The fifth kingdom The kingdom of God by Djwal Khul.

For the emerging theory of living systems, the mind is not a thing but a process: it is cognition, the process of knowledge that is identified with the very process of life. Cognition is inextricably linked to creativity: autopoiesis. All living systems are smaller component networks; The plot of life as a whole is a multilevel structure of living systems that nest within others: networks within networks. (one)

(2) A creative act is always the result of the inspiration captured, recognized for what it is, developed by the form aspect, understood and fostered by the brain and heart of man. This is how new things occur. Here I do not mean the instinctive creative act of the physical body. In this way and for having responded to inspiration, the animal kingdom came into existence. First there was the influx of stimulating and inspiring energy; Then came the recognition, on the part of the form, which resulted in the initiation of the activity; Then there was what had not existed until then. Thus appeared a new kingdom of nature.

The same is happening today in the world. There is an influx of spiritual energy that vitalizes, transforms and makes humanity creative. Therefore it is possible to carry out the initiatory work so that a superior and new kingdom appears on earth. But this is due, as before, because triple energy flows in seven ways. The power of these forces resides behind the disturbances of the current moments, but a new kingdom of nature will be created.

All that concerns Humanity now is the need for a constant and conscious response to the evolutionary revelation and the gradual uptake of the Plan, which will allow man to:

1. work consciously and intelligently,

2. understand the relationship that life has with form and quality,

3. Produce that internal transmutation that will bring to manifestation the fifth kingdom of nature, the Kingdom of Souls.

The problem before the Hierarchy is twofold and can be expressed with two questions:

1. How can the consciousness of humanity be expanded so that it develops from the germ of self-consciousness (as it was in individualization), to be brought to full group consciousness and identification, as is the case when receiving the last initiation?

2. How can the ascending energy of the fourth kingdom of nature be put in such a close relationship with the descending energy of the spirit, so that another great expression of the Deity - the group expression - can arise into manifestation through man ?

At present, the consciousness aspect of the Deity continues to perfect the forms of the fourth kingdom of nature through those whose consciousness belongs to the fifth kingdom. This is the task of the Hierarchy of Teachers. This task has been delegated to the New Group of World Servants who, on the physical level, can become the instrument of His will. Through this group, the inner divine qualities of goodwill, peace and love, active in the forms of the fourth kingdom, can be increased and expressed through human beings.

Each kingdom has its keywords. They can be translated, although improperly, as follows:

Kingdom Secret Process Objective

1. Mineral Condensation Transmutation Radiation

2. Vegetable Conformation Transformation Magnetization

3. Animal Concretization Transfusion Experimentation

4. Human Adaptation Transfiguration Translation

5. Egoico Externalization Manifestation (3) Realization

Influences and results.

The fifth ray of concrete knowledge, in relation to human personality.

The second ray of love wisdom, in relation to the human soul.

Through the active work of the two rays, the fourth ray eventually appears in the human being, intuition. The fifth ray is responsible for the development of the intellect. It can be said then that due to the union between positive intuition and negative instinct, the intellect is born, because the human being repeats in himself the great creative process as it occurs in the universe.

  1. The kingdom of souls ……………… Intuition.
  2. The human kingdom …………………… Intellect.
  3. The animal kingdom Instinct.

The innate and inextirpable tendency to mix and synthesize. It is the result of an act of will, caused by the present and innate impulse of God's purpose.

The quality of the hidden vision, It is the superior result of the desire that is intrinsically based on the will to form a Plan and a purpose.

The instinct to formulate a plan. This instinct governs all activity that, in the evolutionary process, is divided into instinctive, intelligent, intuitive or full-purpose activity, and enlightened activity, as far as the human genre is concerned. This instinct is the result of the development of the mind or manas, and the emergence of intelligence. It is the particular quality or instinctive nature, through which humanity expresses the first ray of volitional intention, fostered by desire and transmuted into intelligent activity.

The desire to live a creative life, through the divine power of imagination. This longing, as you can easily see, is closely related to the fourth Harmony Ray, which produces unity and beauty, acquired through conflict. It is the result of the capacity - sometimes adequate and sometimes inadequate - that the internal consciousness possesses to reveal to what extent it controls through the Plan and how it responds to the higher intention.

