The next step in the evolution of consciousness

  • 2019

This time we offer you the following message from the Arcturian Council, channeled by Daniel Scranton, about the undeniable progress that humanity is making to take the next step in the evolution of consciousness .

It is good to know that so many people are perceiving the changes and that despite everything, they have not lost hope of reaching a better world. And even more: they are helping others to make this possible.

The Arcturian Council warns of the next step in the evolution of consciousness. Source: Pixabay

"Regards. We are the Arcturian Council and as always, we feel very comfortable connecting with all of you.

We are very excited about the progress we have been observing in humanity, and also by knowing which of the many different timelines that you have in front of you, will finally be the chosen one.

Moments of decisive changes are approaching the evolution of humanity

It is an exciting time to be a human being living on Earth, due to the tremendous jumps that still lie ahead. And we are also very interested in knowing exactly how they are going to make this huge leap in their evolution.

We know that you are feeling and observing subtle changes, the same ones that we also detect, and we assume that many of you are waiting for something really great that is about to happen, something that will drive you to the next level of your consciousness evolution.

We suspect that very soon everyone will find themselves living in a very different world, as soon as within a year, starting today. And we believe that this forward movement and whose scope is so great, comes from the fact that all of you are working as individuals, to make the necessary space for all your human companions.

Lightworkers do everything necessary to make these changes happen.

It would have been very easy for those who are awake to have raised their hands and say, " There is no hope for my species ."

But they haven't.

They may have their moments of doubt and fear, but they all continue to maintain space for the collective, and we see that this choice has the greatest impact.

The work you do with yourselves is, of course, very important, but ultimately you will be asked to help others who at this time cannot listen to you or benefit from what they offer.

But times are changing, and you can be sure that the grassroots movement of the world's light workers is having that gigantic effect that we can truly feel.

Now, when they are in the dark at home, in a room and doing all the work they have to do, it is difficult to see how that represents an advance in the evolution of consciousness there on Earth.

The change will happen thanks to the joint effort of all

But if you consider how many human beings are doing exactly the same at that time, and have room for the rest of the collective human consciousness, then you may realize that this is a true group effort.

It is a group effort both in the place where you are, and here where we are, while we continue to connect with other councils, groups, federations and wise beings to determine what humanity needs most .

the energies are being directed to the places where they need most.

We have the determination to do it every day, and we are not alone in it. We suggest that you look around your world every day, and see where you need more love and compassion.

It is there precisely where you will send the energies that are entering and moving through you, because you are the ones who are there to do the biggest difference in the whole human group.

We are the Arcturian Council, and for us it has been a pleasure to have connected with you.

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