The Sacred Heart: its laws and doctrine

  • 2015

"Burn the cosmos of your heart and make miracles happen" Holy Seiya

The heart, the sun of the organism, is the focus of psychic energy.

The physical sun corresponds to the principle of life in the heart center, while "the Heart of the Sun" corresponds to the lotus with twelve petals of the head. This thought is the basis of the "cult of the Sacred Heart", according to the Roman Catholic Creed.

The work of the heart is the sublimation of the "sensory" response recorded in the solar plexus at the beginning of the evolutionary scale. It covers only the group impressions, and on it the condition mentioned in the Bible is founded, when it refers to the greatest Sensitive mankind has ever produced, the Christ. It is said that it was "Man of sorrows, that he knew of sufferings", but this does not imply sorrow or personal suffering. It is simply the awareness of the pain of the world and the weight of suffering under which mankind fights. The reaction of the disciple "is to feel twinned with the suffering of Christ" in the same world conditions. This is the true "broken heart", and it is something very rare to find.

The heart is the focal point of superior sensitivity for all centers that are above the diaphragm, just as the solar plexus is the focal point for centers that are below the diaphragm. The pressing need is to take the heart from the category of ethical abstractions to a scientific driving force.


The heart, destined for the great, also perceives the smallest. It is a mistake to believe that the big does not see the small. The burning heart detects inaudible vibrations. If we understand the sensitivity of the big heart, it means that we are aware of the meaning of the construction of the world.

  • The heart makes contact with all the sensations of the Cosmos.
  • The heart depends on the cosmic beat and reflects it.
  • The heart is an organ of superior action and offering.
  • The heart thinks, the heart affirms, the heart unifies.
  • The heart, as a bonfire of transmutation, warns everyone about the pressure of the spiritual atmosphere.

THE HEART as a hydraulic pump, fuel for the body:

The heart is a self-controlled muscular organ, a suction pump and impeller, formed by two pumps in parallel that work in unison to propel blood to all the organs of the body.

In general, the "broken heart" is literally the center of the dislocated solar plexus, which produces a complete collapse of what is called esoterically "the center of feeling", resulting in the imbalance of the nervous system. Actually, this is because it has not been known to handle the situation as a soul. A traumatic incident stimulates the brain to distribute chemicals that weaken the heart tissue. There is a sudden temporary weakening of the myocardium.

THE HEART as a treasure, effectiveness of the mind:

Effectiveness is the relationship between effectiveness and efficiency, between production and production capacity.

In humans, its effectiveness will be determined by the causes it starts to generate effects and its efficiency by the ability to achieve a certain effect. It can be concluded that a person is effective insofar as he makes good use of his vital energy.

Finance as a monetary exchange corresponds to that vital energy.

The expenses with the use of energy.

Possessions with control of the form.

Losses with the abandonment of matter.

Profits with the acquisition of the spiritual body.

THE HEART as an electric motor, energy for the soul:

The electric motor is a device that transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy by means of the action of the magnetic fields generated in its coils. Direct current or direct current comes from the batteries.

The heart as it expands as a magnetic field creates a shield that protects the physical body of the human being. It is interesting to analyze the explanation made in the children's series by the gentlemen of the zodiac of cosmoenergy: So that an aspirant can achieve the degree of Saint, in addition to mastering the techniques Basics of combat, you must learn to channel the energy of your protective guardian constellation.

The category of Saints is established according to the level of the cosmos they manage to use. Bronze armor protects against attacks that come at a speed equal to that of sound. Silver armor protects against supersonic attacks. Gold armor protects from lightning that comes at the speed of light. Somas are armor worn by the 12 Titans. Adamas are Armor used by Typhoon Giants. The Nahual are armor worn by the Saints of the Sun. Glories (or glorious bodies) are the armor worn by angels. The Kamei are the armor worn by the Olympic Gods.

THE HEART as a frequency modem, communication with the spirit:

Frequency bands are frequency ranges of the radio spectrum assigned to different uses within radiocommunications.

Wi-Fi would certainly not exist if it had not been driven by a visionary engineer who took three segments of the spectrum of industrial, scientific and medical bands and opened them to communications entrepreneurs. These so-called garbage bands, 900 MHz, 2.4 Ghz and 5.8 Ghz, were already assigned to equipment that used radio frequency energy for purposes other than communications, microwave ovens for example.

The heart is a modem when it can convert digital signals into analog (modulation) and vice versa (demodulation), allowing communication between beings through instinctive (telegraph), intellectual (telephone) or intuitive (television) telepathy.

In the imagination we find the motor-projector relationship in terms of consciousness. The heart is the abode of the imagination, otherwise we could not move. The heart starts being analog, becomes digital and finally achieves high definition.

