Teaching about the Change of the Ages, by the Beloved Jesus The Christ

I AM Jesus, who introduces you.

Today, I am pleased to share with you the following Teaching, which you may know but must remember in spite of it. Human conscience is so flexible and elusive to our instructions that we do not stop making efforts to return them to their destinies and wake them up to remember their Origin / Source.

You arrived this world millions of years ago and did so in order to go through the necessary evolutionary stages and gain an invaluable human experience. Then, when they began the journey on their Path in the physical world, they were like children. Now, they have grown. And as children who come to their world, they still keep memories of their mission / destiny, then forget it when they reach maturity, forget why they have reached this world. And we come in order to return you to the real world from where you left.

This Truth that we are teaching you over the course of millions of years is very simple. However, you expect something from us that is very complex. His mind does not tire of seeking more and more confusing tasks in his world and his feelings try to find a substitute in his world for the wonderful experience, characteristic of communication with the Divine world.

You search in your world and continue to search for the Truth. However, I come to tell you: "There is no Truth in your world." Your world was created as a gigantic stage in order to gain experience and then get out of there.

When you are admitted to kindergarten, you start taking toys from the shelves and playing with them. Then, when they grow up, they leave kindergarten and start losing interest in the toys they used to play as children.

Now, the time has come to leave the terrestrial school and move to a higher level of evolutionary development. The imperfections with which humanity has been filled will not be characteristic of this stage. Therefore, only those who surrender their lives completely to the Divine Law can ascend to this level. While receiving training at Earth School, they were allowed to commit certain infractions for a given time. However, the correct paradigms have been indicated. In pedagogy, we talk about the principle by which the human being only acquires knowledge when he can put it into practice. Therefore, they are now offered the opportunity to acquire divine knowledge and put it into practice.

There are some who understand divine science very well and there are those who have not yet shown the least interest to begin to understand its alphabet. However, each of you must graduate from the Earth School and demonstrate your availability to continue a higher education.

We are talking about correct models, about the characteristic models of the world that you must follow. They will not be able to move on to the next level of learning until they have approved the previous curriculum. Therefore, you are required to demonstrate the qualities characteristic of the divine world. Gradually, they will have to free themselves from all the negative qualities they have acquired during their evolution on Earth. The change of the old and the obsolete by the new, can only be made through the own decisions they make in their lives.

Everything is confusing in your life. Good and evil, the Divine and the non-divine. Only, and only you, can put order in your world, renouncing its non-divine manifestations and propensity towards divinity. We cannot do this for you. We can only offer you some recommendations, we can provide you with our Teaching but you and only you have to integrate theoretical knowledge with practice.

Do not think you have a lot of time. The situation in his world deepens with each passing day. The vibrations of the physical plane are increasing by force and you fail the test when you try to return to the usual behavioral stereotypes. All this has been previously delivered to you with approval; Stop tempting now. You cannot understand why the things you liked before, now not much. You continue to be guided by the old behavior stereotypes but understand that this is devoid of any meaning now.

Their behavior must now adjust to the increased vibrations of the physical plane, otherwise, they would have to leave time and space and could not continue with their evolution.

From now on, they will begin to be attracted to all things that can raise their consciousness. Everything that decreases your vibrations will be cause for disgust and rejection.

Naturally, not all people are able to perceive what is happening. However, for a huge mass of people, it becomes clear that neither alcohol nor the destruction of the physical environment through heavy rock, nor the amusements of the past, will bring them satisfaction. A search for the new is taking place with greater intensity.

You have received recommendations on how to protect yourself from the influence of everything that involves low vibrations. Only when they can manifest in their lives the divine models can they feel satisfaction and harmony. Obviously, not all people will be able to objectify the correct models. And this is a natural stage, determined by the natural laws during which there will be simultaneously people with vibrations so different that when they cross the street, they will perceive others as beings from different planets.

Good and evil gradually spread on Earth. The process of separating the seed from the straw in the Divine threshing machine begins to take shape.

Now you live that time. Therefore, it is very difficult for you. However, this process has its beginning and its end as well as all things in this physical world.

And in a natural way the process by which small communes are created throughout the Earth is being created, where only those with a similar level of consciousness and thought coexist and, successively, more and more settlements of this type will spread Throughout the world. Gradually, Earth will free itself from those places where low vibrations predominate. Consequently, water and fire will purify all the places in the globe where there is a greater concentration of people with low vibrations and ways of thinking of the old guard.

New places across the globe may receive representatives of the new race who are already beginning to arrive on the planet.

It is a very complex time now when, literally, every human being from his free will decides to significantly change the situation on planet Earth.

We are offering our support and help. There has never been such close cooperation between your world and the world of Ascended Masters. We await the moment when the situation on Earth has changed so bluntly that we can finally make our presentation as guests to provide our delineations, directly, without intermediaries. And only you are creating these conditions for us by changing your state of consciousness and trying on new clothes, clean clothes, woven with our perfect thoughts and feelings.

I have come as a representative of your older brothers, already graduated from their Earth school, and we are waiting for you at the highest levels of Reality.

I AM Jesus, your older brother.


The image of Beloved Jesus was made by Russian painter Vladimir Suvorov. You can the other images and portraits of the Ascended Masters on the site:

Sirius : http://www.sirius-ru.net/liki/index.htm


The messenger is Tatyana Mickushina

Translated from Russian to English by Proletina Dragoeva

Translated from English to Spanish by: Gloria Helena Restrepo C.

English URL: www.sirius-eng.net/dictations.html

URL in Spanish: www.sirius3.ru/ispania/index.htm

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