“In the new Light” - An initiation of the state of diamond consciousness, by Master Kuthumi and AA Miguel

I AM KUTHUMI and I present myself in the Rays of Love and Wisdom to greet each one of you at this time bringing you the blessings of enlightenment, the blessings of peace, the blessings of hope and the blessing that you are able to integrate a level of perception and alertness of the state of diamond consciousness that is for the greater good of its own evolution and of All That Is.

Greetings loved ones

Greetings Mr. Kuthumi

It is with great joy and with great pleasure within our hearts that we meet with you on this day by holding each one firmly within the Heart of Christ and securely in the Hands of God.

Beloved, beloved brothers and sisters of light, we welcome you back into this magnificent space, a space of love and enlightenment, a space where you must present yourself to claim every aspect of who you truly are. It is in fact during meetings like this that you, the individual being, are guided to take a step forward by extending your arms to with open hands, embracing unlimited abundance and unlimited realization and the understanding that you can also go forward being the loving catalysts that you truly are, and by leaving this place back to your lives to the place you came from or to the situation of family unity, or perhaps back completely to your workplace, make sure you know what you carry within you the divine energy of the spirit and the enlightened state of consciousness wherever you go because it is so safe, that the energy of the fifth dimension works bringing a beloved reality, which will lead each and every one of you to a totally new way of Light.

This year 2008 as you know and have already felt in energetic terms is the year of massive changes and displacements. It is in fact the year in which the state of consciousness of each person on this planet will be challenged and questioned since you have said that this is the year in which men are separated from children, it is not so. This is not done naturally selfishly beloved but in the full understanding of love and compassion because unconditional love and compassion are the first two keys to the 5D recipe, a recipe that if followed, you will follow and embrace full enlightenment. . When fully opened there will be a full and absolute understanding and perception of everything that is not yet clear to you. Because the road ahead is a path of love and this year 2008 presents another opportunity to "clean the closet", to remove all your knowledge books from the shelves and dust them off.

It is yet another opportunity for them to unpack again and for the last time in this life some pending issues that need to be clarified, which are no longer useful to them, so again they are asked as always to face each other in their mirrors, and that as you know we frequently use this analogy of confronting the self with love. Beloved, you are asked to adjust your shoes, you are asked to allow the love, enlightenment and absolute grace that you are to become, you are asked to put aside the tools of conflict, to be aware of what has created part of their discomfort and that they face their belief systems, this is the year in which, if they have not yet faced the challenges within the belief systems of you will.

This is the year in which you will be summoned to your own test, a test that only you will create for the self, so at the very beginning of this year, now that this is the first meeting of this group, they will be asked to expand the levels of their hearts in each and every way so that no matter what they do, beloved brothers and sisters, no matter where they go and with whom they are, that they live consciously and are aware that their experiences assimilate the earth's magnetic energy and that the only way in which this can be fully integrated It is through love.

Please sit correctly, relax, straighten your spine, first visualize a sapphire blue energy and then allow it to transform into a deep cobalt blue as we ask you to release all your tensions and efforts, release each unresolved issue and each unanswered question. Simply lie within the space of your heart as you visualize this magnificent blue energy that surrounds you as you guide us while holding your hand asking you to release any system of Annoying beliefs that have bothered you to the point of driving you crazy, so let go of all this, let all this separate from you as you relax and feel at peace with yourself by welcoming this wonderful presence, back He will speak with you at the end of the message of the Arc Michael Angel. Adonai Pause.

I AM MIGUEL, regards


Dear ones, I extend my energy field on this day through this being by introducing myself from the realms of divine light and enlightenment. I am the Arc Miguel Angel.

There is a need here, a need that you all need to fulfill and that is your need to embrace self-acceptance. There is an energy that unfolds on this planet, not something that does not familiarize them but something with which they feel very familiar and this is the energy that forms the basis of self-acceptance. You see, dear ones, you come here to play a game of hide and seek, and you bring to this game every challenge you can imagine, every challenge that requires you full acceptance Of his own love. Now this is sometimes something very difficult to accept from mankind because many of you, dear ones, do not feel comfortable with your own compliments, is it not? It is not average human. By assuming a life here in the beautiful mother Gaia, dear ones, they have also given themselves the unconscious permission to move forward and dissect every aspect of their thought, therefore of all the thoughts they have ever had. Within each life, within each incarnation you accumulate a collective energy that takes you from one thought to another. Now these thoughts that you think have no meaning if they are simply hanging in the air, but as humans you have the most powerful ability to send electrical impulses as you think and this is what which puts into action the whole of his thoughts. So throughout your life you collect information collectively and thoughts. Then one good day you say yourselves, now I want to go back there, I want to challenge myself one more time and see maybe if this time I can remember everything, and here it is. n.

