“In response to the climate of change” by Maryann Rada

  • 2015

The change is already upon you. The reassuring words of scholars cannot do anything to alter the course of destiny. While world events roar in defiance against the inevitable rebirth of planetary existence, the steady pace of change advances anyway without falling apart, unfathomable, unfathomable, shaky voices and bold pronouncements of those who consider themselves administrators. Yes, he is about to turn in the direction of abrupt change and overwhelming despair, but desolation, the desecration of the Earth is not within the range of the lens of destiny. Regardless of the kinetics of change, you are on the path back to the origin where you come from. Your truth is emerging. His humanity is waking up.

It is time for each eye to open in the light of divinity in all things . This is something apart from religion, and yet every way of thinking concerning who you are, what your planet is, and where the arrow of time takes you is leading the moment from now to the future. This time is for you to recognize in each other the answers you seek from within, not to look for them in an outside source, not even in what we say as if it were the absolute truth, apart from anything you consider as your own. true. For the truth is that we are not separated from you except in time and dimension. As they settle in the future, they will also settle into a new reality, from where our eventual meeting will take place.

The game they entered when they first joined the players on Earth has developed by turning from a mission to search and destroy a general melee that leads more precipitously to a reality of annihilation that becomes reality.

Long ago the planetary civilization was very involved in the eventual development of its 'impasse' (dead end). Those who govern today are no different from those who destroyed the buildings of the high benevolent civilizations of a long time ago. Forgotten in history are the peoples of a time in which each individual was involved in the construction of a peaceful culture and welfare for all, and was relegated to legend and myth. Your confines of your memory are not yet able to gather the spirit of that time, and with the lessons learned from a time of remembrance you can claim your heritage as guardians of a new era of light . The magnificent cities and spheres have disappeared, except for a few surviving vestiges, and those who honored them are gone. However, you are here now and it is up to you to remember, stand in the center of your own world and finally put aside the yoke of impotence that had been forged for humanity in the shadows of the past. Free, you can play, you can create again without being hindered the game, which is precisely what we are helping you.

Let us tell you a story about the kind of world you used to know, when your beings were young in this world and did not hold the fire of light lost in your heart as the only place they had to shine. You once had a civilization that shone with the brilliance of your own light and that was carried as a respite is carried within you now.

The light shone in every space that held its people together, and burned the eyes of a way of thinking that had become a monster that loved darkness more than itself. The words were destroyed when this creature became an adult and the light of a world was extinguished as it had been. Does this light still exist? You know that it exists and that it shines without interruption in the fields of the timeless unity from which all reality is born. And it is still invisible, it still peers only, it still grows and seeks to contact those beings of yesteryear who have returned to this playground to remember and claim a place for the light again to reverberate through the living portals of an intelligence Loving, who are you. Again, you are. Again, light makes its way through the network of individual amplifiers, modulates the matrix-space of the Earth's sphere of existence , and envelops a whole world in transformation, burning, but not destroyed. Wait a moment because the spark has settled in the field.

Now they have the opening they have been looking for in the blind wall of oppression that has fallen like a waterfall and overshadowed any attempt to climb to a higher starting point. If they can only reach a sufficiently high point in their trajectory, they can project themselves as a people to a totally new reality. Deprived of what has held you in place, aimed at your own annihilation, you are able to fly freely . They just have to know how to see the opening and how to navigate without problems. Listen and see if your inner ear nods in agreement, on the other side of the conditioned belief.

Before they let go of the promise of a new world to their liking by depositing themselves in their matrix-space, they must relieve their coordinates of the understanding of the frequency paradigm of belief in what "must" happen, if they are to allow miracles . If they are to allow the full flowering of the human creative impulse to happen, there should be no trace of anything preconceived that limits their free expression. Even the highest of beliefs can act as a barrier to the genius of some mind. As easily as you release your breath when you sigh in relief or relax, you can let beliefs fall from your mind and crash with a satisfactory splash to the being at your feet. Free your mind, if you are to free yourself. It is not that they do not believe in anything, but that they release any parameter that conditions what they are believing everything is and what it would be, and with that they would obtain the state of being unlimited.

As it is inside, it is also in the whole of all other things, without separation

Palestine is a place that lives in the world of peace and forgiveness . Syria has never had a rest in its desire to want to help the world to have its inner knowledge. Iran has never wanted to house a demon, and its foundations have a fragrance that elevates the spirit of humanity. Lemuria was part of lost time and lives in the opalescent memory of the eternal whisper of love. Hyperborea has lost its breadth, but the ideal is still alive and awaits the return of healing to interpolate itself in the field of the Earth again as the home for a civilization born in the stars.

Atlantis will never rise as the place it once was when it fell, although the essence has prevailed and its ideal has been sequenced in immortality. There is no more damage that can be caused than the one who has already visited the world. Indigenous people everywhere have in the broken pieces of the past a fragment of the truth that shows the traces of a war on those who wandered from star to star and called the Earth the `` sweet jewel of the Sun of Heaven '' . If you were there in any way, do you remember the sharp light spear that shattered the crystalline dome of Earth's peace? The shattered pieces of that world lie in piles of sand kissed by oceans of tears, and yet the day has not lost hope of bringing the rights that were taken from the hands of the Mother Earth . However, no lost child in the world is truly lost to the reach of the mother's love. And so it is with you now.

When the legions of the Earth manipulators and the peace negotiators come together to decide the fate of living beings breathing the air of freedom, the planet will have had enough of its games and will open in broad its wings to the breath of light. You will have lost the lineage of your previous times, but the mind and heart of the legend live in your villages. Dear people of the Earth, let the day come when the crying turns from sorrow to triumph, when the only shadow that falls on the living view of the Earth is the end of a long night and your memory will Become part of the legend.

Will you remember it?

You will lose the weight of slavery, that's for sure. When you lose the memory of the long eons of time in which humanity has been maintained in a standard of repression, you will have lost the line of a great treasure. Look, the memory of the light will take you to your natural place of power and love will teach you even the forgiveness of the worst sins. But only when the days of torment and pain are seen as a truth, but without allowing them to perish in disintegration and oblivion, will they have the memory of a kingdom that has taught the peoples of the Earth to fight for the truth of who are you, and in this you will find the energy to be fully who you have come to be in this game. Nothing has been sacrificed that cannot be recovered, and there is no trauma without the eventual integration and peace. Know this and never let anger cloud your judgment. The days to come will bring great opportunities to recalibrate your ability to see beyond your limitations of the game Earth, and to see that the playing field lies far beyond what you think is everything. In reality, the All of everything awaits you to be aware!

We leave you now in peace, fully honoring a people on the cusp of memories, for history will witness. Be strong inwardly and allow the world to do what it wants to create the balance it needs to emerge more easily in a more comfortable dimension of being. You have nothing to fear, my dear ones, who have not let go long ago. A new reality awaits you. Meet us there and we will rediscover your true nature.

AUTHOR: Maryann Rada

SEEN AT: https://luminousdimensions.wordpress.com/2015/12/03/in-response-to-the-climate-of-change/

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