The Oath "and" Revelation of the word ", by Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul



The Work of the Lodge during the Initiation.

We arrive at the most solemn part of the Initiation ceremony. This ceremony from a certain point of view, is classified into three parts.

In the first, the initiate deals with and knows his own authentic Self, the Presence, and perceives the vision and the plan.

In the second, the initiator involved handles the Scepter of Fire and obtains a certain specific result in the body of the aspirant.

In the third, the Hierophant reveals certain words and formulas that the initiate carries in his conscience, to better fulfill the part of the plan that corresponds to him.

During the process, the Masters Lodge, congregated outside the Triangle of Strength, deals with this triple task, in order to obtain certain results in the consciousness of the initiate and help the Hierophant in his difficult enterprise. It should be remembered that, according to the Law of Economy, when an application or transmission of force is made from one center of force to another, we have the consequent decrease in the center of abstraction. This is the basis of the establishment of seasons and seasons, in connection with the Initiation ceremony. The Sun is the source of all energy and power, and the Initiator's task is easier when favorable solar conditions are used. Seasons and seasons are established through esoteric, solar and cosmic astrology, logically based on exact figures, the true mathematical concept and the real knowledge of fundamental facts, concerning the planets and the solar system. Invariably, the horoscope of the initiate is made to fix the moment of an individual initiation, and only when the individual signs merge and coincide with the ceremonial horoscope, by which the Initiator is guided, is it possible to carry out the ceremony. For this reason, the initiation is sometimes postponed to a later life, even if the initiate has done the necessary work.

The triple task of the Lodge during the ceremony can be described as follows:

First: the intonation of certain mantra releases energy from a certain planetary center. It should be remembered that every planetary scheme is a center in the body of a solar Logos and incorporates a special type of energy or force. According to the desired energy in a given initiation, it is transferred to the initiator by means of the Sun, and from the planetary center, to the initiate. The procedure is the next:

  1. The energy is mobilized from the planetary center by the power of the planetary Logos, aided by the scientific knowledge of the Lodge and the use of certain words of power.
  1. From there it passes to the Sun, where it mixes with pure solar energy.
  1. From the Sun, energy is transmitted to a certain chain in the scheme of our Earth, which numerically corresponds to a specific and originating planetary scheme.
  1. From there it is transferred to the corresponding globe and from it to the dense physical planet. By using a special method, the Initiator focuses the energy on His own body, using it as a receiver and transmitter and finally reaches the initiate. a the Triangle and the Godfathers. Therefore, it will be evident to the student, that when the initiator is the Lord of the World, a physical reflection of the planetary Logos of our scheme, the force comes more directly to the initiate than in the first two initiations, where the Bodhisattva is the Hierophant. Until the third initiation, the initiation will not be in a position to receive directly planetary force.

Second: the concentration carried out by the Lodge, helps the initiate to recognize in himself the different past processes. This is achieved by acting definitively on your mental body, thus stimulating all the atoms through the united mental power of the Masters. Thus it helps directly to understanding. Such concentration does not resemble in any way the hypnotic suggestion or the powerful impression of strong minds over weak ones. When the Masters and Initiates meet, it has the character of an energetic meditation on the self and the realities involved. Through the force thus released, the initiate can more easily transfer his conscience, outside the no? I, to the divine essentialities that concern him immediately. The mental power of the Masters manages to intercept the vibration of the three worlds and allows the aspirant to leave behind the whole past after him and obtain the vision of the future, which sees the end from the beginning and the things of time as if they did not exist.

Third: through a certain ceremonial rhythmic activity, the Lodge greatly helps in the task of initiation. Just as the Wesak festival results in a demonstration of strength due to the use of the toned tunes, the sacred steps of the ceremonial and the entanglement of the congregated crowd forming geometric figures, so An analogous procedure is used in the initiation ceremony. The appropriate geometrical figures for the various initiations differ, and in that one of the protections of the ceremony is underlined. The initiate only knows the preset figure for his own initiation.

The Masters and the Initiates gathered in the Lodge deal with the three aspects of the work, until the moment when the Scepter is applied. Then the initiate becomes a member of the Lodge, then changes the entire ceremonial before the oath and prior to the revelation of the Word and the Secret.

The godparents depart from the initiate and occupy His place in the ranks, while the three Activity Buddhas (or His representatives in the first two initiations) take their place behind the throne of the Hierophant. The members of the Lodge are grouped in a different way and the initiates of the same degree of the recently admitted candidate, surround him and help in the final part of the ceremony. The other initiates and adherents are present, each in their different graduations.

