El Morya - His Words are Active, Alive and Very Powerful

  • 2013

By Julie MIiller

It is abundantly clear dear Children of God that how you choose to express your thoughts will determine how these thoughts will be perceived.

Therefore, it is crucial to always show your thoughts as clearly and tactfully as possible.

It is necessary to remember all forms of thought, all feelings, spoken words, written words and all actions that carry energy - you are responsible for the energy you emit. His Loving and Merciful God listens to all thoughts before they are even expressed, this is because He resides within each of you - a good reason to always step forward in each interaction where communication is apparently with the purest intention and demonstration of love that surrounds them, that flows from their loving heart.

Every day they are provided with many opportunities to demonstrate their ability to establish through conversation their ability to exercise their own level of spiritual evolution and maturity through the power of their words.

It is well understood that your tongue represents what is being felt through your heart, the eyes correspond to the development of your mind and your arms and legs illustrate the understanding of your own Will. When you learn to balance your whole being, you thus become liberated by showing everything on a global scale that you have within your physical body a loving heart, a peaceful mind and a strong willpower that when you work together for the greater good. He has the ability to heal through edifying words that are clear indications of following the word of God, which is Love and that is taking a step forward in fulfilling God's Will on every occasion. Understand, dear ones, that every word you think, write or speak is active and very alive. Each word carries extreme power and it is learning to use this power that is crucial.

When you are in communication with another dear soul, actively listening you will be able to recognize if the other person is following paths similar to yours, you will learn some of their values ​​and beliefs; There is much to learn from another only from a few expressed words.

The need to learn to control speech is an area that each person who walks the spiritual path eventually learns. This approach can be found by learning about your chakras, primarily the Throat Chakra.

Each chakra has important information that is vital for all spiritual development. We encourage each of you to recognize that each chakra requires balance and care, and will assist you on your journey to reach new heights of spiritual growth and development.

If a chakra is out of balance, it will affect the way you interact with others and has the potential to cause stagnation since all the chakras are connected. They are encouraged to understand the damage that can be caused through hurtful words. Even the tone of your voice can be destructive to another that is sensitive.

When you choose to use hurtful words instead of words that express love and compassion, you are moving out of the Light of God that resides within your own spiritual heart.

It is important when you are expressing others to do so, respectively, which demonstrates the I AM Presence that is within each man and woman.

The I AM represents within each one, God in Action. Make use of internal alchemy, learn to perfect and develop this communicative ability that illustrates compassion, understanding and best of all - LOVE.

Realize, dear ones, that when you choose to express yourself through positive healing words you are providing a loving and stimulating environment where everyone can benefit and learn.

When you consciously direct your words with positive ways of thinking, you start discharging yourself from the negative emotional discord that could prevent you from moving forward on your journey.

Remember my dear ones, the word of God for each one is LOVE. Love is the answer to all things, it is within all things - this love with which each of you is blessed from birth in this life. With the blessings given to them, it is sovereign to reciprocate everything with kindness in well-expressed words that are rich in love and compassion. We encourage each of you to include more loving and healing words through the interaction that involves any form of communication.

Every time you choose enriching, healing and loving words you strengthen your harmony and synchronicity with the Universe. We see more often that many dear souls become bewildered when another person or people have said something hurtful. Words have the ability to be sharp like knives. Once a word is expressed it cannot be retracted, the damage is already done. Always try to remember the importance of using positive words within all your communication methods. Learning self-control over your speech brings many rewards that you will reap, as well as those with whom you communicate.

When you are able to say good lifting words you will discover the flow of happiness in your life, raising your own spirits because your actions also provide more Love and Light of God to be presented within your heart.

We do not wish to see any of you move out of your own Light because you choose to engage in hurtful speech forms and use negative words. Each of you has the intelligence to choose something different, choices that are based on love call people closer to you instead of moving them away. Always strive to add more Light and Love to the energy that surrounds you through the intelligent use of your words, which are gifts to make loving use of them. It is natural to cross your journey with those who hold different belief systems.

Every person they meet has something relevant to offer. Even if what they follow and feel does not match what you think and feel, you have the opportunity to thank them for what they have given of themselves instead of breaking with them with hurtful words.

If you can remember dear ones that your speech sustains the Infinite Light and the Love of God, then this will always encourage you to show that the I AM Presence is within all of you in all your activities and interactions. Every day you have many options to make and one of them is to speak wisely, consciously and carefully. Because Love is involved in all things, Love is included when you speak too.

You are reminded, my dear ones, that the words that come out of your tongue are considered sacred, and what you speak represents YOU. There are many in the Divine Kingdom that can assist them in their journey and help them curb their scathing tongue and I am one who would be happy to help you in your development.

As you guide us through our loving help and energy in new ways of being, realize dear ones that you are still the decision makers, therefore you are reminded of your responsibility in the energy of your spoken words, written words, actions, thoughts and feelings. It is in your human nature to help others through compassion and kindness. Many who have walked the Spiritual Path have learned that the best they do, most often our Merciful God will speak to them in ways that are understandable to them.

The pure goodness that is not filled with any amount of malice allows your heart and soul to remain open to Light and Love by giving energies that come from your Heavenly Father so that they rejoice and embrace in your heart the stream of loving light . It is essential to stay well with yourself while meandering through your journey.

And this can only be difficult, especially when faced with demanding situations. When you are able to welcome each challenge with a positive mind, then your progress is much easier my dear ones and when everything is done your energy is not so depleted.

Learn to manifest the goodness of being good to yourself, to others and to God. When they deliberately set out to do good and compassionate things they are helping to change the world around them and humanity on a global scale. Each person has this ability - to raise the love vibes throughout the world and it is as easy as changing the way they speak, think, feel and act.

Of course this requires discipline and the desire to change, but everything you really want to do will be achieved due to the effort and the approach you are applying is derived from pure unconditional love. When you are able to see your Heavenly Father in all your words, then you know that you are helping to create more Light and Love of support for all.

When you are able to move successfully beyond participation in negative speech, you will discover that you are much more open to explore and your heart and soul merge creating a pleasant satisfaction for yourselves. Each step that you take dear ones provides you with many opportunities to correct, change and let go of many areas within your Being. There is much to gain from each one when you choose to listen. Serenity will become your partner by expanding the understanding of others.

Learn, dear ones, what is the desire that you long for, not only of your trip but of yourselves when you go inside to discover your real being struggling to face your imbalances or faults hagan the necessary corrections to bring the balance back to your complete being.

Learn to become masters of your conversation, discover the use of words that provide love and comfort that are natural and powerful. There is more wisdom gained when you choose not to judge or provide biased opinions - silence has always been considered a golden attribute. It is good to remember that God is Love and the foundation of Love is found within your heart and through your loving heart you will discover the truth of your real being and this discovery occurs when you finally stop running, calm down and allow the loving flow of God's Love to wrap your entire being - your mind, soul and heart opens in total trust and faith within the Brilliance of the Divine Light .

Through this Light and Divine Love that you realize that you no longer want to speak through negative words or act negatively you consciously choose to be more loving, compassionate, patient, tolerant, charitable and forgive more. The change does not happen overnight. We will work with you, we will help you and guide you to new elections. Become partners with your Presence I AM dear ones, and be God in Action all the time. I AM the Ascended Master El Morya. Through Julie MIiller

Weekly Message from Ascended Master El Morya March 05 12, 2013

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