The power of the positive approach

  • 2019

The positive approach consists of an issue that we consider, we have to address this opportunity, since it is a stage of quite chaotic energies .

We wish you to understand that these energies could serve you to a greater extent if you focus them in such a way that they are not allowed to interfere with those results that you have committed to achieve. But what are we looking to say with all this ? What is it that we see which you, from the earthly point of view, fail to appreciate? You have been being carefully conditioned throughout your life in order to mobilize against those things with which you disagree; They have even been taught that they must go to war to deal with several of those things .

And on numerous occasions, those wars that they carry out against these things end up distracting them from achieving success in the practice of all those things they are really fighting against or at least, of those things against they should and tell them they fight . To understand it better, we can use as an example the "war on drugs" they claim to have.

From Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher who lives in his world and the oracles that they have today and even from ourselves, have somehow learned that it is much more convenient for them to focus on what they want instead of allowing them to be dragged into those energies that make them turn against what they don't want. There is no lie in this and by paying attention, especially as part of groups, they have the possibility of achieving great things relatively quickly.

There is a certain place for these things, where it is easy to attract the attention of many people and gather a lot of human beings. However, we want to help you understand, as quickly as possible, that the sooner you are able to transform these energies into positive intentions, the stronger your energies will be.

You are in a period where you allow your energies to generate real chaos, so there is a great division between you. Many of you are aware that you are going through a stage of great opportunities ; However, we can see that their energies are gradually dissipating because it directly interferes with the progress they seek to create.

We do not pretend to say that their reasons are wrong, but that given the opportunity to rethink their approach in a slightly more positive way, they could have access to better and greater energy .

An example for them to understand it better could be or ask themselves, how many of the different movements they carry out could be easily joined under one banner? Who campaigns for the purpose of getting good medical care? How many of you are focusing your energy on this kind of thing ? Have you noticed that when this kind of ideas begin to be presented, the subject tends to deviate easily by labeling them contemptuously?

But using your own thinking and your ability to concentrate, through your individual energy, you can generate the changes you want

Do you realize how many times we use the word energy ? This is because in your center all of you are that energy that allows the things that take place within your world to develop. And regardless of whether they meet in groups or if they think the same from different places, when this energy meets that emitted by other beings of light just like you, it becomes much stronger than you might imagine.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Ron Head

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