When the signal is analog, the images are recorded on a photosensitive film and will only be revealed by a chemical process. When the signal is digital the images are captured by an electronic sensor, which take advantage of the photoelectric effect to convert the light into an electrical signal, which is digitized and stored in a memory. To achieve high definition it is necessary to stabilize the heart rate.

We can compare human thoughts with pixels which need the light of the crystals to function and also electricity to give it movement.

The amount of light that passes through the crystals that form the thoughts is what will determine the frequency, vibration and the radioelectric effect of the soul, this is due to the vibrational or electrical excitation of the passage of light, causing the images react to the amount of light that passes through them. The differences between the souls will be marked by the amount of pixel points, that is, of thoughts that each one contains. The more pure thoughts a soul possesses, (tiny crystals) the more it will approach to form its spirit. Your expression will be crisp, clear and perfect.

The soul will project a clear and perfect image, a hologram that has been known as our glorious body: An Electronic Being. In summary the images come from ...

Physical (Matter) ………………… Analog Signal ……. Telegraph

Alma (Psiquis) ……………… .. Digital Signal ………… ..Phone

Spirit (Mind) ………… High Definition Signal. Television.

THE HEART as Unified Band, communication with COSMOS.

The dimensions are not places, but frequency bands such as those used by the police, airplanes, commercial radio, etc. They support a certain type of energy, of a much higher frequency; but the idea is the same.

There is a defined frequency band at all these levels, which acts as a unifying medium, as a common frequency, as if it were the public radio channel of the citizen band, with the exception that not only can they speak for it but also They are her. If you equate your consciences with the frequency of this Unicity Band, you will experience a complete unity with all that is. It is also known as the Christ Band and emanates from the Christ level. She throws subharmonics into all the densest planes. The energy on the Christic level is our energy. It is the level at which we exist as Christ Beings, above separation. For the sake of convenience, we often call this function of unity as the Office of Christ and, in the history of the Earth, this function has manifested itself directly in human form, without intermediate levels of the SPIRIT. We have known them as Quetzalcoatl, Hiawatha, Lao-Tzu, Krishna, Buddha and Jesus. They have been direct projections of the Unicity Band and appeared at different points in history to change the course of events, reminding humanity of its uniqueness. The Unicity Band, therefore, is a frequency and its subharmonics follow each other in all planes or dimensions.


All virtues, good intentions and healthy qualities, represent the emergence of certain energies and tendencies and their expression on the physical plane, which are inherent to the soul itself, and are in turn governed by energies and laws of a different nature from those that govern to the personality

Field energy is that received through the heart of man, acting through the different psychological platforms in which man acts and responds to the world. This energy allows the human being to control and modify the environment in which he moves, allows him to control the situations in which he lives, and symbolically speaking, it gives him a place within human society.

The basic statements of a field theory are: a) The conduct must be deduced from a totality of coexisting facts. b) These coexisting facts have the character of a "dynamic field"; the state of each part of the field depends on all the others ”.

The energy fields of a human being, although they are in different frequency bands, can resonate thanks to the chakras. When the heart chakra expands, it encompasses all others. The doctrine of the heart becomes necessary to begin to unify the chakras and receive the influence of the soul.

When a person definitely realizes what is at stake and decisively turns the weight of his influence, desires and mind, in favor of the soul, then he can enter the first degree of spirituality. When the soul is fully focused through it, and all its centers are controlled by that focused type of soul, its personality is transfigured as it has reached the third degree.

The achievement of each of these cosmological levels of thought includes:

  1. Logical curiosity . Persistent attempts to discover new levels of harmonious cosmic relationships. Hunger for harmony and thirst for beauty.
  2. Aesthetic appreciation. Love of beauty and appreciation in constant advance of the artistic touch in all creative manifestations at all levels of reality.
  3. Ethical sensitivity. Through the realization of truth, the appreciation of beauty leads to the sense of the suitability of the eternal truth of those things that border on the recognition of divine truth in the Deity's relations with all beings; and thus even cosmology leads to the search for the values ​​of divine reality - to the consciousness of God. The fusion of the mind with the heart demands to consciously develop certain divine recognitions.

Beauty is the intellectual recognition of harmonious synthesis in time and space of the enormous diversification of phenomenological reality, all of which comes from a pre-existing and eternal singularity.

Goodness is the mental recognition of the relative values ​​of the various levels of divine perfection. The recognition of the truth implies a mind of moral state, a personal mind with the ability to discern between good and evil.

The recognition of true relationships implies a competent mind to discriminate between truth and error.

