Interview with: Prachiti Kinikar-Patwardhan, Ayurvedic Doctor

  • 2010

"Having sweaty or cold hands affects what we cook"

IMA SANCHÍS - 08/27/2010

I'm 37 years old. I was born in Mumbai and I live in Pune, where I have an Ayurvedic clinic. I also visit in Japan, Australia and Spain, and teach Ayurvedic medicine. I am married and have a 10 year old son. I advocate for equality and I am against castes. I am hindu

Daughter of a doctor?

No, my father is a banker and my mother is a housewife. I grew up very protected in a wealthy class family.

So why did he give it for traditional Indian medicine?

My uncle was a very famous doctor in Pune and at school I was always asked if he was his daughter, they did it with such enthusiasm that since I was a child I decided that I wanted to be like him.

Ayurvedic doctor?

In college, after two common years of science, you choose between allopathic medicine, which was my choice, or Ayurvedic. At that time the medicine that society took most seriously was Western.

What happened?

I met an Ayurvedic doctor who proposed that when I left university I went to his clinic to observe and listen. I gave free classes, a mixture of philosophy and practice, I was excited.

What is the philosophy of ayurveda?

Man is nothing more than a piece of the universe, he lives, evolves and dies in him and like him. The three energies in the universe, vata (air), pitta (fire) and kaphna (earth / water), work in everything alive.

Do you understand the energy of the universe?

Just observe: solar energy, fire, responsible for everything that is conversion, is what makes the fruit ripen, and in your body is responsible for the food you eat reaches all your cells.

Do all bodies work the same?

Those three energies are in each of us in different proportions, therefore each person needs their diet. Any disorder, a colitis, a bone pain, has in each person a treatment.

And when a virus attacks us?

In each one they act differently. Ayurvedic medicine treats the person as a whole and is primarily a preventive medicine.

Is it a way of life?

Exact. Every day you must feed on those things that are good for your body according to your composition of vata, pitta and kaphna; you should apply oil and do a series of specific exercises for you. In general you have to get up with the sun and have dinner soon to avoid the love.

Do you love

It could be defined as what derives from poor digestion, which causes toxicity in the body and mind.

In the mind?

Good or bad digestion depends not only on the food we eat, but also on how we eat it. If we eat quickly, absent and full of negative thoughts, we will produce love, which will end up disregarding the physiological functions of our body and causing us some disease. Anger can be as damaging to our liver as excess alcohol.

It seems logical.

Depending on what energy we handle food will have one effect or another when we eat them.

Better to cook singing.

Negative thoughts are energy and have the ability to change the biochemistry of our skin. Dry and cold or sweaty and hot hands will have different energy effects on the food we cook.

An amazing idea.

If we begin to pay attention to all the signals that the body sends us, we will verify that they affect our mood, behavior, tastes, perception, talents ... Each event that occurs in the mind corresponds to one in the body.

Is health a matter of energy?

Yes, balanced energies through food, yoga, meditation, massage, use of herbs, diet, detoxification and purification, and panchakarma.

What is panchakarma?

It is the most important method of rejuvenation and detoxification of ayurveda, and traditionally includes enemas and vomiting, but in the West we use massage techniques with different medicinal oils with herbs.

Do massages have healing effects?

Increase circulation and remove tissue waste, improving nutrition. They flatten insomnia and improve eyesight. They rejuvenate, relax and invigorate muscles, fibers, tendons, bones and skin. They stimulate the immune system and affirm self-esteem.

Does a massage affect self-esteem?

Research from major universities shows that there are interactions between the mind, the brain, and the body at the molecular and organic level that influence the health and quality of life of individuals.

We are an all communicated.

Yes, and therefore the massage by increasing awareness towards the body increases concentration and effects emotional cleansing, releasing blocked emotions.

Entrenched in the body?

... In the form of toxins in the connective tissue, and through massage with the appropriate oils they emerge. Many people during a massage explode in an uncontrolled crying and seemingly without reason. When that happens I am very happy.


After that release a feeling of happiness emerges from within. The balance of body and mind is the secret of happiness.

He who listens to you

After the fury of allopathic medicine in India, people have returned to their ancient medicine: the good family doctor who knows how many hours you sleep, what color your stools are and where your soul hurts. Ayurveda is the oldest natural healing system in the world. According to American studies, their detoxification processes and rebalancing through diet have reduced cholesterol and anxiety in heart patients and have helped people with stomach ulcers, asthma, respiratory allergies, skin conditions, hepatitis, anxiety and insomnia. Prachiti teaches courses and visits his patients from Japan, Australia and Spain: Málaga, Santander and Barcelona (webtridosha. Com)


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