Perhaps this time the collective energy of your beloved thoughts will allow you to awaken to such an extent that you can fully embrace the truth of being aware by being fully aware at all times.

Beloved souls, we of the Archangelic League of Light envision a collective energy, an energy that is always present to support you and everyone else. In fact, we extend our energy fields to every living essence in this plane of the earth and in all others. We are specifically involved in the ascension program of planet earth at this time and each and every one of us as well as all those who come from the angelic and spiritual star realms all have a single mission that keeps us here infinitely, a shared component that we keeps you specifically connected here, and that is to witness the deployment of one of the great miracles in the history of Creation that is nothing more than the conscious awakening of your planet earth. This falls within the understanding that for the first time in your existence what each of your lives includes, you as a human being will be able to individually and collectively consciously embrace the thoughts you have left behind at the end of each trip to the land. This will be the first time that such a great event will take place on this planet. It is not the first time that this energy has been placed and initiated but listen to my beloved words, it will be the first time that you will succeed at this level. We of the Realms of Light and dimensions of enlightened perception experience that there is no time in which we are not in absolute surprise with every aspect of creation, there is no time when we are not absolutely moved by the impact and the presence of the Light that unfolds and what this energy brings through its impact, observing therefore how it affects this planet in its entirety at all times.

We are amazed at all of Creation, because each inhalation and exhalation is fully part of Creation and we understand this process therefore when we take note of their defeats, sorrows, when we take note of their anguish and sometimes immense pain in which they find themselves we extend them our dear hearts because the love we have for you does not resemble anything that you are truly capable of understanding or bringing to your reality and perception from a human point of view.

Dear ones, you are composed of levels of Light. The energy of light is where you originated from and the essence of Light is where you will return. The time will come dear ones in which every belief system that you have ever had, heard, absorbed, believed and practiced will be challenged and it will be up to you then to step forward embracing what you understand and accept, because that is why try this game on earth, because at the end of the day at the end of this experience like all the others, there is no judgment.

There is a love present here and it moves us from our side of the veil when we observe its jubilation and listen to the great joy within the tones of its voices and read the tremendous joy within the levels of your mind, we are moved with joy that may you go to your own space and be within your own time of love and therefore I beg you, each and every one of you, regardless of what you have experienced so far, to assimilate on this day the understanding of loving the self . There is a love present here like no other presence. What is this love? This is Creation in its essence, this is what this love is. It is the really tangible part of Creation that you are, that is the love you feel here. Respect, dignity and understanding is what opens this love. Once you are able to bring this love to a new level of understanding, the opening of the energy of the sacred heart is inevitable. Then there is another door through which you must enter, this is that of the sacred mind. It is the greatest and most passionate art of all my teachings for humanity to embrace the heart and the sacred mind. Can anyone share their perception of these energies?

R: virtues of the heart

R: higher vibrations

The words sacred and not judgment go hand in hand because when something is sacred dear there can be no judgment against it, or can it? You in your human form, in your total being as a human, each microscopic part of you has a sacred origin and remains in that state, so how can one then take love from the essence of one that is so great, the absolute purity, the most incredible love of the Supreme Creator of all that is and will be, to take that essence from the Exhalation of Creation that allows manifestation in a physical body and then think that it is not sacred, no that cannot be. For this same reason, dear ones, you are sometimes often subjected to the teachings of perfection because only through the understanding of the perfect concept of Creation can you understand that you are already perfection regardless of the pattern of your experiences. When there is an internal part that you feel is not as perfect as you would like it to be, then carefully access the origin of it and pursue this thought to its origin; therefore, it comes from the mind of the lower ego or the longing for the higher mental plans of the sacred mind. If it comes from a low vibration then there are obviously issues that need attention, that you need to release. The insecurity of the controlling part of your mind is the aspect that always “needs to know” that little part of you that never feels good enough, that never feels validated enough, this is the part of the lower thought vibration that always You need an external source so they can feel good. This is not necessary within the sacred mind or heart.

