Spirituality, by Mer Vivar

  • 2013

Spirituality is a subject that affects the entire humanity. We all, in one way or another, are connected with this characteristic that is not always well understood. Most conceive of spirituality by attending religious rites and choose to be spiritual on Sundays from 11 to 12 of the day or on Wednesdays from 19 to 21 hrs. Others believe they are spiritual because they have read Coelho, Chopra, Tolle etc. and with that they feel very evolved For others it is to have certain psychic powers or read some oracles and that is how they go, from tarotists to cartomantes ensuring they are seers and believe that is why having heaven earned others say that spirituality is about living as connected to their emotions, especially the negative ones because that is to be Faithful to the essence Others the they live as a total asceticism where frugality is the key For others it is to be followers of some famous guru e alive or dead And there are those who live it meditating long hours

I think we have all gone through some of these spiritual stages and then understand that spirituality is simply living in intimate communion with our spirit without forgetting that we are incarnated in a body and inhabit a planet called Earth.

All the activities mentioned above are no more than tools to achieve the spiritual BEING, but not the spirituality itself.

Spirituality is not a mental activity so we can paraphrase Krisnamurti, Osho, Gurdgief, Drunvalo, etc. and not be connected with the divine essence that we all carry. We cannot live spirituality through the intellect, but we can manifest it through it.

Spirituality does not deny us anything : We can eat, dance, laugh, cry, get angry, have sex or be free, be ascetic or mundane and enjoy all that life offers us, but the spiritual being knows that all that is temporary, that one day he will leave this world and become a memory for loved ones and his life will have been nothing more than the script that separates the birth date of the death date on your tombstone ...

Being aware that we are passengers in this life connects us with our spiritual reality and we understand that we have been invited to this banquet that is earthly existence and that we have at our disposal tables full of experiences to live and share, but - rare thing - in This banquet most sits watching and criticizing the few who come to the table and enjoy all those delicacies called experiences ...

Spirituality is something very personal and not everyone can live it in the same way. Everyone has a different way of connecting with their spiritual side and there are no formulas. How Coelho lives it serves only him and how your neighbor lives it is his own method ... and you must listen to your soul to know how you should live it.

How do you recognize a truly spiritual being?

It is recognized because it simply IS…

He has returned to the origin and that is why he is able to express originality both in his speech and in his actions, he does not need to imitate anyone because he is a creative being.

He is a person who transmits joy and positive energies ... you will hardly hear him emit complaints.

He lives according to his own philosophy, respecting the margins of others.

He does not act seeking to please the rest but to be true to himself.

He listens to his inner voice and not that of others, although that does not prevent him from accepting another's reasons.

They are people who do not go unnoticed because they have great magnetism and it is enough that they enter a room to fill it with light.

They will be loved or hated but will generate strong emotions of acceptance or rejection. A warm human being could hardly be spiritual.

Above all, he will be a natural person, without major devices because being spiritual is Being and feeling part of Creation, feeling one with nature ...


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Spirituality -by Mer Vivar

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