Are you free, without labels? by Laura Foletto

  • 2013

Hi, I'm Laura Foletto. Are you free, without titles?

At some point in my life, early, I realized how it bothered me that they took some personality trait or some particularly shameful event to rub it forever. Now it's not so common, but before it was normal to be remembered eternally the time you fell, said something inconvenient or showed yourself vulnerable.

What irritated me the most was that they took certain forms no not socially accepted as the only one I was. In this it was included that she was aggressive, weird, voracious, super-informed, half-savage reader, who thought differently. I have a very dual personality, so, since I can be one extreme, I can also be the other. This was a punishment for quite some time, because he had two polarities fighting all the time. Until a teacher from when I studied Body-Mind Integration Therapy noticed it and told me that it was something extraordinary. I looked at him surprised and asked him what was good. He replied that this gave me great flexibility, which allowed me to see all points of view and action, which could travel through different gradations, in my own way. The issue was simply to accept it and use the aspect that suits me at all times. It was revealing and healing.

Then, we began to observe how all of us, in one way or another, were traversed by these labels that we or others had put us. It was like circulating with headlines: I am good, I am a fighter, I am an alcoholic, I am funny, I am poor, I am a victim. A kind of eternal condemnation, whether positive or negative, because it locked us in that behavior, with no opportunity to experience otherwise.

In something that is very notorious, but not so obvious, it is in people labeled as good or generous or sacrificed. Many end up being goods, used by others, exhausted with the problems that everyone carries. As they cannot be malas, they have not learned to set limits, to respect themselves, to do what they want but what they owe. The moment I write this in a bar, behind me, a man claims a woman who has always treated him as if he was ten years old, who has not realized that he has grown and that he has his own ideas and that he still wants to handle him as if he were a fool. This is very common in women with their husbands, whom they treat as children who cannot take care of emotions and relationships, so that the protect Being owners and ladies of the family's affective life.

What we call I, the Ego, is a collection of aspects, which go from one end to the other of the spectrum of expressive, experiential and creative potentialities. Of course, in each incarnation we play with certain facets more than others. Thus, we can generally be one way, but not with everyone or always (in duality, 100% is impossible). The other way is also present, but it is not activated, so it is as if it were not.

What do we work with duality for? This is a learning process through darkness. If someone is superb, he surely feels inferior, so he must connect with that devaluation of himself and promote his self-esteem. So it is not a defect or something to be ashamed or hide but something that allows you to get your light, mobilize its potential. The majority choose to reject it and project it on others, thus losing parts of itself and the opportunity to evolve.

In these New Energy times, we are going towards Unity. This implies claiming all our aspects (those we project in others), bringing them back to us and shining like diamonds, because the more facets we contain, the brighter we are. Accepting ourselves in our multitude of possibilities leads us to the peace of being ourselves. Then, we can decide to use one or another attribute against each circumstance. Instead of always being and doing the same, we will act spontaneously according to the here and now, in a simple and kind connection with our Being.

That is the greatest possible freedom. We will stop being prisoners of the labels and repetitions to flow lovingly being authentic and original, as we were created.


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