The path of probation, by Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul

Preparation for Initiation. The path of probation precedes the path of initiation or holiness, and indicates that stage in the life of man when he definitely puts himself on the side of the forces of evolution, working at the same time in the construction of his own character. Then he controls himself, cultivates the qualities he lacks and tries to control his personality eagerly. He builds his causal body with deliberate purpose, filling the gaps that may exist and trying to make it a suitable receptacle for the Christ principle. The analogy between the prenatal period of the human being and the development of the inner spirit, is extremely interesting, and could be considered as: 1. The moment of conception, which corresponds to that of individualization. 2. The gestation of nine months, which corresponds to the wheel of life. 3. The first initiation, which corresponds to the time of birth. The path of probation corresponds to the last period of gestation, to the formation of the Christ child in the heart.

In the first initiation the child began the pilgrimage on the path, which simply represents the passage from one grade to another. A structure is established for the right to live, right thinking and right behavior. This is called character, and now it must be quickened and internally lived. Thackeray has described this construction process very well in the frequently cited words: “Sow an idea and you will reap an action; Sow an action, reap a habit; Plant a habit and you will harvest character; sow a character and you will reap a destiny. ” The immortal destiny of each and everyone is to reach the consciousness of the higher self and, therefore, that of the Divine Spirit. When the form is prepared and when Solomon's temple has been built in the quarry of personal life, then the Christ life penetrates and the glory of the Lord is projected into His temple. The form becomes vibrant. Here lies the difference between theory and the conversion of that theory into part of oneself. We can have a perfect picture or image, but it lacks life; life can be modeled according to the divine, as far as possible; It may be an excellent copy, but it lacks the internal Christ principle. The germ has been there, but lethargic: Then it is sustained and brought to life, and thus the first initiation is achieved. While man walks the path of probation, he is mainly taught to know himself, to make sure of his weaknesses and to correct them.

At first he learns to work as an invisible assistant, generally staying for several lives in this type of work. Later, and as he progresses, he is given a more select job, he is taught the rudiments of Divine Wisdom and enters the final grades of the Learning Classroom. He is known by a Master and is under the care, for his definitive teaching, of one of that Master's disciples, or of an initiate if he possesses great aptitudes. The first and second degree initiates instruct the accepted disciples and those who are on probation, performing it throughout the world between ten o'clock at night and five in the morning, thus achieving complete continuity of teaching. They meet in the Learning Classroom, and the method is similar to that of the great Universities, classes at certain times, experimental work, exams, and a gradual ascent and progress as the exams pass. A number of egos in the path of probation are in a sector similar to that of secondary schools and others have entered the University. Graduation is obtained when the initiation is received and the initiate enters the Classroom of Wisdom. The advanced egos and those of spiritual tendency, which are not on the path of probation, receive instructions from the disciples and, for their good, sometimes the initiates dictate very extensive classes.

Their work is more rudimentary, although hidden from a worldly point of view, and they learn to be invisible auxiliaries, but they are supervised. These are usually extracted from the advanced egos. Those who are on the path of probation, the most advanced and those who are close to initiation, often collaborate in what might be called departmental work, and form a group of auxiliaries for the Members of the Hierarchy. Teaching methods. Three departments of instruction are responsible for three sectors of human development. First: He is given instruction, aimed at disciplining his life, forming character and developing the microcosm in cosmic lines. Man is taught the meaning of himself; It becomes known as a complex and complete unit, a miniature replica of the external world. By knowing the laws of his own being, he comes to understand the self and to know the fundamental laws of the system.

Second: Instruction is given regarding the macrocosm and its intellectual heritage on the performance of the cosmos is expanded. He is given information about the kingdoms of nature, being taught the laws of those kingdoms and explaining the performance of these laws in all realms and planes. It acquires a deep flow of general knowledge, and when it reaches its own periphery, it is received by those who will lead it to encyclopedic knowledge. When he has reached the goal, he may not know everything he should know about the three worlds, but he has at his disposal the means to know what are the sources of knowledge and the reserves of information. A Teacher can at any time obtain information on any subject, without the slightest difficulty. Third: You are given instruction on what might be called synthesis. Information is only possible as intuition is coordinated. In reality it is the hidden understanding of the law of gravity or attraction (basic law of the second solar system), with all its corollaries. The disciple learns the meaning of hidden cohesion and that of internal unity, which maintains the system as a homogeneous unit. It is generally given most of this instruction after the third initiation, although it has already begun at the beginning of the training.

Teachers and Disciples. Advanced disciples and egos who are on the path of probation are instructed at this particular time, for two main reasons:

1. To test your aptitude in the special work of the future; This work is only known by the Race Guides. Their ability to live in community is tested, with a view to selecting those who are appropriate to enter the colony of the sixth subrace. They are tested in different aspects of the work, many of them now incomprehensible to us, and as time goes by they will become common methods of development. Teachers also test those whose intuition has reached a developmental stage that indicates the beginning of the coordination of the medical vehicle or, more accurately, when they have reached the stage in which they can be perceived, in the aura of the ego, the molecules of the seventh subplane of the basic plane. When this happens, the Masters can confidently continue His instructional work, because they know that some of the facts taught will be understood.