The first three stages of the initiation ceremony are the same in all initiations. In the final two stages, those who do not have the same degree of the newly initiated (such as the first-degree initiates in the initiation of a third-degree member) withdraw to the bottom of the Initiation Classroom, in Shamballa, and through energy metric of the two groups, a “wall of silence” stands; it can be said that a vacuum is formed, and nothing can be transmitted between the internal and the external group. The external group gives itself to a deep meditation and intones certain formulas; The internal group, which surrounds the Hierophant, performs a double ceremony:

  • The newly initiated takes an oath.
  • Certain words and secrets are communicated.

Two types of oath.

Oaths related to the Hidden Hierarchy can be classified into two groups:

The Oath of the Initiation, through which the initiate undertakes, in the most solemn oath, to never reveal, under penalty of rapid punishment, any hidden secrets or to express in words, outside the Classroom of the Initiation, which is He has entrusted him to his custody.

The oath of office. It is provided when a member of the Lodge takes possession of a specific position in the hierarchical work. This oath refers to its functions and relationships with:

  • the Lord of the World,
  • Your immediate superior,
  • your collaborators in the Lodge,
  • the world of men that he should serve.

It is not necessary to add more regarding this last oath, since it concerns only those who occupy official positions in the Hierarchy.

The Oath of Initiation.

The Oath of Initiation, to which we refer, is divided into three sections, and the Hierophant receives it from the initiate, and he repeats it sentence by sentence after the Initiator; accentuate different points by intoning the initiates of the same degree, with words in senzar, equivalent to "so be it".

The three divisions of the oath can be described, in general terms, as follows:

  1. A solemn phrase that personifies the purpose that moves the initiate; an affirmation of his invariable voluntary attitude; the solemn declaration of their understanding, together with the promise of not revealing any part of the known purpose, except in what they reveal their daily life in the world of men and their service. This involves the oath to keep secret regarding the revealed part of the logo plan, seen in "the revelation of the vision."
  1. The deeply solemn commitment of character, which concerns his relationship with the other selves, with the Lodge of which he is a member and with the selves of men everywhere. This involves a certain attitude towards his brothers of all grades, and also includes the serious commitment to never reveal the true nature of the aspect of the self, as has been shown in the initiation. This includes the oath to keep secret regarding the relationship established between the solar Logos and the planetary Logos, and the planetary Logos of our scheme and the scheme itself.
  1. The statement of the solemn promise to never reveal to anyone the knowledge received about the sources of force and energy with which he has come into contact. This triple oath consists in keeping absolute silence about the true nature of energy, its laws of manipulation and the promise to use only the force made available to it, by initiation to serve the race, and thus increase the plans of the planetary Logos. .

This great oath remains veiled under different terms, according to the initiation received, and, as already said, it is received in three parts, with an interval between each one, destined for certain ceremonies performed by the group of initiates surrounding the recently admitted brother.

It should be noted that each part of the oath concerns each of the three aspects of the divine manifestation; when the initiate takes an oath, one of the three departmental guides collaborates with the Initiator in the reception work. This is how this triple nature energy becomes available, according to the different parts of the oath rendered. This energy descends to the initiate from the three major rays, through the Hierophant and the corresponding Departmental Guides, in the first two initiations, through the group of initiates of the same degree, so that each initiation is a stimulus and expansion for all . In the final five initiations the force flows through the three Activity Buddhas, instead of through the Departmental Guides.

It would be useful to point out that during this part of the ceremony, the group is bathed in the color that corresponds to the type of energy and the planetary scheme from which it originated, and the work of the Initiator consists in putting the initiate in contact with this energy, which descends on the group, from the moment in which the segregation has been carried out; This is done by the Initiator using certain words and raising His Scepter of Power. The three Activity Buddhas, who in the great energy centers of our planet touch the end of the Scepter with their official staffs, utter in unison a certain mystical word, then beginning the descent that continues until the end of the ceremony.

They may wonder if some initiates do not fulfill their oath. This happens very rarely, as it must be remembered that no initiation is received until a certain stage has been reached. Few cases have occurred, but since the Lord of the World knows everything that happens in the future, in the present and in the past, the initiate does not have the opportunity to reveal the hidden. The intention may exist, but you will not have the opportunity. The initiate who thus sins by trying, will be deprived of the use of the word and even of life, before failing.



Solar words.