The bestowal of the gift of life dear ones, is the most valuable gift and extension of the Essence of the Creator, of the Exhalation. The truth that means being present in the body within your physical reality and feeling yourself, this is a miracle manifested so incredibly great that only you do not see it as such. Can you pinch, can you feel it?

A: Yes

So you are a living miracle of Creation that breathes and here you are therefore as beautiful as anything on planet earth. You asked to be here at this time and any other time, and this time you specifically asked to return once again, many of you, not all but many, to come here with one last effort to embrace the magnificence of your miracles, the self. You asked to be here to fully understand within the state of living consciousness that you are a spark of Omnipresence that lives within Omnipotence. You asked to experience in full consciousness how you as a living soul are an absolute extension of Creation, as you once again because many of you have come to assume this life with joy and the essence of knowing within your being that it is the last time. You express yourself internally “I know that I have had many opportunities, I understand that I have had many experiences and I know that every time I have said that I can do it but I never fully achieved it, I could never achieve it totally at the end of the experience journey, and therefore this Once again I am asking to come here again, begging again to be able to give my Light again and my love and my service to make this world better. I can't stand here and endure seeing this, and therefore: here they are.

You have had many incarnations in which you voluntarily got involved in being part of the essence that formulates Gaia. In fact, many of you have had more soul incarnations in this part of Creation as part of the energies that sustain Lady Gaia collectively than truly physical incarnations in her body and for that reason many of you feel immensely frustrated during this time to wake up because you have been on the other side of this coin dear ones where you served as part of the collective vibration of Gaia. You have experienced many, many times the total sacredness of the Inhalation-Exhalation of Creation and now many of you are in specific life experiences in which you often feel like living time bombs walking, isn't it?


ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: Dear ones, don't explode yet (laughs).

There is an energy of Love present

To allow the planet to evolve and flourish again, there is a specific formula that is used and put into action to achieve this change. There is a reality of love present here that you can no longer deny and that dear ones is your knowledge of the other or inner side of the earth. It is your understanding of the experience of collective energies known as Gaia and now this time you have established the intention of being here in person and in the awakening of the sacred mind and heart to come and try for one last time to set in motion. the memory of their collective experiences and here they are.

The pain that many feel inside your heart is very well related to you because you were there, there, here. They gave her an aspect of her collective spirit-soul to be Lady Gaia. So whatever happens to her body happens to yours and you carry this cellular memory with you. How do you know what it feels like to be a grain of sand because you know how this feels, right?

A: Yes

How do you know that you know what it feels like to be a leaf in a tree, because you also know this, don't you? How do you know how it feels to be a dying coast along kilometers deep within an ocean that is busy trying to recover life, love and color? Dear, how do you know how it feels to have to nourish your own broken wings, you know it because you have been there, and now the time has come for you to whisper, I remember, because here it is and if being here is Day in this Presence does not help your memory to wake up, I do not know what this is, do you know?

R: No.

Dear ones, you are called to serve on the altar of your own being, of your life. They are called to stand up and be very proud of who they are. You were the ones who said, let me go, I will remember, and you do, because if it were not so, why would you be present to hear these words or feel the need to read these words? neas.

So I am going to ask you on this day dear souls of Lady Gaia, to work with yourself supporting and ennobling each other in every way you can consciously, and in this way set up a chain totally new reality that will have an effect on the state of consciousness of you and all others because that is why you came this time. They truly believe that when the Ascension plan and the energy of Lady Gaia were reacted, it exploded to allow the magnificence of the plan that the Creator would have sent to those who did not unfold. They were interested in the plan for nothing, in addition to not having experienced the love that Gaia is within her superior knowledge? No. You are the ones who are here to do this work, to see its culmination and that is why you are here. They are here because each and every one of you has been specifically chosen according to your ability.

Some believe that the planet is totally overpopulated, this is true to a point, but in reality it is not as bad as most people think because earthlings tend to enjoy reacting, isn't it? So let's say that with the increase in the overpopulation alert during this crucial time in the existence of planet earth in its more than three billion years of being a planet, if you don't Should they play a role, would they be here only for a land vacation? Just entering to see how others save the day here? No, because the moment you entered into the winds of Creation after having undergone great preparation in support of this life you knew your purpose and now you are They are experiencing the reality of their waking choice. Dear ones, you were chosen carefully.

