The Mighty Elohim Arturus by Master Sant Germain. The will to Good is Service Consecrated by Master El Morya

  • 2011


Stgo, Chile, January 11, 2011.


The unit that the beloved Elohim Arturus has deployed with your current servant and Avatar of the Era, has been forming a tremendous etheric flow increasing with all the calls, invocations and decrees that are made daily, by all of you and where it is invoked any of the activities and use of the Transmutator Sacred Fire or the Violet Ray.

Without the assistance of this Powerful Being, the Earth would have already far exceeded the permitted level of all energies of very low frequencies which are polluting and end up embezzling the Original Order.

The application of Liberating Love deployed from its own Heart resembles the most powerful Fires of the immaculate electrons that form the center-core - heart of each ascended being.

A radiantly immaculate particle is detached day by day from the own energy deposit or heart-center of all the Seven Powerful Elohim, and this allows the permanence, maintenance and continuity of all species and Kingdoms including the human, which make up Life on this Earth.

On a very large scale, we can deduce that the Elohim themselves in turn receive from the Cosmic Logos the Fires or atomic cells that sustain His undefeated Power, greatness and creative activity.

Following this same scale in other gradations, the entire Planetary scheme is united by that similar Atomic Light - Electronics, this being the Real support or the Cosmic Matrix containing all existing life patterns.

Elohim Arturus maintains a preeminent activity in the present times ... He has literally taken "on His shoulders" the responsibility of restoring the Light of God in each of the Human Beings through each atonement, pain difficulties to which look confronted ... This many times, in most cases, people not being aware of it ... In order to expand the Purity of the Divine Plan, through the transmutation and forgiveness granted by the Seventh Ray.

Together with this activity to which I deploy, The Liberating Flame stands as a tremendous Force increased even more with the calls to its activity, forming an expansive and transmutadota dynamic force, thanks to the constancy also of the true and sincere students of the Light, who with their calls, decrees and activities of spiritual service, keep the Violet Flame ¡¡viva¡¡ which can act at every moment working daily in the consummation of ¡¡¡¡¡¡undesable. And so this Beloved Elohim, will crown more of His own Victory when that same Victory comes from each of the Human Beings! Free! In God marching towards the Divine Presence of the consecrated opportunity.

In Blessings and tributes we recognize the Love, Power and Victory of our Beloved Elohim Arturus and Diana.

Bless you on the sign of the victorious Maltese cross ...

Saint Germain

Mirtha Verde-Bouquet

School "Activity Saint Germain"


STGO, CHILE, 17. 1, 2011.


Mirtha Verde- Bouquet.

We must FORCE THE WILL to fulfill what we know represents the good to do? Many aspirants and students ask him ... He would also say, "Should we force torture by imposing things that are still imbued in ourselves?"

How do you get ahead in evolution?

The experiences are not the same, each one has a preponderance, tendencies, and past and present baggage while it is still forming that of the future ... according to their own interests, inclinations and aspirations, It is not simply "doing because it is okay to do it ... by force force the heart, the feelings, the gifts?

The repression of yesteryear and the "letter that enters with blood" caused much resentment division and hatred among the many ... the current debauchery calmed hatreds and dictatorships in every order of things ... more chaos is the order of the day ... what is it the wise balance?


This evolution is only able to perceive according to the degree of consciousness of each one to actively join to increase the light. Harmony love and goodwill, among the various qualities of the Creator, which have always indicated the path of the path to be made, whether or not Human Beings are aware.

They will say, I am free, nobody sends me!

I answer you! You are a slave until you truly free yourself.

It is not in the duty fulfilled by duty. But conscience linked to duty that liberates!

It is not love for love, . But allow the potential Christian to release in you the essence of Divine Love that is in every Human heart.

Is it possible to force a rose to be an apple?

With the mutations, it is true, science can experience, mutations of various genres and degrees, more the original conception is immutable, since it takes hold in the immaculate Creation

The will to good therefore is CONSECRATED SERVICE

They do not gladly throw cats towards dogs, as rice is not thrown away that is not yet cooked

Therefore the Order is the Law that governs

No one is taken away, no one is given what is not their own merit.

Let the sleepers dream of the Ego of ephemeral glories in the non-existent future

He now urges you to get up to shake the sand of the ages and deposit the greatest offering given to the Life itself that sustains you . And that is to consciously participate in attracting GREATER LIGHT TO THE WORLD

Through the sacrificial office of calming the storms of the emotional body (THAT IS DISCLAIMER)

Through observation and vigilant awareness of the reasons for acting, saying and deciding, this or that.

And He, who strengthens his dwelling in the Heart of Christ, has seen his eyes and has perceived the perfume of His generous love given to the entire World in flow. The will to Good is signaled from his own heart devoted to Service.

Il Digently and walking your steps, I extend to you My blessing of the head, heart and Hands


Mirtha Verde- Bouquet.

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