The secret of the Flower of the Self. The egoic lotus by Djwhal Khul

The construction of the causal body or manifestation body of the Ego, concerns the work of the solar angels or the true self-conscious Entity, man. The body of the causes is a wrap of mental substance produced at the time of individualization when the two fires make contact. The construction of the causal body is the result of dual energy, the energy of the lower self with its action reflects on the superior unity and the natural energy of the self when it directly impresses the substance of the egoic lotus. It should be remembered here that, however subtle the material is, the egoic lotus is actually a substance that possesses a particular vibration like that of the physical body, only that (due to its tenuity the physical man considers it practically as insubstantial. In fact, as already indicated, it is the result of the dual vibration of the quintuple Dhyanes or Gods in conjunction with the quadruple Quaternary or the Pitris of the lower vehicles.Through the conscious effort of the planetary Logos the Dhyanes and the lower Pitris enter into close relationship This produces (in the third sub-plane of the mental plane) a nupuple vibration or a whorl in the gaseous matter of the plane - cosmic gaseous sub-plane - which, after a certain period of persistence, assumes the shape of a lotus with nine petals. It is closed in the form of a cocoon on the central point or heart of the lotus - that spark of electric fire that by its action or innate vitality, acting s The lotus substance works, attracts enough substance to form three internal petals and protect the central spark, however being of the same substance or essence as the other nine petals. The student must take care not to materialize his concept too much; therefore it would be convenient to consider this issue from other angles and use other terms to express the same idea. For example, the egoic body could be seen in the following four ways: (1)

Like nine vibrations, emanating from a central point, whose pulsations or radiations produce three main vibrations of great force that circulate around the center; The nine vibrations travel a diagonal path until they reach the periphery of the egoic sphere of influence. There they turn around, thus forming the well-known spheroidal shape of the causal body.

Like nine petals of a lotus, radiating from a common center and hiding within itself three central petals, which in turn hide a central fire point. The irradiations that arise from the tip of each petal produce the illusion of a spheroidal shape.

Like nine spokes of a wheel, which converge towards a central axis, which in itself is triple and hides the central energy or dynamo of force-generator of all activity.

Like nine types of energy that produce defined emanations from a triple unit, which in turn leaves a central unit of force.

For our purpose, the second definition will be the most useful in the attempt to imagine the constitution, nature, the method of development and the true evolution of the Ego, acting in the causal body.

In terms of fire, the same truths can be expressed as follows, which should be carefully considered by those studying this treatise:

1. Electric fire ………. Spirit …………… Will aspect ……… The Jewel in the lotus.

2. Solar fire ……………. Awareness ………. Aspect love …………… The nine petals.

3. Friction fire… .. Substance …… ..Appearance activity ……… .. The three permanent atoms.

In electric fire, the Monad is represented in its triple nature and means that kind of manifestation that will be developed at its highest stage in the next solar system.

In solar fire, these solar Pitris in their nuptial formation represent and enable the development of the Monad consciousness, through the Ego in the three worlds of human evolution.

In frictional fire, lunar Pitris are represented by, and constitute, the lower self, personality, or those vehicles through which the Ego in turn acquires experience in the lower planes.

However, within the egoic auric egg the three are one in manifestation, constantly continuing the exchange of energy and vitality. The Spirit uses the Soul or Ego as a vehicle of enlightenment, and the Ego uses the lower Quaternary (2) as a means of expression. Therefore, the evolution of the Spirit can be divided into three stages:

In the first, the lunar Pitris act mainly and prepare the lower bodies to be occupied. The lower vibrations control and "friction fire" heats and nourishes, excluding everything else.

In the second, solar Pitriss predominate gradually, egoic consciousness developing. The bodies are occupied by the Thinker, he controls and gradually submits them to his will and purpose and discards them in a timely manner. The intermediate vibrations control and the solar fire radiates, illuminating in the course of evolution the lower bodies; It gradually increases its heat, and over time it helps to destroy the forms.

In the third the electric fire is revealed and by the intensity of its flame it extinguishes the other fires. The lunar Pitris have fulfilled their mission, the solar Pitris have developed the self-conscious entity, man, and the Monad (having used both) discards them and retracts in itself, but this time with what was acquired during physical existence, in addition of developed love-wisdom.

