The Work to Do (The Six Points of the Tibetan)

  • 2011

The Christ, to whom I serve as a disciple, and the spiritual Hierarchy, of which I am a member, are getting closer to humanity; In the past I have affirmed to encourage you, that the Hierarchy remains; Today I tell you, the Hierarchy is near.

The work to be done in the coming decades is as follows, and I will not extend on it because they have been trained to do it; They know what needs to be done and the responsibility is yours - as will be my infallible help:

1. Prepare men for the reappearance of Christ . This is the first and greatest duty. The most important part of that work is to teach men - on a large scale - to use The Great Invocation to become a world prayer, and to focus on the invoking demand of humanity.

2. Expand the work of Triangles, so that, subjectively and ethically, light and good will can encompass the Earth.

3. Incessantly promote the work of World Goodwill, so that each nation can have its group of men and women dedicated to the establishment of right human relations. The nucleus possess it, they must therefore start the expansion. They have the principle of goodwill present throughout the world; the task will be really heavy, but it is far from impossible.

4. Undertake the constant distribution of my books, which contain much teaching for the New Age. In the last analysis, books are for you the tools of work and the instruments by which you will train your workers. Try to circulate constantly.

5. Strive to make the Wesak Festival - and to extend all plenilunios - a universal Festival, which is recognized as of value to all creeds. In this Festival two divine guides, from East and West, collaborate together and work in the closest spiritual union; the Christ and the Buddha use this Festival every year as a point of inspiration for the work of the next year. Try to do the same. Then, spiritual energies will be exceptionally available.

6. Discover the members of the New Group of World Servers where possible and strengthen your hands. Look for them in all nations and in all expressions of different lines of thought and points of view. Always remember that in doctrine and dogma, and in techniques and methods, they may differ widely from you, but in the love of your fellow men, in practical goodwill and in devotion to the establishment of correct human relationships, they are with you, they are their peers and they can probably teach them a lot.

And now, what will I tell you to finish, my classmates and disciples? I have told you so much in recent years that little remains to be said; they have everything they need to carry on the work and receive the momentum of the Hierarchy, through what I have tried to do.

I can only say that I trust you and I hope your efforts do not diminish. They have dedicated and consecrated and will continue to do so, because the approach of the Hierarchy and the proximity of Christ proved to be growing sources of strength.

May the blessing of Him Whom we all serve be poured out upon you and the disciples everywhere, and may you fully dedicate yourself to helping men move from darkness to light and from death to immortality.


Excerpted from the book “The Externalization of the Hierarchy”, by Alice A. Bailey, p.527 / 8


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