Evolution of the growth of their Souls. Master Hilarion

  • 2016

This is a time to finish and complete projects and look towards new horizons. Life always moves forward creating what is new and this is a great help for those who have felt stuck .

Sometimes, this sensation occurs because one does not consider moving forward as the way to allow certain internal deployments and realizations to occur.

This is how it should be in the journey called life and in the evolution of the spirit. When they focus on their own growth towards their greatest potential, they must reconnect with the commitment they have made to move towards new directions and be everything they can become.

When one is in the process of transformation, one can be called to work in areas of being that need more expression and development and when it is completed it transcends another process.
This activity results in an internal renewal of the spirit as the pieces of the puzzle of life fit into a new beginning that creates a new and vital reconnection with what is important to you. An additional orientation can come from the divine being if one allows time for periods of stillness, silence and interiorization. This practice always brings a sense of restoration of strength and direction will be given and seen clearly. His body, mind and spirit will enter into alignment and this will cause the regeneration and the greater manifestation of the new paths that one must follow. This in turn, will move forward with a renewed sense of commitment and purpose .

With this new level of truth that they have gained, they can allow it to penetrate all aspects of their lives. A greater internal awareness and a new sense of direction will inspire them to expand and reach beyond the above limitations in the light of unlimited possibilities. This is the continuous process of growth when they jump over the obstacles that were once perceived as immovable and enter new areas of expansion and expression!

Their internal confidence grows as they trust once again in their innate intuitive abilities and, this renewed sense of self, will help provide them with the vision and knowledge of the people and situations that surround them in their daily lives .

As you progress through this initiation, the interior light illuminates. Your conscious choice and commitment to yourself is made and the trial period ends. His soul rejoices and this joy permeates all aspects of his reality and releases internal healing. It's time to enjoy life and laugh often! In front of you is the one that has crossed an important threshold and endless opportunities. Explore and expand your options and live life to the fullest. Remember that you control the situations you encounter by what you decide to empower and embrace.

Know that what you need is always attracted to you and what attracts you is what you need for further growth and learning, so that it is possible to share with others and therefore expand your being.

These new internal aspects that are expressed bring a new level of frequency with which to work. It is your choice to be responsible for the actions and directions you decide to take, because life will return what you put into it. Every moment of your life is a lesson to be discerned and learned on some level. His life is a constant cycle with ups and downs, since these are necessary to enter into a greater awareness and evolution of the growth of their souls.


AUTHOR: Shamballa de Luz

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