IN THE BEGINNING - Adamus Saint Germain

In the beginning was the heart and the heart pulsed, charged, unified with the potential of all things. That pulse still resides within you today, in every moment, in every moment of beauty because in every moment you are the Beginning, in every moment.

This is a completely different way and indeed a completely normal way to look at the beginning. A mental projection, the mind would say that when there is a beginning, there is a means and there is an end. This is not the case of expansive energy, expansive energy, the reason why energy can expand the way it does it is because it only has a beginning. It always remains in that place, where everything is fresh, it is the reason why the “new” label has been placed only because those who heard the word 'new' did so only from a mental part and said that if something is Again, there must be something old. No, there can't be something old if expansive energy has only a beginning.

The beauty about you, the magnificence of the earth and the field of experience is that every single moment that is predicted, you can imagine that everything is created again, again. Everything that was once was swept, put through the movements, neutralized, cleaned, and presented to you again.

You as creators, like the things you are creating, ask yourself: “What do I want right now? Which is what I want? It is a totally different way of wishing, because I know that I have said before: The question is not that, what do I want but why am I here? Today I say (similar to what my brother has said): I am here to choose. I am here to create. And the concept of wishing does not reflect a return to the Self itself, as you have known the Being at least in the expansive energy, because the concept of wishing ('what do I want') has always been - always - has been adhered to desire, desire that only exists in the physical realm, and that it had no space in the higher realms.

But now they are sitting here with what they call an 'activated akene'. Now you are sitting here not knowing how magnificent you are, because I look at you, and I read your hearts, and I read your minds, and many of you at this time (and those who would hear this later) would say: I do not have an activated akene, because I haven't done something about my routine this morning! (Laughter in the audience). Oh no? You are alive, right? You exist, isn't it?

In the beginning was the heart, and the heartbeat with the pulse for the potential of All Things, and you are still that heart. And while you press, while beating, while expanding and contracting, while incorporating all dimensions within you and becoming all dimensions, and then incorporating all the dimensions within you again, you, my beloved friends, and brothers, and sisters, and children, and parents, all that you are is the akene, it is the heart of All Things. You have noticed the theory, while you are the practice. Its simple existence is practice, see? You are a test of God. You are the proof of everything that has to be tested, forever! So the expansive energy is always sitting in front, and she pushes out this beautiful energy that contains all the potential and all the choice, and returns within itself. Only when it does, it does not move back into what you have previously called 'the little me', 'the little being', but the Being as Kuthumi has just described it. THE OWN BEING!

When I say that the expansive energy goes out and contracts, I do not mean that it becomes something smaller again, but I mean that it merges with the whole dimension. And as I told you yesterday, the dimension is size. As you expand, while increasing in size, at a certain point you arrive at a place where you realize, that you are in a totally new space where once you are very small, but you have not contracted, they see him? And so it is that they see a whole new field within which they can once again expand. You see, this is what happens when you enter your field, as Kuthumi said, in the illusion of separation. Because suddenly there are two observers. Suddenly there are two visions of consciousness and the dimension increases, and you have more space.

This is so interesting (give a minute I will talk about Love), that many, many humans would think that if there is another present then there is less space. When they are in bed and they know how they like to be in bed and stretch and think ahhh, man, here I am in bed, completely open and then the other steps to the bed and think boom ! Oh, there is less room for me now! Oh, oh! No, that is an old way of thinking about humanity

That is what their governments did, to which they do not keep saying that si . They try to convince you, that the more of you there are, the less space there is. He has! You are a dimension of your own and are a focal point of infinite perception. Do you know what this means? Infinite perception looking at itself, reflecting infinity, and make what for a mental mind would be infinite more infinite. With each and every one of the actions they undertake, each and every one, there is more space! I am not talking about the illusion of space now, I am talking about Space ! The illusion of space is that there seems to be a space between this body and you right now. That is the illusion of space, because if they move beyond the illusion of space, then WE are space, then the space between us, which would be the illusion. No, it doesn't matter, because we are space! We are fit! We are time, yes, we are death, and we are separation!

What do they want? You want to regain your power of creation. They want to take back the God they are. And so it was, that many voices, who understood the heart that was beating for a long time (and we are training others; voices with names that I will not mention now), voices that talked about planet Earth for a long time time understood, what more space was entering. They have seen themselves for a long time as teachers. They have seen themselves for a long time as the only ones, who went to change the paradigm. Oh! There is only one, which could change the paradigm, and you are! Only one! Never let the change depend on another! Never ever! Understand, they are the only ones . Understand, that you are the Being in your most expansive way.