2. A special group of individuals who have incarnated in this critical period of world history is currently being instructed. They have done it all at the same time and all over the world, to carry out the work of linking the two planes, the physical and the astral, by means of the ethereal. The above sentence deserves serious consideration, because it encompasses the work that certain individuals of the new generation came to perform. To link the two planes, people who are polarized in their mental bodies are required (or if not, well developed and balanced), therefore they can work safely and intelligently in this type of task. This, first and foremost, requires people in whose vehicles there is a certain proportion of matter of the atomic sub-plane, so that direct communication between the higher and the higher can be effected. inferior, by means of the atomic cross section of the causal body. It is not easy to explain this clearly, but a study of the diagram in the book Awareness Study by Annie Besant can be useful to clarify some difficult points.

In reflecting on the matter of the Masters and their disciples, we must. recognize two things: First, that nothing is lost in the Hierarchy when the Economy Law is not accepted. All consumption of force by a Teacher or Instructor is subject to a wise forecast and discernment. Just as we do not use university professors to teach beginners, neither do the Masters work individually with men if they have not reached a certain stage of evolution or are prepared to take advantage of them. the instruction. Second, it must be remembered that each of us is recognized for the brightness of his light. This is a hidden fact. The more subtle is the matter of our bodies, the more the inner light will shine. The light is vibration, and by the intensity of the vibration the aptitude of each one is measured. Hence, nothing can impede the progress of man, as long as he tries to purify his vehicles. As the refining process continues, the internal light will shine with increasing clarity, until when the atomic matter predominates? great will be the glory of the inner man.

Consequently, we are all graduated according to the intensity of the light, the degree of vibration, the purity of the tone and the clarity of the color. Therefore, it depends on our graduation who will be our Instructor. The secret residered in the similarity of vibration. It is often said that when the demand is strong enough, the Instructor appears. When we build with proper vibration and get in tune with the right key, nothing can prevent us from discovering the Master. The groups of egos are formed according to:

1. your lightning,

2. your underline,

3. its degree of vibration.

They are also grouped for classification,

  1. in egos, according to the egoic ray,
  2. in personalities, according to the stress that governs the personality.

Everyone is graduated and classified. The Masters have His archives, where, by means of a classification system incomprehensible to us by their magnitude and necessary complication, they keep the cards that are in the care of the Chohan of each ray, because each ray has its own collection.

These tokens divided into sections (refer to incarnate, disembodied and perfected egos) are in turn under the care of junior guardians. The Lords Lipikas, with their numerous groups of auxiliaries, use them more frequently. Many disembodied egos who hope to incarnate, or who have just left the earth, sacrifice their time in heaven to help in this work. These archives are, for the most part, in the lower levels of the mental plane and in the upper levels of the astral plane, because there they can be better used and more easily accessible. Initiates receive direct instructions from the Masters or from some of the great devas or angels. These teachings are generally taught at night, in small classes or, if the occasion warrants, individually in the particular study of the Master.

The above applies to embodied initiates or to those who are in the internal planes. If they are in the causal levels they receive instruction, at any time that is considered advisable, directly from the Master to the ego. Incarnate disciples are instructed in groups, in the Master's ashrama, or in classes, during the night. Apart from these regular meetings, and in order to receive direct teaching for a special reason, the Master can call His study to a disciple for a private interview, or when he wants to see a disciple to encourage, prevent or decide if his initiation it is convenient. Most of the guardianship of a disciple is in the hands of some initiate or advanced disciple, who watches over his younger brother and is responsible, before the Master, for his progress, informing him regularly. Karma is, in large part, the arbiter of this relationship.

Precisely, at present, and due to the great worldwide need, a slightly different method is used. Some Masters who until now did not admit disciples, strongly instruct some of them. The work of the Masters who accept disciples is so great, that they were delegated to others His most promising students, gathering them in small groups for a short period. The experiment of intensifying the teaching and subjecting the disciples, not the initiates, to the frequent and strong vibration of a Master is being carried out. There is a risk in this, but if the experiment gives good results, it will help to greatly help the breed.

This text is a fragment of the book "Human and Solar Initiation", by Master Djwhal Khul or "Tibetan", From here you can download the complete book:

1. Human and Solar Initiation

An Initiation is an expansion of consciousness that leads to enlightenment and revelation. Initiation is experienced by all forms of life, large or small. The work of the Planetary Hierarchy in its many mastery stages is described in this book and fourteen Rules are given through which the neophyte can become an aspirant to the Portal of Initiation.

Djwhal Khul - Human and Solar Initiation

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