here incorrectly.

Yes, Jesus discovered that nothing was solid, but this referred to the apparently solid material of the planet - stones, plants, human beings. He discovered that the world was composed of an energy in which the creation motes (the electrical particles) danced so quickly that they produced the appearance of being solid.

Now, the most crucial perception here was that Jesus realized that the Energy that held everything in the universe was what people would call God. Therefore, God was not the remote individual taught by the Jews but a universally penetrating Intelligence / Love in which every living being, of any kind and species, had been born and grown and had been maintained and sustained forever. Basically, plants, insects, fish, animals, humans, all had taken shape and evolved from and within the Divine Energy itself. We were all one in our roots - we all shared the same consciousness. The differences resided in the fact that each class - plants and trees, etc. - were confined by their physical structure within certain limits of experience and conscious response to that experience. And so it was with all the different species - but basically, in physical composition and spirit, there was no difference between the plant and the human. The only differences resided in our respective use of the consciousness with which we were born.

The Energy that sustains everything in the Universe is what people would call God

However, the true implications and meaning of the temptations to Jesus Himself, were to fully realize that there were within him two human impulses (which later in the Letters he called 'the ego') attraction and rejection that governed consciousness of the man and they pushed him towards his daily actions. Now, Jesus was told in his inspiration that he should stop listening to his ego and that he should rely on the Divine that interpenetrates the universe to receive guidance on how to proceed during his awake hours. Jesus was glad to hear this instruction but found it extremely difficult to put it into practice because the voice of his ego urged him to enter into selfish actions. He had to constantly remind himself that he should trust the Father for all his needs. When he did that his needs were met correctly.

Carmelo Urso: In the Letters, Jesus explains that "that every outer form is an expression of inner Consciousness"; that "Life and Consciousness are the same thing" and both constitute the "Creative Power of the Divine Universal Mind", which is "the only Reality after all manifestation individually."

The Channel: This is not correct. First, it must be understood that the outer form is at a level of creation - the visible manifestation of life and consciousness - only of certain vibratory frequencies. You can't even move towards astral vibration. Life and Consciousness belong to the highest dimension of creativity even if they are operating within the human dimension, as well as at very low vibrational frequencies. Hence the thoughts and feelings that can be experienced in the world are far below the feelings and thoughts of the highest dimensions. All are basically of the same substance but manifest differences. And we must never forget that the consciousness we project is also electromagnetic and according to that, what comes out must return. Therefore, we must say that personal projections create the personal environment, experiences, health and personal relationships.

Carmelo Urso: According to these premises, is the reality (or unreality) that we contemplate a mere projection of our state of consciousness?

The Channel: Yes, according to what has just been said in the last lines.

Carmelo Urso: What does the human who achieves a state of absolute communion with the Creative Power of the Divine Universal Mind become?

The Channel: Such a person is known as a Teacher, since he or she has the mental vision of Christ to realize that his consciousness can control atoms.

Carmelo Urso: Formal Christianity presents the notion of a God who severely punishes the sins of his children with the eternal bonfire of hell. The "Father" of whom Jesus speaks in the Letters, what are his characteristics? How is it different from the Deity traditionally presented by the Christian churches?

The Channel: The difference between the formal Christian notion of a God is absolutely basic. According to the traditional concept of a God, He is masculine and possesses emotions. He can love can be angry and inflict revenge. He keeps accounts of all human beings and rewards them with 'golden stars' or punishes them with lashes according to their behavior.

This is the way Jesus describes God when he visited Zedekiah having healed his son. He is talking now to family friends and mourners.

Was this illness that has fallen on my son. Was it a punishment for something wrong that I have done in the past? And how could I commit such a serious sin that God had to want to take away my only son?

The Christ: “God gives us LIFE and being. He would not snatch this as a man would snatch some treasure from another man ...

Jesus said: 'You have asked the question you most wanted to answer, Zedekiah. God gives us LIFE and being. He would not snatch this as a man would snatch some treasure from another man because he is angry with him. And God is not placed on a throne somewhere in heaven as human beings sit on thrones and rule their people. God's way of acting is far from anything the human mind can project or dream. Only I have seen 'That which has brought us to be', and I know that it is not the type of God that the Rabbis teach. I saw that THAT is 'Perfect Love' and for that reason I would rather speak of the 'Father', since I have seen THAT THAT works within each living being, keeping them in good health, as much as a human father works to keep their children well fed, dressed and protected inside the shelter of a home. I have seen THAT within everything in the world.

It is not possible for an individual 'being' of any kind to be everywhere at the same time. But the air is everywhere even if we can't see it. In spite of that, we know - and we don't doubt it - that if there was no air and we couldn't breathe it, we would die. The movement of the air, what we call wind, we cannot see but we see that it waves the leaves and moves the clouds through the sky, and so we can know that the air is around and above us and that it is strong. And we can't see the mind. We can only know that we have a mind because of the thoughts it produces and because the thoughts form some kind of action in our lives. We believe that the mind works through the brain. If it does. But how could the brain, which was born from the flesh, produce thoughts, feelings, ideas, plans? Now it should be clear to you that this is the way the 'Father' is present within all things; THAT is the directive 'mind' behind the human mind, doing its great work within every living thing, we see the wonders it brings us.