And so, as the path was walked for many years, and many of those teachers, who could take a step in the channeling process like the one that is happening right now, that could To organize these events, and these seminars, and these retreats, and write your books, and bring the message, very often you could not expand in the space that all of you are . When I say all of you, I do not mean 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. When I say all of you, I mean All of you . All of you, who call themselves by different names, as much as this body has the name mano and the name pie, but it is the same body. It is the same Being.

Long ago, in June 2008, in the middle of the month, many of these talks were collected, talking about the New Energy in an old way, making it a show, a facade. The problem with this is that you generally don't see yourself. And so, as time came to expand in you, there was fear. The mind said: “Oops, oops, oops; let's stop a minute here. Let's stop a minute! What will we do next? Gossip? What will we do next? This cannot be the end! ”Of course it is not, since expansive energy has only a beginning. That was, what he forgot. That is exactly, what he forgot! Expansive energy can only begin .

It is what humanity has forgotten. That is, why humanity gave itself a past, and of course, if there is a past, there must be a future for the past, to be written in it. So, that is the problem of humanity, that does not begin but continues, see? The heart of All Things does not count its beats, because it is very bad in mathematics! Because the only answer always in inter-dimensional mathematics can be ONE (ONE, in the original in English. ONE can both be ONE and ONE, since in English it is neutral) : 9 x 2 = 1! 3 x 6 = 1! ? 6442 = 1! 1, 1, 1! It is all that it is: 1, do you see it?

And even this is a slightly human concept, because what does One mean? One means Love. There is One Love, which goes beyond conditional and even unconditional love. Unconditional love was good for a while. We tried. But what is it really? Unconditional love is dual - as Kuthumi has also spoken about old and new - it is dual, because unconditional love implies the possibility of conditional love.

A love, anyway, is not about 1 indicate? (incomprehensible word) is a two, it is about the fact that the 1 expands, more like concentric circles like when a stone is thrown into the water. The circles, as they move away from the stone, do not think: “Hey, look, I was just created! That is interesting! Look, there is my creator, there is my creator, he is moving away, moving away, moving away, aaaaah, out there! ”Do you understand? It is not the way you think a concentric circle. The concentric circle is the stone, and an expanded version of itself. And as the stone sinks in the lagoon, on the surface those circles remain for a while, and then go aimlessly at what you would say "non-existent, " and what I and my beloved brother could call "beginning."

Imagine what life would be like - how life can be and how it will be - if it was only the beginning. It took me a while, to understand it, to reach the point. I remember, being alive on Earth, when much of Kuthumi's information was already available. And I used to read it, go through it and think: “See each new person at all times. Mmm! ”So I tried, walking the planet, seeing each new one at all times, not having a clue what I am telling you right now, that there is only beginning, see?

You bring beginning to Earth. They bring the beginning of the experience back to where it belongs, to the Heart of All Things. This channel, beloved friends, and many others, have put in what they call web sites (websites) the video of the beloved Jill, who is a brain scientist who speaks of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, yes? When she goes to the right hemisphere, there is only beginning. This is, my beloved ones, this is Nirvana! They see him? That is the space of the beginning. It is the Garden of Eden; it is the moment of creation, it is Nirvana, it is when they fall in love, when they have an orgasm, when they experience joy in this moment. It is a moment of beginning.

And so my beloved friend Kuthumi asks me: "Do I see the difference in you?" Yes! Yes, because now you are emitting a starting energy. Just recently there was a conversation on Earth (well, there are many conversations on Earth) between this channel and the body sitting there and others. They talked about yearning. What I long for (what you in old energy would translate as "desire", but the desire that comes from the space of the heart) is about. Now, yearning for expansive energy is a piece of blank paper with the potential to draw, beauty, or write and all that stuff.

And that is, what they really are: they are pieces of blank paper, continually filling themselves. The desire to be filled is the reason why you were created in the first place. And for a long time they have looked outside of you, and said: “Ah, I am going to fill myself with this and perhaps with a little of that other; and oh, yes, I will also have some of this ... and also of that from there! ”Do you understand? I want some of that; mmmm ... and in reality they were never filled, never, never, because it was only written in pencil, and it was like those magic blackboards that even when a line was drawn, another, another, and another, even before a figure could be completed, It was beginning to disappear.

Now, the difference between expansive energy and love, a love, and what I just described just now, is like faded, it felt like I had never been there, see? Now, he wo n't feel more like he has never been there, because he never will be, see? That is love, a love. The beating of the heart.

At that meeting, where many teachers met and where they were going to pass the torch, and it didn't happen - I'll tell you why. Because, as stated earlier, there was no reason to pass any torch. And it was explained yesterday to the channel, and he thought: "No, no, no, this does not feel good!" But it is correct. It's okay. What is there to happen? Think about this.

