The next quantum leap in our ascension process -By Patricia Cota-Robles

  • 2015

Hello Precious Hearts,

I know that this is a very busy time for all of us, however, we are being given a very important opportunity to help this blessed Planet and ALL of its Life forward in the Light during the accelerated Ascension process that we are living right now. . Due to the logistics that must be orchestrated for this facet of the Divine Plan to be in God Victoriously carried out, we must begin the enrollment process now.

This Light Activity will take place during the 30th Annual World Lighting Congress, from August 13 to 20, 2016. This event will take place on a beautiful 7-day Alaska Cruise. In order to organize an event of such a nature, the Cruise Company requires that we reserve the rooms now. We have reserved a block of rooms of different prices and that will be reserved to the first one that arrives. For this reason, if you feel your Heart's call to serve as an instrument of God for this event to be physically present on this wonderful Cruise, please visit our website and take a look at all the information explained for the 30th. Annual World Lighting Congress, by clicking on that link.

To reserve your space and the room you would like to have, only a deposit is required at this time. Your final payment can be made later.

The Company of Heaven said they will be giving much more information about the importance of this facet of the Divine Plan as we move through 2016 step by step. However, the following information will give you an idea of ​​the magnitude of the opportunity at your fingertips.

Please listen to your Heart and respond according to the internal direction of your I AM Presence. Once again, our Light is needed and our time is within our reach.

In December 2012, after we moved in God victoriously through the Change of the Era and gave birth to the New Earth, the Company of Heaven said that the next three years would provide opportunities for Humanity to transform the Earth and ALL its life in ways that had never been attempted in any system of Worlds. Now we are finishing the third year of the New Earth and from the miraculous events that have taken place, I would say that the Light around the World has succeeded in this holy effort beyond what we could have imagined.

Mass Humanity is waking up at full speed and people around the world are beginning to "see with new eyes and listen with new ears." Due to the unprecedented influx of Heavenly Light and Gamma Rays from the Cosmos, which were Divinely Scheduled to reach Earth during this Cosmic Moment, Humanity's DNA / RNA structures have been recalibrated and our Twelve strands of 5th Dimensional Solar DNA have been restored to their original Divine Potential by our I AM Presence. This is causing a change of consciousness within each man, woman and child on Earth that has no parallel in the history of time.

The innumerable events that have been successfully accomplished in the last three years are pulsing in all their glory in the Realms of the Cause where everything begins. Now they are seeping into the hearts and minds of the Humanity that Awakens . As these patterns of perfection resonate as an Inner Knowledge in the Heart Flame of each person, the newly re-calibrated DNA structures are accelerating the shift in consciousness that is taking place inside each person. This is an individual process that is being orchestrated by the I AM Presence of each person .

The way in which this change of consciousness will manifest in each of our lives will begin with the Inner Knowledge that WE ARE ONE and that there is NO separation. We will know that there is no such thing as "us and them." One by one we will realize that we are interconnected, interrelated and interdependent and that whatever we do to help or harm a person will help or harm ALL people and Mother Earth herself.

The next achievement in our shift in consciousness will be that Divine Love is the most powerful force in all Creation. Our I AM Presence will clearly reveal to us the profound Truth that when we align ourselves with the unfathomable Power of the Divine Love of our Father-Mother God with every thought, feeling, word, action, belief and memory we express the patterns of perfection that we have co -created in the Realms of the Cause and this will tangibly manifest in our individual and collective life experiences. Then, we will truly be the Light of the World and together we will co-create Heaven on Earth.

The Company of Heaven has revealed that this shift in consciousness will continue to unfold in perfect Divine Order throughout 2016. There will be a myriad of Light activities orchestrated by Lightworkers around the World during 2016, which will amplify the effects of this process of awakening. Then, when we reach the Cosmic Moment of the 30th Annual World Lighting Congress, from August 13 to 20, 2016, Humanity and ALL Life in evolution on this sweet Earth will be ready for the next quantum change in the developing Divine Plan.

The Company of Heaven has asked us to orchestrate the 30th Annual World Lighting Congress inside the Portal of Light through which the patterns of perfection of the Realms of the Cause enter the mental and emotional stratum of the Earth. This Portal pulses in all its shining glory in the Ethers above Alaska in the US.

The 30th. Annual Lighting Congress will take place on an Alaska cruise during which Lightworkers who are physically present from around the world will join their Heart Flames And they will form a Light Transformer, a Holy Grail, through which the Light of God will flow to open this Portal of Light to its fullest extent. Once this is accomplished, the perfection patterns of the Realms of the Cause reflecting Divine Love, Eternal Peace, Vibrant Health, Abundance, Happiness, Ecstasy, Wonder and Reverential Fear of the New Earth of the 5th. Dimension will flow more easily through the Hearts and Minds of Humanity to the physical plane.

The 30th. Annual Illumination Congress will be a wonderful and life-transforming event for all who are willing to respond to the Call of their Heart and volunteer to serve as instruments of God on behalf of our brothers and sisters in the Family of Humanity, and the Beloved Mother Earth .

As 2016 is revealed, we will share important information on how this facet of the Divine Plan in Victorious God will be achieved. Alaska is a wonderful expression of the Kingdom of Nature. In the embrace of Alaska's exquisite beauty, we will easily connect with the perfection patterns that we will experience once the New Earth manifests itself in tangible form through the Portal of Light associated with the Kingdoms of the Cause.

In our brochure you will get a glimpse of the beauty we will experience on this glorious Alaskan cruise .

In order to organize such a large group on a Cruise Ship there are very specific deadlines to register that we are required to meet. For that reason, the registration for this World Congress is very different. Please visit our website and read all the information carefully, so you don't miss out on this incredible opportunity.

If you are interested in joining us for the 30th Annual World Lighting Congress on our Alaska cruise, YOU MUST REGISTER THROUGH OUR WEBSITE. They cannot register directly through the cruise line.

We are all blessed beyond measure to be able to serve Life in this wonderful way. Please listen to your Heart and respond according to the inner guidance of your I AM Presence. God bless you, Dear Beings!

AUTHOR: Patricia Cota-Robles

TRANSLATION: Alicia Virelli


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