The Sun will be in Capricorn from December 22 to January 20

(December 22 - January 20)

Full Moon: Exact time 2:15 on Monday, December 24
New Moon: Start time phase: 11:27 of Monday, January 7

Motto: "I am lost in the Supreme Light and I turn my back on that Light"
Rays: 1, 3 and 7
Exoteric Regent: Saturn (3rd Ray)
Esoteric Regent: Saturn (3rd Ray)
Hierarchical Regent: Venus (5th Ray)

Capricorn announces the winter solstice, where the days begin to lengthen and a new cycle begins. It is the route that goes from Capricorn to Cancer considered as the period between twilight and dawn called “The Divine Sacred Arch”, this happens midnight hours from 21 to 22/12 of each year.

It also announces daily the sunrise, the entrance of the light, the hours where more energy can be received. And in our conscience it represents the "birth of Christ", "The birth of the child", "The initiation", "The rebirth", as long as we are prepared for such an event, then our conscience has passed the night, the darkness of the unconsciousness, the tests of Saturn (his regent) have been passed, whose mission is to prepare the aspirant with continuous tests (our own limitations), and only when they have been overcome does he open the doors of the Temple "The Initiation." That is why the birth of the great Master Jesus is in tune with this great ritual of time, and that is why he is called "El Salvador."

This sign in all cultures and civilizations has always been revered, for the energy of the opportunity it offers us, to die in the material and be reborn in the spiritual. Already in Egypt this sign was represented by the God "Annubis" (The God of the Dead) was in charge of weighing the soul to the dead and seeing the amount of matter / subtlety they had. In Greece it was the God "Bread" with horns and legs of a goat that later the templars called him "Baphomet", and the Christians turned him into "Satan", all this symbology expresses the densest aspects of matter that correspond to the lowest vibrations of Saturn, so the main work in Capricorn is the desire to break free from the bonds of the lower bodies to get to acquire the white robe (the body of light).

Capricorn is the opposite of Cancer and both signs constitute the two doors of birth. In Cancer it is the birth to matter, the incarnation in this world and Capricorn is the spiritual birth "Initiation", so what in Cancer is instinct in Capricorn is inspiration that on the right path becomes intuition. Cancer represents the mother, and Capricorn the father.

According to the level of evolution this sign is represented by 3 symbols:
-The goat: It is the man dominated by personal ambition and the desire for material things, his expression is on earth and is governed by Saturn in its most basic vibrations.
The crocodile: its expression is in the water and on the earth. The earth binds with material desires and senses, and water with emotions and our values ​​of life. The job of this level is to control the personality, and the ruler is also Saturn.
The Unicorn: Symbol of the initiate, the horn expresses the uni direction, has decision, determination and will, here the regent is Venus (because when the tests of Saturn have been passed, this gives us to the elevated Venus), it is at this point where the keynote of the sign “I am lost in the supreme light, and to that light I turn my back” is fulfilled because if we stay in the light it can blind us and get lost in the mirages, we must turn our backs to be able to carry it as a reflection to others through service to humanity and thus be able to show the way to its summit, as did M. Jesus, "the Savior."
Capricorn occupies the 10th house the highest point of the letter, just as our high spiritual goals can be. Also the highest point we have reached, that is, a cycle end, because then when we descend we begin another cycle, a new state of consciousness, this is how we must interpret the passage from the old year to the new year governed by this sign. The number 10 is also the number of the balance of perfection, just as dawn the sun's rays carry the balance of matter and spirit, of darkness and light, of masculine and feminine, as such represents the perfect state of Man defined as "Yogi."

All these thoughts and reflections must accompany us in this month of Capricorn.
Happy and conscious entry of the year.


Until the 18th century, Saturn marked the limit of the Solar System and has been considered since ancient times the planet of limitation.

It governs the shape, the skeleton, the concentration and the restriction, this is represented by the rings that surround Saturn, so its expansion is inward, so it inhibits our expression, our expansion.

Saturn structures us, discipline, represents duty, obligation, stabilizes, where it is placed order. Where is Saturn makes us seem inadequate for us to develop confidence in ourselves and thus exceed our limits. Wherever there are obstacles that must be overcome and will lead to real growth, with Saturn we are not given anything, it is the way to do something that remains. Pain and imprisonment are the tools of Saturn. The limits and controls act as protection and as we develop the understanding the limits are extended. We ourselves, our mind builds the walls, what we don't like, the views of the personality is the limitation of Saturn, until we are focused on the Soul we will not be able to see the whole Truth.

We must work with Saturn and not against Saturn, if we see it as frustration it will become negative for us. Saturn is the Master and is only effective if we do our "homework." Saturn always teaches a lesson and if difficult circumstances are not given we would not learn, so it becomes, over time, acquired wealth, what we gain remains, it is ours. What we cannot avoid we have to accept and enjoy if we can. Saturn is the lord of time. We feel delayed because we expect something to happen and it does not arrive ... when there are expectations we have disappointment, disappointment and obstacles, which are the external agent. Accepting is the way to work with Saturn, if we get angry, we get depressed ... besides not solving anything, we lose energy. Time contains solutions to problems. Everything has a time. We have to wait.

Accept what comes to us. Practice the Law of Acceptance every day in the affairs of life.
Saturn is a sacred planet that transmits the energy of the 3rd. Ray of Active Intelligence, is the exoteric and esoteric ruler of Capricorn and the hierarchical ruler of Libra in whose sign he is exalted.

Saturn is the planet of discipleship and opportunity, it is the chisel to build character, integrate personality and lead us to the Higher Self.

“The disciples who are on the path of discipleship are strongly influenced by Mercury and Saturn: One brings enlightenment, the other offers opportunities.

Saturn is the Lord of Karma, who imposes retribution and demands payment of all debts, therefore, condemns us to the struggle for existence, both from the form aspect and from the soul aspect ... Saturn's power ends totally and his work is done when the man (the spiritual man) has freed himself from the karma or the power of the two crosses, the Common and the Fixed. Esoterically Saturn cannot follow man until the Cardinal Cross.

Saturn is the planet of discipleship and opportunity; He is extremely active today, presenting to the world disciple those difficult situations and crises that will demand free choice, precursor discrimination, intelligent response and correct decision, thus producing the destruction of what hinders, without abandoning the true values ​​of which the humanity. The individual disciple has always faced these conditioning and liberating circumstances, and humanity is today in the same situation. (Astrol. Esoteric A. To Bailey).

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