Turning on your Bio-Electric sensitive machine. Master Hilarion

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5/17/97 Master Hilarion
Translated by Susana Blanco


Good afternoon, my friends. Please release your emotional charge and allow the energy to flow naturally and smoothly.

I am, Hilarion, of the fifth aspect of the spectrum of the Creator's expression.
I come from the Light of the Sacred God of Enlightened Creation. I come as the Chohan (main teacher) of the emerald ray.

Some of your planet are very concerned about the physical well-being of the body in which they are found. From now on we will give some lessons that will help clarify the causes of the diseases that you are experiencing. For most, this reading will not be "comfortable" because the reasons that cause illness are often not accepted, except for those who want to hear.

The physical body is simply a conduit for interaction and interconnection with physical experience. I say "simply" because that body is the most exquisite creation, in fact misunderstood by the current level of the so-called medical science.

The physical body contains in itself an autonomous bio-electric machine that adapts absolutely to handle a wide range of patterns and frequencies of energy that allow animation and coordination between what can be checked and the non-physical.

As for the physical body; It is an absolutely sensitive and balanced electrical system, in such a way that it has the capacity to respond and alter itself according to the emotional desires that control its mechanism.


There is a similarity between the "you" living and functioning in your bodies, and the process of sitting and driving your cars. In general, it is SIMPLY self that regulates the body and will tend to work absolutely well as an "autopilot." However, there are times of experience where the body is subject to the threat of physical injury, and that is when it will offer a response reacting to danger and bring the reactionary impulse; it would be to quickly remove a hot stone from the palm of your hand. The body focused on the impending physical condition. It will keep the information that will help one avoid future damage and offer you a preventive warning; even when the hand gets close to a hot object.

This survival mechanism is part of the design of the body: so that even children can persist for a long time in the check without death; so that there is an adequate sequence of time for growth. This is the situation where one will tend to live by instinct and obey the body's signals such as hunger, thirst, and the rest. One will seek the satisfaction of these basic needs so that they can experience them as completely as possible.
As they begin to grow and become increasingly aware of the spiritual, they will begin to emerge from the fog and may reason mentally and in anticipation of the future need for food that will be recognized and planned for direct storage. This is the point where some begin to wake up a lot; To realize that there is more than just the experience of existing and seeking out survival needs. This is where some begin to reason with others the value of joint work, with each other to silence the distractions and worries of the body. This is where the first spark occurs to detect that man is more than a reactionary animal and that there is an internal desire to explore this knowledge.
As cultures and beings develop, there is a need for guides and the way to increasingly interconnect the true nature of the physical experience.

Esu; Jesus Sananda who came to his planet 2000 years ago, showed us the way to do it. Since then until this present time many are those who have come. These are more advanced volunteers and in the future some will offer themselves for the challenge of fulfilling this task and will choose to acquire a body to check the teachings and take them to the Humans. The messages are very important; It is about what is not seen, but it feels the spiritual connection of humanity.

There are elbows that wake up and often cause large emotional waves in the body. Some will not know how to handle these waves of energy at first, because they are subtle and strong in their grip on the physical apparatus. The waves will cause an arsenal of sensations within the proof that, in turn, they can provide the physical entity: the direction as to what is right and against what is wrong .

In addition to the reactionary impulses to avoid the physical danger, the body will offer reactionary impulses in response to other kinds of situations, which can give them a little nudge to go towards what offers comfort and heat . And in the case of the presentation of spiritual truth, the body will offer the best it can in its way of feeling; the answers that are being offered.
How can you ask your bodies to do this?

The physical part of the body is only a small portion of the entire apparatus that makes up the functioning, of the entire bio-electrical machinery. Just like in a computer, you have all the physical components the main processor, memory modules, peripheral (audio and video) circuit boards, and interconnect wiring n. But, the fundamental thing is that the computer still requires for its absolute operation the electricity that is an energy focused in a way that makes it work.
In the case of the body, there are several electrical counterparts associated with each physical part of the body, including each organ and each individual cell. The fundamental thing is that there is an electromagnetic (LIGHT) field, energy coordinator that encompasses the entire physical body. Some can really see this um luminous electromagnetic field under appropriate conditions and call it the aura.

