It is necessary to thank Mother Earth. Message from Master Adama (8-VII-2010)

  • 2010

Beloved and dear daughters, once again I thank your will and your love in this work, I am Adama and with my love I share with you the harmony, peace, wisdom, from the intraterrestrial worlds.

I want to talk about Gaia, I want to talk about the need that Gaia's living spirit has to receive your love.

You have heard about the indigenous ancestors and all the knowledge that these brothers had and have and taught to Earth. Those brothers always, always, knew how to love, respect and dignify their Mother Earth. They had in their customs to give to Mother Earth, when they needed something from the Mother there was always an exchange, when they made their collections they gave Mother Earth part of the fruits, their belongings, their goods, however simple and simple they could be, and the Mother, the planet, the spirit of Gaia was glad.

Today the human being, even the lightworkers appreciate very little the benefits, the food, the waters, which belong to Mother Earth. Humanity wakes up in the morning with the daily rush, in the course of their lives and they forget to thank, to thank for everything that surrounds them.

Everything around them comes from Mother Earth.

It is important to thank, because that feeling rejoices the living spirit of Gaia. Everything, beloved and dear daughters, everything that your planet lives today, are creations of your consciousness.

In truth, the human being has failed to respect Mother Earth. But it is true that the changes that the planet is experiencing today do not have much to do with waste, with the pollution and toxicity that men have been distributing on Earth. No, it is also the consciousness of the human being, who has been creating the changes, of which you, now, are witnesses. There are also cycles and those cycles, beloved daughters, are cycles that occur in the waters of planet Earth; the waters receive the memories, have memories and receive the information that is agreed upon before them.

Long, long, long time like forty thousand years ago, Lemuria suffered and lived the same experience that you are living today, now.

The internal part of everything on your planet begins to dissolve and the waters begin to rise as a result of heat or as you say, global warming, and it is the waters that make the big changes.

The Pacific will rise, and you will see that many, many changes will occur in relation to these factors, although the human being begins to evolve within science and look for alternatives, but the work that you and many, many brothers in various parts of the The world they are doing will make the events that occur, derived from all the changes, softened.

Where I want to go, what I want to tell you, beloved and dear daughters, is that you and you, humanity, awake and aware of Love, are capable of changing events.

Love is able to send information to Earth, to the spirit of Gaia, so that changes, catastrophes occur in remote places where there is not so much suffering and so much pain. It is possible from your conscience to contact the power of Mother Earth, give you information, lead those events to places where there is not so much suffering.

There is still a corner in Chile prepared to undergo transformations and see transformations but the work that is being done, structured in love, in simplicity, in complicity, makes Mother Earth soften, promote relief and mitigate events.

This information is so that it reaches a very large number of people, and that these people work with the intention of reducing the potential of those events.

Many of the information prophesying events that you have heard, some promoted by the ego but some true, true, have happened. There are areas, that for the love sent by you, have been given more smoothly but that information did not reach your knowledge, and this is the reason why we insist that you send love to the Earth and the Waters, that thank and May they give gifts to Mother Earth.

Flowers sprout, they are born from Earth, but nobody offers flowers to Earth. The sea is immense, it feeds us, but nobody feeds the sea. The Sun is a gift that is not given every day but nobody gives to the sun.

The feeling of receiving a gift is unknown, when someone comes to your house with a gift, is it good, right? It is the same thing that happens with Mother Earth, feels joy, recognition. Give to Mother Earth, at least, thanks.

Beloved and dear, my daughters, sisters, companions of the voice in love and on earth, God is like the sun, if you have the doors closed, he is at your door but he cannot enter, but when you open the door the light enters and illuminates your whole house, this is yours, beloved my beloved, God is at your disposal to enhance and transform your lives, just open the door so that he illuminates your whole being.

At this moment there is a lot, a lot of pain, emotional pains, physical pains, but it is already repetitive to speak and say that they are the transformations and the changes.

You are connected to Mother Earth, just as she is to you, and that she feels nothing more are the reflections of the changes that are happening and are repairing so that you can vibrate or access the new vibrations of your planet.

Many do not get to understand but make the effort to think when the pains and discomforts come that something positive is happening to us, only that is already important for this reality to be realized in you.