The basis of all manifested phenomena is the sound enunciated, or word pronounced with power, that is, with the full purpose of the will behind it. Here lies, as is known, the value of meditation, which eventually produces that internal purpose and dynamic recollection, or that internal ideation, which must infallibly precede the pronunciation of any creative sound. When it is said that the Logos produced the worlds through meditation, it is meant that within His own center of consciousness there was a period in which he thought and meditated on the purposes and plans he had in view, he visualized for himself the entire process of the world, as a perfect whole, seeing the end from the beginning and being aware of the details of the consummate sphere. Then, when His meditation was over, everything was completed as in a picture before His inner vision and used a certain Word of Power that was communicated to Him by Whom Nothing Can Be Said, the Logos of the cosmic scheme, of which our system is only one part. We are not concerned with cosmic and logoic initiations, except to the extent that human initiations reflect their amazing prototypes, but the student is interested in knowing that, just as in each initiation the initiate is entrusted with a Word of Power, he was also entrusted to the Logos the great Word of Power, which produced our solar system, called "Sacred Word" or AUM. It must be remembered that the Aum sound is man's effort to reproduce, on an infinitely small scale, the triple cosmic sound that made creation possible. The Words of Power of all grades have a triple sequence:

  • First. Pronounced by a totally self - conscious entity , this invariably happens after a period of deliberation or meditation, where the purpose is fully visualized.
  • Second. They affect the Devic kingdom and produce the creation of forms. This effect has a double character:
  1. The devas of the evolutionary path, the great builders of the solar system and those who are subordinate to them, who have passed the human stage, respond to the sound of the Word, and with understanding consciously collaborate with the one who exhaled it, and thus it is carried out the job.
  2. The devas of the involutive arch, the minor builders, who have not passed through the human stage, also respond to sound, but unconsciously or by force; by the power of the vibrations initiated they build the required forms with their own substance.
  • Third. They act as a stabilizing factor, and as long as the force of sound persists, the forms remain consistent. For example, when the Logos finishes the enunciation of the sacred AUM and the vibration ceases, the forms will disintegrate. The same goes for the planetary Logos, and so on in descending scale.

The Words of Power or variations of the Aum, exist in all possible tones, semitones and quarters of tone, and on these nuances of sound the work of creation and its sustenance are erected. Within each major sound there are multiplicity of sounds that affect different groups. Generally speaking and widely, the sounds of the solar system are included in two groups:

  1. Initiatory sounds, or those that in all planes produce manifestations or phenomena of some kind.
  1. Resulting sounds, or those produced from within the forms during the evolutionary process, constituting the conglomerate of the tones of each form, in any realm of nature. Every form also has a tone that is the result of the tiny sounds produced by the atoms that make up that shape. These sounds emanate from the previous group, and affect lower groups or kingdoms, if the word "lower" can be used in relation to some sector of the divine manifestation. For example, the human kingdom, the fourth creative Hierarchy, was produced by a triple Aum, pronounced in unison in a given key, by the three persons of the Trinity - God the Father, God the Son and God is Holy Spirit, or Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. This sound still persists; the interaction and the mixture of the numerous and small notes of each human being, together produce a great sound, which can be heard in the elevated places, having in turn a defined effect on the animal kingdom. It is one of the factors that produce animal forms, either for the human being or for the animal, because it must be remembered that man is the link between the animal and the divine.

It is neither possible nor desirable to enumerate the Words of Power, but certain general indications can be given that will help the student to realize the magnitude of the subject and its complexity:

  1. The Great Word, as pronounced by the Logos of the solar system and as communicated by His superior.
  1. Three Words that the solar Logos has entrusted to each of the three Logos, and are:
  1. The sacred sound A, communicated to Shiva, the One who incorporates the spirit or will aspect. It is the word by which God the Father acts.
  1. The sound U, communicated to Vishnu, God, the Son. He is the builder of form and provides the body that the spirit must occupy, enabling divine incarnation. A, is the sound of life; U, is the sound of form.
  1. The sound M, communicated to Brahma, which, in His function as an Energy Provider, links with active intelligence to the spirit and form, or the self and the no.

It would be possible to point out to the student, that if he reflects intelligently, he will receive much information about the functions of the three departments of the Hierarchy of our planet.

  1. Seven Great Words, based on the three sacred Aum sounds, produced the creation or manifestation of the seven planes of our solar system. These words are not entrusted to human entities, but to seven great Devas or Lord Rajas, animating lives of a plane; That is why in the various initiations their collaboration is necessary, before entrusting these key words to the initiate.
  1. Forty-nine Words related to the forty-nine subplanes or Fires. The forty-nine builders of the Sacred Fires are entrusted. The two groups of previous words are in the jurisdiction of the third aspect and are granted by Brahma.
  1. There are also five great Words whose signs are under the jurisdiction of Vishnu, or God the Son, and he exhales them. Through it, the five kingdoms of nature came into existence in the evolutionary arc:

The mineral kingdom

The vegetable kingdom

The animal kingdom.

