The Bridge "by Ana María Frallicciardi

  • 2013

Dear friends and companions of this galactic route, this month we turned 11 years publishing our Astrology Reports and spiritual experiences.

There is in me a gratitude and recognition to all of you for being present and generating the desire necessary for these reports to come to light. While I can't answer all the mail I receive, know that I read them and I value them very much.

It is your mail of thanks and comments that motivate me month to month to continue with this task because I see that on the other side there are beings in resonance. We nurture together, share visions, hold each other in difficult times. The Eagle sees the path from above when we as half humans confused by so many changes get dizzy in the multiple realities of everyday life.

Day by day we have to update the soul contract so as not to doubt and remember from the depths of the being that we choose to come to this Earth. Some will say that they could not read the fine print of the contract and encountered more difficulties than blessings. Yes, yes, there are many readings to make about the ways things are happening on Earth.

If we say that everything is happening marvelously according to the evolution plan, it is because we see reality from very high dimensions that are not yet fully manifested on Earth-of-all-days. If we focus on chaos and imbalance, we are possibly looking from the old conflict energy. Both realities may be true ... while we calibrate interdimensional turbulence ... nothing is as it seems ... everything changes and mixes me ...

After writing the previous April report, I continued to reflect on how we are capturing and assimilating the dimensional change. What's happening to us? How are we being able to sustain so many breaks and inequalities ...?

At this moment in my experience I perceive that one of the main keys is to move from duality to unity, through neutrality of thought, to act from compassionate love.

The new energy that comes to the planet is ENERGY OF UNIT, the best we can do is receive it in the heart and let it nourish and integrate feelings and thoughts, then we will act from the deep resonance of a heart in love and unity.

Those consciences that continue under the old energy of DUALITY, continue to fight and destroy each other. Much of the world we see abroad is within this paradigm. Please do not adhere your energy to the confrontation, the silence of the wise is preferable, rather than the fool's words.

DUALITY always fought each other, others are reviewing the history of all times and war budgets. The armies of both sides are always decimated or injured, everything must always be rebuilt on the surface, few have seen war wounds in the human soul.

Now we have the opportunity to experience another way of life that is ... to begin ... to ... understand ... the ... UNIT . At first it sounds difficult to understand that We Are All One, it is because one is located from the personality that has its good part of separation, necessary to be able to maintain one's identity.

When we go through the personality, we can connect our own spirit that detaches itself from the "ego" and all the different human beliefs. This can be achieved through meditation or some interior work practice.

Many times we have heard: We are all One, there is no separation. The mind does not understand this concept and most are lost in the labyrinths of the head to understand how-I-can-be-with-that-corrupt-political-star of the moment. They are within the cosmic plan of the world of dualities. The messengers of the light have the commitment assumed in our souls to move from duality to unity.

The passage bridge is through COMPASSION, which is to love without judging (* explanation at the end of the text)

The great secret to understanding Unity is found in the Unity of the Heart ... We can only tell you: practice, practice and practice until you manage to open the portal of your own heart and begin to integrate. There are no written recipes, there are small acts of love and generosity that carve the compassionate heart. Then the path of integration and understanding of universal truths begins.

A second step is to open ourselves to resonate in the Planetary Consciousness Network and be points of light that illuminate a part of the planet with selfless certainty. Thus we accelerate our growth and that of humanity. (**)

As much as you see beings acting "against the cosmic plan", in your opinion, do not judge or criticize them, you would be once again in the old energy of confrontations. Strengthen your conviction that you are the Guardian of the New Consciousness. Another challenge of authentic Guardians! You have offered to work in the healing of the planet and of every human that approaches you, do not lose energy in useless criticism, shut up and reinforce your spiritual power, be a Quantum Warrior that co-creates balanced and peaceful worlds so that everyone can inhabit them .

There are many souls to heal, they are trapped in the suffering and pain of many lives of submission and lack. They need a lot of healing in order to understand the sense of Unity of All Life. We weave in our compassionate hearts the bridges of love so that little by little the appropriate framework for healing is created.

This is the great task of TODAY, to unite in our consciences what is separated outside. It is a difficult task if we see it from our human self, but it is something possible when we vibrate from the Power of the Spirit.

We are not alone in this journey from duality to unity, from the cosmos we receive codes of light and information that activate our DNA to more easily experience Unity, Love and Compassion.

In the last lunar eclipse on April 24 a channel was opened that allowed the entry of these star codes. At first we received them as a torrent of energies that destabilized us physically and emotionally, until those frequencies were accommodating in our energy bodies and were transformed into feelings and thoughts-seeds of wisdom, understanding and goodwill.

Towards the end of May, 24 to 28, we prepare for another eclipse and influx of intense energies that will continue to recalibrate our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies towards a greater opening of our spiritual potential. Let us know how to receive these energies and take the time to assimilate them in our inner being to be then Bearers of the New Consciousness.

Ana María Frallicciardi

(*)… And then some readers will ask me how Compassion is achieved. Well, I give you a practical exercise, you can consider it as the humor part of this report, or you can really practice it, in both ways it works: just repeat the word COMPASSION 144 times a day with your two hands resting on the heart. This exercise must be repeated for 33 days in a row to change the neural pathways and thus open the doors of the heart to the consciousness of unity ... I love your Infinite Being that opens to the understanding of who you truly are in UNITY with the Great Spirit

(**) We suggest this KAI meditation to activate the Planetary Network Awareness Points:

The Bridge by Ana María Frallicciardi

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