Do not worry about the morning, let it flow and follow the wave, do not try to beat it in front because as you know the sand can hurt in your bodies, leave you marked, it is important to try to follow the Wave letting it flow accepting if it is high or low, if it is strong or low, do not try to go against the tide.

The events that come enjoy it, enjoy those moments, try at every hour to understand and if you do not understand them do not crash your head against the wall, accept, remember that many of the thoughts that arise in your minds are n focused on illusion and in the past. Look around you and you will realize that everything is an illusion and think that thoughts are illusions based on the past.

I will give you an example to clear your mind, imagine a glass in your hands. Everything they know about that glass is based on the past. You know it's a glass and it can be split if it falls to the ground, but why do you know it? from past information, you know that a glass may contain water to quench thirst, but you know it from past data, but if you had never seen a glass and had it in front of you, you would not have any information And you wouldn't know it was a glass.

Everything, beloved and dear daughters, what you think, what you see, is past, now it is unknown, so I live in your present releasing the information of the past, later I will better clarify this information to you.

Beloved and dear daughters, if you have questions I am at your disposal.

Yes, master, I want to tell you something, sometimes it is so difficult, I don't know how, how you live the day, being centered without getting confused, I know You told us, but tell me again.

Beloved and dear daughter, once again and many times I will tell my dear sisters on the surface, It is so easy ... there is no secret! there is no key, there is nothing else, the key is love, you are in an evolutionary process, you were not part of ...

You know the story of our beloved Jesus the Christ of his stay on Earth, of the work he has had to awaken true Love in your hearts. He has had to do much more, but he has done it for you, he has done it with the sweetest intention, so that at that time, He was an example of what you did not have to be or do, the suffering has already happened, fear is no longer necessary, Love is the way .

This point that we are making on Earth and on Earth, is to awaken the Love in your hearts, and it is the Love that will encourage you, not to mislead, to be attentive to those around you, but it is not easy, because your akashic archives are in your DNA they bring to mind what they were, what they did, good and less good, so that human beings understand why I have to talk like that.

It is those memories, those memories, that are there and that make those difficulties to awaken true love in your being, but that is why, that we are incorporated on Earth, we are involved with your evolution and protecting this critical moment in your planet so that it can realize the plane that you have brought here.

Do it your way without demanding too much from yourself, but the effort is important when you want to reach a goal, without discipline, without method, without effort we cannot reach our goals, there is no other formula, there is none to reach those vibrations, those higher frequencies other than Love.

I know that for Master Adama, to love love, the feeling is like breathing the air, there is no difficulty in breathing and love is also like the air, because it needs to expand and Love for you must also be as it is for me, as the air that is breathed and inhaled. Try, try beloved and dear daughter to know the facets of the EGO accepting your mistakes, accepting the mistakes of others, understanding that you are like very young children learning to take the first steps, being compassionate, forgiving yourself by understanding, accepting your facet human that is now going to be worked and prepared to fly towards true Love.

About your meetings, I remain at your disposal. It is important to maintain your union, your harmony, the coordination already becomes more relaxed, more balanced with the new harmonic vibration of the planet, which already begin to feel a very large percentage of human beings with a clearer and calmer mind. So when the moments of urgency arise I will let you know.

I am very glad that some of you are already starting to let go and lose your fears. And so it will be with each of you, I am preparing you, even if you do not decide, but I and the Lemurian sons and daughters are directly involved with each of you, the external chaos does not let you perceive how close we are to you.

We are everywhere, but our energy must always be felt at the points where crystals are located or where there are glass mines, there will arise the opportunity to contact very strongly with the presence of intraterrestrial beings. This opportunity will arise very soon, shortly, and let yourself be and allow yourself to receive this opportunity so that you can feel, see, what we are.

Shasta, the mountain, is the dimensional gate through which you enter the city of Telos. Think of the "future" (in your language) to know that place. Although in your dreams at night they were already there. And to make it clearer, before bedtime, at bedtime, talk to me and give me permission to take you there, to my house. But there will also be an opportunity for you to physically approach Telos.

I leave my sweet and beloved daughters.

I kiss your feet.

I am Adama.

Channeled by Janani Sheila

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