The Lunar Messenger ", Full Moon of Pisces

  • 2012

The Lunar Messenger Full Moon of Pisces 2012 astrosign Signs of Transformation 8:

The Head Center

In the body, the Pisces water sign governs both feet, but also the upper point, the center of the head. There, they represent the end of limited consciousness and the passage to higher levels. Pisces represents the synthesis, and the ruler of the century, Jupiter, gives him the experience of universal consciousness. From there you can experience the great ritual of creation as a great game. That is why the theme of this month's Lunar Messenger is "Signs of Transformation 8: The Head Center."

The point of maximum awareness

Sahasrara is the point of maximum awareness in us; It is the center of the lotus petal at the top of our head. This higher center is represented as the seat of absolute divinity, without attributes. We cannot approach it directly and we should not have the illusion that we can reach the Sahasrara consciousness just like that. However, we can meditate on the divine in this center and imagine how consciousness and all light emerge from there. Light is expressed through the Ajna center; enlighten our entire system with all its centers and guide our life. This daily contemplation makes us receptive to the impulses of the higher planes and fills us with the energies of the soul. Our consciousness is activated by reflecting on this information.

The teachings of wisdom speak of three suns that we should associate with each other within. The cosmic sun, Aditya, is located in Sahasrara. The central sun, Savitri, allows the upper light to be poured through the Ajna center. And the central Sun of our system, Surya, radiates in the center of the heart. Its golden light fills our body and penetrates beyond our surroundings. In the center of the heart we can visualize the Spiritual Hierarchy and how the Masters receive the Light from the higher centers and distribute their healing energies on the planet.

In the Sahasrara center we can meditate on the Mother of the World, through which the Father expresses himself. In the upper part of the forehead and in the Ajna center we can visualize Shamballa, the hidden ashram, which is related to the center of the head. On the planet it is located in the subtle etheric planes of the Gobi desert, and Sanat Kumara resides at its center. We can ask for your blessing so that one day we can be in your presence.

Inside his forehead is the beautiful jewel Chintamani. This is the jewel in the lotus, Mani Padme, which is revered with the mantra OM MANI PADME HUM. This jewel in the lotus petal has the power of manifestation. However, in us, this center of Chintamani is in a state of deep sleep, and therefore we think it is outside of us. But we are this jewel that is in this lotus and that sheds light everywhere. It is not a light in the head, but above the head. The thousand-petalled lotus means that it contains a thousand rays, which are so bright that they dazzle us. We can also imagine the thousand-petal lotus as a satellite dish with a thousand sensors through which we can capture what is beyond. If the other centers are aligned correctly, they can correctly receive the program of the Divine Will.

Beyond Individuality

The Sahasrara center is the door between the macrocosm and the microcosm. The intelligences of this lotus do not belong to the individual, but correspond to the planets, the sun, the solar system and the cosmos. The soul that touches this center could reach the state of omnipresence. From then on, descend to help the youngest brothers of humanity in their attempt to liberation. When it descends again through the same spine, as well as when it ascends, it illuminates the surroundings inside and outside all planes of existence. A yogi who descends from Sahasrara as a unit of consciousness of the cosmos is installed in the heart and lives as manifest love. By his presence, contact, speech, etc., he magnetizes and illuminates.

When we arrive at Sahasrara we no longer have individual conscience; we no longer feel like an individual but as THAT which is expressed through I AM: THAT I AM. While acting, THAT acts; in contemplation we are absorbed in Samadhi, THAT, without awareness of I AM. The shadow of the I AM, the personality, is completely full of light.

For both the Sahasrara and the Ajna center, the sound is OM. But the difference is that the one who issues it elevates the OM to the Ajna center and then hears it. In this state, the issuer and the issuer are different from each other. In Sahasrara this difference no longer exists. A block of ice swimming in the water is different from this, but when it melts it is simply water. When we thus reach Sahasrara consciousness we enter it and nothing else already exists. The SOHAM mantra is also connected to Sahasrara, because it means I AM THAT. Other seed sounds related to Sahasrara are "A" and "YAM". The related color is red. These vibrations help to create awareness to the higher planes.

The Indestructible Earth

In the Orient the consciousness of the higher planes is also called Saraswathi, the Divine Word that is found at the top point of our body in Sahasrara. In relation to the planet, Lake Manas Sarovar near Mount Kailash represents this ocean consciousness. Its full name is Brahma Manas Sarovar and it is close to the highest altitudes of our planet. It is said that in time immemorial the Saraswathi River flowed down to the plains to join the ocean in the area of ​​the current state of Gujarat. Thus, in us, Saraswathi's energy flows also descending through the spine to the base center permeating all seven planes. According to another image, Shiva receives in Kailash the cosmic waters of space, Ganga, on his head to pass them to the Himalayas, from where they reach the plains making them fertile.

The entire sphere of the center of the head is also described as the seventh plane or the seventh heaven, the most refined tissue of the human body. In relation to the planet this is also called in the Pushkara Puranas, the indestructible, Holy Land, the White Island that is surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the sky in the area between the Ajna and the center of the head. The superior beings of the planet live on this subtle island, and from there the other beings have emerged. The Holy Island in our Sahasrara is an indestructible energy, the spark of the spirit.

The Feet of the Lord

On the ascending path of liberation from the body, there is an exit point in the head center through which we can ascend to higher realms. A vortex of energy over our Sahasrara also brings higher circle energies to us. Therefore, a teacher can listen to the higher impressions and be impressed by them. Through his words and acts of goodwill this impression is expressed. He knows that he receives inspiration from inside and expresses it on the outside. The teacher in him is J piter, whose seat is in the Sahasrara. We can meditate on J piter in Sahasrara to achieve an expansion of consciousness. J piter is the master, even of the solar system; its position is higher even than that of the Sun, which is expressed through the Ajna center. The rulers in society are guided by the Sun. The wise are connected with J piter; However, they are not the rulers. As long as the rulers listen to the good advice of the wise, they receive the protection of J piter. In ancient times, kings ruled together with the wise when they wanted to succeed.

On the body, the sign of Pisces rules the feet, but on the ascending path the center of the head also rules. Thus, the higher Divinity is reflected in the lower. In the teachings of wisdom it is said that the highest plane we can reach is the lowest plane of Divinity. Therefore, reaching Sahasrara is called reaching the feet of the Lord. In the East, this has led to the practice of touching the feet of an enlightened person, a teacher or a teacher. In the marriage ceremony, husband and wife touch the Sahasrara to each other, as an expression of the bond at the highest point of consciousness, whose opposite energies, through s of marriage, join.

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