As we know, the egoic lotus is formed by three rows - each row composed of three petals and all protect the inner cocoon, where the jewel is hidden. We discuss here the evolution, training, vitalization, nutrition and eventual development of the petals. It will be useful for the student, at this stage, to remember that we refer mainly to the development of the second aspect of man, the love-wisdom aspect, considering only in a secondary way the third aspect or activity, which has its energy centers in all three permanent atoms

These three rows of petals are called in esoteric terminology:

  1. The triad of "external knowledge" or the lords of active intelligence.
  2. The triad of the middle row of "love" or the lords of active love.
  3. The internal triad of "sacrifice" or the lords of active will.

The first constitutes the summary of the experience and the development of consciousness achieved, the second the application of that knowledge, in the form of love and service, or the expression of the I and the no - I vibrating reciprocally, and the third, the full expression of knowledge and love dedicated to sacrificing everything, consciously, to carry out the plans of the planetary Logos and to realize His purposes as a group . Each of these three groups of p tata n are guided by the three groups of Agnishvattas and formed with their own substance which, in essence, constitute the triple Ego during its manifestation. Through them flows the force and coherent energy of these mysterious Entities whom (when the human family is considered as a whole) we call:

  1. Buddhas or Activity Lords.
  2. Buddhas or Lord of Compassionate Love.
  3. The Buddhas of Sacrifice, of which the Lord of the World is, for man, the best known exponent.

Through these three groups flows that triple energy that finds its expression on the mental plane and in relation to the human kingdom in the three groups of Agnishvattas or Pitris solar mentioned above. These groups form the substance of the three rows of petals, and each also exerts a special influence on the particular petal that belongs to its special degree of vibration. For clarity, we can classify the different colors so that the student can obtain a better understanding of the conformation of their own causal vehicle and an idea of ​​the different triangular relationships :

I. The external triad of knowledge :

to. read Paint it Knowledge in the physical plane.

Colors: orange, green and violet.

b. 2nd. Paint it ..Love in the physical plane.

Colors: orange, pink and blue.

C. 3rd. Paint it Sacrifice on the physical plane.

Colors: orange, yellow and indigo.

These three petals are organized and vitalized in the Classroom of Ignorance, but they remain closed and only begin to open when the second circle is organized.

II. The intermediate triad of love :

to. read Paint it . Higher knowledge applied through love in the physical and astral planes.

Colors: pink and the original three.

b. 2nd. .. Superior intelligent love on the physical and astral planes.
Colors: pink and the original three.

C. 3rd. Petal ……………. Intelligent loving sacrifice in the physical and astral planes.

Colors: pink and the same originals.

The three petals retain the fundamental orange color, but add the pink in each petal, so that four colors are already visible. These petals are organized and vitalized in the Learning Classroom, but remain closed. The outer row of petals opens simultaneously until it is completely open, revealing the second row; The third remains protected.

III. The internal triad of "sacrifice":

to. 1st petal The Will to sacrifice oneself through knowledge on the mental plane and thus intelligently dominate the triple lower man.

Colors: yellow more orange, green, violet and pink.

b. 2nd. Petal The will to sacrifice oneself through love on the mental plane, in order to serve.

Colors: yellow more orange, violet, pink and blue.

C. 3rd. Petal The high and eternal sacrifice of all that exists.

Colors: yellow, orange, pink, blue and indigo. (3)


Within the lotus envelope there are three atoms that complete the twelve components of the egoic lotus, called mental unity, permanent astral atom and permanent physical atom. The three permanent atoms constitute in themselves centers of force or those aspects of personality that keep the fires of substance or objectivity hidden. In the inherent ability to respond to the higher vibration are hidden spiritual potentialities: from the moment of individualization, until it is discarded during initiation, inner life constantly develops these potentialities and achieves certain defined results using the three permanent atoms. He gradually vivifies and awakens them until, in all three planes, the central life has established an adequate point of contact, capable of originating the necessary vibration in the matter of that plane.

The permanent atoms of each plane have a fourfold purpose with respect to the central or egoic life:

Distribute a certain type of force.

Keep the ability or ability to respond to a given vibration.

Assimilate experience and transmute it into quality. Direct result of the work of the Ray of the Ego by acting on the atom.

Hide the memory of the unit of consciousness. When they vibrate in all their fullness they constitute the raison d'être of the continuity of consciousness of man acting in the causal body. This difference must be carefully established.

