Interview with Hira Ratan Manek, the messenger of the Sun and his technique: the Sun Gazing


Travel the world without charging for your courses and talks. You pay him the plane ticket, you assure him accommodation and he comes to communicate his wisdom, wherever you summon him. You don't even have to worry about your diets, since you don't eat ... He went from being a businessman worried to being a
Teacher without disciples, a serene and tenacious transmitter of a simple technique based on looking at the Sun, whose protocols he established himself. It's about the Sun Gazing. This tool, he says, leads us to spiritual development, going before emotional, mental and physical cleansing. Ratan Manek arrives, gives his message and leaves. It does not take even half a second in trivialities or in any type of tourist interest.

His words reach us along with his impassive bearing, with his integrated being, and he transmits us a perfect security. We attended a seminar that he personally teaches in Murcia in May 2008, which is the source of this report.


-What is the origin of the technique of looking at the Sun that we propose, the Sun Gazing?

-It is an ancient technique, which was applied in antiquity throughout the world, including Europe. Today there are few people or groups that apply. In Bulgaria and Greece it is a practice that has prevailed until recently; in Bulgaria even today some doctors apply it. But established religions eradicated the cult of the Sun.

- What do you attribute it to?

- Definitely, in the modified religious texts they have eliminated the references to the Sun Gazing, so that the people were under the influence of the priests and could not be really independent. They have modified all the texts; There is almost none left unmodified. If people are disconnected from the Sun, they can be exploited by others.

The case is then that the Sun has power and that man can align with him and get his freedom. I carried out an investigation for several years. It started in 1962; He was then 25 years old. Mother, the companion of Sri Aurobindo, taught me the practice of looking at the Sun. She researched various cultures and discovered that the authentic Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) what is spoken of in yoga is really about looking at the sun. He investigated Egyptian practices related to the god Ra; I studied traditions of Mexico and Peru and met Bolivian Sun Salutation Day; They also came into contact with beliefs that are still valid today in Bulgaria and Greece. I was also in contact with the Native Americans. Etc.

After many years of research, I started practicing with my own protocol. It took me three years of trial and error to establish it. When I started suffering from depression, because of my business. He had trouble sleeping, and problems with food. As I practiced, the feeling of hunger was disappearing. The protocol of looking at the Sun for nine months with a ten-second progression was established by me, and it is a safe way, that anyone can apply, to reach the maximum benefit in their relationship with the sun.

-Because we could go faster?

-In total there will be 270 days looking at the Sun, and the total hours of vision accumulated will be 111. This is the requirement to get all the psychological benefits, f Physical and spiritual. I do not recommend facing the process in a hurry or forcing it. The Sun is not fast food, but slow food. It gives perfect results if done calmly and regularly. If you can't look so hard one day, don't try to make up for it by looking more the next day.

-Today, the Sun Gazing is structured as a movement?

-This method is expanding all over the world. There are no bosses, and everyone can do it independently.

However, there are groups that come together to practice and spread the message; They organize themselves.

-Why do you exhort us to do the practice of Sun Gazing? What benefits are we going to get?

-In our culture we have been taught to fear the Sun and hide from it, when in reality our whole life depends on the Sun, starting with the fact that it nourishes the vegetables, which are at the beginning of the food chain . He is our great benefactor; It balances nature and ecology.

It is always there. It offers us, free and forever, life and health. Free! Nobody will make you pay taxes for looking at the Sun. In the end you, yourself, as the vegetables can directly incorporate the energy of the Sun. Without needing to become dependent on any guru or teacher, the Sun will directly nourish you and give you how much need. You will have physical health and perfect mental stability, by yourself. Who depends on the religious leaders becomes weak. With the Sun Gazing we recover the lost independence.

“Photosynthesis is not a prerogative of vegetables. Sunlight penetrates into the earth, which carries out its own photosynthesis. This is how gold, silver, copper, diamonds, precious gems are generated.

With the Sun Gazing we make our own photosynthesis. We take the photons of the Sun, which constitute a very powerful energy, a nectar that is not polarized in positive-negative.

“I clearly distinguish three phases, from three months to three months. Because it may be that a person wants to reach the end of the nine months, and thus achieve a spiritual realization, or it may be that he pursues other goals.