The analysis factor. This factor will surprise those who suffer the consequence of the abuse of the power to discriminate, analyze and criticize. However, it is a fundamental and divine quality that produces an intelligent participation in the Plan and a skill in action. It is the result of the active work of the children of God, the children of the mind, and also their contribution to the total planetary contribution, as part of the great Plan of the system.

The innate quality that man possesses to idealize. It is based on the success of the Plan itself. Originally said Plan tried to awaken in man the following answers: correct desire, correct vision and correct creative activity, based on the correct interpretation of ideals. It is the result - in a curious way - of the work of a peculiar group of world workers that humanity knows as World Saviors. They are the Founders of those forms by which divine ideas become ideals of the masses, in all spheres of human thought. Every great global driver is necessarily a `` suffering Savior. ''

The interaction of the great dualities is the seventh rule or controlling force, with which the Hierarchy works. Due to the activity generated by this interaction and the results obtained (which always produce a third factor) the manifested world is driven to follow the line of divine Purpose. It is the result of the unification carried out in the physical plane that produces the lower unifications, just as those carried out so far in human consciousness have produced the unification with the soul.

The individual who himself has perceived the vision, relates to that group that, together with him, is aware of that vision, and then relates this "visualizing group" to the kingdom of God, as it exists in the subtle planes, in an effort to externalize it and make the vision a reality at the level of manifestation. This is a process of visualization, activity and precipitation.

Process: externalization. (4)

The first steps related to internal preparation. Although the Masters of Wisdom have all gone through human experience and are simply men who made a relative measure of perfection, there are aspects of physical contact that totally transcended and annulled. Nothing in the three worlds has an affinity with them, except the affinity of life and the urge to love all beings. The recovery of a certain facility to act was considered necessary. For example, the five senses, as far as a Master is concerned, exist and are employed according to need, but the contact established and maintained with advanced disciples and aspirants of the world (through whose intermediary they mainly work) is mostly telepathic; the ear and sight, as you understand its application, are not involved. Printing science, with its increased effectiveness in individual contact through the senses, has replaced the more strictly human method. Except in the case of the Masters who work in the physical plane and in the physical body, the external physical senses are passive; for the majority of the Masters who still use these senses, the use is strictly limited; Their work remains almost totally subjective and the method of telepathic interaction and printing is practically the only means they use to reach their active agents. Therefore, one of the preparatory movements has been the recovery of the old systems of a physical nature.

Another step has been the achievement of a broad culture and understanding of the current civilization, which will become active and control when the proposed project is carried out. They have been told - and said correctly - that the Masters do not care to achieve efficiency in all educational issues - in modern history, for example, in the newest scientific procedures, or in the use of foreign languages. In all His Ashramas there are those who can provide any specific knowledge they may need at any given time, or for any given purpose. The same happens to those who reached the category of Master, but not to the advanced initiates, many of whom, by passing to higher degrees and receiving instruction from a Master, retained their worldly knowledge, in addition to specializing in certain strictly earthly approaches, to worldly affairs. There are adherents, for example, who are authorities in modern financial matters, and these fourth-degree initiates are competently preparing to institute later these new techniques and methods of financial interaction that will replace the disastrous current methods; they will inaugurate a system of bartering and exchange, of which modern money is the misrepresented symbol. This new method of financial relations will be comprehensively human and will replace large finance and private enterprise. However, at the same time, they will retain those phases of the modern enterprise that will be extracted from the initiative and resources of the individual. Other initiates specialized in different languages, two of them are authorities in basic English; This form of the language will opportunely take the place of other languages ​​in all types of international and commercial exchange, without canceling the national languages ​​that countries use daily.

Those who come as Revealers of God's love Arrive from that spiritual center that Christ has called "the Kingdom of God." There dwell the spirits of righteous men, made perfect; there are the spiritual guides of the race, and there the spiritual Executives of God's plans, live, work and supervise human and planetary matters. Many people call this kingdom with different names. It is spoken of as the spiritual Hierarchy, the abode of Light, the center where the Masters of Wisdom reside, the Grand White Lodge. From there come those who act as messengers of the wisdom of God, Custodians of the truth as it is in Christ and in Those Whose task is to save the world, impart the following revelation and demonstrate divinity. All the Scriptures of the world bear witness to the existence of that center of spiritual energy. This spiritual Hierarchy has been constantly approaching humanity as men became more aware of divinity and more apt to establish contact with the divine.