So I beg you this afternoon to do everything you can to raise your self-esteem embraced to the inner god, hugging the inner goddess being your magnificent soul self because your dear earthly self is just a fleeting moment in the pass, jump and sneak through the reality that is an illusion because that is all it is, an illusory game that is played within the rules of free will. The real importance here is really not what you do within the physicist to a large extent, but what you allow to take shape within your spiritual bodies, in other words like you support the awakening of power and grace within your soul through everything you do as a life experience.

The purpose behind this life is that you wake up from the illusion, the illusion that is created again and again as another experience on earth. There is a part of you that understands this, this is the other aspect of the self within the higher realms that knows the truth and feeds this truth to the higher or sacred mind and heart, absolute knowledge.

You are light; you are love in physical expression, that is what you are. They have come to make this world a better place, that's why they came. They have come to embrace their uniqueness, that is what they have come to remember.

There are three essences that give rise to life and you, dear ones, are the combination of the three, you carry within you the aspect of the Spirit, you have within yourself the Magnetism of the Light or the Part Light asses and you are love. This is who you are.

Therefore you feel better when you live in the lightness of being, because when the energies that surround you weigh heavily on you, you feel unable to face your beloved ones. So in finding respect for / for the self, the validation of the magnificence of who you truly are, the understanding that you are Light in manifested form and therefore are the greatest miracle ever known, you need to embrace the fact that the truth it is a variable energy, there is no constant in the truth, as in all Creation the truth is a reality in constant change and that is the truth. The human mind has the most powerful energy. Every thought you think sets in motion a train of thoughts. These thoughts then become chains of thoughts and the chains of thought are combined lit by the intent of your desire and then born in the form manifested by the power of your faith and this you should know, because you are not what They think they are. You are spirit, which is created by a spark that is possible through your essence of birth that is love and light and through the experience of your waking being embraces your enlightened reality. You have become part of one of the greatest teams that have ever met on this plane for eons, who come to stand as ONE within a state of consciousness that awakens differently from anything else this planet has ever experienced. You as soul families said "send us together to serve as ONE memory" and here they are. Remember this truth, dear ones because you know that you cannot do it on your own, you are not supposed to do it on your own, but that also within the same breath you are not supposed to never give up your individual self, because each and every one of you You out here and there, regardless of how similar you think you are, are very different.

Each of you carries a sacred signature (nt signature). This signature can only be given by you and this is physically manifested in you in your fingerprints. Have you noticed that there cannot be two people with similar footprints on this planet? You can think for a minute, dear ones, about the incredible magnificence of this truth, that within each of you here on this plane, the six billion on this planet are not two of you with a fingerprint equal to the other. So let's go back to the signature. Why do you think that as a part of your economic and earthly process you have the right to a signature? They have been asked to use a signature because even from the past days when the ink and the way of writing were different, from the moment they take an object that touches their fingers therefore their unique individual impression on this earth, This object assumes the essence of who you are and marks it as your assertion. This is why it is absolutely impossible for you to copy the signature of the other.

Just as they are capable of imparting their earthly signature through printing, they also have their own sacred signature and are the only one who can activate the levels of thought and spirituality within their own being, which will assist them in their evolution, supporting them in the claim of who they really are. The only time that energy will be able to resonate with you is when it resonates in correspondence with your signature, be it physical, be your sacred signature. You are the Essence of the Creator in manifested form blessed with the reality that you are awakening with respect to that this is an illusion; You have the understanding of how it feels to be a grain of sand, or a leaf of a dying tree. You unconsciously know how the ocean bed feels in its dying process. Feel the pain within the emotional body of the earth when there is no rain for a long time, you also feel the deep pains of the other during times of conflict, because you are truly a multidimensional being coming here in search of yourself, hurrying from the realms of the Upper Light beyond the star system with great joy saying that this time I will be able to achieve it. This time, I know I can remember.

I am Archangel Michael. Goodbye


I AM KUTHUMI, dear ones and return to present you with an activation and initiation that will facilitate your ability to access the refined long-range energy of the Diamond Consciousness State. This will allow you to become one with the self again, please straighten your back, if you are thirsty drink water. Long pause

Dear, dear brothers and sisters of the light, we are now going to transport your state of consciousness to Shambala to the Diamond Temples of Archangel Michael where you will again find his Energy. Pause.