“At the end of the first three months, which correspond to 15 minutes looking at the Sun, the person achieves perfect mental health. This is prior to any healing of the body and any spiritual path. After those three months the person emerges from their insecurities, fears, depressions, jealousy, envy, and so on. By achieving this, the mind stops bombarding the body with negativity, and this makes it possible for the body to achieve health in the next three months. The person can leave the process after the first three months if he is already satisfied with it, and continue a maintenance, without further prolonging the time to look at the Sun. Or else a person can decide to leave the process after six months, having
Recovered health, and follow maintenance. However, if the person has spiritual expectations they must complete the nine months, during which they will receive special gifts, such as the possibility of stopping eating.

“The Sun has a soul, and if we look at it with respect and with intention we will tune into it; He will take care of us and guide us. Even if you are given to astrology, since the Sun rules all the planets of the solar system, if you maintain good relations with the Sun, the Sun will indicate to all the planets that they are favorable to you.


The technique is so simple that it can be explained in very few lines: you look at the Sun at a safe time, the first day ten seconds alone, and add ten seconds every day. After three months, coinciding with the end of the first phase, you will be looking at the Sun for fifteen minutes; After six months, coinciding with the end of the second phase, you will be
looking at the sun for half an hour; After nine months, coinciding with the end of the process, you will be looking at the Sun for 45 minutes.

-But, Mr. Manek, we have always been warned that it is very dangerous to look at the Sun, that we could
go blind ...

-Because experts never analyze how the intensity of the sun changes from sunrise to sunset.

It has been proven that when the sun is soft, when we get less ultraviolet rays, it is a powerful medicine. We live in the cancer society. Whoever avoids soft sunlight will suffer from health problems, suffer insomnia, and so on. “Whether the sun is dangerous or not depends on the incidence of ultraviolet rays. If the index is less than 2, there can be no problem. The first hour after sunrise and the time before sunset
They are safe hours, and that is when I recommend doing the practice. Sun Gazing is harmless and lacks adverse side effects, contrary to what happens with allopathic medicine, where some doctors say that each and every medication leaves some side effect.

We are doing the course in Murcia and they give us some sheets with the sunrise and sunset times corresponding to the region of Murcia, for the whole year 2008. Well, it is not considered, obviously, that the Sun rises as soon as you see it appear . The frequent irregularity
of our reliefs it is necessary to know these schedules. This is the web address that appears at the bottom of the document delivered to us:

Later we verify that we can substitute 'Murcia' for another provincial capital and obtain the corresponding schedules.

- Anyway, I think that if I tell my doctor that I am dedicated to looking at the Sun, it is not going
to be very funny ...

-Effectively, and you better not know. Very few are open to these things, including ophthalmologists. I recommend that you have an eye check before you start the practice, particularly if you have a vision problem. Redo the review after
two or three months: if you wear glasses, you will surely have to change the glasses, because you will be looking better. Although hardly your vision will improve if it is one of those who spend hours in front of the computer or the TV.

“With the Sun Gazing the eye is nourished by vitamin A, which is so necessary. You already know that there are people who operate on the eye and the laser is applied to correct their vision. With the Sun Gazing you will be doing a natural laser treatment.

“Last year, in Atlanta, forty people looked at the Sun as a challenge to the point of view that doing so is harmful. Eye tests were done, and the results were reported in a local newspaper. As a consequence of this type of experience, many oculists are changing their opinion about the Sun; the more open minded begin to recommend it. Sun Gazing is beneficial in case of cataracts, myopia, astigmatism, color blindness or double vision (pathologies that
do not involve eye injury).

-Could it be that my eye was injured?

- Not a single case of injury is known acting under my protocol. Not one! And they are practicing groups in many countries of the world. How many hours do we spend in front of the TV, or in front of the computer? The television and the computer are much, much more dangerous for the eyes than looking at the Sun at safe times. At the beginning of looking at the Sun it may happen that the eye tears
a little, that some conjunctivitis appears… It is something normal; You can put a simple eye drops to solve it.

In any case, we are warned of some pathologies for which it is necessary to be cautious with the practice:


· Hypertensive and diabetic with retinal microhemorrhages.
· Diseases of the eyes that present inflammation, conjunctival hyperemia such as conjunctivitis, subconjunctival hemorrhage or retinal conditions that can cause easy bleeding.
· General diseases that in their evolution have hemorrhagic diathesis (tendency
to produce phenomena of thrombosis and hemorrhages at the same time), as is the case with certain types of tumors, including leukemia.
· Blood diseases that by presenting alteration of some of the factors of
coagulation have a tendency to easy bleeding, such as hemophilia.

