Divine evolution of man. Serapis Bey channeling (book).

  • 2013

The human being as a biological entity has the ability to create in his reality what in his mind and thought has greater power or frequency, this is mainly shaped by what is called the "Emotional Brain." It is important to highlight the incredible power that emotions possess in the process of creating reality; Emotions (sensations, feelings) are the key to access the maximum creational potential that your divine mind and your holographic mind can create.

But what are the divine mind and the holographic mind? In essence they can represent the same, but nevertheless they are not. The Holographic mind is contained by the divine mind and by containing it is a tool that the latter uses to create or capture a reality desired by your being All That Is. The Divine Mind is your divine Being and this is 1% of what it represents the GREAT UNIVERSAL CREATING MIND, but that 1% is the one with the 100% capacity to access the God / Goddess and create; Why remember, if you separate a small sample of any material or energy, it retains in 100% information that the original creational cell or mind possessed, that is why we constantly tell you that you are God and that this statement is essentially correct and applicable to All That Is. You are God and God Is You.

The Divine Mind or Higher Self or Being as we prefer to call it we possess the power and the ability to co-create the sacred geometries that will contain in themselves the forms of creation, Your Holographic mind is the tool that your divine mind uses to organize the geometries; put the shapes and materials together to shape reality. So what is the holographic mind? well this is the administrator of the forms; It is the complete set of tools that will have the shape of the glue that will unite the sacred geometries that create reality.

And stay tuned brothers because we are giving you a class of how reality is created; how God co-creates with you what you have in your mental and emotional body.

The Science of Deliberate Creation:

Let's see well now, we have already told you that your mind and your emotions contain an incredible creational power. Now we tell you that driving these vehicles is not always easy, and in reality they seem to go in opposite directions at 100km per hour each (Cosmic Humor). Now we tell you that this is not the case, always your emotions and thoughts go hand in hand next to each other and in the same vehicle. And is that every time you think something, your emotions bring an energetic charge that makes that thought become a tangible reality. "Listen, dear human being, your time to co-create a new reality is now, because there is only one way in which universal laws work and that is when your mind is pocision in the now and here."

The ascending vehicles and the initiations of humanity:

We have told you that you have the power to create your reality and we tell you now that the key to a good and satisfactory creation leads to a specific study of your thoughts and the emotional bases that support it. But what does this have to do with your ascension and evolutionary process?

Well, dear student, it has a lot to do, because if your mind and your emotions do not support your ascension requirement, it will be more difficult for you to achieve; the awakening of consciousness.

Let's see now, when the Divine mind decided to experience the creation, it doubled and its double contained the totality of the wisdom of the original mind and there was no distinction between them; We call this the principle of God the Father and the Mother God. Did this duplicity mean separating from the primordial universal Mind? The truth is, no. Remember? The divine mind creates or inspires geometries and it is the holographic mind that consults the sacred formulas and gives "Shape" to the geometries. Do you now understand the concept of God the Father and the Mother God?

To the divine mind, wanting to experiment created the holographic mind and this in turn co-created 7 levels of experimentation. 7 ways to explore the mind of God do you think it's something known? I assure you that if you are God experimenting now and you are living one or more of these levels of experimentation. The divine mind co-created with the holographic mind the following: “To achieve the realization and mastery of my being, I will experience God in 7 different ways or levels; that is, I will live God in 7 primary facets. ”

We call these levels in the spheres initiations and you must reach the 7 primary initiations to obtain the Mastery, the realization, the Ascension of your BEING. This tells us that in just 7 lives or incarnations you can achieve fulfillment, but humanity has decided to experience God in a range of unlimited frequencies, and this is fine, as long as this truly helps your evolution, everything is fine and Everything is correct as long as it supports your evolutionary process.