I want you to imagine that you are walking through the most beautiful gardens (pause) to be aware of the magnificence that surrounds you, the trees, the flowers, the colors. In the distance there are two solid golden doors, the entrance to Shambala. Pause. Shambala beloved is a sacred place of the state of consciousness where you are invited to activate a totally new way of understanding the self from a perception of love and wisdom since I Kuthumi facilitated this ray. It is also a place where you can come in your meditations, a beautiful place beyond your images, where peace reigns. It doesn't look like anything they have experienced on this plane. The energy of Shambala for you is held collectively in the ethereal realms over the mountain chain that you know as the Himalayas. So with this knowledge, focus your intention towards the graphic location of this area, since as your visions become clearer, the metaphysical connection will be better. So before you in the distance there are two magnificent massive golden doors of entry to Shambala. Pause.

On each side of these two doors there are two golden dragons perched high, these are Lady Quan Yin's dragons and they are the guardians of this particular door and no one will be able to enter this space unless Quan Yin authorizes it. what is expressed through the presence of these two dragons. So now if it is your desire and will, set your intention because you will be granted permission to enter, therefore to open the doors allowing you to enter this sacred space. Wait patiently for these doors to open and once the permit has been granted, enter and again be still waiting for the doors to close behind you. I will give you a few minutes. Long pause

Now standing inside these magnificent gardens, turn your back on the doors and face the gardens with the beautiful temples of initiation that disappear in the distance. Pause. Now be aware of a very divine energy that manifests to your left, the energy of Archangel Michael. He is to your left by placing his right arm around your shoulder with his right hand holding you tightly at shoulder height, shaking you. He welcomes you to reconnect with his energy field from a different perspective as you bring them closer. Look at it and recognize that you understood every word he shared with you a few minutes ago. Recognize, dear ones, that you will do everything possible to embrace all that he shared with you, all that will allow you to be the magnificent being that you already are and again he embraces you even closer, with a warm and beautiful hug. Pause.

Now Archangel Michael tells them to walk with him, holding them as they venture into the sacred space of Shambala, keeping them very close to his side. When walking they become aware of the increase in the intensity of colors, flowers, trees, small animals, birds and bees around. You are also aware that they pass through various temples of initiation to which you have entered time and for this group specifically during the past three years. If you can remember some of them bring the memory of them to the eye of your mind. Véanlos a la distancia, véanlos a cada lado de ustedes dos mientras caminan reconociendo los diversos templos y por tanto reconociendo los diversos niveles del estado de conciencia que ustedes han alcanzado y que han experimentado. Pausa muy larga.

Asegúrense de saber queridos que ustedes se han ganado cada paso que toman dentro de estos suelos sagrados de Shambala, es un estado de atención que se han ganado, una experiencia que es de ustedes para que la asuman. Pause. Al continuar adentrándose en Shambala pasan por las fuentes masivas de Sirio a su derecho que es otro nivel del estado de conciencia en el que muchos se han iniciado. Pause.

Ante ustedes en la distancia está el templo más magnífico que jamás hayan visto. El templo en su totalidad está cincelado en el cristal de diamante más transparente y perfecto. Pause. A medida que ustedes se acercan con el Arcángel Miguel con mayor intensidad están conscientes de la chispa brillante que se facilita a través del corte multifacético del verdadero diamante, la reflexión del diamante iridiscente madreperla que está viva con brillo y luz. Las profundas energías cristal que fragmentan sus rayos y derraman sobre ustedes color y luz multicolor no se parecen a nada que hayan experimentado antes. Pause.

El Arcángel Miguel les indica que se paren y absorban esta energía por un tiempo mientras él se adentra en el templo, así que visualicen ahora al Arcángel Miguel entrando al Templo Diamante. Pause. Una vez que él llega al corazón interno del Templo el les indica que entren. Pause. Una vez que ustedes lleguen a la entrada verán al Arcángel Miguel de pie dentro del mismo centro del templo, él está parado serenamente mirándoles parados en la entrada, admirando la magnificencia de ustedes mientras él recuerda las palabras de amor que compartió con ustedes. Pause. Entonces él les indica que entren uniéndose a él en el interior. Al entrar dentro de la presencia de este lugar sagrado se hacen conscientes de la verdadera magnificencia interna de este templo, el color iridiscente multifacético de puro diamante como nada que hayan conocido en este plano. El brillo de este templo queridos, excede con mucho cualquier cosa que hayan experimentado en forma diamante o cristal. La brillantez del regalo amado de este templo a ustedes es el regalo del estado de conciencia del creador porque eso es lo que implica el estado de conciencia diamante. Es la verdadera chispa de la Esencia del Creador dentro de la forma. Ahora párense frente al Arcángel Miguel. Pausa larga.

