The meaning of the great festivals and conclaves Maestro Djwal Khul By Mirtha Verde-Ramo

  • 2011

Saint Germain Activity Foundation

Santiago, Chile, May 15, 2011.

With each new spiritual festival, encounters and key events held in the world, an important and almost palpable energy descends at the central point of the meeting of the energy niche, which mobilizes Great Hosts of Angels, Devas and Beings of Light, substantially propitiating a large influx of Light on Earth.

When the consciences and hearts of the many are added in some high purpose, they allow the passage to this magnificent advanced Light and splendor, which always results in a sublime act. by all the servants of the nico Plan established by the Creator, opening various channels in order to co-create the Spirit of Peace, Love, Understanding and Unity, which form the essential foundation to face these times of transcendent changes and redemptive opportunity.

The Lord Budha Festival is a great example of what we mentioned here, which is celebrated every full moon in the month of May, on the Wesak plateau in India, attracting millions of pilgrims, who begin to move from various points from the country to coincide in the exact day and time of this celebration where the Great Triumvirate of Shamballa, chaired by the imposing Lord of the World, Beloved Lord Budha, unloads his blessings for all human beings.

The students, aspirants and world disciples join in conscience to this transcendent event through meditations, prayers and mantras to follow, step by step, all the ceremonial unfolding of these sacred moments, thus attracting in their bodies of energy the multiple blessings and benefits given by the Great Masters of Wisdom and Love.

Lord Maitreya is present a few minutes before Lord Budha delivers his salutation and blessing to the world, accompanied on this sublime occasion by the blessed Master Kuthumi, who occupies the office of Christ for this Earth, shining with his light aegis able to eclipse this physical sun.

Days before the date indicated, thousands of Angelic and Devic Hosts prepare the etheric reservoir related to the Wesak Plateau, attracting in enormous proportions each of the attributes of the Seven Rays of God to deposit them in the chalice that forms this plateau.

The same air is scented and exalted by each of the Silent Guardians of each region of India, meeting at the same time for that important moment.

Deploying its supreme virtues to the fullest, each Being of Light brings the best to receive the illustrious and powerful visitors! They know that only once a year They will come, as they have been doing for a long time and they will sustain it until the Ascension is definitely achieved by all this planetary evolution!

I now give you a new World Mantra to add to the mantra of "The Great Invocation", which will further reinforce each word to a greater degree required for the elevation of the new vibration designated for this Age of Aquarius that has already begun to dawn, waking up more and more awareness of Divinity among all.

Bless you in the upper vertex of the triangle,

Djwal Khul


Mantra of Unity and Service

I ask the forces of light

May they summon in the name of the One Power that creates all life forms!

The Light of the triune aspect,

However One and Almighty!

For the Will to Good to prevail,

Wisdom prime and Reine

and Love restore the Christ

in every human being!

In this sacred hour,

Let the Essential Unit extend its mantle

and Peace flourish in each one

and the kingdoms of light descend,

attracting the ancestral legacy

of the only Master Plan to follow!

Serving others I attract the Christ,

Your entire body of perfect light!




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