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The Lunar Messenger, Leo's Full Moon 2: Leo's fire is the solar transforming fire; It helps us transform the personality to reach the plane of the soul or buddhi. To make it possible for humanity to reach the light more easily, the Manu has improved the molds of human bodies during the last decades. The impetus for that improvement came from the supra-cosmic planes through Sirius and through the sign of Leo to Earth; Master CVV received it and transmitted it. That is why the theme of this month's Lunar Messenger is Perspectives of Wisdom 9: El Manu.
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Book of the Month of Leo 2: The Master CVV was born on August 4, 1868 on Leo's Full Moon. It is not by chance that the Master who came from Master J piter's ashram chose Leo's full Moon for his birth. This full moon is the future festival of the Hierarchy to distribute the energies of Love. The book `` Master CVV by Dr. E. Krishnamacharya offers a valuable insight into the work of the Masters who serve the divine Plan for the evolution of humanity and our planet Earth.

Download the books in Spanish of Sri K. Parvathi Kumar and Sri Ekkirala Krishnamacharya for free from the Web published by Dhanishtha Editions, Barcelona, ​​including the CD for the book on Mantras:

Illustration for Leo's Full Moon 2: In a talk about "The White Island" Sri K. Parvathi Kumar explained: "The White Island speaks of the Plane of Light, and the Plane of Light is the field of the Soul. An interesting narrative about the Kingdom of Light is offered for beings to remember inside their original abode. The White Island is Beautiful in quality and form. It carries in itself the divine brilliance and splendor. It is always bright, eternal and perpetual. The simple thought of The White Island stabilizes and comforts us. The vision of the island destroys forever the cycle of death and birth. The residents of the island live with bodies of radiant light. They are constantly busy pronouncing the sacred word that protects the worlds. The rays of Love and Light form the bricks and the revocation of the residences on the island. The center of the eyebrows is a replica of this sacred land. In this land, residents and residences have no different identities. The Lord of the Superior shines in purity and balance eternally, without being touched by hyper and hypo-activity. The glorious White Island is not a place or a plane to be promoted. Wherever one is, it manifests itself when one acquires “one's identity with the environment.” The illustration of the month, “The White Island, ” illustrates this symbolism.

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"The Lunar Messenger", Full Moon of Leo 2

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