The Sun is in Cancer

(June 21 - July 21)

New Moon: Exact time start phase 08:51 of Wednesday, July 2
Full Moon: Exact time at 9:59 on Friday, July 18
Motto: “I build an illuminated house and I live there”
Rays III and VII
Exoteric Regent: Moon (Ray IV)
Esoteric Regent: Neptune (Ray VI)
Hierarchical Regent: Neptune (Ray VI)

Cancer It is the 2nd cardinal sign and the 1st. Water sign of the zodiac and marks the end of the activity of the fire and the beginning of the activity of the water by means of the air (the gas). Because the change of state of gas to liquid is a chemical produced in the earth by the change of direction in the inclination of the axis. A denser manifestation of this is the condensation of water vapor. As soon as the sun enters Cancer, all the air vapor suddenly condenses in the form of clouds and descends like rain. For this reason, the sign of Cancer is esoterically connected to the "Hyades" or deluge stars, when this condensation occurs, there is an emission of heat (a union of fire, water and air), which is called latent heat, and This heat in the water is used as vital heat, which helps germinate the seeds and stimulate the ovules, (so ovulation and menstruation are indicated by periods of full moon and new moon) whose impregnation is the basis for souls reincarnate again, that's why Cancer is called the door for souls to enter the birth cycle. A group of angels called “Pitris” (Cosmic Devas, of lunar nature), preside over this activity.

The summer solstice signals the change of state through thunder and lightning, producing the birth of water, thus the summer solstice marks the end of summer and the beginning of the rainy season in Ecuador. At this time of solstice the sun seems to recede from its northernmost position and head southward with the effect of moving laterally, which resembles the movement of the crab, for this reason this sign is responsible for crabs and related beings of the Animal kingdom like the turtle.

Cancer as a sign of water, governs the lower mind and the astral body of man and presides over the activity of pulsation, as well as the ebb and flow of the oceans, the magnetic currents of the earth and the moods in man. That is why this sign is important in the practice of “Râja Yôga”, because it helps to purify the lower vehicles of man.

In the mundane plane this sign governs behavior, instinct, impulse, feeling, sensation and mental activity, activities connected with the heart when it is connected to the solar plexus. It also governs psychic levels, mediumnizad (that is why Cancer governs the souls of the dead, who want to descend to earth to communicate with loved ones and also ghosts in the session rooms), and subconscious activity (connection between the mind and the soul, nature and man, mother and son).
Milk and its derivatives are governed by Cancer, while cattle by Taurus, that is why milk and "Gui" (clarified butter), are foods that benefit the disciple, because they purify the body's energy channels and pave the way, Feeding his soul

Silver is governed by this sign and is directly related to the reactive faculty of the mind affecting sensitivity, responsiveness and behavior. This point is well demonstrated in the medicinal properties made by the sages of homeopathy.

The dark green color influences this sign on the mundane level. Green is the color of Saturn, and Cancer receives this color through a reflection of the opposite sign, Capricorn. The disciple has to neutralize the effects of this color on him, gradually transforming it into golden yellow, the color of Sagittarius, then overcomes the obstacles produced by the associations of his past Karma. After this the golden yellow turns into honey color, this happens when the mastery in the buddhic plane is acquired. From here the disciple attracts the blue color to his sign, which is the awareness of the beauty of Taurus that rounds the angularities of his nature of love, finally the color of the rose in the center of the heart (true symbol of the Rosicrucians, the symbol of the rose and the cross), is when consciousness finds its expression at the level of the soul through the center of the heart.

The numerical power of this sign is 2, the number of the reflection, the primordial matter that reflects the 1 "The Purusha", the manifestation, the nature of the man who expresses it through his behavior, so the behavior belongs to Cancer.

Excerpts from the book "Spiritual Astrology."
Ekkirala Krishnamacharya. Dhanishtha Editorial
"The White dove"

In this work, Hercules is asked "to capture the dove and put it back in the temple of Mr." He went to work and on the way he found the moonlight, or beings that have mental clarity. He also met a daughter of the Solar God (The Solar Angel), and both said: "That white dove belongs to me." This happens when wisdom begins to awaken in us. Does it belong to the mind, or to the light of the soul? Thus Hercules found that before him, the light of the soul and the mind, began to fight for the dove (the upper mind "sunlight" and the lower mind "lunar light") argued for attributing wisdom. Hercules told them: what do you do? (Everywhere we find two aspects that fight each other, it is part of the creation, the aspects that apparently must oppose each other). At the same time he heard a voice that said: "Hercules, my son, the dove does not belong to either of us, it belongs to me." It was the Solar God, who said this. If there is no Solar God, there can be no sunlight and less lunar (because they are only a reflection).

Wisdom is an inseparable aspect of the Solar Angel. It is the light of the soul and the lower states of consciousness cannot be attributed to it, since they live based on it. The concept of ownership is very pronounced in Cancer, because the reflective principle produces the mirage. It is reflected and seems to be ours. Wisdom does not belong to anyone, that is how high beings understand it, they were only recipients of it and never put their names.

To overcome the conditioning of Cancer 1 we have to understand that everything is reflected as if it were ours, but that nothing is ours, we are allowed to be with it, but that does not mean that it is ours
We say: my house, my children, my family, my intuition, my body etc. and we try to possess it as if it were something different from us. The instinct of possession is very old, we like to possess as much as possible, without knowing that everything we own, owns us, and the more we own the more we suffer from an investment and develop backwards. This comes to us since the time of the Atlanteans, and possession is a mirage of creation, it is to cling to the umbilical cord. And the umbilical cord both symbolically and astrologically represents Cancer.