* Prior practice will consist of facing the Sun every day for ten minutes with your eyes closed,
for two months, in safe hours. Continue performing the exercise once the 2 months pass when the Sun is closest to the horizon, which is when it does not heat and its light is less intense, that is when it is rising and when the sunset is near.


-Is the technique as simple as it seems? Is it just about looking at the sun for that amount of seconds, adding ten every day?


- Do you require a special attitude?

-You simply stand with respect to the Sun, with a relaxed, calm look, preferably standing, preferably barefoot, although you can also be in a chair, or you can even do it from the bed, looking through a window. In this case the window may even be closed: it is possible to look at the Sun through the glass, provided that it is not colored, and that it is clean; It is a good resource for the sick. Nothing else. You can blink normally; otherwise the eye will dry and suffer. If the eye tears a little it should not worry; It is cleaning. When you have finished your practice seconds, close your eyes for a few moments, watching the image of the Sun projected on the dark background, relaxing.

-What attitude should we have with this light that we see projected on the eyelid, after practice
of vision?

-If you enjoy it, if you recreate it, it will allow you to improve your eye vision, and strengthen your pineal gland.

-There will be days when it will be cloudy, or that for any reason we will not be able to do the practice

-This should not worry you. Some days you will fail, other days the Sun will fail. If you are still not doing so, you will resume it the next day from the point where you left it . Nothing happens.

- Is it indistinct to do it in the morning or in the afternoon?

-Completely. You can even complement the times. For example, imagine that day corresponds to five minutes of practice. You can decide to do some of those minutes in the morning and the rest in the afternoon. And during the same practice session, if you consider it convenient to close your eyes for a while and then resume it, there is no problem either. Just
make sure that at the end of the day you have added the 300 seconds that would correspond to the five minutes of this example.

- Can I wear sunglasses?

-Sunglasses prevent photons from entering and cause insomnia. The less they are used, the better. There are some glasses that consist of a black screen with dots through which you can see. They are sold in some dietetics. If you feel the halo of the Sun is harmful, you can use them. Use them within safe hours, anyway.

-Is Sun Gazing also recommended for children?

-If they are up to 14 or 15 years old, you can explain the benefits of Sun Gazing, but not force them to do so. If they do, it will be necessary to check that they do not look at the Sun too long. In any case, do not look beyond 5 minutes.

- Is it useful for the blind?

-They will receive the benefits, but very slowly.


Hira Ratan Manek has perfectly structured his seminar in three parts. Having dedicated the first of them to generalities and talking about the eye, in the second part he addresses the issue of health. Start by telling us about the convenience of proper mental health:

-Today all people have some kind of mental disorder. And without individual mental health we will not have world peace.

We do not have a positive thought, nor a balanced mind. We have negativity, addictions and many other types of problems. The weather has an effect on it. In cold climates, many people are stunned in winter, and there are many suicides. If those same people were in warm or temperate climates they would not have the same depressive tendencies in any way.

Even in temperate climates, cloudy weather negatively affects our mental structure.

“It is proven that sunlight is the perfect solution for mental health. When you have been looking at the Sun for three months, you will begin to enjoy practically perfect mental health. This is so for two reasons:

First, because the eye is an extension of our brain, so that what our eye absorbs will reach the brain directly.

Second, because the Sun is always positive. The function of the Sun is to purify the world; That is why it has a bactericidal effect. Applied to the mind, it cannot do anything other than clear the negativity of thoughts. This will affect the end of conflicts with other people, the end of fears. The psychological defects of jealousy, greed, hostility, etc. will disappear. In their place will come love, compassion, equanimity. All virtues will be developed. And only when we are free from defects do we deserve to be called human beings.

Then we can contribute effectively to world peace.

“When they have reached 15 minutes of vision, after three months of practice, they can end their process if they do not want to go further. Maintenance will be enough, consisting of looking at the Sun five minutes a day or walking barefoot on warm dry land for 45 minutes a day. This will keep you free from mental problems. They can face all their
problems and find solutions for them.

- What happens if, first, one enters to practice the Sun Gazing with doubts or misgivings?

-If you have no doubts, the process will take place according to the expected times; If you have insecurity or lack of faith in the process this will also take place, only it will take some more time. Let's not underestimate, in any way, the importance of the mind.

