Ascension Training ", by Master Adamus Saint Germain - August 8, 2009

Greetings my dear friends, it's me, Adamus. It seems as if he were in four or five places at the same time these days. It is simply good that there is no such thing - in many ways - as time. Ah ... forgive me, when I laugh at my own joke ...

Yes, my dear, I have heard the questions, not only your questions, but the questions of many, and I even have a little giggle sometimes as to the procedures that have been considered, discussed, discussed and dissected and inspected, the failures that They tried to find, distorted words and ah…. Dear, dear, dear! Do not worry!

As for your time, regarding what to do, where to go, how to do this, etc., etc., etc. Now certainly, one could tell you that the road you have begun to travel is sprinkled with small loose rocks at this time, and that when you support your foot it is not firm. You can walk, but it is a bit awkward, insecure where to rest your foot, because you think: Am I going to twist my ankle when I go forward? What is happening? Do not be too worried, because as we take a few more steps, you will see that the small pebble path will become a cobbled path and then an asphalted path, and then eventually a path that has no grooves, there is no path, no there are bumps or bumps or something like that. It will be like walking on glass, but not a sticky glass path. You will see things clearly, you will see things reflected, you will see things of understanding. You will see the things that are a little ahead of time and you will know what will come and then with the passing of time you will see how it is reflected back to you, where you are and where you have been with an understanding and clarity of what can be expected

QUESTION: So, Adamus, how is this unfolding? There is some hesitation, there was some discontent on the site of Shalalea, and I also want to ask you about the words of 'ascension training', which has gotten people in the throat. Can you please give me an overview of what is happening here?

ADAMUS: This is a word that many in the third dimension world consider to correspond to a teaching and education scenario. However, if one is capable and goes to the gym where the body is trained to be even more - we could say - able to do this, which at some stage could not do but now yes, because someone has applied the practice to theory, isn't this a training?

It is not sitting in a classroom and saying 'I am the boss, therefore you will listen.' In fact it is about working side by side and saying 'I have discovered this, come share it with me. Share my discovery. Share with me what I have practiced based on what the theory was. It is the understanding that I want to share. It is this knowledge I have that I am now making available to you, so that you can unite as a group of understanding, with the same knowledge base, with the same desire, to receive that knowledge and work with it, so that the it becomes that muscle itself, it becomes its second nature, so that it is what they can actually function internally instead of simply having the theory of 'ah, if I do this and this and this, I will go through a portal and I will be in such and such a place. ' Because if the theory worked so well, why didn't it happen?

H: Exactly. I am ready for more and I know that being together will be very powerful.

A: So, let the plumage be agitated. Allow comfort zones to become uncomfortable. Allow the conscience to be punctured, and allow the discussions to manifest, because everything is running at the right time. The dust has been raised and has settled properly, and when everything is settled and everything is silent the next twelve will rise and say: The time has come.

H: When you say 'the next twelve', what do you mean?

A: The next ones who are ready to learn, the next ones to train.

H: That's fine, because people will notice.

A: I would ask that you, or the one named Narchia, write down this challenge that I just said.

H: Well, I was just thinking, as I just said, that the explanation of the words of the de ascension training is in fact something that has to be disseminated.

A: I would ask you to share this, because many people look at the words, but do not listen to the words. They listen to the words, but they don't feel the words, and they take what is written as a fact, instead of saying: Was this metaphorical? What has been said? What has been communicated energetically?

Because if one holds a torch for someone, when one holds the door, when someone places the light in a window, it is not as if I were standing forever like the Statue of Liberty and like a beacon at night, but in my heart. And in the window I am saying: Here, follow this light! This is the way home. And then you come to the window and open the door that is already open to you, and you will see that everything is ready. They will see what is there. You will see that the love that has been prepared for you and that has expanded for you is still there.

And this is what we are saying when we say We carry the torch . It is not that we carry the torch to show them, so that they support their foot here and support their foot there. It is that when you arrive, we can say: Now take this and put it on!

H: Yes, pass the post, isn't that right?

A: Like their races that come from time behind the Roman days of the marathon, of their Olympic games, as they call it now, where one runner runs to the next one, and they deliver what served to light the way to begin the great journey to ignite the great flame.

H: What will I say to those who say: We do not need to pass the post. We do not need to be with someone who holds a flame or a torch or a fire for us, because we are our own fire and we are our own I Am, and there is nothing else to learn, because is that where we are?

A: We are all I am. We all have our own I Am. We are all the creators of our own destinies, if they want to use this, because this is what they are holding on to. We have certainly spoken to you and those around you, to those who are close to you in terms of being and allowing the I Am That I am interior to rise and become the central point. But when someone lights a fire, does it have a single piece of wood? Do you have only one coal? Or do you have a lot of coal to make a great fire, a fire that heats?