Your body is an electromagnetic field that interacts with the electromagnetic fields emanating from others, and will respond to the different frequencies of these fields. This occurs; when you say you know immediately when you can trust a person; you don't know it because you can only feel it. This is the reason why, when the offer of other true spiritual knowledge comes, you can feel it within your "heart." You are responding to the high-frequency energies that flow in the electromagnetic field of your bodies. The body then responds with a desire to find more than what causes this reaction. This is also the reason why some will be scared of you. You will know that you carry out the Truth and you will not be able to hide your capacity since you will see your games on time. They have resisted the spiritual path, have not yet learned to recognize that there is value in experience. These have an energy signature that is much lower in frequency. They are generally those who cling to the physical-material for their comfort and safety. They are like the animal that looks for their food in the skin of others who were able to eliminate it - without realizing that there are infinitely abundant sources of food for both.

When you turn your life purposes around, the "stress" of life experience comes. This unbalanced condition; It is a sign; so that you can stop to assess where you are and compare it to the information where your heart tells you that you should go. The heart knows the direction that will reach its fulfillment by the divine projection that comes from the thought of the Creator's Source. More exactly, it is the center of emotional (electromagnetic) energy associated with the heart that adapts to its purpose from the Source of the Creator and the emotional currents that affect the evolutionary electromagnetic pulse that agitates the universe in which you exist.
This heart energy center responds by instinct; Offering them help to discern their most satisfying life trajectory. First when you begin to move in a direction that is not fulfilling the purpose of being there on Earth, you may or may not notice the subtle nuisance you feel. But trust and in your heart you will find what it is for you that is there. The causes of slight distortions in the body's energy field occur when you oppose the natural flow of your experience. These distortions are what you refer to as "stress"; The corresponding concern and frustration is a byproduct of electromagnetic distortions in the non-physical part of the body. If these distortions are allowed to persist, they will cause physiological malfunctions within the body. The physical body will respond to the unbalanced condition (of outdated electrical impulses) in the field of its electromagnetic energy. This will lead to negative physiological changes within the body if the condition persists, for example; cold, flu, cancers, and especially the # 1 cause of death: Heart disease.

Please be aware that the direction of the individual always begins with a thought and a decision. When one is considering the options of their actions; It is when you should really make an effort to monitor the response of the heart while evaluating your options. Some do this automatically and can cause frustration in others because there will be times when it is the only reason they can offer them for an action, then they will say: "I do not know it is just a feeling" These are insightful because they have learned to recognize already Use the "feedback" that's what they are offering.

When there is a disease of any kind in the body, you are experiencing the disease because you did not pay attention to the signals offered through the heart's energy center. There are options and decisions associated with the condition that allowed the tension to persist incessantly until there was a great imbalance within the physical body, causing incorrect coordination between the various energy centers, and the body was not regulated properly.

When you can isolate what causes you the "stress", you will make a choice and be wise; Perhaps it is necessary to evaluate the situation again or look for the real problem they are resisting. Those things are what the heart desires for your growth and generally have the responsibility associated with them, and you know analytically that there are often increasing "pains"; associated with such responsibility - the primitive man, with his reactionary ego of life is replaced by a man with a freer, more personally responsible way of life.

Many will be those who will go through many life experiences; without ever recognizing the connection between physical condition and non-physical stress, and will only blame others for their lack of physical balance. Each of you is the creator of your experience, with deliberate action or passive reaction. Your physical condition is no exception! Reflect on these words, because they are offered with love and not with the intent of offending or harming them. At this time many are asking for help to improve the physical conditions of their bodies. You will see that there is great value in finding within you the true causes of any unbalanced situation, so that you can enter into the general knowledge of yourself, in a more balanced way.

Thank you! I’m Hilarion. I represent the Heart of God Center. In light and love.


The various energy centers of the body function in a harmonious and balanced exchange by carrying out the regulation of the various organs of physical functioning and cellular affairs that make up the entire body. There must be bi-directional communication, in an appropriate way, between the physical body and the non-physical counterpart, I mean the light-body (calling the light as a pulse-wave electromagnetic energy) in order for the body to respond to the delicate fluctuations of the electrical impulses generated by each cell of the body.

This communication is carried out through the conduction of electrical energy; without resistance to that flow of energy.
In Nature (manifested by God), this happens all the time, and in the body, this superconductivity occurs at temperatures averaging 37 Celsius and even at higher temperatures; when the body fights against foreign invaders.
Each type of individual cell is tuned to very specific frequencies and will respond to the regulated currents of the body-of-light energy pulses.

