Spring Equinox Unitary Meeting "Registration until March 15

  • 2010

Red Galaica de Luz, Iberica Network of Light and Circles of Light-Miguel Family


“Unitary Meeting Spring Equinox”


Soon on March 19, 20 and 21, a massive meeting will be held in Galicia where people, networks of light, associations and centers throughout the Iberian Peninsula will meet to celebrate the spring equinox. There will be conferences and workshops (spirituality, alternative therapies, meditation, ...) music concerts, celebrations, and all related to a new vision towards a new consciousness. As it is an encounter without lucr spirit it has a very affordable price only 60 the three days, in the price in addition it is included the meal of Friday and that of Saturday ( vegetarian menu), as it wants to be a family meeting you can bring your children where you will have the peace of mind of enjoying the meeting and that your children have a great time with games and activities with the supervision of caregivers. For them a special price of 40 .

For people who can not go three days you will have another price, 40 adults and 30 children. We want to make it as easy as possible, because we intend for you all to come.

It will be in the “Restaurant Place” located in Viladesuso, Sta. Mar a de Oia, Pontevedra, (if you want you can see its page in www.restaurantelugar.es) a beachfront property with beautiful gardens that will be our disposition just like its three rooms.

For people who come from outside there are hotels and campsites very close, some of them with very good prices (I enclose the relationship of hotels and campsites).

To register, call tel .: 665 936 536

or send mail to:

Do not forget to enter the amount of the meeting to be official in:


0182 0408 18 020155086

(save the bank receipt to present the day of the meeting)

You have until March 15 to register.

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