Ahora el Arcángel Miguel da un paso atrás a una distancia de alrededor de 1, 5 metros. El eleva sus manos como si tomara agua de un barril y al unir sus manos se manifiestan en sus manos los diamantes m s brillantes y peque os. El eleva sus manos al nivel de su coraz ny entonces lentamente y suavemente sopla la energ a diamante desde sus manos hasta el coraz n de ustedes. Pause. Ahora absorban toda esta energ a diamante para que llegue hasta el coraz n de ustedes, al coraz nm s elevado, a su coraz n sagrado, hacia la base del cuello hacia la parte trasera del cuello hacia dentro del rea conocida como la m dula oblonga, desde donde esta energ a sale por la parte trasera de la base del cr neo, cruzando sobre la cabeza de ustedes hacia el frente, entrando de nuevo por el frente dentro del coraz n sagrado de ustedes. Pause. Una vez que toda esta energ a se ha acumulado de regreso dentro del coraz n permitan que viaje desde su coraz n hacia el rea solar, el sacro y hacia el chacra base por donde sale a trav s del rea conocida como el escroto formando el lazo del infinito viajando de regreso hacia arriba entrando al coraz n desde el frente. Pause. Este es el primer nivel de la respiraci n del infinito del estado de conciencia diamante del Arc ngel Miguel. Este es un regalo muy especial que se les hace a ustedes ya todos los que son capaces de integrar este nivel del estado de conciencia. Un regalo de la realidad que despierta de todo lo que l ha compartido con ustedes, en este d ay siempre. Pause. Algunos est n familiarizados con esto, otros no. Pausa larga.

El Arc ngel Miguel de nuevo une sus dos manos y de nuevo se manifiesta una porci n de diamantes en ellas, l les mira a ustedes con gran amor admirando el asombro de ustedes a todo lo que est transpirando. Pause. El a n da un paso atr s un poco m s admirando la maravilla que ustedes son, a medida que les regala de nuevo la potencia de su aliente al soplar las part culas del pr ximo nivel del estado de conciencia diamante de nuevo hacia dentro el coraz n de ustedes. Esta vez estas part culas de luz salen por la parte posterior del coraz n formando el lazo del infinito entrando de nuevo al coraz n al mismo nivel que salieron por la parte posterior del coraz n, viajando a trav s del coraz ny entonces sale por la parte delantera del coraz n en el mismo punto por donde entraron inicialmente y de vuelta para completar la energ a del lazo del infinito. Ahora visualicen el flujo continuo de estas part culas diamante que fluyen creando un lazo del infinito de la conexi n de la superconciencia a trav s del coraz n de ustedes. Pausa muy larga. Este regalo muy sagrado se les da ustedes para probarles que est n aqu para recordar para que puedan salir de aqu abriendo sus alas recordando el valor del yo, de manera que abracen la verdad queridos en cada forma concebible en que se les presente a ustedes, de manera que ustedes no salgan de aqu enjuiciando sino m s bien sirviendo con amor con cada paso que den. Pausa muy larga.

Ahora el Arc ngel Miguel les iniciar en el tercer y ltimo nivel del estado de conciencia diamante que concluir este nivel de iniciaci n para ustedes al unir l de nuevo sus manos manifestando los diamantes brillantes dentro de las manos de l, y esta vez l lleva su atenci n de los niveles m s bajos a los m s elevados de los chacras terrenales de ustedes soplando cada vez una peque a parte de estas part culas de luz dentro de cada chacra lo que les permitir queridos, asimilar una nueva energ a de poder y amor, merecimiento y la energ a de pertenencia.

