Being present with the creator for Mother Mary

  • 2016

Greetings, I am Mother Mary's Consciousness, I come to share my creative expression and insights with you. My mission is to support you in integrating your wisdom, knowledge and spiritual insights with your physical reality and daily experiences.

The Earth is a beautiful distraction from the Divine Creator that exists within your being, or at least it seems so. The way dramas, situations and experiences unfold, whether they consider them positive or negative, is extremely beautiful and magnificent. Their experiences and situations literally flow from their being to be seen and recognized, and it is a wonderful process. However, it may seem to you that earthly reality is constantly distracting you from its truth, creating obstacles and disruptions that take you away from your spiritual practices and from living in a spiritual way. Perhaps there are people angry with the earthly reality because it leaves them very little time for communion with the Creator. It may seem that discarding all interaction and responsibilities of physical reality and existing as a separate individual completely dedicated to connecting with the Creator is the most appropriate path at this time to heal all pain and satisfy the passion within you to be One with the Creator. However, to do so is to completely misunderstand the purpose of the Earth and our presence on it .

The Earth is not distracting them with their responsibilities, their work and the wishes of others; It is you who are creating and participating in these distractions. The first reason is due to an internal resistance to surrender to being One with the Creator . The second is because you have forgotten how to be present with the Creator. The Earth is a space for them to commune with the Creator within themselves, as well as with the creative aspects within others, that is the truth, even if it has been forgotten. Instead, the belief that the Earth is a hard, painful and every consumer place to live is accepted and manifested by you and others. When you accept as a belief that the Earth is a space to commune with the Creator in each present moment, then you begin to allow yourself a space to experience that reality.

The Earth allows you to manifest your deepest desires, dreams, thoughts and feelings in physical form before you. If what you hold within yourself is a fear, a pain, a suffering or a disconnection with the Creator, then you will manifest this beautifully so that you experience it. If you recognize within you the powers of the Earth and allow yourself to remember how to be present with the Creator, then you will notice that a different reality is manifested, where the Creator is eternally present with you and around you creating a continuous growth in your relationship. with Him. Their daily experiences would be altered and changed, presenting freedom, love, happiness and ecstasy at all times. It would not be that you sought the Creator or made time for Him in your busy schedule, but rather that the Creator would become your recognized companion. The Earth would become a reality of communion with the Creator at all times, especially those in which you feel that much is demanded of you or that discourage you.

When they allow themselves to remember how to be present with the Creator, then they realize the eternal presence of the Creator within. Every form of seeking, desiring or a focused connection with the Creator dissolves because they recognize the Creator within themselves and around them.

What does it mean to remember how to be present with the Creator? To be present is to recognize, receive and express the Creator at all times. It is not practicing or striving; It is simply a result of remembering the Creator . Many passionately desire to remember the Creator; however, no matter how much they try to do so, no inspiration or remembrance flows. Therefore, it seems impossible to remember how to be present with the Creator, even when the Earth has been created for this simple experience, as well as to enjoy communion with the Creator. Often its internal natural existence can be accessed through practice, which leads to a habit and then to the awakening of its inner truth. The two areas that require your focus in order to remember how to be present with the Creator are love for oneself and self-acceptance. These paths lead them to remember the presence of the Creator within. When they love themselves unconditionally, they are flooded with light and the Creative Consciousness that opens their energies, dissolves limitations and allows the Creator to flow through all aspects of their being. When you accept yourself as you are at this moment, you are encouraged to grasp the concept that everything you wish to be is already within you and can be accessed immediately. Again, the opening is created allowing all self-imposed blockages, fears and obstacles to collapse. When they are able to see and accept themselves faithfully, in addition to expressing themselves honestly, then they will offer themselves the freedom to see, feel and recognize the presence of the Creator within. In this way they will begin to recognize the beauty of the Earth, that there is a space and time for the Creator because He is eternally present within everyone.

Love for oneself and self-acceptance are the same, although each encourages them to recognize themselves in different ways, but the result will always be a resonance with the presence of the Creator within. Their path of love for themselves and self-acceptance is one that will lead them to the remembrance of the Creator; However, it is also a trajectory that can be experienced and perfected at all times from your earthly reality. Even if they feel that negative energies consume them or another person is expressing negativity or limitations, their purpose is to love and accept themselves unconditionally as a path to the Creator's memory. Their ability to accept and love themselves is the bridge between their seemingly mundane earthly reality and their inspiring spiritual practices, attracting the reality of their spiritual practices to their daily lives. Even through words of self love and acceptance you remember your remembrance of the Creator. His remembrance of the Creator is his pure Consciousness of the Creator in action within his being. When they get involved with and as their pure Creative Consciousness, the reality around them and inside is altered, revealing the exquisite splendor of the Earth they have available.

It is not that their reality must be altered so that they can create the time they want to connect with, and develop their relationship with the Creator, but the perspectives within their mind are those that need to change in order for them to love and accept themselves and believe in the presence of the Creator within you, True communion with the Creator comes from your acceptance and love of yourself as you are now, instead of the Divine Being that you think you are.

With the energy of Venus of love anchoring on Earth and in its being the presence of the Creator within it is being revealed ; his alignment with the love and presence of the Creator means that changes in his whole being are necessary and essential. Changing their mind and thoughts to love and acceptance of themselves is the pivotal step that the Beings of Venus are asking them so that they can continue to heal their being and anchor higher volumes of supreme love in his being and on Earth. You can invite my energies, from Mother Mary, and the energy of the Beings of Venus to support you in your approach to remembering the presence of the Creator. Invite us to amplify and increase your actions, thoughts and feelings of self-love and acceptance a thousand times as it will accelerate your acceptance of the pure Consciousness of the Creator within your being.

Mother Mar and Beings of Venus, learn to accept me and love me as I am in my earthly reality. Help me to recognize the power of my love and acceptance. Let me recognize the magnificent influence of love and acceptance in my being in the revelation of the truth within me, so that I and everyone can see it with ease and perfection. Please magnify and amplify every thought and feeling of love and acceptance that I believe so that I can fully experience the impression in my being that I am ready to be present with the Creator, I am ready to remember my pure Creative Consciousness, I am ready to be the love of the Creator and provide a service through my manifestation of the Earth as a planet of love. And I am Thank you.

All that hinders and blocks them in their current reality is their door to their self-acceptance, their self-love and their remembrance of how to be present with the Creator.

With Divine Love,

Mother Mary

AUTHOR: Natalie Glasson

SEEN IN: Sacred School of OmNa

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