Carmelo Urso: According to Jesus of the Letters, "the Will of the Father is health." If this is true, what then is the disease and how does it heal?

"The Will of the Father is health."

The Channel: According to Christ, disease appears when the vibrational frequencies of consciousness in an organ fall below the norm. This is done in many ways, including long periods of negative thoughts, despair, failure, deprivation. This can be quickly healed by the influx of spiritual Light into the affected part of the body by the laying on of hands, or by the prayer of someone who can ascend in the spiritual Light and project it through the third eye - the sixth chakra. Healing also occurs as a result of stimulating the body to resume vitality through proper eating and taking drugs designed for that purpose; for correcting and changing negative thoughts, for getting out of despair for finding the inner strength of Father-Mother-Life inside us, for restarting the march after a failure relying on the Divine Energy inside us and for asking Consciousness Divine Universal all the necessary abundance in our lives, giving thanks in advance for it, with full confidence that our request will be heard.

Carmelo Urso: The formal religion presents the "Kingdom of Heaven" as a place where the souls that have fulfilled certain and certain demands of God dwell (refrain from committing sins, performing good deeds, punctually fulfilling the rituals of worship and assimilating the Divine grace through faith). According to the Letters, what is the Kingdom of Heaven? Where is it located? How do we realize that we dwell within Him?

The Channel: Yes, this is a very materialistic concept. Christ describes 'The Kingdom of Heaven' as a quality of Being - the attainment of the fullness of perception, unconditional love, total forgiveness, complete empathy and unity of spirit with others, in tune with Divine Consciousness.

Carmelo Urso: Is the "Father" of whom Jesus constantly speaks in the Letters, is he a personal or impersonal God? Is it male and why is it called "Father"? Is it a Being external to His creations or does it dwell within them?

The Channel: For Christ, the Father is Life, Divine Consciousness, the fundamental Energy from which everything has taken energy, form and being. The 'Father' is everywhere, like the air. It is within everything, but it is also transcendent to living things; It can inspire, teach, guide, protect, rescue, heal. It appears without substance but THAT is the most powerful Energy giving being to all living things. Christ calls him 'Father' because, according to Letter 1, he perceived this Universal Consciousness as an Intelligent and Loving Divine Mind from which all living things took their consciousness - therefore, this Energy was truly 'Father' of All your children Also, Christ could see that a great deal of work was done by the physical cells of living things and that was directed by the transcendent Consciousness of the 'Father' - therefore, the 'Father' works to keep the creation in good health. and in an acting order.

The 'Father' is impersonal but That is Infinite Consciousness

The 'Father' is impersonal but That is Infinite Consciousness. Whenever we beings direct our thoughts to the 'Father', they hit the target and the 'Father' responds to us personally - because our consciousness works with electromagnetism. Electricity sends the message and magnetism brings us the answer back in time.

Carmelo Urso: What does the Jesus of the Letters have to say regarding faith and what is his relationship with miracles? What are miracles?

The Channel: Christ says that faith is of the utmost importance when we pray or when we try to materialize a desire or for self-healing. It is on these occasions that we should be able to realize that the fact that nothing is solid is of such tremendous importance to us. When we pray or visualize and try to attract something to our lives, it is our faith that gives a seal of certainty to the plane we are creating in electromagnetism. We are telling the plane - you will manifest in my experience - and that is another powerful instruction of the consciousness injected into the plane. Without faith, there is no impulse within the plane - it is only an electric eraser and a magnetism fill without a clear direction of consciousness within it.

Carmelo Urso: Should people pay to access the content of these Letters? Where can they be obtained and in what languages?

The Channel: To me the Channel, I was told to give it freely to all people. Christ hoped that all those who had the means to do so would give something back. But this does not happen - only rarely.

LETTERS can be obtained freely, free of charge, on the www.caminodecristo.com network in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

Carmelo Urso: years, in addition, a final message for Latin American readers.

Valerie Ann Melfi (the Translator): Carmelo, first of all we want to congratulate you on your excellent work in writing the questions you have set out above. I say 'us' because almost all the questions have been answered by the Channel itself. I made the English translation for her myself (naturally, being both English by birth). After responding to the Channel, Eduardo, our excellent companion on the Camino, did the job of passing the result to Spanish. As you ask for a message for Latin Americans, here is Eduardo's contribution.

“I, as an Ibero-American, invite all my brothers to read the LETTERS daily, in which there is Peace, Love and Wisdom that perhaps is not found anywhere else.”

“Both the Canal and me, living in places far from our principles, feeling 'citizens of Heaven and Earth' at the same time, we want the LETTERS of CHRIST to reach everywhere, to all the people who can receive them.”

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