“For the Sun Gazing to heal as a healing practice for us optimally, first the mind has to accept it. It's easy: you know the benefits that you are going to report, and decide to look. If the mind accepts it, the body adapts. There are people who from this simple principle are capable of seemingly extraordinary achievements: they chew razors, swallow snakes ... Under normal circumstances the body would be damaged by these practices, but those people are unharmed.

-He talked about the effect of the Sun referring to defects and virtues. But does it physically benefit our brain?

- Regarding the brain, it is about energizing it. Brain neurons degenerate and have to return to a normal state. It was previously believed that neurons could not regenerate, but the result of hundreds of analyzes applied to people looking at the Sun has forced these conclusions to change.

Indeed, with the Sun Gazing the neurons multiply, strengthen, regenerate. The brain software starts to activate, and this is how the mind achieves a perfect balance.

It is well known that we use a small percentage of our brain. With the Sun Gazing we will activate it.

- Mental illnesses like schizophrenia can they be cured with the Sun Gazing?

-Insurance. Schizophrenia is lack of light.


-Our bodies are solar bodies; They emit light. We receive the light accidentally, just by going through life, but if we receive it with intention we will strengthen our body of light. Your aura will expand; and the more powerful his aura is, the more power he will have to heal others.

Who has enough energy is healthy, and his life will be longer. In addition, when taking the energy of the Sun one is charged; It can never be overloaded: the surplus of energy will swell your aura.

If you want the healing process to be faster, try to visualize that the light goes to the organ affected by the ailment.

“Practicing with the Sun Gazing from the third month to the sixth, following as always with the progression of ten seconds per day, at the end of the sixth month you will be looking at the Sun for 30 minutes and your physical problems will be gone. There you can, if you wish, terminate your process, and follow a maintenance, which will consist of looking at the sun 10 minutes a day or walking barefoot on the warm ground for 45 minutes daily.

-Why has it been important to reach a good mental balance before aspiring to heal our body?

-Because our whole body is contained in our mind. So, first it's about the mind being well. In this way we are going to the cause of the problems.

“The disease is fear. It happens that we have no faith in God. We do not surrender to God, and that is why fear arises. If light enters the brain the fears disappear.

Even the fear of death fades away. Who becomes strong internally is no longer afraid
to get sick or die: on the contrary, who is afraid of him is the disease.

-Is Sun Gazing effective against insomnia?

-Undoubtedly. 25% of medications are intended to facilitate sleep. Melatonin is the substance that is related to good sleep. The pineal gland, which is right in the center of the brain, under the crown, releases melatonin at night if you have previously taken seratonin during the day.

And it has been able to be loaded with seratonin through exposure to soft sunlight, through the Sun Gazing.

-What diseases can we cure?

-Many: arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, AIDS ...

- Did you say cancer and AIDS?

- AIDS is related to the loss of light from the body, especially the face. Sun Gazing also helps cure cancer; It is useful against any tumor. If you have a tumor and do not need it, the Sun Gazing will undo it. If your case is urgent however, I recommend that you undergo surgery.

-If I decide to follow a chemotherapy treatment, is the Sun Gazing compatible?


-Is Sun Gazing also effective in case of lymphatic cancer?

-If you take it on time, you have a solution with patience. “In the case of severe physical problems, try sunbathing, without clothes or with little clothes, for 30 or 45 minutes a day. Enjoy the heat of the sun, avoiding the strongest hours of solar radiation. In this way insulin is balanced (goodbye diabetes) and cancer cells are rejuvenated. Sunbaths constitute natural chemotherapy. As you well know, medical chemotherapy is very problematic; Even when it works, neurons are often affected. With sun baths the body is loaded with vitamin D, which is also very beneficial in case of arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis, etc. It is important for the skin to feel the heat of the sun.

-However, I guess you have to be careful, because we could generate skin cancer ...

-The sun is not harmful, as long as nonsense is not done.

Skin cancer is favored with all those ointments full of chemicals which, by perspiration, enter into your skin, causing great damage. If you do not expose yourself to a higher ultraviolet rate than recommended, you have nothing to fear. In the safe hours we mentioned the ultraviolet index is not going to be greater than two. Until you reach 5 the sun is not going to really harm you.

From 5 yes it is harmful. Avoid lying in the sun during strong summer hours. Apply common sense.

The rest of the afternoon passes with a string of examples in which the Sun Gazing has been shown to be effective: asthma. Bulimia. Anorexy. Leukemia. Etc. We recommend a couple of books: The Healing Sun, by Richard Hobday, and Light: The Medicine of Future, by Jacob Lieberman.