When we are in wisdom it makes us see that everything is in us, there is nothing outside of us, we just have to overcome the concept of the m, because everything belongs to He and nothing belongs to us, not even the body, this lends us to experience existence and work with him, even thoughts are not ours, but come to us by affinity.

Hercules understood that the job was not to run behind the dove and that if he widened his conscience he could include it and carry it in his heart (this expansion of consciousness, symbol It is only understood as releasing the arrow that Apollo had given him). Hercules fires the arrow that reached the dove, and gently shook it against his heart. (Remember that the arrow represents the individual soul, and to shoot the arrow with the bow is to free the individual soul by the pronunciation of the Sacred Word).

Thus Hercules resorted to the pronouncement of the Holy Word to broaden his conscience, and in doing so he found the dove of wisdom that opens the heart (the door of entrance to the subjective world) and reaches the head (the gateway of the objective world). Hercules was humble enough to carry her with tenderness in his heart without being raised in his head (because if we let him rise, it makes us hard to understand), and if we carry it in his heart n, it makes us imperturbable, tender and humble and so we can put it at the feet of Mr. In the temple. (We should do this with everything we are given).

The white dove not only indicates wisdom, but also the vital principle, the principle of pulsation.
Cancer presides over pulsation, governs circulation and breathing, which are manifestations of pulsation. Thus the return of the white dove to the Temple also indicates restoring the pulsation to its natural state, and carrying the dove tenderly in the heart indicates contemplating the pulsating principle in the center of the heart

Cancer is also the portal for souls to fall into matter through reflection, while their opposite Capricorn is the portal for souls to rise from matter. The dove that flies in the objective world is the soul that moves through personality and individuality, its return to the temple, represents the withdrawal of activity to go to the subjective, is to return the son of man to his state original.
Notes from the seminar held in Engelberg by Master KP Kumar in May 1994.
H rcules the man and the symbol . Dr. KP Kumar Editorial Dhanishtha

Cancer 8th. descending phase, 6-25-08.

The Moon sends the energies where it passes, to our mind that receives them and reflects as in a mirror in our behavior, we develop our sense of observation for others, all creation, and for ourselves. Now the energy from the equinox is to meterialize from the spiritual world.

It is strongly recommended to distinguish the shade of green when working with color, to maintain the path of the equinoxes and avoid or cancel the planetary path, if we want to keep free and out of the cycles of births and deaths, caused by the use of the tone of green leaf that is in the vegetable kingdom, this green corresponds and is attributed with deep truth to the sign of Cancer that is the sign of return to the earth, this green also belongs to the planet Saturn the lord of Capricorn that is the door of exit from the earth through death, to look for higher planes. Cancer green has effects contrary to healing.

Wednesday 25, the Moon (our mind), in the energy of Pisces, 8th. descending phase at 18:39 in America, Luna here our mind is put in good disposition to attend the spiritual groups, or the religious meetings, Pisces belongs to the Neptune Planet that governs the altered states of reality, brings us states of prayer and Meditation, induces us to states like trance to escape the hardness of this, the so-called reality and we are susceptible to emotional jumps.

The Moon (our mind), enters the energy of Aries at 20:49 in America,

Aries is ruled by Mars here our minds become highly enthusiastic, it is a period of ambitions and energetic activity, moments to start projects and realize desires, more based on impulses than on reason, with temperamental and selfish starts, here we must be careful With the head and accidents, here we also use the work code, passing through the heart, to Libra superior in us to balance the impulses seeking harmony and balance using the internal intellectual part of the Libra air sign, to neutralize the astral currents external full moon and achieve the balance of silence

Thursday 26 with the Moon in Pisces is the 8th. descending phase at 00:39 in Europe, here the Moon enters Aries at 02:49 in Europe,

The same energy of Aries, explained above, on Friday 27

Saturday 28, the Moon enters Taurus, at 00:50 in America and at 06:50 in Europe, it is the 11th descending phase,

Here the energies are very powerful to settle the matter so that it remains unchanging, (thoughts are matter), and possessiveness is exalted, with a feeling of protecting and keeping what is possessed, here we use the key and through the heart and love we fill of blessings that surrounds us, moving on to the energy of the upper Scorpio and rise like an eagle seeking the contact of the Soul as in a small Wesak festival, leaving behind the attachments and possessiveness for love of our beloved presence with deep and reverent adoration in this period, with ceremonies of sounds with chants, (to activate the throat chakra) fire and water, to raise the lower energies of Scorpio in us.

The same on Sunday 29.

Monday 30, the Moon enters Gemini at 02:03 in America and 08:03 in Europe,

The same on Tuesday July 1st. With Mercury direct in Geminis, communications improve, including telephone calls, when one has not been able to communicate with someone, they become less confusing, and less delayed, missing things are found, short trips improve, we can get a little more punctual, and we can get up easier in the morning.

Wednesday 2, New Moon Phase begins at 00:51 in America and 06:51 in Europe, good for rituals, the Moon enters Cancer at 01:53 in America and 07:53 in Europe, This is the Regent house of the Moon, sensitive, negative polarity, introverted feminine, emotional, is the mother that feeds and takes care of the house and the family, our mind becomes maternal, to take care of the double house, vehicle of the soul to turn it into a star of light and the physical body, with the different organs that are the family, is not ours, belongs to the elements and to nature, working with love and the energy of Capricorn of responsibility, order and conscience that has been lent us for a time, to do the work of light, and sevice to enrich the permeating atom of our soul, to be able to help other beings of double nature.

New Moon Peak for America is at 20:18, a minute later the 1st begins. ascending phase

Thursday 3, peak of the Moon in Europe at 02:18, one minute later the 1st begins. ascending phase

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