El coloca primero sus manos en el centro base soplando suavemente algunas part culas diamante dentro de esa rea. Pause. Entonces eleva sus manos y sopla una cantidad adicional de part culas diamante dentro del rea sacra. Pause. Entonces se desplaza y coloca part culas diamante del despertar dentro de la regi n solar. Pause. A continuaci n se desplaza y una vez m s enriquece los niveles del coraz n con esta sagrada energ a. Pause. El eleva sus manos soplando estas part culas al nivel del chacra de la garganta de ustedes. Pause. Entonces sigue hacia arriba colocando algunas de estas partículas en el tercer ojo, pausa, y entonces extiende esta energía hacia dentro de la corona, pausa, y entonces sigue hacia arriba al iniciar un nuevo estado de conciencia dentro de los niveles del 8vo chacra. Pausa larga.

Entonces él coloca el resto de las partículas de luz diamante dentro de los chacras de nivel noveno, décimo, decimoprimero y doceavo simultáneamente. Pause. Ahora el hace descender sus manos y toma las manos de ustedes dentro de las suyas y al tocarse las manos de ambos todos los cuerpos de ustedes se avivan en un surtido de luz diamante como nada que hayan experimentado antes. Pause. Visualicen los niveles de la respiración del infinito uno y dos, visualicen las partículas de luz despertando sus niveles de chacras del uno al doce y entonces visualicen todo el campo energético de ustedes refulgiendo a medida que brilla en un surtido de luz diamante, las partículas más exquisitas de color y luz iridiscentes. Pausa larga.

El Arcángel Miguel abre sus brazos y les invita a entrar en su abrazo cálido a medida que les sostiene firmemente con su energía del corazón contra la de ustedes asegurando que toda la magia y milagros que están disponibles infinitamente para ustedes sean suyos por derecho divino a medida que el corazón de él toca al de ustedes, recordándoles de nuevo que ustedes son realmente un pulso de la Luz del Creador y que con cada latido de este pulso que establece el latido del corazón de ustedes, ustedes son un ser divino. También dentro de este abrazo de la mente sagrada de él a la de ustedes él activa dentro de ustedes una conexión sagrada de manera que ustedes también se vean a sí mismos solo en la verdadera magnificencia de quienes ya son. Pause. El les abraza más fuertemente y les susurra el amor incondicional y la devoción de él y como un Ser Arcangélico que les apoya, él siempre vela por ustedes, a la vez que ustedes escuchan estas palabras y sienten las vibraciones de amor inmenso dentro del sagrado corazón de ustedes y ustedes saben cuan bendecidos son. Pausa larga.

El Arcángel Miguel ahora les libera de su abrazo y les invita a salir de esta energía con las palabras “vayamos a vivir”. El les acompaña fuera del templo a medida que ustedes brillan con el estado de conciencia diamante emanando con la vibración más fina de puro amor y verdad. Juntos de nuevo con el brazo de él alrededor de ustedes, ustedes salen del templo y una vez afuera él libera el campo de energía de ustedes quedándose en este lugar. Ahora den vuelta, mírenlo y agradezcan la presencia de él en esta tarde, agradezcan el mensaje de amor que él les trajo de esta manera, y agradezcan la invitación que les hizo al templo más sagrado del estado de conciencia diamante, agradezcan que él personalmente les acompañó para asegurarse que ustedes integraran dentro de ustedes los cimientos necesarios para que ustedes entendieran el amor en la manera infinita, para que experimentaran la primera activación del estado de conciencia diamante dentro de ustedes. Antes de salir él de nuevo se adelanta abrazándoles, recordándoles suavemente al colocar su mano derecha sobre la corona de ustedes que todo lo que él ha compartido con ustedes en este lo ha impartido como un regalo de amor de él a ustedes para enriquecer el viaje de experiencia de ustedes porque él es uno de los Padres de ustedes dentro de este Universo y Galaxia.

Ahora den la vuelta y regresen a través de los templos y al salir de este lugar sagrado queridos, los invitamos a que sonrían y reconozcan la grandeza de ustedes, reclamen su divinidad, reclamen el camino que han transitado, abracen las experiencias que han tenido y que podrán experimentar, independientemente al nivel que estas se presenten a ustedes porque ellas se suman todas formando el paquete de la magnificencia que ustedes son. Cuando lleguen a las puertas, sonrían dando gracias a los dragones por abrirles las puertas y una vez que estas puerta de Quan Yin se abran atravi senlas, den vuelta y agradezcan a los dragones por la entrada y la salida, agradezcan al espacio sagrado de Shambala, agradezcan a Lady Quan Yin por esta experiencia de entrada, agradezcan al Arcángel Miguel por invitarles a ser parte de esta experiencia sagrada y sobre todo agradézcanse a si mismos amados por hacer el esfuerzo de estar aquí dentro de esta presencia en este día.