Sensitivity and beauty: harmony

Cosmology, when studying harmony within the cosmos, takes into account beauty, since supreme beauty, the peak of finite art, is the drama of the unification of the vastness of the cosmic extremes of Creator and creature. The study of beauty has often been limited to the study of the gross artistic efforts of man. Beauty, art, is largely a matter of unifying contrasts. Beauty is the intellectual recognition of harmonious synthesis in time and space of the enormous diversification of phenomenological reality, all of which comes from a pre-existing singularity.

The musical harmony bases its functionality on temperance and temperament, understood as the arrangement of the elements that form a whole, combine them, mix them and dose them in their right proportion.

Solidarity and goodness: mercy

Mercy as a disposition to sympathize with the works and miseries of others, manifests itself in kindness, assistance to the needy, especially in forgiveness and reconciliation. It is more than a feeling of sympathy, it is a practice. Mercy is also a feeling of sorrow or compassion for those who suffer, which drives them to help or relieve them; on certain occasions, it is the virtue that drives to be benevolent in the trial or punishment. Its etymology identifies it with having a heart in solidarity with those in need.

The ability to feel the pain of others implies the fusion of the brain with the heart; of synesthesia with empathy. Synesthesia, as joint assimilation or interference of various types of sensations of different senses in the same perceptual act, implies the association of colors and sounds, in the same frequency. Empathy on the other hand, is the cognitive ability to perceive, in a common context, what another individual can feel. But more intense than empathy is compassion, perception and understanding of the suffering of the other, and the desire to alleviate, reduce or completely eliminate such suffering.

Subjectivity and truth: curiosity

One of the objectives of evolution is that subjective reality be recognized in a timely manner. This can be expressed in several symbolic ways, all containing the same fact of nature:

  • The brightness of internal radiation, The glorious body.
  • The manifestation of the solar angel, the immanent soul.
  • The appearance of the Son of God, The transcendent Christ.
  • The full expression of intuition as the intellect uses.
  • The manifestation of love, The law of attraction.

The seven laws of the soul begin to act upon man and produce a faster spiritual development after he has been subjected to the discipline of a true disciple.

These seven laws form the basis of true psychological understanding; when his influence is better understood, man will come to true knowledge of himself. Then you will be ready to enter the fourth grade.

The higher spiritual laws are reflected in the three lower spiritual laws, and reach the lower consciousness through the Flower of the Self and the Rainbow Bridge.

  1. The Law of Repulsion. Fourth Law

Spiritual will This influence comes through the petals of sacrifice and the subsidiary Law of Sacrifice. First Law

  1. The Law of Group Progress. Fifth Law

Spiritual love. It comes through the love petals of the Flor del Yo and the subsidiary law of the Magnetic Impulse. Second law

  1. The Law of the Broad Response. Sixth Law

Higher spiritual mind, comes through the petals of knowledge and the subsidiary Law of Service. Third Law

The Law of the lower four, the Seventh law, can be summed up in the aphorism Amar, Saber; Dare and Shut up.

Two qualities of the soul, serenity and joy, indicate that the soul, the One, who remains alone, controls or dominates the personality, circumstances and all environmental conditions of life in the third dimension.


  1. The image of the Sacred Heart was revealed to Santa Margarita de Alacoque in 1674.

The Heart of Jesus was hurt by the thorns of human sins, which surrounded and oppressed him.

In 1675 Margarita was worshiping the Blessed Sacrament when Jesus appeared to her and said: “ Look at this Heart that has loved men so much and instead receives from the majority more than ingratitude, for their disrespect, sacrilege and sins . But what hurts me the most is that they work like this to the hearts, which have dedicated themselves to Me in a special way. That is why I ask you, that on the first Friday after the eighth of the Corpus a particular party be celebrated to honor my Heart, communing on that day and repairing the offenses that I have received in the Sacrament of the Altar. I promise you that my heart will pour abundant blessings on those who do this . ”

  1. The Image of the Merciful Jesus was revealed to Santa Faustina in 1931 who described the event in his Diary:

“I was in my room in the afternoon and I realized that Jesus was before me, dressed in white. One hand was raised in a gesture of blessing, and the other rested on his chest. From the chest, through the opening of the tunic, came two great rays of light, one red and the other pale. I contemplated Jesus with fervor and silence; my soul was filled with fear, but also with a joy that cannot be described ”.

After a while, Jesus told me: " Paint an image according to the image you see and write below:" Jesus in You I trust. " I wish this image to be venerated, first in your chapel and then in the entire world.

The image of Jesus was painted by Eugene Kazimirowski in Vilnius in 1934 under the direction of Saint Faustina Kowalska.

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