In your hand is creating a new path of stars

  • 2018

Dear beings,

There are many energies that are around us and that strike us endlessly clouding our vision and while trying to adapt to these new energies and a new being within you.

While your daily activities are still your 3D being tries to connect with that reality but it clouds and feels strange, it seems that you were dreaming.

The reality is that only you are able to physically adapt to that new being in the different dimensions and it has been safe for a long time that your mind and heart have been traveling through time, dimensions and frequencies and your physical being tries to catch up.

And this is logical because it is the densest part of your earthly being; from now on your physical being will be subjected to different tests, some will jump to other dimensions, in time or at other frequencies, maybe all three together.

Others who are already qualified will simply experience little or nothing

Your inner being does not need a guide, since he knows perfectly where to go; It's like activating your autopilot, nobody will tell you who you are, you'll learn it day by day. What will predominate from now on is joy, it will take you much faster than the messages or desires that move you.

The moments of joy and experiences from now on come from within

Do not worry if your dreams or expectations are not fulfilled in the desired time, now you are in a process of learning how to navigate in and out of a new reality .

It is always possible that part of your dreams come true which would mean that if you are practicing to recover them, it does not surprise you that your physical being needs much more rest in order to recover your dreams.

Your dreams will evolve when you claim your whole being and then come true as a reward for a good job.

At this moment it is important that you understand the power you have over your life, only you control it as well as your dreams, nobody else has that faculty.

As we have told you in previous months, you are getting to know new territories and working paths over them and that can cause you anger, we can only advise you ethers but we do not have what it takes to help you move forward on this journey.

The ethers can not help you on a route that we have not traced and while you fought in 3D we watched you and lived the earthly lives that touched us, while we moved away from danger and often also your way.

Now that you have created the New Earth and your new being, you go beyond our experience. Now you have as much experience in exploration and creation as we do, you don't need our help to know what the next steps are because you are your own creator.

But it is not limited to the fact that you are as competent as we are despite your 3D physics, but that it goes further as you have a different experience from ours. The time to leave the autopilot state behind has come because you have already fully claimed your internal skills; Now you are free from universal needs and the earth itself.

Your road map is marked in your heart, ask him what you should do, because no one else can guide you on a path that only belongs to you.

The joy you radiate is the light you need to illuminate your path, we have nothing as bright to give you. You don't need to be ordered where to go or what to do, as we once did you can do it without our help.

Your being is free, wise and fruitful . Keep this message forever while you build a life full of joy and live this wonderful transition stage. A new paradise on earth is what you are going to create and with it you open a new path of stars that go from earth to heaven and from heaven to earth.

Amen. So be it.

Text channeled by Brenda Hoffman

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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