The Holy Grail of South America, by Master El Morya

  • 2010

The Ascended White Brotherhood has had since the history of the times, certain points focused in some parts of this Earth as large dispensaries and distributors at the same time of high concentrations of Energies, it is as well as the interior of the Andean Cordillera in the place called The valley of the moon have been opening one by one the existing retreats there, to receive the energy transfer of this New Age of Aquarius, coming from the Himalayas, what which is symbolically now known as the Holy Grail of South America.

The last conclaves held at the council of Shamballa, have agreed to invest a greater and continuous flow of the energies of the first and seventh Rays, which primarily have the task of purifying and leading towards the Divine Order, everything that is causing delays, obstacles and resistance to the Powerful entrance of a NEW CYCLE, unique in opportunities and challenges for life all in frank evolution.

This is how each member or Chohan (director) of each of the Seven Rays of God, who directs this activity, have been moving some of their Retreats or forming small replicas of these in order to give preponderant force, and magnetism to the Female Pole of this Earth, which strikes the Lake TITICACA IN BOLIVIA, as well as to deposit each of the qualities and virtues of the Seven Rays following the pattern n of the old gold disc of Mu, to be poured into the Sacred Cup of the Andean Cordillera, as concentrated and qualified fires, who are expanding generously towards all this Blessed Earth.

Formerly in MY retreat in India in the city of Dajeerling, I was one of the hosts, who along with my Beloved Brother, the Loving Kuthumi, received the tireless seekers who came after the "spiritual manna", logically only those received pure-hearted, and those who did not carry sly intentions and which after having overcome some "tricks" that we put on the roads (to assess their persistence and sincerity of their purposes) we accepted or sent them to one of our disciples in training, who They spent a lot of time with us to welcome them and give them some clues in their awakening.

I remember My Blessed Brother Kuthumi, extending His arms lovingly and welcoming them with a kind smile, what I with My already well-known frown limited me to just observing them.

It is not that we have moved our ancestral abodes to these latitudes, they are our permanent residences on this Earth, however we have built small replicas inside the hollows that are in the heights of the Cordillera, in which my Beloved Brother Kuthumi has also transferred his kind of piano-organ and piccolo and that he makes sound at each dawn when the sun rises from the Andean Cordillera, touching at the same time the fibers of each Human Being with the presence of God in each One, while the Sacred sings Mantra OM.OM.OM …… Greeting to creation and to all Life.

It is My Privilege to reveal to you now some fleeting instants in our “New Advanced” and service for all Humanity, as such we are facing new and preponderant challenges to come, the most urgent are the changes at the personal level and the purification in everything sense of the body of Humanity, I mean being aware of each of its limitations imposed by himself and the dynamic and immediate way to overcome all obstacles and mismanagement of the Holy Energy with which God sustains them.

I bless you in every certain step that you take for the overcoming and the development of the WILL WALKED TOWARDS THE GOOD.



(Excerpt from the book “The current work of the Spiritual hierarchy in South America”, by Mirtha Verde-Ramo).

(Activity Saint Germain.

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