Chinese Traditional Medicine Approach - Massages

  • 2010


We will always rub our hands before each massage session and the same between each massage in each place of the body, this is done in order to concentrate the energy on them and we will also concentrate on the palms and fingertips points from the which will emit healing and healing energy.


The hands on the forehead in front towards the eyes, the cheeks and the mouth and until the chin, from there we will begin to make circular movements as the image shows, the friction will be light in descending direction and something more intense upwards.

EFFECTS: It invigorates all the energy of the face, tones the skin, and facial muscles, this massage counteracts facial sagging and helps prevent the formation of wrinkles.


Friction of the hands and then massage alternately as indicated in the figure (15 passes with each hand)

EFFECTS: Promotes blood and energy circulation in the frontal sinuses as well as at the skin level with a marked anti-wrinkle effect


First perform the friction of hands then using the fingers as if they were the teeth of a comb we slide them from front to back up to 15 times in the form of a sway, then we perform the same movements but more slowly without swaying as scratching the scalp with the nails With a little more pressure. Repeat 15 times.

EFFECTS: Tones the hair and helps prevent hair loss, also by scratching the scalp (without exaggeration of course) strengthen the roots of the hairs. This massage causes energy to flow to the gallbladder and bladder, even the brain is invigorated. It is good even on long trips to remove fatigue from the steering wheel.


After rubbing the hands we rest them flat on the eyes and then move them towards the temples while rubbing the entire region of the eyes, the eyelids and the eyebrows. The pinky placed under the eye massages the arch of the orbit bone.

EFFECTS: Fortifies the eyes and vision, and provides the necessary rest after a long activity of high concentration or with a computer. It enhances the energy of the eyes and that of the liver, by pressing lightly on the eyelids we also stimulate the energy of the heart.


After the friction of hands, we massage the sides of the nose with the index finger from the fins to the frown in 30 times.

EFFECTS: Uncover the nose, stimulate smell, tone the energy of the lungs, and act on the reflex points of the nose.


We rub the hands, place an index finger longitudinally, above the upper lip, and the other index on the lower lip in the chin hollow.

We massaged 15 times and then inverted the position of the fingers that was up and down, and vice versa, massaged 15 more times.

EFFECTS: Stimulates the muscles of the lips and slows the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth. Stimulates the energies of the spleen, pancreas and stomach organs.


After rubbing our hands, we take the ring and the middle of the corresponding side and vigorously massage from top to bottom.

Then we cover our ears with the palms of our hands and massage back and forth folding and unfolding the ears 30 times ..

Then pinch the pavilion with your index and thumb and massage it.

EFFECTS: Stimulates the energetic circulation in the ear, enhances hearing. In addition, the ears are related to the kidneys, consequently we also stimulate their energy. On the other hand, the pavilions of the ears are reflex areas where the whole organism is projected, so that by stimulating them we activate all the reflex points and strengthen all the functions together.


We rub our hands to warm them and with the fingertips we rub the hole shown in the figure. Press 30 times hard, or describe small circles by rubbing vigorously.

EFFECTS: Help to fall asleep, calm the spirit, combat pain and prevent migraines.


The hands, supported at the nape of the neck, descend along the vertebrae on either side of them until they reach the trapezius muscle at the base of the neck.

EFFECTS: Promotes the circulation of that area and the energy of the medulla oblongata, numbs the neck, prevents osteoarthritis, cervical vertebrae paralysis and regulates sleep o.


We perform the friction of hands, we cross the arms and supporting 3 fingers as shown in the figure we friction diagonally in 30 times.

EFFECTS: Promotes the circulation of energy to the upper part of the body, its descent and its distribution throughout the body, activates the circulation in the lymphatic system.


With the arms crossed and the hands in the form of a fist we percussion the palace of the vital centers of the opposite side while the other hand does the same of the opposite side to two widths of hand below the armpits, we repeat 30 times and then we invert the position.

EFFECTS: Promotes the circulation of nutritional energy throughout the body stimulates the circulation of fluids in tissues and fights cellulite.


After rubbing the hands, we close the fists but without clenching the thumb on the index, as if leaving a hole and in this position we will massage the renal region on either side of the spine describing 15 turns to one side and 15 to the other. Then we percussed on the same area with closed fists alternately.

EFFECTS: It invigorates the lumbar region, prevents sprains and low back pain in particular those of efforts, those due to long standing, and those of the menstruating woman. Strengthens and energizes the functioning of the kidneys and activates the vital energy.


We rub the hands and position them obliquely on the "Dan Tian" and massage as the figure indicates alternately when one goes up the other goes down, 30 times. Subsequently with the fists we alternately hit the "Dan Tian" region (below the navel), to avoid as is obvious by the pregnant women.

EFFECTS: This area is where energy is refined and converted into vital energy to be carried through all energy channels.


After rubbing the hands, massaging the right arm downwards through the inner face until we reach the palm of the hand and then we go up the back of the hand to the shoulder, we repeat it 15 times and then do the same with the opposite arm.

EFFECTS: Stimulates and accelerates the circulation of energy through these channels, facilitating the propagation of the energy accumulated in the “Dan Tian”.


We warm our hands and position them at the top of the thigh over the back faces below the buttocks from there they will descend to the toes to then rise from the big toes to the crotch through the inner faces of the thighs.

EFFECTS: Stimulates and accelerates the circulation of energy through these channels, facilitating the propagation of the energy accumulated in the “Dan Tian”.

Pressure on the wrist:

It is located just between the two central tendons of the wrist, press hard about twelve times or so.

Benefits: Stimulates blood circulation and helps regulate the pulse. It is the best point of the body for emergency treatment in case of heart attack, a rapid and powerful pressure at this point can cause the heart to beat again before applying other measures.

Point of the “valley of harmony”

Located on the fleshy area just above the thumb, press hard six times with each hand.

Benefits: Relieves headaches and dental pain on the side that exerts pressure, promotes the circulation of energy in the hands, helps regulate the function of the large intestine.

“Supreme push” point:

Between the tendons of the thumb and second toe. Press with your thumb about twelve times or so hard, then repeat on the other foot.

Benefits: By the time the pressure is fatigued at this point it will give you a boost of energy, a pressure applied daily produces good effects on people suffering from hepatitis or other liver diseases, relieves certain headaches and is a good Palliative for hangover.

Bullente Manual Point :

Press firmly with your fingertip and rub hard several times, rest and repeat the same thing about twelve times, then move on to the other foot.

Benefits: This point is related to the kidneys and adrenal glands, the pressure on calm the whole body and helps to balance the energy network, highly recommended at night for those who suffer from insomnia.

Point Triple yin :

Located just behind the calf bone, about 8cm from the inner ankle bump, rub the area about 12 to 15 times.

Benefits: It is especially effective for awakening sexual energy.

BENEFITS OF MASSAGES: Ancestral wisdom.

* Strengthens the sense organs.

*Reduce the cholesterol.

* Stimulates the energy of organs and tissues.

*Improves blood circulation.

* Numbness of the body.

* Improves flexibility.

* Improves awareness.

* They do not pose any danger.

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