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The Lunar Messenger Full Moon of Aquarius 2012 astrosign

Signs of Transformation 7:

The Ajna Center

The Aquarius air sign governs in us the path from the Ajna center to the top point of the head. It is described as the passage where the apparent nothing is transformed into something obvious. This mysterious passage leads the soul through death to pure existence and pure existence back to the conscious state. That is why the theme of this month's Lunar Messenger is Signs of Transformation 7: The Ajna Center. ”

Beyond Duality

In us there is a stream of energies towards the subtle and a stream toward the physical-dense. The flow of energy to the subtle worlds is called Pingala in yoga; It flows from the right. The other current, from subtle to dense, is called Ida; It flows from the left.

Esoteric scriptures call Ida "Ganga" or "Ganges"; Pingala is "Yamuna". Thus we have both rivers in us. Going to the banks of the Yamuna River means shifting the emphasis from the dense-material to the subtle. It is said that Lord Maitreya always sits on an island between the two rivers that come from the right and the left. This island is the Ajna center. By its nature, the current of Ida is lunar; It is also called the Mother. Pingala's current is solar or the Father. They are in the Ajna center with the central current of Sushumna that is fiery by nature and is called the Son. In the Ajna center and above it, the three currents are one. Their union in the forehead is also represented in the writings of the East as the three eyes of the Mother of the World. They are also described as Soma (lunar or friction fire), Surya (solar fire) and Agni (cosmic fire). The separation of energies in male and female only occurs below the Ajna center; Above, Father and Mother are one. Beyond Ajna we can barely perceive anything; Ajna himself is receptive to the upper center.

The seed sound of Ajna is HAM; it is the sound of the upward movement, so that I AM could unite with THAT. Through meditation in Ajna we rise above duality and thus find the unity and eternity of existence. Through Ajna we invoke the "Light of the World" or the "Mother of the World". It is also the center of the Sun in us. We can visualize how, from this point, sunlight flows through the channels of the Nadis into all six centers of the body and illuminates them. When we are receptive to light spilling from Ajna, the chakras (energy discs) in us bloom in lotuses. It is said that in Ajna all other centers are included and that as well as in the case of electricity, this center is the main switch through which everything receives light.

The Center of the Sun

When we meditate in the Ajna center we can visualize a white lotus opening or a sun disk from which the light radiates and fills everything with golden light. We can also meditate on blue in Ajna, the blue of the sky on a clear day. These are the blue waters of the space in the upper center of the forehead that links to Aquarius.

Ajna is east in us, where the morning sun rises. Upon awakening, consciousness rises from the depth of the heart center to the Ajna center where it is located during waking hours; Thus, we become aware of ourselves as "I AM". When we ask ourselves at the moment of awakening: "Who am I, where have I awakened, what has awakened me, and where am I?" We establish the conscious connection with the origin and begin to apprehend our lives consciously. The term "Ajna" means order, regulation; It is the command center from where we should lead our lives. There we must establish the diamond consciousness. Diamantine means radiant, strong, and permanently existing. In the light of the diamond consciousness we can receive the plan of the soul.

When we regularly worship the Solar God in the center of the eyebrows, Kundalini's energy rises in us. To this end, the Gayatri mantra is also sung in the morning, because the energy of dawn has a great influence on the Ajna center. Its essential meaning is, "May the Light that comes beyond the Sun reach me and embrace me, satisfy me and wake me up." Thus, our being is charged with energy through the Ajna center. It is the energy of the soul with its triple quality: Will, Love and Light. Enter us from above through the luminous bridge of which Master CVV speaks, “Beginning of the Upper Bridge”. One shore of the bridge is in Ajna, the other has no shore, because it is infinite, THAT. But THAT can build a bridge to us and reach us. We cannot reach the sun, but a solar ray can come to us. We must feel this energy; otherwise, everything remains simply a mental activity.

The Centers in the Front

Through the Ajna center, the awareness of the space around us also enters into us; In this way, the God who lives within and the God beyond our system meet in Ajna. The vertical line between the center of the eyebrows and the upper center of the forehead belongs to the energy of Uranus. In this line there are several centers:

The center between the eyebrows is the highest point to which human consciousness, that is, personality, can rise. It is connected with the pituitary and should not be confused with Ajna; His name in Sanskrit is Bhrumadhya. Bhru means the eyebrows, Madhya the center. We rise to the center of the eyebrows applying wisdom in life and transforming our lower nature with the discipline of Saturn.

Ajna is a lotus with two petals in the center of the forehead and is also called the third eye. This center is connected to the pineal gland; It is the seat of the soul from where we direct our life.

Between the centers of the eyebrows and Ajna there is a point called the birthplace of INDRA in the Vedas. INDRA is the ruler and protector of the created worlds. The Puranas describe how INDRA fights the devils. Their job is to protect the personality, which is open to duality, from the invasion of diabolical tendencies, and to maintain its integrity.

Thus, the soul descends from the Ajna center to the birthplace of INDRA and meets there with the personality to work through it in the world. We also call this the personality infused by the soul. When the bridge is built between the pituitary and the pineal gland, this central point between the soul and the personality is activated and the Light is created. The union of the centers of the eyebrows and Ajna manifests the Light, the birth of INDRA. If there is no need for action, the soul returns to the third eye.

We should not believe that we have already opened Ajna when we simply sit and think about the eye. First we must have established correct horizontal relationships in life through the right action; Then we can ascend vertically. When the third eye is opened, it is said that the person has become an adept and that he fully knows the plan in all its details, as it has developed in the past, from the beginning, and as planned by the Devas for the future.

The Eye of Shiva

On the third eye of man there is a third eye of God in us; it is called the Eye of Shiva ; The subscribed name is Pala Lokshana. Shovel means the forehead, Lokshana, the eye. The Eye of Shiva is far superior to the third eye that we can develop. It is at the top of the forehead, directly below the edge of the hair. The Eye of Shiva is not for us, but for him. It opens when the cosmic energy decides to reveal itself and function through a human unit. Then this center is stimulated and the descent of the cosmic energy occurs to reinforce an individual soul, before expressing itself through all the centers and thus manifesting itself.

Infrequently, the energetic energy called Shiva uses this center in the human being to lower the energy. When the Eye of Shiva is linked to the third eye, man knows the secret of the passage to pure existence through death, and from the passage of pure existence to the conscious state. This is the passage of Aquarius from which everything manifests. It also represents the step between one creation and the next, where all the creation is absorbed and then designed again. This is how Aquarius is considered the last of the solar signs before an important dissolution and the first when the creation is going to be.

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