Behind that spiritual center of Love and Light, there is another center, unnamed for the West, but which the East gives it the name of Shamballa. Perhaps the western name is Shangrilha - which is being recognized everywhere and represents a center of happiness and purpose. Shamballa or Shangrilha, is the place where God's Will is focused, and from which His divine purposes are directed. From there the great political movements and the destiny of races and nations, and their progress are decided; in the same way religious movements, cultural developments and spiritual ideas are sent from the hierarchical center of Love and Light. The political and social ideologies and world religions, the Will of God and the Love of God, the Purpose of the divinity and the plans for which purpose is brought to activity, all focus through that center from which each of We are consciously part, Humanity itself. Therefore, there are three great spiritual centers on the planet: Shamballa, the spiritual Hierarchy and Humanity.

Some synonyms can be used to develop your synthetic thinking and bring a definite measure of enlightenment:


Synthesis Unit Separation

Will Purpose Plan

Life Soul Appearance

Spirit Consciousness Substance

Experience Organism Organization

Polarization Focusing Activity Focus

Power Impulse Action

Energy Distribution Forces

Address Transmission Reception

Head Heart Throat

Secret: the manifestation.

There is a secret in each of the five kingdoms of nature, which concerns the relationship that exists between human evolution and the whole, and is revealed to the initiate in each of the five initiations, in which one of the five secrets, and for my part I will try to symbolically interpret their five ancient names or signs:

1. The mineral kingdom The secret of the brightness of light.

2. The vegetable kingdom The secret of the sacred perfume.

3. The animal kingdom The secret of following the trail.

4. The human kingdom The secret of the double path, or the double breath.

5. The kingdom of souls The secret of the golden rose of light.

The symbolic forms that hide these five secrets that are imparted to the intelligence of the initiate are:

1. The mineral secret The white blue diamond.

2. The vegetable secret The bucket of sandalwood in the heart of the lotus.

3. The animal secret The bunch of cypress leaves on a funeral urn.

4. The human secret The twisted golden cord, with seven knots.

5. The egoic secret The closed lotus bud with seven blue rays.

The secret of the fifth kingdom is related to the mystery of electricity, the basis of the manifestation behind all evolution. There is a close link between the power of thought and the electrical phenomenon. The mind is electricity that manifests itself as vitality, magnetism and activity, which we designate as qualities of the psychic nature as will, wisdom and activity. In this way the seven manifestations of the electrical phenomenon appear as mental characteristics as follows:

1. Dynamic electricity as Will or power.

2. The unifying heat as Love or wisdom.

3. The fusion power as an intelligent activity.

4. Harmonizing life as Beauty or art.

5. Illuminating light as concrete Knowledge or Science.

6. Aggressive fire as Idealism.

7. The magic force as Entrepreneurship.

The manifestation of the fourth ray made possible the discovery of the radio, as well as the study of radioactive substances and electronic application, knowledge that revolutionized human life, allowed the use of electric energy for the regulation of daily life, produced new lighting methods and heating at low cost and virtually no initial expense.

Purpose: the realization.

What is symbolically called "the birth of Christ" or second birth, will take place in many lives and a large group of spiritual beings will be born on earth, formed by those who have consciously and within themselves united the two aspects, soul and body, thus consummating the "mystical marriage." This set of individual events will produce an analogous group activity, and we will see the emergence “of the manifested body of Christ” in the physical plane and the appearance of the Hierarchy. This is what is happening now, and what we see today around us in the world are only labor pains that precede the glorious birth.

We are today in the process of this culmination. Hence the difficulty and suffering evident in the life of the true disciple who - having incorporated in himself, symbolically, the two aspects father-mother, spirit-matter, and having nurtured the Christ child during the gestation period - now gives Light to the Christ child in the stable and in the manger of the world. In the entire consummation of this general realization the group will also achieve it and the Christ will appear again on Earth, incarnating this time in the many, and not in a personality. However, each member of the group is a Christ in manifestation; together they present the Christ to the world and constitute a channel for the Christian strength and life.