There is a unique frequency signature associated with each individual on the planet that will keep each of you, to some extent, electrically isolated from each other, so that the direct electrical operation of your body does not interfere with the direct functioning of the body of another person. This is the "genetic signature" of the body, exclusive to the structure of the DNA or the design of each cell. This is a "protective plasma" in whose interior the body exists. This plasma allows physical matter to pass through, while repelling specific frequencies and wavelengths. Without this protector, some would alter the state of others. There are some of you who can tune into the various frequencies associated with this energy field, and if you are not careful, you make yourself sick considerably; if they tune inside someone who is unbalanced.
When a person is in an unbalanced condition, the energy field tends to be risky as that will decrease the frequency and intensity. When they rise in frequency, they move beyond the range of their influence. You keep your Light of protection in place and try to make it fortified.

At the same time that each physical body is isolated from a certain frequency range, each entity is also connected to other higher frequency ranges that will allow communication with the rest of the Universe (the infinitely creative Mind of God).
The creative desires are projected from the heart's energy center and are focused with the mind. The greater the desire, the faster the physical manifestation of desire. This mode of creation exists and works outside the limitations of the moral and ethical beliefs of the individual. In other words, this works for everyone regardless of their morals or beliefs. This is a basic Law of Creation: Advance, Create, Expand and Grow!

You focus your desires and send them through your heart, and then the Universe responds. However, you never seem to get what you want. You fail to guard your thoughts carefully! They will send bets signals, and therefore the energy pulses are canceled. The apparent lack of clarity and determination of thought generally comes from a conflict between what you consciously desire and what your Higher Self desires regarding spiritual growth. And that Higher Self is struggling with the ego-based being that desires comfort and complete satisfaction of physical desires.

This causes the kind of stress you feel, usually in the heart area of ​​the chest. The reactionary impulses of the ego will provide them with physical "warnings" to obey, offering physical reactions or pain if they do not follow what he desires. Very similar to the sensations of warning that are felt when the hand approaches a hot object, being based on the ego will try to cause you to avoid situations that could lead you to invalidate the functioning of the ego.

When you live in fear, you are living in a reactionary state that, at best, will only serve the desire for self-survival of the ego. However, your Higher Self knows the functioning of the ego and will offer challenges that will shed light on this fact. Often, the cho choque that results from the confrontation of the lessons of this learning process will cause physiological changes and unbalanced conditions within the physical body. These reactions could manifest themselves in many different ways, such as sudden weight loss, colds and flu, or even cancer.

The individual always has an option to reverse the physical conditions of the body, because the body will miraculously respond to a mental state of rebalancing in which the head and heart can live in harmony a.

Most teenagers and young adults tend to act irrationally in the face of their internal conflicts; They verbally attack and injure those around them in forms of physical and mental abuse. When they realize that this behavior is not acceptable, they begin to internalize their frustrations and hide them from the rest of the world. In the meantime, these stresses will begin to manifest in the body, in later years, in the form of dysfunctions such as cancers and organ abnormalities.

You may be wondering how can one avoid this, or reverse it?
First there must be a desire for internal balance. This means that you have to confront any trash to which the ego has subjects, and see it for what it is, and understand the fact that you are responsible for your condition, and accept responsibility for what they have created. Or, you can insist on a balanced physical health, and focus the mind and heart on that singularity with the whole passion of the heart.

Medical science still has to discover the correlation between the various fields of electromagnetic energy of the body and the physical functioning of the body, it has to perceive the connection n between this choque of the ego and the mental reaction with the connection of the Higher Self or soul. Therefore, there are very often diagnostic errors of the cause of a condition that manifests itself in the physical body.

These individuals trained in the so-called medical faculties (again under the control of those pharmaceutical companies) may prescribe electrochemical mixtures (drugs) that will cause reactions and responses in the f Physical as their bodies try to deal with the chemical invader. They can offer electromagnetic radiation treatments to kill living tissue (both cancerous and non-cancerous). But these professionals of medicine do not understand the non-physical effects that their treatments have on the body-of-light part of the human apparatus. Therefore they, in most cases, end up treating the symptoms instead of treating the true causes.

They will have to follow their own Guide, and be responsible for the options chosen and decisions that affect the quality and length of their stay in the physical.

Keep in mind that what you express with your mouth is often in conflict with what you radiate from the heart. You may be able to hide behind words, but your heart will reveal the Truth of what it is on each occasion. And those who tune to the emanations of the energy of the heart; they will perceive you and you will know when they are unbalanced and out of purpose. And for those of you who deny yourself this message, observe what is manifested in your life: Is your current state of "living" a rewarding life experience, or is it full of stress and frustration?

May the heart be your guide, and may you learn to listen with the heart and project those gratifying inner desires that produce balance.

I am Hilarion Master Instructor and Healer, I come in the Only Shining Light of the Creative Source so that God's promise to you is fulfilled and so that I, too, can grow in wisdom of experience.
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