-The spirituality is growing all over the world. Many people want to raise their level of consciousness, but are confused with the many methods that are available to them. What is the basis of spiritual development?

“First of all they must learn to meditate properly, and throughout the day. Previously they need to have acquired great physical and mental health. That way they can meditate simply and perfectly, without their attention being distracted. With the Sun Gazing, they gradually achieve a state of natural meditation throughout the day. This meditation is integrated
in a natural way with your daily activities. The God in which you believe has to be with you permanently; They have to feel it in a continuous way.

Our first dream is to enter the Kingdom of God. But it is written that the present of each day is very important. We have to be in the present. So we will be our own teachers, we will solve our own problems. We will live with a feeling of gratitude to God and our life will be harmonious.

-You live without eating food. How does it relate to spiritual progress?

-The material desire creates a lot of suffering. Most desires are useless; They create tension and problems. They constitute a heavy weight. When the desire to eat goes away the others leave, and life becomes simple. Then they also begin to walk along the path of Enlightenment.

-Tell us about the experience of living without eating.

-I have proven myself three times that it is possible to live without eating. Between 1995 and 1996 doctors from the medical school of Kerala observed me for 211 days, and found that during these I only drank water.

This was published in the media. In 2000-2001, an international team of 21 doctors observed me day and night in Ahmadabad (India), during 411 days, when I also only ingested water. This was published in Indian medical newspapers in 2001. In the United States, NASA-subsidized universities watched me for 130 days, during which, once again, They only saw me drink water. Among those who observed me was a world expert in the observation of the pineal gland, an expert in the brain, a psychiatrist, ophthalmologists

You can find more details about it on the web ( They saw that if this
It was possible in my case as it would be in others. But officially it takes time to draw conclusions, because studying a person is not enough. Currently many people who are governed by my method are being observed; people who are starting to live from sunlight.

How is this possible? At six months of practice, which coincides with the fact that you are looking at the Sun for 30 minutes, all the cells in the body begin to store energy from the Sun. They become photovoltaic cells ; They are like a solar panel. Beyond six months, the energy of the Sun is very well received by the cells, which are able to store it, so that hunger decreases. In fact we feel hungry because the body needs energy; not because he needs, specifically, to eat.

We usually take energy by eating food, which could be developed thanks to the Sun. Now we take the energy from the primary place: the Sun itself. Every day the body fills with this energy. There is less and less depending on physical food, even if you do hard body work.

After nine months you arrive at 45 minutes looking at the Sun. Then hunger can disappear forever. There ends the practice.

The space scientists are interested in this process, because they want to train astronauts to make long space trips. They are investigating micro-food forms, and the Sun Gazing falls within their means. Paradoxically, the Sun Gazing has a problem, and it is a free practice. Researchers still do not want to publicize their conclusions because nobody wants free practices; do not care. It's like with cars: they could be working perfectly with the sun, but oil interests are avoiding it.

“I know a community of people in Moscow who live only from solar energy; They are hundreds of people. Among them there are women who become pregnant and who generate milk, in a normal way. Long ago this group was announced in the largest newspaper of the Soviet Union, the Pravda. Unfortunately, as if they provoked teasing, they did not reveal the secret behind their success. This secrecy is very common among people and groups.
You get this achievement. Paramahansa Yogananda tells us in his Autobiography of a yogi who between 1900 and 1920 met many people who lived from sunlight, who did not want to show the secret, because the world was not prepared to know this divine practice. Well, now the world is already prepared, and is also eager to meet her.

“I think it's the right time to publicize the Sun Gazing: food is getting more expensive, comforts are being restricted… We will be forced to eat less.

“Do you know Jasmuheen's program? That famous Australian woman who has written books about living in light, without eating. She proposed a 21-day fasting program, based on consuming water and juices. Well, Jasmuheen came to see me when I fasted in 2001 and decided to accept my program, because it was easier and softer than his.

-How do you know, how do you conclude that you don't need to eat anymore?

-One feels whether or not he has an appetite. Now, if someone eats more than because of the hunger that this mechanism has, it can fail him. You can also receive environmental pressures to eat. No doubt the family will want to force him to eat. You have to reach an agreement with family and friends, to let you do one.

If after a season without eating you want to eat again, you can do it slowly. Además, por motivos sociales a veces es conveniente comer un poquito.

-¿Se puede prescindir también de beber?

