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  • 2010

EL MORYA through Marlene Swetlishoff

February 26, 2010


Today I came to talk with you about the unfolding of the events that will take place within a very short time. All this is in the Divine Plan for the Earth and for all about It; and will announce great changes throughout your planet. Much will be made known and revealed; and it will be difficult for Humanity to adjust and adapt to everything that is happening. Your task, Beloved, is to continue to firmly hold your ever-increasing Light and focus on the World that you have already created and that even now is manifesting at your level of existence.

We ask the Lightworkers to gather at the appropriate times and support each other while supporting the Earth and the billions of people who will feel overwhelmed, excited, shaky and fearful at some of the manifestations that will arise around them.

Know that all that is well and that it is manifesting according to the Divine Plan. More than likely there will also be energies that will be presented that are not for the greatest good at all, but these energies and the beings that work with them are being well monitored and it is certain that their plans will fail. Your plane of existence that endured life for such a long time, is now rapidly becoming obsolete and the new plane is taking its place. It is a bit confusing for everyone on Earth; and as Lightworkers, you have already been experiencing these many changes.

Those around you continue to wake up from their dream of old ages and are wiping their eyes and looking around with new eyes, eyes with discernment. Now the Great Awakening has begun in earnest and the month of March 2010 will see vast and far-reaching actions happen.

The reactivation of the Great Crystals is about to happen r; and the energies that everyone on Earth and Earth itself will experience during the times that follow will revolutionize the entire World through its effects on every atom and cell, element and molecule, with its increase in Light and frequency. This will be translated differently for each Being on Earth, because everything depends on its ratio of Light and frequency level, but it will most likely move Humanity to a higher and better level than what it has in the present.

This has been and will continue to be a great job for those who are supporting the Earth and their desire to see all its inhabitants cross the transition safely. It will not be readily apparent to most of humanity that great energy flows per se, as it is and will continue to be so for you, Beloved Lightworkers; but changes in the consciousness of all who live on and within the Earth will happen. The game is about to begin; and many observers who have earned the right to participate in this momentous moment of Cosmic History, are taking their places eagerly, waiting for their entry. The feeling of excitement, anticipation and wonder, catches all who watch and take part in these the most sublime events.

The desire of the Earth has always been to travel to its new destination safely for Her and all about Her. If possible, travel to the reality of the New Ascended Earth and anchor your intentions there to anchor yourself in this new plane of existence as we go through the vibrational changes of these times.

Most of you have been translucent this Light for many months; and this will increase in volume very soon. Many of you will have feelings of ecstasy and joy and this will usually result in drowsiness when you are performing your daily disciplines. Allow without resistance this to happen. All contingencies have been covered and everything is ready to begin.

We remain with great anticipation, joy and agitated breathing!

I AM El Morya

Translated: Jairo Rodríguez R.


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