Interview with Nuria Montero: “Children are born with valuable lessons for everyone”

  • 2014

There is no job that respects more than that of educator, and the most important teachers for me are those of children ... I have always looked for grown-up students, so they do not get on the beards So I met Nuria and discovered the first battle line of Global Change: prenatal, postnatal and family yoga. Roberto Rodr guez Nogueira interview for Yoga en Red.

From what I have heard you say, babies come every time with more applications, such as mobile phones, and sing like an angel. When he sings, the air embraces your memory, giving way to an essential aroma that you had forgotten.

If all the devices around us evolve and we make them more sophisticated, how the human being is not going to do it Genetically it cannot be otherwise, there are already many who speak of a DNA more "awake" or active in the new generations.

When I look at babies and children I see them generally more awake, with more "applications" as you say; his eyes say it and his way of expressing himself. Because the level of consciousness of humanity has increased, they also come with more awareness. Because the vibration that moves in these times is high, they vibrate higher: they can connect with their inner being more easily and their perception abilities are more developed. They are born bringing valuable learning for their parents and for all of us. We should listen to the children with more attention and see what is happening around us. Some come to pacify, others come to break structures. But in what they have come to do they need love and support, because they do not stop being children, and if we insist on getting on narrow and rigid roads or do not have the support they need, they are lost along longer paths or more painful, for them and for parents.

What shakes you in that temple of welcome that are your classes?
I am still deeply moved by each person who enters: pregnant women, seeking subjection in their life experience, with the bright look of hope and fears together; their partners, wishing to help them without knowing very well how; Mother mothers, pure bravery, thus disarm in class or decide to be fully capable; the looks of the babies; parents' effort to raise their children well; the overwhelming truth that children carry with them ... They all look for something deep or some clue that will return them to a certain peace ... they all shake me and make me enter a sacred space that I dedicate to them in each class, because in that look, courage, effort, right ... they make me a mirror, I learn and discover with them.

Who needs more yoga, children or dads and moms ?
Hmmm ... it's hard to tell. We fathers and moms are in a hurry and demand ... We need to reconnect with our inner child and free him; He is the one who knows how to stretch the body and enjoy the moment. We need to remember, but with the heart. Children need not to forget what they bring, expand; simply be. Yoga is an awareness tool for any of them. With families, this is done through play, and sometimes it is pure magic, because that is how, unintentionally, we are left with beautiful things recorded throughout the body. It is likely that we will not see it at the moment, but later ... the process is subtle and does not know about time, you can not hurry or look for results as we normally do.

Some parents come to the first class with that anxiety of those who do not know what to do with their son and tell me that "let's see if you calm down a little because ...". I understand, it's not easy, nothing easy sometimes. But if they stay in class with their children, they realize that yoga is not what they believed, it is not "for the child to calm down." It turns out that parents also have to breathe and abandon themselves, and perhaps leave, during the duration of the class, that their child run, jump and "pass" what we do if necessary, while they "pass their child" and focus on breathing and playing with joy. Usually the child does not go beyond what we do; He is listening (even more so if his parents are calm), he is keeping things, and perhaps in the most unexpected moment he enters to play with us.

Are there men there, or are you looking for them with ouija?
Hahaha! There are men. Not many, but some arrive; I think that more will come in the future. I do not look for them, I remind moms that they charge for "family unity", and take advantage of it if they can. Sometimes future parents are encouraged, eager to be able to help their pregnant woman; It is very nice to see them and see the bubble they create when they work together, a very vibrant energy moves. Mother mothers usually come alone, there is more fuss at home in these first months, everything is being recomposed ... Class schedules are also earlier and they work. In families it is perhaps where I see more parents, and they even dare to dance! Has anyone helped me playing the guitar while singing a mantra ...

Male energy in pregnancy, childbirth and after.
Well ... this would give to write a book. Let's see if someone is encouraged ... Male energy has to do with rationality, strength, courage, practicality, personal power, action ... During these vital processes that begin in pregnancy yang energy is relegated to women, because it is not the one you need most internally; his body asks him to return attention to the interior and stop the external activity, but this does not mean that he does not need yang to continue holding a dance and a vital balance.