When the third Initiation is received, the inner row of petals is opened, and the lotus can be seen in full bloom and in all its beauty. In the fourth Initiation the internal cocoon is opened by the effect of the electric force of the Scepter that attracts the power of the synthetic ray of the solar system itself; This is how the inner jewel is revealed. The work has been done; the energy that resides in the permanent atoms has vitalized all the spirits, while the perfected force of the lotus and the dynamic will of the central spark enter into full and united activity, giving rise to a triple display of vital force that causes the disintegration of the form and the following results:

to. Permanent atoms become radioactive and, therefore, their "border circle" is no longer a barrier to the smaller units that are inside; then the different groups of electronic lives leave and return to the eternal deposit. They form a very high order substance and will produce the forms of those stocks that vehicles will occupy in another cycle.

b. The petals are destroyed by the action of fire, and the multiplicity of devic lives that compose them and provide them with coherence and quality are collected again in the Heart of the Sun by the very high-pitched solar Pitris; in another solar system they will be externalized again.

C. The Life power station returns to its source, escaping from the prison and functioning as an energy center in the cosmic planes of etheric energy.

With the above we have tried to give a general idea of ​​the evolutionary process related to the Ego and its progress, governed by karmic and cyclic laws. If the student meditates on these two laws, it will be evident that both could be summarized in the generic term of the Law of Rhythm. Every manifestation is the result of the effect produced by a certain energy in activity; the use of energy in a certain direction will require a similar consumption in the opposite direction. This, in terms of the Ego and its vital experience, gives rise to three stages:

In the first, the manifested energy acts externally. The I identifies with their bodies. This stage is strictly personal.

In the second one, an attempt is made to readjust according to the law, and the I does not identify fully with its bodies or with itself. He is learning to choose between pairs of opposites. In this period the fight is terrible and disorder predominates, being the battlefield where the readjustment is to be achieved and the laboratory where the disciple generates enough transmuting force that leads him to the other end of the previous stage - that stage where the energy It will manifest inside and not outside.

In the third, the energy of the Ego is centered in the heart of the circle and not in the periphery, dedicating itself there to the group service through the conscious effort of the Ego. The lower nature is replaced by the attraction of what is more superior than the Ego. Then the previous process must be repeated in a higher turn of the spiral and the monadic energy begins to act on the Ego, just as the egoic acted on the personality. The Monad, which has been identified with the Ego (its external manifestation), also begins to seek its own true center "within the Heart"; the results that affect the distribution and conservation of energy can be observed again at the higher levels.

This procedure should be highlighted because it is important that all occultists learn to think in terms of energy and strength, interpreting them as something different from the bodies or instruments used. The mystic has recognized this "force" factor, but has worked only with the positive aspect of it. The occultist (4) must recognize and work with three types of force or energy; Here lies the difference between his work and that of the mystic. The occultist recognizes:

1. The positive force That which energizes.

2. The negative force That which is the receiver of energy; what acts or takes shape under the impact of the positive force.

3. The light or harmonic force That which is produced by the union of both, resulting in radiant energy, being the result of the balance of both.

These three aspects of energy have been termed, as has often been said:

to. Electric fire …………… .. positive energy …… .. Father.

b. Friction fire ………… negative energy …… ..Mother.

C. Solar fire ………………… .. radiant energy …… .. Sun or Son.

Each of these last two aspects are in themselves dual, but the effect constitutes a unified whole in regard to the great Unity in which they manifest.


Through meditation a man can free himself from the illusion of the senses and his vibratory attraction; he finds his own center of positive energy and is consciously able to use it; therefore he realizes that his true Self acts freely and consciously beyond sensory planes; it penetrates into the plans of that major Entity within whose radiative capacity has its place; then you can consciously carry out those plans, as you get to grasp them in the various stages of realization and be aware of the essential unity.


1. Taken from the book Treatise on Cosmic Fire by Djwhal Khul.

2. Carl Jung wrote The Secret of the Golden Flower, in which he poses the four stages of meditation.

3. For the Baha'i Faith the number nine represents that it covers all religions, one of its temples is shaped like a lotus.

4. The scientist Fritjof Capra wrote The Tao of Physics, a book in which quantum mysticism is posed.

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