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The Lunar Messenger

Scorpio Full Moon 2011 astrosign

Signs of Transformation 3:

The Sacred Center

Scorpio is a sign of tremendous transformations invisible to the outside. The movement of consciousness enters the depth of matter, where it can be imprisoned or can free itself to ascend from darkness to the highest light. Scorpio rules the sexual organs and potency, with Mars being its ruler. In the body, Scorpio has its seat in the spleen or in the sacral center. That is why the theme of this month's Lunar Messenger is Signs of Transformation 4: The Sacred Center.

The Double Triangle

Through meditation, a union of soul and personality is established. This is described as the union of two triangles in a double triangle. The upper and lower triangle have to come into contact and establish a dialogue. The upper triangle consists of the ajna, heart and throat centers, and the lower one of the centers of the base, sacrum and solar plexus. The centers below the diaphragm are reflections of the upper centers. The center of the head or ajna communicates with the base center, the heart with the solar plexus and the throat with the sacral center.

Since time immemorial, there are two ways to work with these relationships. One is to work from the top down. In it, we insist on invoking more and more light so that it can penetrate deeply into us. The other possibility is to clean and refine everything that is below the navel. In this process "the lower floors of our house" are cleaned so that the energies of the upper planes can be reflected in the lower part.

This information is useful when we meditate. Because when we use the throat center well and speak correctly and regularly emit sacred sounds for a certain time, this purifies the sacral center and also strengthens the throat. If we redirect our thoughts, from what we want for ourselves, towards what others need and work to achieve it, the bridge between the heart and the solar plexus is created. Then the path opens for the upward movement through which Kundalini moves, automatically and lightning, from the base to the head.

As soon as the three higher centers are activated, this also organizes the three lower centers at the same time. It is very dangerous to work directly with the three lower centers as it can disturb us and create big problems. If the base center is activated without activating the ajna center, innumerable body aches and problems can develop, even to immobility. People whose sacral center has been activated without activating the throat center may get lost in illusions; They may have the feeling of receiving visions of angels, teachers and cosmic planes, but their daily lives do not correspond to it. If the solar plexus is stimulated without stimulating the center of the heart, mental awareness remains trapped in astral currents.

Many spiritual people want to work directly with the upper triangle. They talk about love, wisdom and I am, but they don't experience it because the lower triangle is still full of dust and dirt. Although they have holy concepts in their mind, they continue to remain in the impure surroundings of their own "dirt." Systematic work is needed to keep the lower triangle pure, so that the upper one can be reflected in it. When the six centers are well linked they provide six dimensions of consciousness that are known as Shad Darshans. The one in whom the six dimensions are developed is said to be a "perfect cube" with six sides.

SARAVANABHAVA, the six-syllable mantra has been given especially for the purification of the sacral or emotional center. Its symbol is the three-dimensional cross with six arms. People who work with it are perceived as well organized and very effective, both in objective and subjective life. The mantra has been given to us by the great teacher whom we know as Agastya. Everything that has to do with the lower triangle belongs to Agastya, who has been active since the beginning of the universe. He can work very effectively without being seen, in a deep and silent way. Thus, certain specific tasks were entrusted to his ashram. From the point of view of this ashram there is only a slight difference between light and dark. Everything is being included, even black magic. When evil, which is very effective, is transformed by means of a touch, it achieves the same high effectiveness as good. Agastya is responsible for all work in the three lower centers, so that beings can ascend to know the Hierarchy. The purpose of his work is to push us from the bottom up so that the Hierarchy can then rise from above.

Purifying the Sacred Center

The seed sound in the center of the sacral center is RAM, and six sounds work like six petals. These seven sounds are responsible for the aqueous system in the body. This water in the body is related to Varuna, and thus in the science of chakras, the sacred center receives the VAM sound. To keep the sacred center in order we must drink a lot of pure water, because this purifies the system of our body. But when the drinking water is not clean enough, the center is disturbed. Water treatments of naturopathy are suitable for the healing of diseases of the sacral center: steam baths, baths in tubs, relaxation exercises in the water. Days of fasting with water at regular intervals also help to purify emotions.

In homeopathy, enhanced silver (Argentum Nitricum) is effective against many types of emotional disturbances, fears or excitability. Patients weakened by fears can be cured by applying the gray-silver color in the sacral center. While gray is the color of the involution of this center, its evolutionary color is silver gray, between blue and white, and also pink. Pink has a direct impact on the nervous system. Control emotions and stimulate a positive attitude. The effect of roses, as well as the essence of roses, is widely known to counteract depressions. If we mentally and regularly send roses, to patients who have a negative attitude, they feel better after a few days.

Disturbances of the sacral center can cause jealousy, hatred or even pleasure in killing. These disturbances can be causes of excessive sexual life and all kinds of diseases resulting from sexual intercourse. However, the suppression of sexuality also disturbs the sacral center and is one of the main causes of cancer. Similarly, a disturbed sacral center alters digestion. Many people in the so-called civilized society suffer a lot from constipation. Diabetes and liver malfunction are also disturbances of the sacral center. In addition, the causes of thyroid disorders are found in disturbances of the sacral center.

The widely disseminated manipulations to benefit personally are another cause of disturbances of the sacral center; produce alterations of the brain and internal organs. Our health is closely related to the work of the Sacred Center. Do not abuse this center, if we want to have a long life and good health.

Prana entrance

The sacral center is the most important center through which prana or vital force enters the body. Prana is the subjective element of air and is transmitted from the sun through the air. It also enters us through a center between the shoulder blades. Entry occurs not only through breathing, but also through the sun's rays. Especially during the dawn hours you can take a lot of pranic energy through these centers and thus the vital body can be energized and remain resistant. Yoga asanas help us to better assimilate the surrounding energy, keeping the spine flexible and ductile. The ghee also strengthens the sacral center and gives vitality because it contains ojas (vital energy, light, radiance). To maintain a strong and healthy body it is also recommended to meditate on Mars in the sacred center, because Mars, the principle of power, exists in us in the lotus petals of this center.

But it is often not easy for us to follow what we would like to do, because we have tendencies in us that originate from actions of our past. Our will is too small to satisfy our inclinations; therefore it is necessary to invoke the divine will. In this way, we strengthen ourselves and face the challenges of our trends. Prayer helps as an emergency call and the divinity will then work through the center of the lower manifestation of will, Mars in the sacred center. This reinforces our determination to ascend and return to the source of our original being.

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