The Divisions: (5)

In order to classify and compare, we will divide terrestrial humanity into the following groups:

1. Lemurian egos our true Earth Humanity.

2. Egos that appeared in Atlantis.

3. Egos of the lunar chain from the Moon.

4. Egos from other planets.

5. Rare and advanced egos that hope to embody.

Selfish bodies could be grouped, from the evolutionary point of view, as follows:

In the third subplane of the mental plane:

Cocoon Egos Because our planetary scheme is in the middle of its evolution, there are no, strictly speaking, closed "buds". All selfish lotuses have at least one open petal and are organized; but there is a big difference between those that are underdeveloped, which is demonstrated in the brightness of the permanent atoms, and those that are in the stage in which the petals begin to open.

Bráhmicos lotuses, in which the first or the petal of knowledge has been fully opened. They are so called because they represent, in the physical plane, the fully active intelligent entity, the man of little mental development, the lowest type of workers, farmers and peasants of all continents. They are also called "third class creators, " because they express themselves only through physical creation on the physical plane, and their function is rather to provide vehicles to those of their own group.

The Lotos de Brahman, in which the second petal shows signs of opening, and the second aspect, in its lowest manifestation, begins to express itself. These lotuses represent some groups of Egos from certain planetary schemes, especially Jupiter and Venus, which are of a higher category than those already mentioned, but they still have to go a long way; These are called "second-class creators", because although they appear on the physical plane in the act of physical creation, they are nevertheless more influenced by love than by animal instinct like those of the first case. They incarnate today in the East, particularly in India and in Latin countries and lately in North America.

Primal lotuses This is an especially important group that has been influenced by the Lord of the Fifth Ray, therefore it is fundamentally linked to the energy of manas that constitutes a special manifestation in the current system, being the basis of all realization. The first and third petals of the first row are opening, but the middle petal is still closed. The middle row also shows no signs of vitality. Due to the existing conditions on the planet from which they emanated, their development has been unilateral, and that is why they embody in this scheme impelled by a surge of energy in order to “train”, as is commonly said. You can see them in the very selfish scientific intellectual type, largely responsible for the progress of mechanical science, its application to the needs of men and the introduction of certain types of machines; His work is mostly linked to the energy of the mineral kingdom. It follows that the Solar Lords, whom they personify, are linked to a group of lunar Lords that respond magnetically to the devas of the mineral kingdom. The work they do for the race, currently has a deleterious effect, but when the second petal is opened, then the wonders that they will perform in loving service within their specialty, will be one of the factors that will regenerate the fourth kingdom.

Lotuses of passion or desire. They are named that way because their fundamental nature is love personifies in one way or another. The great majority of the Monads of Love belong to this great group, constituting the people of good economic position and benevolent of the world. They are subdivided into five groups, three of them were individualized on this planet, making it in the lunar chain the last two. They have developed two petals, and currently their goal is to develop the third.

When we arrive at the second sub-plane of the mental plane (the plane in which the egoic bodies of advanced humanity, the disciples and the initiates are found) the Egos have also been grouped under the following three headings:

Lotuses of revelation. Those in which the "jewel" is about to be revealed.

Scented lotuses. Those whose "perfume" or hidden aroma penetrates their environment. It is the Egos that have not yet fully opened the last row of petals, but whose lives have magnetic force in the three worlds and their activities are distinguished by altruistic service.

Radiant lotuses Those whose light begins to glow in the dark.

As is well known, the three main monadic types are will or power, love-wisdom and active intelligence. (There are sixty billion human monads.) Therefore the following facts must be remembered:

  1. The egos of active intelligence, individualized in the lunar chain, constituted 75%, and the remaining 25% was divided between the other two.
  2. In the Lemurian era the egos of love-wisdom predominated and in turn constituted 75%, and the remaining 25% were egos of active intelligence. Very few indeed, a practically insignificant number, was individualized in the line of power or will of that period.
  3. There was a large influx of egos that were individualized in the first Atlantean days and belonged practically to the power-will type. It can be said that 80% of those who entered human evolution at that time were egos that expressed the will aspect of the deity, and the remaining 20% ​​belonged to the line of love-wisdom.

All these, together with the egos that were individualized in the lunar chain and that were continuously reaching the final stages of the Atlantean period, as planetary conditions conditioned them, constitute the bulk of modern humanity, in addition to some rare egos that they slip into our planetary evolution for one reason or another and never adapt or fit properly into our planetary life. These remain persistently abnormal.