The 7 Initiations of BEING:

The human being has a series of floodgates that regulate and manage energy; These are 7 and are called chakras for you, for us they are "The Gates of Heaven." These gates are the way that the holographic mind devised to reach the 7 initiations or the 7 primordial states of the BEING (divine Mind) and these are:

1. The Gate of Heaven N ° 1 "The Will to Live": Your studies and teachings have told you that your first gate is called the root and is the connector of life, which is blocked with fear, opened with trust, and all this is correct but your information is incomplete if you do not understand that the divine mind experiences material life from the Will itself. This initiation is governed by the Universal mind from the First Ray the Sapphire Blue the ray of power, faith and will. This initiation included experiencing life from the knowledge that your biology itself is sacred, that God and You are ONE and that the universe will always respond to your will and power, This is the initiation of the man who knows and dominates his own nature, controls his inner beast and understands that everything is connected, This state we call Adam Kadmon “Being sovereign or the enthroned King ”

2. The second Gate of heaven called the "Palace of Being" for us is called the sacrum or the Sacral, related to the expression of life, sexuality and sensations; The Palace of Being is run by the pure flow of the Wisdom of God and the Golden Yellow ray, the seed thought that gives life and form to creativity; This second initiation is that of the divine being who experiences creation from the conception of surrender to the pleasure of feeling life. It is the initiation of the "Serpent Man", the iniation of spiritual knowledge and sacred sexuality.

3. The third gate of heaven known as The Palace of Realization n ; it is related to the Plexus and has to do with the initiation of Ra the Brilliant, run by the third ray of compassionate love is called the initiation of the Ser Santo . In this initiation, understand with your biology, it begins to dissociate itself from the laws of time-space and you reopen to the mind of Non-Time; you open to receive the flow of divine love and become a being realized in the Loving Mind of God. You understand that love moves everything and it is love itself that breathes your presence of power. Your mind easily unites with all that is and is so!

4. And that's how it is! the Fourth Gate of Heaven known as the Palace of the Christ related to the fourth chakra or energy wheel; your initiation in this gate is to wake up the ascending body or MER KA BAH also this initiation facilitates you the connection with everything that is, it is called the palace of the Christ or the Spirit The compassionate world that surrounds the world, The whole humanity is going through this initiation because it is the era of compassionate reason and this initiation is run by my ray and the White Ray service. of the purification, the Crystal of the Ascension and the Diamond of the Improvement.

5. The fifth door or Temple of Expression T Learn to use the Creative Word in consciousness and truth humanity itself will awaken within itself the creative verb that heals and purifies because this initiation is run by the emerald ray of healing science and the ascension of being to God. Called by us as the initiation of the `` Star Man, '' mankind learned to open their minds, bodies, spirits to the brothers of the goodwill of the stars. something known? (Cosmic humor).

6. The Sixth Abode and Initiation of the Self is known as the Door of the Cosmic Christ ; It is run by the golden crimson ray connected to the chakra of perceptual eyebrows. Listen and listen because man will direct his attention to the stars and attract the stars to the earth (Dynamic Perception of the Universe) and thereby open his consciousness to All that It is and this is the initiation closest to the concept of God for the correct use of the Holographic mind.

7. The Seventh Gate or the Palace of the Illuminated Heaven is run by the Amethyst flame because this is the true nature of the lightning because the violet perception is dispensed to you as the key to access this state of consciousness. The seventh initiation corresponds to the last (of the primary being) and represents the state of the enlightened being; It is the very state of my brothers and sisters of the great brotherhood of the Golden Beings. This is the state of the Anointed by the divine being the state of the Mahatma, the Awakened and Kether corresponds to the crown of being and Non-Being; the Primordial Void or ATUM.

Upon arriving at this initiation you begin the path of the DAAT the path of the Void or Emptiness where we are all One with the All and ASI IS!

I am Serapis Bey and you are very, very, very dear, Caring and Beloved. We love you Being human.

Channeled by Rainier Cedeño - Yamiel.

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Divine evolution of man. Serapis Bey channeling (book).

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