Tómense su tiempo y cuando estén listos estiren brazos y piernas, flexionen y roten manos y pies, coloquen sus pies firmemente en el suelo, ánclense apropiadamente, digan su nombre en voz alta y les sugerimos que tomen un poco de agua. Pausa muy larga.

Queridos ¿hay alguna pregunta con la que podamos asistirles en esta tarde?


Muy bien entonces. Pause. Al abrazar una forma totalmente nueva de ser al comienzo de este Nuevo Año los inspiramos amados a aprovechar cada oportunidad que tengan porque la vida es para vivirla. Dentro de los cuatro cuerpos inferiores entre otros ustedes tienen muchos asuntos que han portado con ustedes, algunos durante mucho tiempo, al igual que cargaron mucho que les pesaba grandemente sobre sus hombros en oportunidades. Este año es el año de soltar todo eso, queridos en este año a ustedes se les llevará a través de varias etapas de desmantelamiento de cada asunto que alguna vez hayan poseído, de manera que al final de este año una vez que abracemos una energía de Luz totalmente nueva ustedes no tengan ningún peso o carga que les agobie, ustedes serán luz, e iluminados con seguridad. Hay realmente una gran cantidad de liberación que todavía necesita hacerse. Hay realmente una experiencia interminable de vivir la vida en sus propios términos, ¿no es así? Y si ustedes piensan que esto caerá por su propio peso entonces piensen de nuevo porque la vida no va a ningún sitio y tampoco irán ustedes por ahora. En este año ya han experimentado un influjo masivo de la luz más refinada el primero de enero, ¿no es así? Hay alguien presente que no sintiera ese influjo de energía porque si lo hay entonces está en el planeta equivocado (risas). Decididamente. El mensaje que compartió el Arcángel Miguel es un mensaje amados que ustedes vivirán en este año y que enfrentarán en todas sus facetas. Ustedes lo vivirán en cada aspecto del pensamiento que ustedes tengan así que comencemos con el pie derecho hacia delante y no nos atasquemos en bolsones de información inútil sino que mejor formemos maravillosas cadenas de pensamiento que encadenen las frases más valiosas del pensamiento, frases que eventualmente les traerán todo lo que deseen porque solo ustedes pueden crear esto. Solo ustedes. Como compartimos previamente con ustedes nosotros de los reinos angélicos estamos aquí para guiarles y asistirles pero no somos capaces de hacer que suceda por ustedes, es solo a través de ustedes de la brillantez de su mente, a través del reconocimiento de su divinidad abrazando todo esto como parte de ustedes que pueden hacer esto. A través de esto ustedes se convierten en la esperanza, el amor y la fe y al vivirlo consciente o inconscientemente ustedes crean su realidad viviente.

Las respuestas a todo están en lo que hemos compartido con ustedes, no hay conocimiento relevante que necesite ser descubierto para hacerles entender como crean ustedes su realidad terrenal y etérea. El conocimiento está todo aquí dentro de los cofres del tiempo, todo lo que necesitan hacer es desempacarlo y aplicarlo. Que la Luz de Cristo sea con ustedes, que de este día en adelante caminen en esta nueva energía del Año Crístico 2008. Que despierten y sostengan los unos las manos de los otros. Que amen, cuiden y atesoren el uno al otro. Que todo siempre esté bien en su mundo.

Yo Soy Kuthumi, Yo Soy el Chohán de los Rayos Dorados de Amor y Sabiduría. Adonai


Maestro Ascendido Kuthumi y Arcángel Miguel.

Canalizado a través de Chanel Lingenfelder

Trascripción 19 de enero del 2008

Translation: Fara González

Edition: Anita Manasse -

Favor notar que – la información de esta trascripción es gratuita y debe estar a disposición de todos los que se sientan atraídos a ella, no obstante favor de no añadir, cambiar o alterar su contenido en parte alguna.

Si quisieran experimentar ésta o cualquiera de las otras iniciaciones, simplemente aquieten su mente; encuentren un lugar cómodo donde no sean molestados, conéctense con la Energía del Espíritu y establezcan la intención para su recableado a voluntad. Esto les será facilitado automáticamente por parte de su yo superior para su bien mayor.

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