The Legacy of the Ascended Master Jesus

  • 2016
Table of contents hide 1 The legacy of the Ascended Master Jesus. 2 “Jesus is an inexhaustible source of love.” John 3 Jesus is love and eternal life. 4 Love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus. 5 6 Prayer, communication with Jesus.

The legacy of the ascended master Jesus of Nazareth was a message of change before a society that forgot the values ​​of humanity. The legacy of the master Jesus is love and eternal life, this message is Still in force in today's society, Jesus predicted the need to love others, mercy and forgiveness among men. Jesus did not give value to material things, he did not go against the political system, he only dedicated himself to teaching human beings to live together.

Ascended Master Jesus

The Legacy of the Ascended Master Jesus.

Jesus faced the greatest of the empires known in ancient times to the Romans. Which had enslaved their people, preaching justice, making criticism about excessive wealth and leaving the world a legacy of love, justice and peace.

Jes s is an inexhaustible source of love. Juan

Jesus came to tell us that life does not end with death. He tells us that it begins with love and eternal life on a higher plane, where earthly riches and desires do not matter. The legacy of the master Jesus refers to the inheritance that he left, produced profound changes in the human being, the teaching to forgive and love others as we love ourselves without selfishness, taught us to share our belongings, that love gives us freedom and peace. According to the Bible, Jesus taught us to see our sins and repent for them, to hope, entrusted to his apostles to carry all this news throughout the world. Changing Judaism to Christianity, creating a new religion. It is bequeathed by the ascended master Jesus has been spreading throughout the world transmitting from generation to generation to the present day.

Jesus is recognized as the son of God, Para. The believers of Christianity the most important day is Holy Friday since that day was where Jesus the son of God gave his life for men.

Ascended Master Jesus

Jesus love and eternal life.

Jesus becomes an example of life and his legacy of love and that of eternal life are his main objective, we will have happiness, which he promises us, if we follow his example. In the books of the New Testament there are several passages where Jesus speaks of his kingdom outside this world and that is where we must concentrate the effort of this life, the jackpot is the guarantee of eternal life.

"Love your neighbor as yourself." Jesus.

The Ascended Master Jesus is the Good Shepherd.

Prayer, communication with Jesus.

Jesus as an ascended teacher is always attentive to the needs you have in this earthly world, but it is necessary to pray, through prayer you achieve direct communication with the teacher Jesus. In Jesus' life, love and eternal life is an important part of his legacy. When Jesus prayed to his heavenly Father, he often needed to be alone to communicate with God the Father, turned away from everything that distracted him, and prayed to God to help him change people's attitudes. In one of the passages of the bible one of his disciples approached him, said Lord, teach me to pray he left the prayer of our Father who is an icon of the Christian religion.

We have to be aware of the strength of prayer, we must pray to ask and thank, in times when problems arise in our lives, prayer is a very useful tool for solving them. Prayer is the legacy of the ascended master Jesus, it is a sign of love and eternal life. Jesus is an example of prayer.

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