Weekly Light Burst: Predicting the Future

  • 2015

As they embark on their year of creative power they are focusing part of their energy from their moment to their future. It has been a hazy chase from a human perspective because they have not been taught that the functionality of their heart / mind is valuable for the future, beyond their ability to put an action as an order to create.

Even those who believe in the power of this do not fully trust the mechanism because it is not understood that the action creates a result. Feeding a hungry is obviously valuable; However, those who do not understand the power of the mind / heart complex Loving that same person and seeing their beauty and abilities is a loving gesture, but it is ineffective to obtain results.

As they begin to honor the entire process of creation, from the invisible vibration of thought and emotion to the active participation of their choices and actions, they use their full creative potential. Humanity does it automatically because she observes, thinks, compares and chooses. And yet most have been taught that the creative power of the mechanism (singularly by the way because they both work together) of thought and feelings. Therefore, humanity does not control its thoughts or feelings in the same way as it controls its actions as a contributing factor to the final result.

In recent years there has been great support for Lightworkers to cleanse, strengthen and focus on the heart and mind. The support has often felt as if a cloth is being drained because they have been drained so that they are free from the vibration that has stagnated their flow of Love. This year of creative power will take them to another level of the customized Love of the Self. They begin to focus on the creation of their Ascended Self in form.

His ability is his ability not only to maintain his inner world but to choose his approach. Certainly there is no one else who can do it for you; This is the domain of the individual and it is your job to create, for you believe. Your future depends on it for its manifestation.

The future is merely its past and its now focused through its perspective, which is like a ray of light illuminating its potential in form . That is the nature of his holographic experience. You predict your future in the form with your thoughts, your feelings and your actions.

Your job is to focus your perspective on creation for the Self, as each empowered individual must learn to do so. It is his future that he will predict . With a moment of deep and empowered love visualize yourself being empowered and being creative. Since you are creative and empowered, you offer this to all those you meet. It is part of your service to the world.

As we sit down to enjoy Predicting Futures, we focus our powerful ray of Love on the loving future of humanity. We are initiating a new holographic potential while illuminating the positive potential of any negative experience. We let go of the negative approach, which obscures our understanding of his wisdom. We are becoming strong enough to handle the negative and wise enough to promote the positive. We are seeing the Light of Love clearly, even when we choose a path of the unknown, because we are knowing inwardly our power to create. Enjoy!

via Jamye Price

Source : http://weeklylightblast.blogspot.de

Weekly Light Burst: Predicting the Future

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