The Sun is in Aquarius

(January 20 February 19)

Full Moon: Monday 22 at 14:35
New Moon: start phase Wednesday 04:56

Motto: I am pouring life water for thirsty men

Rays: Fifth Ray
Exoteric Regent: Uranus (7th. Lightning)
Esoteric Regent: J piter (2nd. Lightning)
Hierarchical Regent: Moon (4th Lightning)

The constellation of Aquarius is for our solar system increasingly important as the influence of the Piscean era is lost and the Aquarian era takes hold, because the energy of Aquarius is of a Greater humanitarianism, more spiritual and less polarized, is an energy that helps great discoveries and inventions, and therefore can help us to better understand the energy models that make up the Universe and to all the beings that live in him.

Aquarius is a dual sign and for that reason represents two vibrations, the upper waves represent the upper Aquarian individual, the one whose soul and spirit express themselves through the personality and the lower waves represent the individual who has a soul imprisoned in the personality.
The Aquarian energy is an electric energy (represents electricity), and its strength can help us break our limitations of time, space and matter and thus be able to develop our powers higher psychics, our intuition, and to be able to express knowledge from spiritual perfection, being able to expand consciousness.
In Aquarius, man becomes aware of the beauty of life and the responsibility we each have for the group, whether it is family, spiritual or humanity, helping them with our service to the extent that everyone can. Let us think that the phrase of the Great Invocation Ear the earth to the realms of beauty is the work of Aquarius.
From the 7th to the 20th of February of each year, the sun transits through the constellation of Dhanishtha located in Aquarius and during those 2 weeks we can receive as if it were an energy shower Aquarian also known as The Energy of Synthesis .
Aquarius is the 11 sign of the zodiac and governs the 11 house, the house of ideals and groups, is the 3rd. Air sign, the element of communication and that interrelates us with everything, is also the 4 arm of the fixed cross, where the great effort of the soul culminates, where the disciple has exhausted his Karma and is freed from his personality becoming a Servant Initiate of humanity according to the Divine plan.
- Aquarius is represented by the "waterboy" a man with a pitcher pouring water into an ocean, but this pitcher has no entrance only exit, that is, because the true Aquarian puts everything he has in his jug and keeps it to give it when the need and the service ask for it. The pitcher represents the personality (the human form) that is the vehicle of energy. The Egyptians represented Aquarius as a little man in the shape of a pitcher that had 7 holes (chakras) where Aquarian energy came out, energy that expresses itself as an energy framework through thousands of different forms (all creation).
- The 3 planets that rule the Aquarium deanery are: 1st. Deanery is ruled by Saturn and is currently very active since we are currently living this deanery, Saturn here gives us discipline through tests, (which are our own limitations) and are opportunities for the soul to express itself. In the 2nd deanery we have Mercury that symbolizes the mind illuminated by the light of the soul. In the 3rd. Deanery we have Venus and brings us brotherly love. So when we have passed the tests of Saturn, this opens the passage of the temple and gives us to the higher Venus.
- The Regents of Aquarius are: Uranus that helps us transform the intellect into intuition and Jupiter that helps us to fuse the mind and heart to reach the synthesis


Jupiter is a sacred planet of 2nd Ray: Love-Wisdom, it is the Love that unites everything, the Jupiterian principle has inherent tendency to merge, promotes the balance that maintains the order and functioning of the entire universe, is therefore its synthesizing agent . If this balance were lacking, it would lead to the "apparent absence"

And how is balance maintained? Through the ritual. Jupiter presides over all the rituals. This generates an order, a rhythm and also the Law.

Jupiter's principle is expansion, through the work of Saturn a system is developed, a norm is generated. Jupiter legislates, it is the Judge who establishes the Law and Saturn administers it, it is enforced.

Jupiter is the giver ... from joy, splendor, goodness, justice, abundance, fullness, wealth ... but it is different if we refer to personality or soul, with a good Jupiter we will not lack the necessary materially but spiritually We will have blessings, numerous opportunities, expansions of consciousness, application of knowledge (through ritual, rhythm) that Wisdom will give us to experience Existence.

Money is the energy to maintain order in the world, the economy establishes the social order (status and inequalities). Jupiter is lived on a common level when it reaches maturity and “the fruits” are collected, but it is also a distribution stage in which we can share what we have received with others.

The number 3, the concept of triangle has the Jupiterian essence so the aspect of the trigone is powerful when it includes Jupiter.

Jupiter helps us in the construction of the Upper Bridge or Antahkarana through the power of sound when we pronounce mantrams and when we hear the voice of silence. The impression is from Jupiter, the expression is from Mercury. A sextile or trine between Jupiter and Mercury gives us an opportunity to impregnate ourselves with the Word (at the soul level and is done "by mouth") and to be "inspired." Jupiter governs the audition.

The second initiation is the result of the joint effort of Jupiter, Neptune and Venus, while the fifth initiation is produced by the combined action of Uranus and Jupiter.

“In relation to the lesser duality that exists in every human being, that of the head and heart, that of the mind and love and that of the will and wisdom, Jupiter's job is to develop these two qualities and conduct them to a synthetic interaction.

Leo and Aquarius, through the Sun and Jupiter, relate to the 2nd. Thunderbolt. The development of individual consciousness in world consciousness. Thus man becomes a world servant. ”(Esoteric Astrology Alice A. Bayley)

Jupiter's cycle is twelve years, one year in each sign. Jupiter is an exoteric ruler of Sagittarius and corregent of Pisces, esoteric ruler of Aquarius and is exalted in Cancer.

Master Jupiter is the Avatar of Synthesis that presides over the Age of Aquarius.
The book by the Dhanishtha publishing house is recommended:
JUPITER The Path of Expansion of Dr. Sri K. Parvathi Kumar

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