-Nuestro cuerpo es agua en un 80%. Lo que comemos contiene más del 50% de agua. Ninguna otra cosa es tan necesaria para el organismo. Yo bebo agua y, cuando me lo ofrecen, consumo también té o zumos de frutas. De todos modos, es cierto que están documentados casos de personas que han vivido sin tan siquiera beber agua.

“La ingesta de agua energizada, activada por el sol, constituye un aspecto interesante, que pueden aplicar desde el principio, por ser muy beneficioso:

en un recipiente de cristal, redondo, bajo, con tapa asimismo de cristal, ponga no más de dos litros de agua, y manténgalo todo el día que le dé el sol. Tras esto, retírelo del sol, y preserve el agua para que se refresque por sí misma, a la sombra, pero nunca la ponga en el frigorífico. Este agua se conserva energizada durante 24 horas, y tiene un efecto más potente y por descontado mucho más saludable que cualquier bebida energética que vaya a encontrar en
el supermercado. Recomiendo poner este agua en el interior de un botijo de arcilla natural, donde se conservará sana y fresca, e irla consumiendo dentro de las 24 horas. No ponerla nunca en un botijo que contenga metales pesados. Y si tiene dudas sobre su salubridad hiérvala antes y déjela
enfriar, antes de ponerla bajo el sol.

-El Sun Gazing debe de ser un buen recurso contra la obesidad…

-Mucha gente está consumiendo un exceso de calorías. Según la ciencia, las calorías excesivas favorecen el Alzheimer y el Parkinson. Cuantas menos calorías consumamos, mejor será nuestro funcionamiento mental.

“La obesidad prolifera, y no existen métodos efectivos contra ella. Sabemos que en Hollywood modelos que quieren adelgazar por medio de programas dietéticos han llegado a la bulimia ya la anorexia. La obesidad tiene su origen en un desequilibrio emocional, provocado por los problemas familiares, las dificultades en la relación de pareja, los divorcios, la desorientación que padecen los niños fruto de la desorientación de sus padres… Comer de manera desordenada es un modo de combatir la ansiedad. Cuando uno está emocionalmente equilibrado no come más de lo necesario. El Sun Gazing es, naturalmente, un buen remedio para la obesidad.

-Está bien esto de coger energía de los fotones, pero nuestro cuerpo necesita una gran variedad de componentes químicos: necesitamos proteínas, aminoácidos, etc. ¿Cómo vamos a generar estos componentes, si no comemos?

-No traten de comparar la vieja ciencia con la nueva. Todos estos componentes vienen de la energía, y se pueden extraer del Sol. Hay que dar la oportunidad a lo que se está comprobando que está funcionando. La ciencia nueva se tiene que juzgar por los resultados.

-¿Qué pasa cuando hemos llegado al final del proceso, tras los nueve meses?

-Que sus células estarán capacitadas para absorber directamente la energía del Sol. Su cuerpo se habrá vuelto un panel solar. Tras los nueve meses ustedes solo necesitarán seguir un mantenimiento, y será el siguiente: durante un año, deberán mirar diariamente al Sol durante quince minutos, o bien andar descalzos, descalzas sobre tierra seca, tibia, durante 45 minutos diarios. Bueno, no pasen directamente de mirar 45 minutos a 15 al día siguiente; dediquen 30 días a adaptarse, reduciendo cada día un minuto de visión, hasta llegar a 15. Tras este año, podrán seguir un mantenimiento más suave, aplicando alguna de estas dos técnicas un par o tres de días a la semana. Para entonces, el solo hecho de andar mostrando los brazos al Sol por ejemplo ya les será de utilidad de cara a recargarse. Quien no pueda hacer ninguna de estas prácticas de mantenimiento durante bastantes días consecutivos, que vuelva a comer mientras sea necesario.

“La práctica de andar descalzo resulta particularmente interesante porque ejerce un efecto activador sobre unas glándulas muy importantes que están ubicadas en la zona del cerebro. Después de 9 meses mirando al Sol, cuando usted hace 15 minutos de visión para recargarse, o cuando camina descalzo, sus glándulas endocrinas del cerebro (tenemos cinco) se recargan, se fortalecen, y su cerebro se abre más y más. Una de estas glándulas es la glándula pineal, conocida también como El Tercer Ojo, considerada el asiento del alma, y se halla conectada con el dedo gordo del pie. La glándula pituitaria corresponde al chakra Ajna, que es el que gobierna el cerebro, y está conectada con el segundo dedo del pie. La tercera glándula es el hipotálamo, que tiene que ver con la manifestación del hambre; si se carga energéticamente con el Sol usted puede comer mucho
menos y tener la misma energía a pesar de ello.