Think of the children. So, they have a child, or someone in their lives they are training, teaching, caring for, and they think they have to pass all these things to them, everything that you have learned, everything that was given to you; they see him? Then, when you die they will inherit everything you had. Poor boy! So, there you go, suddenly you are free, you leave the planet, and they get covered up with all your shit! And all at once, they have a house and must sell it, etc., etc., etc.

Imagine Lemuria, imagine a New Earth that would never be the same, because everything would always begin! It's what scientists have been wrong about day one: They could look back in time - and they can, because with their telescopes they can see back at the moment when the universe was created - and they say: “There was a Big Bang. Pfff! And we are still the result of that Big Bang. ” That's what they say. And the Earth and everything, and the physical laws. Error! There was no Big Bang, there is a Big Bang. There is a Big Bang, continually taking place on Earth; agree? Everything in the universe is continually happening, always expanding, always beginning. And more begins, more focuses of attention appear, and you have more space and see how infinite awareness is really what it is.

Ah, my beloved brothers and sisters, dear human angels, you who have called yourselves "Imzaia" and "Shaumbra" and "Lightworkers" and "Creator" and "Energy Weaver" and many other names, and They said: “I have memories of Lemuria, I have memories of Atlantis. Once I was pharaoh, once I was. ” Being is everything.

We are reaching a new time (and I'm sorry, if I manage to escape a little load, but it's very stimulating for me!) Where we don't have to look at the Now. We can see it All, because Everything where expansive energy really resides. And I ask the channel and those who work with it to start publishing it. There is a totally new way that is happening on Earth. It is not a new way, but an expansive way. It's all about. If we think again about the Big Bang, how can you be sure, what is happening? Simply because you are that moment too! Does it in?

Too often we have tried to bring this through many channels, and they can always say, "You are also God." Yes, great, very cool ... but what is God? God is a moment. God is time. God is space. God is you God is many different things. God is the yellow hat on the head, and God is the head. God is the smile, the laughter that happens over there; they see him? You are also this moment. We are God knowing God, we are the Big Bang that is taking place. Everything is happening now. And that is the power of Everything. As you realize what the Self really is, then you will begin to understand, that the Self is Everything.

And so, with no torch to be passed, with nothing that was ever important except for the beginning - right now - we invite you to what we have lovingly called "the waiting room", where we have been waiting. It has many doors, as well as many accesses to it. The waiting room is God, and it is you coming home to yourself, right here on Earth or wherever you want to do it. They come to the home of Being, and then finally, finally!, allowing the beginning to occur; all good?

So, all we can ask now is not to look back, because there is nothing to see there. And if they do so, they will find a space, as Kuthumi has said, that is completely different from what they expected or what they put in the brain here. That is the beauty of Everything, because there, in that beautiful creation that they have called the "past", the Big Bang is happening too, see? There is no past that is fixed. There is a past that is fluid. There is a future that is fluid, but it is all the same space, because it is all of you.

A love, pushed forward, pushed towards a new beginning to each and every moment with a joy - a joy, creating freedom one, which is the new beginning in itself. In truth, as stated, they don't have to say goodbye to anything, because they are everything.

But I will tell you this: The big difference? You may no longer see these things in the mind. The mind is a wonderful tool. There is so much since it has been said about the mind, but the reason why they had to let go, why they had to come to the place of no choice is because that is the place for the mind; they see him? The mind is not about choice. If the mind chooses -well, then taraaaann! Look around! Look at the Earth! The poor mind, when forced to choose, becomes completely crazy.

Imagine this: that there is a small aspect of yourselves, that all the people here in the living room and sitting here, that they were the mind, and that all of you continually with all your questions will go away: Did I have to do? What would you have to choose; what, what? A Aaaaahhh! The mind is totally crazy, and that is what happens, so it cannot make any more choice. So, please put this in that No Choice space. Put the mind between the beats of the heart, and let consciousness and infinite wisdom be the heartbeat, that is always a new beginning!

Then, as Kuthumi has said, now they will register with the mind and again, again and again, but it will be in ample space, in a total moment, a moment of beauty, then the mind is a wonderful reflector. So the mind is a wonderful friend, but it cannot make choices for you, because the mind cannot choose to start over. But you can.

We talked a lot, even today. We talked a lot, too much. Now we come to a place we have always waited for where we could take humanity, and it is simply the space of the heart, where the One recognizes the One, where the One sees the One, and that is the Being That is creation, it is creativity, it is love, it is joy, it is beauty, innocence, nonsense, freedom. All these things, given in a moment of beginning.