So it would be said: Yes, you have your flame, but add it to the flame, because when you add it to the flame you increase your strength, you increase the light, you increase the color, you increase the taste, you only increase the good . We are not saying, that by taking the post or the torch that has passed from one to another, that you are less or something more than what you already are, but that this is highlighting what you already are, raising you from your level of your I Am to be within your I Am, of the understanding, that the vibrational level you are in is fine, okay. It's about where they get to be, and yet it's about going up to the next level and seeing the line a little lower and knowing that, yes, when the shadows arrive, because you have joined your flame, your flame with that of many, the shadow will not cover you completely.

But if they decide to step back and say 'I'm fine, I feel fine' - there is no judgment because we have always said that this is a journey of elections, of free will. We have invited you, not because we want you to follow a certain guru, because there are no gurus. We have said this and we will say it again, and I would like to remind those of you who would say, 'But Tobias, and Adamus, and Jeshua and Kuthumi, and this and that have told us, that there are no gurus. That there is no one we should follow! ' I would like to remind you to apply the same type of thinking when you say, that they are not going to follow a different place, that they are now joining and forming a different group of meetings to separate, because they do not need what they are being offered., or that they don't need social interaction, or that they feel, that they may have to follow the Lightworkers, or the Group or Kryon. Isn't this making a guru of someone else? Be careful, because what we are saying is that these fellow beings with whom we communicate - in what we would call - a daily basis, they have not admonished us, they have not guided us to some other part than we are now. In fact they have encouraged and supported us. However they remain with their own partners, because they realize, that there are many who still need the communication they offer. There are many who have not yet reached the standard in the vibratory level and the understanding of the openness that others have when they move towards a space of practicality, practical training, so to speak, field boots.

So this is not a time when we ask you to follow a leader, whom you refer to as Jeshua or Leysola, the One, Beloved - this is only a title, a name. I would tell you that there is much that people have to realize, and that there will be and there is a separation of paths. And this is neither good nor bad. There is no judgment. But if one can maintain the attitude of love and compassion for all of us, then this at least is something that we have at least been able to impress on you, that is, love and compassion oversees and is all collective and enveloping.

H: Love and compassion oversees ...

A: For those who do not wish to come, for those who wish to remain, those who wish to separate. If they can be and separate with love and compassion and allow that to encompass them and their surroundings, then they would not speak badly and would not speak of bad content, because now it is very easy to start doing this, when one does not truly understand what is required of a few, because they have heard the request and have heard the call and responded to it, not to seek a guru, not to seek a principal advisor, but to follow the call they have received and that was made many eons ago.

If those who remain, because they choose not to continue, because they choose not to understand, they can remain in love and not speak, they can remain in love and not be dissatisfied, they can remain in compassion and not confusion (thus bringing confusion) and stop discussing bad interpretations In your discussions, then we have certainly given you a great gift of love, because this truly is a test of 'do we love our brothers and sisters? Can we free them with true love? Or are we jealous because of what we don't understand and therefore have to collapse? We have to destroy it, before it goes on. ' Because true love will free without truly understanding the end result. True love will say: We will still be here when you return. True love will say: We do not understand, but we release you and we will continue with you energetically. We will continue to raise them energetically, and when they return to talk and discuss we will be here with love and compassion and with open arms.

This would be a lesson, that if we could see it and say: Now humanity has truly changed!

H: Thank you Adamus. I want to ask about Jeshua / the One / Leysola / Beloved… can you explain us? Is this Jeshua who has left the body, who has integrated personalities? How does this work? There are people who are focusing on this and may not understand what it is, and how it works.

A: One has chosen that physicality be just that: a house, a physical container. And it has allowed the spirit, the energy, the internal, what makes the external work, the inner energy, the I Am, the inner spirit, the soul expanding inside, to incorporate all past and present lives, to merge in the understanding of entities like myself, Kuthumi, Quan Yin, with the balance of Ekran…. regret: Ekara. I get confused with these two very special people. Both are balancing and both are introducing many different things in these times, because there is a balance in one area and a balance in another, and you will see that there is much to balance here.

H: So, what is the meaning of New Zealand to say the opposite side of the world right now.

A: Bring the balance of energies. New Zealand is - let's say - the place of the New Dawn. Enter the sunrise all the time. Come the New Dawn, the emergence of new forms. The energies, when they arrive, will all burst and unfold.

Now the balanced one in New Zealand is because it is a cool place. It is the remnant part of Lemuria that is waking up, that is still present and rising at this moment. And in Europe it is the old. It is the old earth. So they have the new and the old, and so they have their balance. Because yes, people will say: Oh, the ground shifted and vibrations occurred, and you had your plates of molten lava and they moved the blocks of the continents from A to B, and bits broke.

