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  • 2012

The Lunar Messenger Full Moon of Aries 2012 astrosign

Signs of Transformation 9:

The Five Elements

In the annual cycle, Aries and Libra form the horizontal line of the equinoxes, Cancer and Capricorn form the vertical line of the solstices. These four points give us the four elements: fire and air, water and earth. The signs always follow the sequence fire - earth - air - water. The zodiac is also a division of four triangles of the four elements, which are manifested in the fifth element, the ether of space. We will see them more closely in the coming months. That is why the theme of this month's Lunar Messenger is "Signs of Transformation 9: The Five Elements."

The Magic of the Five Elements

We know that we are not the body but the soul, which takes a body and then leaves it again. Every morning we wake up from the universal existence, we are located in our individual existence and we dive into the envelope of thoughts and the body formed by the elements of matter. These wraps are like clothes that we put on our souls, so that we can gain experience on earth.

But as soon as the wraps near us we succumb to the illusion of matter and forget our original being. We ourselves are eternal, but now we believe that we are born and also that we will die again. The magic of the 5 elements keeps us in the illusion of change. Then we identify with the body and believe that we are of the same substance as the elements of our planet's matter.

However, we are of different nature. The outside world was created by the lunar gods, the Pitris, and our body is also woven of this substance. The combination of its elements keeps changing; our thoughts are also continuously modified and even parts or states of our consciousness. But we are spirit wrapped with light. We are the soul, the solar angel, the light of the higher self; We are self conscious.

The body is much lower; He only gets consciousness when the soul is present in him. The elements of which it is formed were gathered and will be dispersed again by time. While the soul is present, it maintains the elements in an order like a magnet and synthesizes them. The form remains intact and balance is maintained. When we leave the body at the time of death, the form of the elements dissolves again. While we are in the stability of our existence we have control over the body of five elements. Then the elements no longer influence us, but are our helpers.

The 5 elements are the 5 physical states of matter. These are the ether of space, the gaseous state, fire, liquid and solid. These five states are governed by 5 cosmic intelligences that work through many lower intelligences. In us, they express themselves through 5 centers and their network of nerves. The ether works through the throat, the element of air through the heart center, fire or heat through the solar plexus, water through the sacral center and matter or earth through the base center. The ether of space, also called Akash, helps us hear the subtle aspect of sound. The air element makes us breathe better; through the air we get the touch of the subtle world and a rich life; fire helps us to understand better; the water element, to better taste life and to regulate emotions; The element of the earth helps us keep the physical tissues in good condition.

Balance disturbances

If the elements in us are not in conformity with the surrounding elements, disturbances occur that are expressed as discomfort and disease. If our vitality is affected, even small variations in temperature cause colds. These are related to the disturbances of fire and air in us. Liquids are related to the water element in us, the solids to the earth. If water and fire are disturbed, they do not allow air to circulate in the body the way it should. Consequently, less prana can enter the body and circulate there. Vitality weakens.

If the food, work and the rest are in equilibrium in rhythmic relationship, the 5 elements are well balanced. This strengthens the vitality and removes what may favor the disease. We can contribute a lot to a healthy life, especially through the element of air, if we begin to breathe better and deeper.

Modern life, however, is opposed in many ways to efforts to lead a healthy life. We have polluted the earth, water and air. We have damaged the elements of nature. Many of today's illnesses come from attacks on plants, animals and the environment. Also the aggression and violence that human beings do against each other has a detrimental influence on the elements. We cannot continue to plunder and destroy Mother Earth, but we have to take care of her. When we pollute the earth or the waters disturb the elements. Pollution will turn against us and we have to pay for it.

We should not create disturbances in the surrounding systems through our actions. This is not as simple as we might think. If, however, we do not want to be hurt by people or by the elements, we must also not harm them. It is the Law. Therefore, we must strive to cultivate a non-violent attitude and lead a pure life, keeping the elements in ourselves and our environment in a pure and orderly state.

Harmonization of the Elements

We keep the element pure earth feeding us with good food and keeping the things of our environment pure. We purify the water element through pure drinks and fire through purifying emotions. Fresh air in the rooms improves vitality. Especially meditation, prayers and positive thoughts help purify the elements and increase their vibration. Singing mantrams on a regular basis has a strong effect to magnetize the elements and stabilize the mind. So unnecessary and negative thoughts affect us less. The mantra OM NAMAH SIVAYA is given to children at the age of 5 to 6; It helps keep the sense organs and the 5 elements under proper control.

If the elements in us are ordered the vital energy can circulate freely. Then we can direct it as healing energy to other people. Healing and meditation can best happen in places where there is subtle cooperation of the elements. This is the case of quiet and pure places, where the 5 elements are not disturbed by noise and pollution. Marriages should also be done in a pure place where the five elements are in a good balance. If the elements are not in harmony, if for example if there is severe weather, it is better to postpone the marriage one day.

In the Ashramas of the masters there is a deep harmony of the 5 elements. Flowers and animals are in harmony, even the apparent enmity ceases. Prevail, friendship, love, beauty and an indescribable silence so you can listen to the music of nature.

New Bodies Models

With the 5 purified elements a powerful ethereal body can also be constructed that is suitable for higher vibrations. Manu Vaivasvata is working on the evolution of new body models. He is responsible for providing bodies to newly incarnated souls that are more translucent and better adapted. Shamballa is very busy carrying out tremendous adjustments on the planet to raise awareness of the planet. When this happens, the elements and also the human beings could go through phases of commotion. These sudden alignments, however, are not to destroy, but serve to reorganize and reorient.

When they want to incarnate elevated beings on earth, special bodies are created for them, because the elements of the earth are not appropriate to assimilate the high radiance. Sanat Kumara lives like this in a subtle sheath in the ashram ashram of Shamballa without touching the earthly aspect of the planet. 5000 years ago a supernatural causal body was created for Lord Krishna so that Krishna could descend upon the earth. This was done through a ritual that was carried out by a group of teachers under the direction of Parasara. This subtle body was created with the most sublime sounds; the elements that are far superior to the five elements of the earth were summoned. Krishna lived mainly from fruit juices, water and milk products; I did not eat heavy foods, not to mention vegetarian nutrition. Upon leaving, he gave this subtle body made of the most sublime elements to Lord Maitreya, when he installed him as the new world teacher. Since then this radiant white tunic is available on earth for special purposes.

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