I will close by saying this: Always choose to start over! Always. They have no idea of ​​the magnificence they will create when they choose to start over at each particular moment, because they will make the conscious choice, creators. You will see that a moment ago has been the past, and you will say: I want that again! Is this the new beginning? And the past cannot be repeated again, because very often you looked at the past and copied it just in the near future, as you know. Now they will look at their past energy and expand on it.

The difference is that they are now painters, who do not go to the atelier every day (I must be channeling something in France at this time!) To their spaces and have that white canvas, and they say: Oh, today I'm going to put a little bit of blue here (imitating Kuthumi's voice), and then -perd n (From the public: est everything well!) and the next day they go to their atelier and say: Ah, today I am going to put a little blue here (again with the voice of Kuthumi); then, on the third day they return to the atelier, saying: Ah, today etc. While the blue repeats and repeats and repeats. Now, in the new beginning, it's time to start painting, see? Really. Paint really! Be expansive!

In the near future we will sometimes see back the old concepts that were presented to a world that we will no longer consider real. We have said, that we will create the platform with you, and to do so, we will not look back. Thus, you can come to our space, but we will not go to yours, if you choose, that your space is the old space. We will not be there anymore. They can choose. You are free, but the threshold has been reached, and the waiting room has its 144, 000 angels, and you are part of them.

So, while this is happening, a new beginning is created over and over again, and again in infinity, which is infinite consciousness, by the way, and that is where they will find us. It is nowhere out there, it is here inside (of oneself) . In here Look there to find us. Look there to meet. Look there to find All Things.

Now we are going to (I can't stop!) Talk - not you; We have been talking to you for a long time - we are going to talk to the channels, to all who work with them, and we will allow the Big Bang to happen again. We are going to bring you a completely new (ha ha ha!) Way to allow Earth to publish information, inspiring awareness. We will do that in the next few days. Many things will change, or seem to change - and they won't. I will only be a new beginning. That is what will happen now. We have already inspired conversations that took place in recent days, like everything they have already been taught, everything they have never remembered now reaches the zenith.

Wow! And so we will participate with you. And so we have inspired those who have spoken through them and the others to really create this participation, to really create that oneship (unit?) (Oneship has no translation since it is a word invented by Adamus, maybe he wanted to give it the dignified of "relationship one", by virtue of the text) that they could have together, to really do it in 3D. Thus yesterday, as Kuthumi beautifully called it "the magical forest" - since you walked through that magical forest and saw yourself and erased the old, so now you understand the difference between living space and working space; Do you notice? They are in their living spaces where they are in continuous new beginning, but also challenging to go back to the workspace, since they are ready to go to your lunch. As you leave this room, and move through the streets, do it in celebration! Celebrate the Self! And "poison" each one with his love. Make sure that those who pass close to you, in whose spaces you enter - even though they might think: "Look at that weird!", "Look at that weird!" - although they can't really do it and smile at them, because they will say: “Really, I want to be that weird / weird one too!

They are in an unprecedented, unprecedented time, and this expansion will happen faster than they think. Anyway, choose your moments, when you are about to start the 3D workspace of the old energy of the Earth - choose your moments wisely. Choose your actions wisely. Be the artists who leave there when necessary.

When I get in with the Madonna, for example, I know who is going to watch my concert, that when I leave there, that they will go home celebrating. And sometimes I have to use a little sex and a little bit of sexy movies, but that's not bad at all. Any! Nothing, because even sex - well, let's do the sex thing (laughs)! I will sexually excite you! (More laughter) Even sex is always new. Do not have sex in the way you have always had it. Choose in sex to create a new beginning too, and that is what my creation of Madonna has always been what has been discussed. Always! Whenever I became old, I changed again. Always! Whenever I say, that I will switch to this icon that would always be the same, I re-create it, re-invent, starting over; they see him? And sometimes I have used sex to do it. I had to get people's attention. And then I use spirituality. All at once I was frozen. You only see what your eyes want to see, etc. And now I am re-inventing the creation of that Madonna even again, since I am creating another new beginning, and I will always do that with myself.

I always do this in everything I create (create) . Always walking in a new beginning, which is not entirely new, because there was nothing that came before, and this is the last thing to remember. As you create a new beginning, do not think that you will re-invent the wheel, because the wheel did not exist before the beginning came, okay? That is the space in which they are now to enter.

So, be these inspiring! Ah, that great moment will happen in the next hours and days, as space is invented - not re-invented, but invented, as time is invented, as you are too.

It is indeed with great honor, that I say: I love you! I love them! I love them! You love me, and we all love each other! And that is television business! (laughs)

And so it is.



Adamus Saint Germain

Channeled by Jeshua B. Swanson

June 29, 2008

Mount Shasta, CA

Translation: Anita Manasse and Sergio Hache

Edition: Anita Manasse -

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