Yes, things are still happening, but New Zealand is a much newer land than some of the other territories. Because yes, when it was still a part of Lemuria when it sank, it submerged and rose after the great land masses had settled. He waited some time and then allowed the great energies and great places to carry them forward, as they hear in the stories of the tribes.

H: The history of the Maui?

A: This is a way of considering it. This is a way of considering it.

So they have the new energies unexplored in many ways, but then their New Zealand and the old Lemuria and the crystal deposits - there is a lot here. And then they go and line up across the road. It is not a direct line, it is certainly not a 90 degree angle, but slightly outside of 90 degrees. But you go and see your old lands, your Europe, your England, your Russia, parts of Europe were impregnated in traditions far exceeding and somehow surviving the traditions here, where people can trace their memories back to The first ice age and beyond.

So there are those energies that have been maintained for eons and eons, and they are coming together: memories, energies and they are saying: 'We are ready to release what has been known, what has been understood.

And so everything has been aligned, and one cannot release in one place without a receiver in another place. They see him?

H: Yes.

A: Because if one releases and there is nothing to grab it then it is wasted ... And yet, why do they go there instead of coming here?

H: That is a good question.

A: It is, because you will also release. Because they also have memories that have to be gathered and then shared. Because while liberation is taking place and it is being placed inside each one of you, and when you bring it back, you will not only bring back a portion of you, but you will energetically bring a lot and once you return and stand on this floor from this New Zealand, in a way of saying, download and travel inside the ground, inside the earth to the deposits in the various places where the glass is waiting. And it will ring internally, it will resonate with the crystal and there will be changes within this country of yours. People will begin to respond, people will begin to listen, people will begin to feel and better understand things. You may even notice that there will be political changes. I say this, because at this moment everything seems to be stuck. There has to be a cleaning and that is where you will present yourself.

No, you will not stop to debate with the polemicists, but will energetically be liberating within the atmosphere, towards the reticles around you, towards the magnetic ones around you, within the synaptic coverage of the area around New Zealand and will produce an opening, will produce a non-stickiness, and will produce a cleaning that will allow easy flow into this country, and will join those that are probably already linked with you, and will be in a position to impart and show you how to connect and begin exercising the muscle at which you have already got used to.

But how can they do it if they don't meet in groups and learn to exercise that muscle, because it is an energy muscle. It is not a physical muscle. It is a spiritual muscle, not a natural muscle. It is not like the brain that can be reprogrammed. This is something that has to be experienced and understood at all levels of understanding, both physically and energetically and spiritually and knowing and the I Am and understanding. No conscious. See, there are many levels that one has to understand in all this.

So it hurts and alters us when we see so much pain in the lives of others, caused by the fact that they do not read what is being said. They take the first meaning of the word; They do not penetrate the message. They do not take a step back and allow the energies to speak to them.

So in this matter I would ask you to have a lot of love and compassion when someone reads and when someone understands. Because we will not stop raising our posts. We will not stop talking through that known as Leysola or the One or the Beloved or Jeshua, whatever name they like to use for him / her / it. I don't want to say this in a rude or derogatory way, because many of you have now begun to say: Well, what is there if he is not a ly and she is not a she, but she is a she inside of him, isn't it an id? And if there is no knowledge within it, but they are one or two or three entities or energies, then surely something has to be wrong, since the body cannot sustain itself. So therefore it is not a body, it is simply this or that. And in their minds they begin to define, and dissect and discuss, and one would say that the one with whom we communicate is very aware of what is happening, but chooses not to get involved, instead sits back He with love and compassion and allows the continuation of the integration of what is happening with him / her. So when those who come together can learn how this muscle is used, then this is what is done.

He / she is not a guru. There are no gurus. There are no leaders, but there are those who share the knowledge they obtained, they are passing it, in the hope that the information will go down the line more, I suppose as a animator, who encourages them. Perhaps this is a more adequate description. Because if we really retired, then the One would return as Jeshua or whatever he likes to call himself, then it would be exactly as it was before, but he does not prefer to be. He chooses to integrate, to allow this to happen. He allows himself to change vibrationally, energetically, spiritually, letting go of what could retain him, which could keep his human being at a level. But yes, he / she still has the human body, but internally there is a lot of growth, internally there is a lot of change. This is all I'm going to say.

Would you like to ask any other questions? I don't want to go into more detail with this.

Otherwise, I am Adamus, and I certainly love you, my fellow brothers and sisters. And it is with great compassion that I share what I share.

ASCENSION TRAINING, The Energy Muscle, the One

ADAMUS SAINT GERMAIN - Europe and New Zealand

Heather and Lou - August 8, 2009

Translation: Anita

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