Suicide and the Sacrality of Life

  • 2017
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It is not a pleasant thing to talk about suicide, especially in these times when it is present at very early ages and for increasingly common reasons such as bullying, job loss, lack of money or basic support such as Eat and a place to sleep.

a social and individual problem…

It is true that suicide is a social problem, reflects distortions in the behavior of humanity and lack of consideration regarding all those around us, selfishness and competition have gradually replaced generosity and collaboration that are essential characteristics for a healthy society and humanity.

But what about people who commit suicide? At least the majority of religions or spiritual currents agree that it is a non-conducive and wrong measure although it is permeated by influences external to the individual.

In the Orient, specifically Nepal and Tibet, suicide is conceived as a non-edifying action that has detrimental consequences for those who carry it out beyond the present life, in fact, karmic impressions of attacking ourselves tend to flourish late. or early negatively in this or other lives.

the karma that sustains life ...

It is affirmed that we all count as what is known as “the karma that sustains life”, this is in other words that there are circumstances and conditions for a person to live a short or long life, this depends on the flowering of karma that has been accumulated in current and previous life.

In the same way when the Karma that sustains life dies out, the immediate result is death. Some of us may have a long life, some others may acquire a disease and die at an early age or in an accident… .all is the result of the accumulation of accumulated Karma.

When they refer to the Sacrality of life they affirm that we all have a time and actions to perform, if we commit suicide we are depriving ourselves of purifying or reaping the negative and positive karma accumulated in this previous life or lives.

nothing is permanent

In attempting against ourselves we are missing out on the opportunity to make our life something profitable, of course no one has said that it is easy to do so because there are circumstances that sometimes overwhelm us as individuals and it is at this time that we must apply Some important affirmations such as that nothing is permanent, if something characterizes human existence, is that at all times the conditions and circumstances have the potential to change when? We don't know but fortunate or unfortunately they will eventually.

What should we do if we are in a difficult situation and think about taking our own lives? The most important thing is to understand that everything that happens to us is temporary and has the potential to change, in fact we have the great opportunity to adapt wisely to the situation.

constructive activities

For example, if we lost our job, we will eventually have to generate the conditions to get another job opportunity, maybe we will find it immediately and maybe not. If we do not achieve it in the time that we contemplate, we can allocate that space to constructive activities that make the situation more bearable.

It is also very true that in the face of complicated situations it is not easy to maintain a smile, however, what we do not know is that, when a difficult condition happens we are purifying the accumulated negative karma and in the background it must be a relief that flourishes and eventually disappear ... nothing ... nothing is forever.

This is how instead of feeling victims of the circumstances we can observe ourselves consciously and wisely before them, navigating in an uplifting way to the situations despite the inconveniences. This is like when you surf right-handed in a rough sea with all kinds of waves.

Teachers with a high level of spiritual fulfillment affirm that at the moment in which we face adverse circumstances we are facing the great opportunity to grow inwardly, to put our emotional and spiritual practice to the test ... in a few words that these experiences cannot be go out in another way than totally strengthened.

In ancient times, grandparents used to say that there is no harm that lasts a hundred years ... and it is true because if that were the case it would mean that everything is permanent and that is not how it happens ... change is safe and inevitable.

a functional and flexible mind ...

This is how we must prepare to face life with inner strength, with the clear understanding that just as there is happiness there is also suffering and what we need is not that everything around us is conducive but a functional and flexible mind capable of dealing with everything around us ... being the phoenix that has the potential to be reborn from ashes at all times. Simply because it is.

AUTHOR: Pilar Vázquez, collaborator of the great family of the White Brotherhood

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