These souls, which cyclically adopt different life forms in the long evolutionary process, eventually reach a full and self-conscious existence, which means that they are self-determined, self-conditioned and self-conscious. They are also aware of, and respond to their environment. Once this conscious perception is obtained, progress is faster. It must be taken into account that many human beings do not possess such perception. The groups that arise from this perception (keeping our ideas within the radius of the human family) are:

1. The living souls, but their conscience is asleep. These lethargic human beings have a much lower degree of intelligence and the perception of themselves and of life is so faint and hazy that only the lower forms of human existence they enter into this category. In racial, national and tribal form they do not exist as pure types, but occasionally they are born in the low funds of the big cities. They are like a reversal and are never born among savages, natives or peasants.

2. Souls that are simply aware of the physical plane and sensations. These people are slow, inert and inarticulate; the environment brings them confusion, but events do not disturb them as much as the more advanced and emotional types. They have no sense of time or purpose; very rarely they can be mentally prepared and rarely show any capacity. If they are managed, they can do pick, shovel and carry work; they eat, sleep and procreate, following the natural instincts of the animal body. However, they have not yet awakened emotionally and much less mentally. They are rare individuals and there are thousands of them on our planet. They can be recognized for their total inability to respond to emotional and mental training and culture.

3. Souls that begin to integrate and are emotionally and physically awake. In them, logically, the animal nature is awake and the nature of desire begins to predominate. Very few of these people are in the races, some are among blacks, a race that has a large number of people who are still in the infant stage. These children's souls possess mental equipment, and some can be trained to use it; they place the emphasis of life predominantly on physical activity; they are animated by the desire to achieve satisfactions and a superficial life or nature of desire, oriented almost entirely towards physical life. Such souls are the modern analogy of the ancient Lemurian culture.

4. Souls that are primarily emotional, whose menu is not very flexible and only rarely goes into activity, and whose physical body constantly slips into the realm of the unconscious. In every race and nation there are millions of souls in these conditions. They can be considered as modern atlantes.

5. Souls that can be classified as intelligent human beings, fit to apply the mind if they are trained and demonstrate that they can think when the need arises. However, they remain predominantly emotional. They constitute the majority of modern humanity today. They are the citizens of the average of our modern world, good, well-intentioned, capable of displaying an intense emotional activity, with a sensuous nature almost superdeveloped, fluctuating between the life of the senses and the mind. They oscillate between the poles of the experience. Their lives take place in a continuous astral agitation, but they have moments, each time more frequent, when the mind can momentarily make itself felt and in necessary cases make important decisions. These nice and good people are mostly controlled by mass consciousness, because they don't think. They can be easily regulated and standardized by an orthodox religion and government and are the sheep of the human family.

6. Souls that think and are mental. They increase steadily and gain power as educational processes and scientific discoveries get some results and manage to expand human perception. They constitute the elite of the human family and are the ones who succeed in some sector of life. It includes writers, artists, thinkers in various fields of knowledge and religious leaders, scientists, technical workers and artisans of human aspiration, politicians, and all those who, although in the front row, take ideas and propositions and develop them to the last benefit of the human family. It is the world aspirants and those who begin to introduce the ideal of service into their consciousness.

7. The souls whose sense of perception has developed in such a degree in the physical plane that they can pass to the Path of Probation. They are the mystics, aware of the duality, harassed by the pairs of opposites, but who cannot rest until they have polarized in the soul. They are the sensitive people who fight and do not want to fail or live in today's world. Their mind is agile and active, but they cannot control it properly, and the superior illumination is still a joyful hope and a last possibility.

8. Souls whose intelligence and love have developed and integrated in such a way that they can begin to tread the Path of Discipleship. They are the practical mystics or the occultists of modern times.

9. The souls that have begun in the mysteries of the kingdom of God. They are not only aware of their vehicles of expression, the integrated personality, but also of themselves as souls, who know, beyond all controversy, that there is no “my soul or your soul”, but simply “the soul”. They not only know it as a mental principle and a felt reality, but also as a fact in their own conscience.

10. The souls that have managed to free themselves from all the limitations of nature form and dwell eternally in the consciousness of the One Soul; no se identifican con ninguna aspiración de la vida de la forma, por muy desarrollada que esté. Pueden emplear y emplean, en bien de todos, la forma a voluntad. Son los Maestros de la Vida, los adeptos perfectos.


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