La cuarta glándula es el hipotálamo; todas nuestras emociones surgen de ahí. Y todas nuestras emociones son de naturaleza tóxica. Pero con el contacto con la Madre Tierra, al andar descalzos, de una manera natural se vuelven no tóxicas; se convierten en buenas cualidades, en cualidades divinas. La última glándula, justo detrás de los dos ojos, es la amígdala. Gracias a ella los diferentes rayos de luz que entran por nuestros ojos se convierten en rayos láser y se convierten en un néctar, un elixir de vida.

“Al caminar descalzo 45 minutos al día, su peso corporal estimula y fortalece estas glándulas a través de los 5 dedos de los pies. Esto también ayuda a energizar el cerebro y las neuronas. El efecto es reforzado por la tierra, el calor, la energía y el prana, al dar el sol en su cabeza, lo que estimula directamente el chakra de la corona. Todas estas glándulas crean un campo magnético y el cuerpo/cerebro se recarga con la energía del sol que entra en usted. Esa es la razón por la cual en los tiempos antiguos los yoguis y chamanes siempre andaban descalzos.

“Estamos perdiéndonos los poderes la Madre Tierra, la cual es considerada la Madre por todas las culturas. La Madre Tierra nos siente. Su contacto con ella andando descalzo, cuando está cálida (no quemando, obviamente) es importante para su salud. Sólo cuando la tierra le bendice el cielo le bendice.

-Al andar descalzos ¿podemos hacerlo sobre hierba?

-Andar sobre la hierba es bueno si usted se halla con negatividad, porque se la va a absorber. Pero si usted se halla con energía se la va a absorber también. De modo que hay que evitar andar sobre hierba para hacer este mantenimiento.

-¿Juega algún papel la respiración en todo este proceso?

-De ordinario comemos mucho y también respiramos mucho; quince veces por minuto. De esta manera consumimos mucha energía. El auténtico pranayama da lugar a cada vez menos respiraciones por minuto. Con el Sun Gazing la respiración se tranquiliza.

-Hemos visto a personas en India con la cabeza enterrada bajo el suelo; no respiran. ¿El Sun Gazing nos puede llevar a este tipo de logros en relación con la respiración?

-Sí, hay gente que hace esto que usted dice; incluso hay personas que pueden estar unos días con el pulso sanguíneo detenido. Con el Sun Gazing usted practica el verdadero pranayama y puede controlar su respiración.

Todo es posible cuando uno funciona con la energía incorporada directamente del Sol.

-¿Nos puede explicar más sobre la glándula pineal?

-Con el Sun Gazing la glándula pineal se fortalece, y sus terminaciones se separan. De ordinario, a medida que la persona envejece los dos extremos de la glándula pineal se van acercando; cuando llegan a tocarse la persona muere. Con el Sun Gazing se separan en lugar de acercarse, con lo que el proceso de envejecimiento se vuelve más lento.

“10.000 o 15.000 años atrás había una civilización en Perú que hacía lo siguiente: cuando un niño nacía le practicaban un agujero en la parte superior de la cabeza. De este modo la luz del sol entraba directamente al cerebro. El efecto directo del sol sobre la glándula pineal otorgaba poderes psíquicos a aquellas personas, que podían incluso volar. De hecho, los pájaros tienen muy desarrollada la glándula pineal; por eso pueden volar.

“Pero no es necesario andar por ahí con un agujero en el cráneo. Desde los ojos la luz también llega a la glándula pineal, y de ahí va al cerebro, de ahí a las glándulas endocrinas y de ahí a todo el cuerpo. Así nos volvemos poderosos, llenos de divinidad.

“Todos nosotros estamos destinados a ser Dios. Tenemos que comprender y utilizar nuestros propios recursos. Sean ustedes sus propios gurús, por medio de despertar sus fuentes energéticas internas. La computadora cerebral es una derivación de la Gran Computadora; tiene su propio software. Denle la electricidad que necesita para funcionar a trav s del Sun Gazing.

