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  • 2013
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Cristina Di Martino channeling

Message received at the Symbols of Light seminar in Neuquén

on June 8, 2013

Cristina: ... I will tell you how you are dressed. He is dressed not in a robe, but in a King's dress, but all dressed in white, as with a satin cloth, and a very large crown all gilded. I ask him why are you dressed like this? What do you want to represent at this time?

Tells me…

Serapis Bey “I want to represent so many things! But everyone knows something very special, that's why they're here and that's why today you see me as a king. ”

Cristina: Yes, I see you as a king, but really, what do you mean by this? He has a white cape, a golden white. Tells me…

Serapis Bey “Look, what I have to tell you is that in reality, when you are in the process of Ascension, you begin to be the King, the King of your world and your existence. There is no one to limit you, there you have the power to do what you want in your life. There you choose to really feel and give only Love, you choose to want to do good and want to speak with the truth, this is to want to enjoy this life by being a Divine Human in action. ”

Cristina: To be in the process of Ascension is to be a Divine Human?

Serapis Bey “No, girl. It is not being a Divine Human. A Divine Human is really working with yourself to be able to generate that new Triune Flame, and to be able to install yourself as a Human Angel. But this has a whole process and that is the Ascension process. ”

Cristina: So ... Is Ascension different, and being the Divine Human? Tells me…

Serapis Bey: No Girl, it's no different, it's steps. To be a Divine Human you must have gone through the Ascension process and you must have finished Ascension in you. It is then that you enter that plane, in that little place where your heart is, where that New Trine Flame expands to cook a Divine Angel in action, a Divine Human on Earth.

And when you are fully cooking, humanity will all begin to flourish in a different way, because only with one person reaching that state of consciousness does it make many people feel in their hearts if they really want to reach that state of consciousness. ”

Cristina: What does this new vibration that enters the planet today mean, this new vibration that enters from the Temple of Ascension? And he told me..

Serapis Bey "Look, Girl."

Cristina: And he shows me the Temple of the Ascension radiating a Light towards this place that expands to the whole planet.

Serapis Bey “We are sending much more Ascension vibration.

It opens here today as a Portal of Light in the heart of all who are in this place and who want to receive it.

That Portal of Light makes all of you can reach the Ascension process faster to become a Divine Human in action, with inner work, with devotion. And do not forget that to get out of the matrix you need internal work, but you would not achieve it. That's why look at the Temple again. ”

Cristina: I look at the Temple, and I see Rays of Light coming down to this place and to the entire planet Earth, and they are expanding, those rays have small stars. I ask what are those stars?

Serapis Bey “Those little stars are going to expand in every human being, because many human beings today chose to be here and raise their vibration. By being here, you help many who are in the process of Ascension to be able to raise the vibration from Love. ”

Cristina: But how do they, those who are here, to raise the vibration of other human beings they don't know? He laughs and shows me the crown. And move the crown ...

I ask why are you doing this with the crown?

Serapis Bey: When you manage to be a King, you, with your Divine purpose, can do whatever you want, as long as you do it with Love and in God. And the Divine purpose of Ascension is not just Ascending yourself, that would be a selfish purpose and you could never achieve it. But if you feel that you can be in the Ascension process and do everything so that Ascension can occur in you… ”

Cristina: And he shows me in the middle of the room a huge deck of cards that He touches, and when he touches the first card all the cards are played one by one and they reach the floor, they light up and become Divine Humans.

I tell him ... How beautiful! Can you explain it a little more?

Serapis Bey “Yes. The Ascension process is an arduous, long, but Divine process, and each person who lives it makes it possible to create in itself a Great Spark of Light that infects others. When you are in that Ascension process, very high, when you already have the Crown and you are the King of your world and of your universe, then at that moment simply by being, you transform one person and that person transforms many, and all you can have that Ascension process. ”

Cristina: I ask you, can you have it or will you have it? Tells me…

Serapis Bey “No, girl. No one has anything if they don't want to. This is free will. God placed free will on the planet so that everyone, absolutely everyone chooses what to be and do at every moment on Earth.

And you know what? Rejoice, because today is a Divine day, in which for many people the sun rises again, the Light is seen again. And in that instant when there is Light, you can see that the darkness no longer exists, because only the Light of God is. So, this crown is the crown of the Ascension Temple. When you get high with your Ascension process to create your Divine Human, then it is time for you to wear that crown, and you are King of your world and your universe, and when you are, you are beginning the path of that Human being expanded."

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