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With Leo's Lunar Messenger we enter the 10th year of the newsletter.

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"The Lunar Messenger", Leo's Full Moon : Leo's fire sign represents the birth of consciousness, in which the individual transforms into a Son of God. This transformation is supported by the energies of Uranus, which we can receive from the plane of the soul through the Sun, the regent of Leo. That is why, the theme of this month's Lunar Messenger is "Sun and Consciousness."
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Book of the Month of Leo: Uranus transmits the cosmic solar principle and produces a reorganization of life in man. On earth, he brings the necessary changes to inaugurate the New Age. The book "Uranus - The Alchemist of the Era", by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar, shows how in each field there are constant transformations for rapid development through the stimulation of Uranus energy.

Photo for Leo's Full Moon : The sun's rays transmit energy of life and consciousness, especially during sunrise. The ray remains connected to the origin, and as souls, we are rays of the Sun, connected to the source of light through the higher Buddhi consciousness. The photo of a friend of Per shows a sunrise over Lake Titicaca and reminds us that the Sun is the central source of all Life and Universal Love.

Notes (in English) of Group Life during the WTT Summer Solstice, with Master Kumar and Kumari-Garu in Bad Essen, Germany:

Vaisakh Circular Letter: You can see the Vaisakh Circular Letter for the month of Leo: Version html:
Important days of the month for group activities :
Flowers on the Edge of the Road The Goodwill blog, in English:

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