Normally it is the couple who brings this balance, whether male or female. If there is no partner, it is essential that one or more people are responsible for assisting women from this masculine energy. Can the pregnant woman and then mother also exercise this function with herself? Well, in it as in all there is the dance of the two energies, but it is going to flood with “yin” in pregnancy and in the puerperium because it needs this energy to the fullest, which has to do with the ability to love, sensitivity, emotionality, intuition, tenderness, generosity, the ability to forgive ... This internal priority will make it difficult for you to exercise and activate the other party in a balanced way, the masculine.

We often relegate couples to a very blurred background since they know about the pregnancy they both live, and they end up feeling out of place and not knowing very well what to do. But they are essential to team up and contribute precisely this yang when the mother is flooded with yin: provide initiative and action, transmit strength when she feels fear, help her make practical decisions, sustain her when emotions overflow her, protect her from any “ invasion ”towards his sensitive and intuitive part… For example, during childbirth, more than ever, the father or conscious companion protects them to leave the woman calm with her instinct and intuition; He is with her, he holds her. It is beautiful, right? In the puerperium, the same thing continues to happen a little, but in addition we have to do a lot of things that the mother does not reach; You have to take an organization that someone else should do, not her. We must ensure that the hospital or the house is not filled with people who do not help ... All that is yang energy in action. There is the team, the balance, the awareness that the father or companion does not spare, not recently, but quite the opposite.

Tell me something about the world you build in 20 years and 200.
In 20 years ... there are already many women who have healed part of the cultural and educational memory in relation to themselves. Therefore they are more aware of their cycles and live their pregnancy with more freedom and less fear. Hospital protocols regarding childbirth are changing, emotional accompaniment is considered pregnant, more birthplaces and other places equipped to give birth as women consider it. The work of the doulas is known and recognized. Networks are created where parents can feel supported by various aspects. Other models of education are emerging; Free Education Schools are created in several cities that are accepted and increasingly demanded. It incorporates yoga or other techniques of mindfulness and meditation in schools ...

In between, obsolete structures are falling in one way or another. There will come a time when they don't hold on anymore.

In 200 years ... the degree of ascension of humanity is clear. As you are living connected to the heart, everything written above is a fact. Fear has receded, we have understood the light that dwells in us and connects us with that which is. We will not see it but we are champions of this ascension and we have already begun to live it; our children will see something else, and their children may speak by telepathy.

"I feel, I focus, I focus."
The children know it by heart ... I was taught by a fantastic educator and I see that it suits them very well. They recite it while they make a gesture for each expression. These words accompanied by the gesture move an energy that helps them focus their attention. It is equivalent to saying that they put their feet on the ground, they balance and enter their space. The two-year-olds say: "I sit down, I put myself in my sshitio, and mine!"

Why singing in your classes?
Because he is a healer. In class, everyone breathes deeply, stretches and works the body, there is time to relax and for some more clue ... one of them is singing. Pregnant women learn to direct the voice to release the diaphragm and enter into themselves. With children we sing, for example, the Greeting to the Sun and the Greeting to the Moon; It is much more fun, it facilitates the attention and follow the sequence of movements. Babies and their moms sometimes sing in relaxation, connect with them and let me go. And in all groups, sometimes we sing a mantra, because they generate a powerful energy within us.

We do not know the liberating potential that exists when we use the voice to sing and we do it correctly and with attention, letting the sound come out of the depths and resonate in our innermost cavities. When I let my voice come out like this, especially babies and children recognize it and, like adults, connect with that elevated part of themselves ... It's an experience.

Al grame the day: A beautiful image that has been only for your eyes and you want us to see.
Twenty-five children sitting, placed on their energy axis, listening to the sound of the sea while they breathe deeply, calmly, some with eyes closed, others open, but connected with the external and internal sound. Lemon Pear

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