Nuestro cuerpo funciona gracias a la energ a. Se sabe que la energ a no puede ser destruida; solo cambia de forma. Cuando morimos la energ a que est alimentando nuestro cuerpo se va a otro sitio. Si nuestra energ a se halla fortalecida por el sol ser siempre una energ a feliz. De este modo conseguiremos una muerte pac fica y una buena vida tras la muerte. Por otra parte, la gente que se acerque a usted, a la jurisdicci n de su alma, ser beneficiada.

En la web hemos podido leer que con el Sun Gazing podemos desarrollar habilidades ps quicas como la telepat a, la visi na distancia y tener el cuerpo en diferentes lugares al mismo tiempo. Tambi n podemos leer el pasado, el presente y el futuro. Eventualmente, incluso podr amos volar

- Qu capacidades ps quicas se pueden desarrollar con el Sun Gazing?

-Casi todas. Pero no me gusta poner el acento ah, pues podemos perder de vista el objetivo fundamental, que es la salud integral.

-Muchas pr cticas nos han prometido el despertar de nuestros poderes, pero pocos hemos tenido la experiencia de estos despertares

-Si previamente a su desarrollo espiritual no tiene salud en su mente y en su cuerpo estar usted bloqueado, bloqueada. Con frecuencia hacemos nuestras pr cticas espirituales alejados del sol. Yo recomiendo incorporar el Sun Gazing a cualquier pr ctica.

Es bien sabido que hoy d a vivimos desconectados de la naturaleza y los elementos. Lo primero que debemos hacer es reconciliarnos con la naturaleza de la que formamos parte. Andando sobre la tierra nos reconectamos con la tierra, bebiendo agua energizada por el sol nos reconectamos con el agua, mirando el Sol y estando bajo el sol nos reconciliamos con el Sol.

- Por qu est mulos se gu a la persona que ya no necesita comer?

-Sin estar condicionado por el est mulo de la comida usted va a ser m s feliz. La mente humana est limitada por lo que ha conocido hasta el momento presente. Pero cuando saltamos estos l mites nos encontramos con nuevas fuentes de felicidad. La felicidad derivada de no comer es superior a la felicidad derivada de comer.

Que cu les son mis est mulos? Mi misi n es difundir este mensaje por todo el mundo, ya ello dedico todo mi tiempo: hablo con la gente, doy conferencias, respondo todos los mails que me llegan, viajo

-Se acerca el a o 2012, y se prev n grandes cambios, incluso en relaci n al comportamiento del Sol. Qu nos puede decir al respecto?

-La informaci n cient fica que nos ofrecen es contradictoria: por una parte nos dicen que el Sol gana fuerza, y que la Tierra se est calentando. Por otra parte nos est n diciendo que el Sol pierde fuerza, y que la Tierra se est enfriando. El nico c lculo fiable que nos debe preocupar es el ndice ultravioleta, que para hacer la pr ctica conviene que est por debajo de 2.

En lo que ata e al 2012 concretamente, mucha gente tiene miedo. Quien mediante el Sun Gazing vaya incorporando los fotones del Sol, estar a salvo y sin problemas. Se asegura el presente y el futuro. Consigue una independencia real, la libertad individual.

Reportaje por Francesc Prims.

Contacto con Hira Ratan Manek sobre el Sun Gazing:
(escribir en ingl s).


Hira Ratan Manek (HRM) nació el 12 de septiembre de 1937 en Bodhavad, India, y creció en Calicut (Kerala, India), donde obtuvo los estudios de ingeniero mecánico por la universidad de Kerala. Después de su graduación, se encargó de los negocios familiares, que fueron de navegación y comercio. Continuó trabajando hasta que se retiró en 1992.

Desde el 18 de junio de 1995, HRM vive solo de la energía solar y el agua. Ocasionalmente, por hospitalidad y propósitos sociales, bebe té y otras infusiones. Respecto a su característica de no comer, HRM se ha entregado a observación y experimentos científicos por extensos períodos de tiempo.

En 2002 HRM dio 136 conferencias en USA. Ha sido invitado por agencias del gobierno de muchos países, que quieren entender el proceso que él propone. En 2003 HRM dio unas 147 ponencias en USA, Canadá, el Caribe y Reino Unido y cerca de 400 periódicos de todo el mundo publicaron un artículo suyo. Adicionalmente, muchos canales de televisión tenían documentales de su historia. HRM intervino en la BBC, Servicios del Mundo.

Ahora hay centros de curación solar alrededor de todo el mundo, cuyos facilitadores son grupos de practicantes del fenómeno que Hira Ratan Manek desencadenó.

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