The human kingdom

The spiritual kingdom

These five kingdoms constitute changes or are built on the sound U, just as the words listed above are on the sound M.

It is interesting to note that the first three kingdoms are based on two sounds; the U emitted on the basic tone of the M. In the fourth kingdom, the tone M is fading away, and the two notes emitted are U and A. In the fifth kingdom, the M is reduced to an inaudible subtone; the U merges with it and cannot be distinguished, and the A, or Shiva's note, resonates powerfully and is the only note that is practically heard. By the issuance of this note, Shiva's, the Destroyer, refuses the no? Me and dissolves everything that is not of the spirit. The sound of A affects the detachment, or liberation of the initiate, from the three worlds.

  1. There are also certain words entrusted to each of the planetary Logos, the basis of the planetary manifestation. As is well known, the sound of the Brahma aspect, or third aspect of our planetary Logos, is the FA note; Here lies much of the illumination with respect to its stage of evolution, as it is immediately evident that the sound A is reaching the dense physique.
  1. In our own Hierarchy there are many words derived from the Great Word of our planetary Logos, entrusted to the departmental Guides, who in turn transmit them in interchangeable order to the graduated initiates. It is necessary that the student knows how to differentiate between the concepts, word and sound, because the word watches the thought, idea or purpose, and the sound makes it possible to manifest, in any kind of matter, any of the seven planes.

We cannot explain the expansion of the fundamental words, from their enunciation, by cosmic entities, descending to the infinitesimal differentiations produced by the language of man, the vocal expressions of animals and the song of birds. Each one is a manifestation of consciousness to some degree and produce its effect. The initiate learns to emit sounds consciously ; It achieves the desired and premeditated results, pronounces words, is fully aware of the consequences at all levels, creates forms and directs energy through sacred sounds, thus driving the ends of evolution.

This disharmony was necessary before referring to the words entrusted to the initiate, in order to underline the radical importance of the matter and thus justify the jealous protection of this aspect of divine work.

The use of Words.

We have briefly dealt with the significance of the Words of Power. Now we will summarize some of the inferred postulates and then we will partially discuss the initiation ceremony and the Words entrusted to the initiate. The postulates listed here are nine, and if the applicant carefully reflects on them, he will get a great revelation about the creative process and the power of the word:

  1. All Words of Power have their roots in the great Word entrusted to the solar Logos at the dawn of manifestation.
  1. All Words of Power are exchanges or expansions of the three fundamental sounds, which increase their length as the planes become involved, until they reach the phrases and language of the finite unity, man, with myriad differentiations.
  1. Therefore, on the way back, the language is shorter; Words are used with ease and, finally, the time comes when the adept uses Word formulas, only when they are necessary to carry out specific purposes, in two ways:

to. Defined creative processes.

b. Specific direction of energy.

This is done logically on the planes of the three worlds.

  1. Therefore, when the aspirant prepares for initiation, he must do mainly three things:
  1. Control all activities of its triple lower nature. This involves applying intelligent energy to each atom of its three envelopes? Physical, astral and mental? which literally constitute the glow of Brahma or third aspect of the inner God.
  1. Control the word at all times of the day. Something easy to say, but very difficult to practice, and whoever achieves it quickly approaches emancipation. This does not refer to reticence, melancholy, silence or mutism, which characterize the little evolved natures and that are actually in a state of inarticulation. It refers to the controlled use of words to obtain certain ends and the retention of vocal energy when it is not necessary, something very different. It involves the recognition of cycles, seasons and seasons; it implies knowledge of the power of sound and of the effects produced by the spoken word; It involves the understanding of the constructive forces of nature and their proper management and is based on the ability to handle mental substance and set it in motion to obtain results in physical matter, in accordance with the clearly defined purpose of the inner God. The glare of the second aspect of the self, Vishnu, or constructive aspect of form, is the main characteristic of the ego on its own plane. You should reflect on this.
  1. Meditate and get to know the purpose of the ego. This meditation constantly highlights the first aspect, and the conscious will of the inner God can be felt on the physical plane.

The three activities of the applicant must go hand in hand and it will be observed that the second is the result of the first, manifesting itself as energy in the physical plane. Only when the applicant has really made real progress in these three directions of effort, will he be entrusted with the first of the great Words.

  1. Each great word includes in itself its own differentiations, expansions and exchange and the initiate, when pronouncing it, sets the minor in motion, through the vibration of the major. Hence the enormous responsibility and the magnitude of the results obtained. Every word is entrusted to the initiate, orally and visually. It is communicated, first verbally, in the form of seven syllables, each of which must be remembered as a separate word; then he is taught to combine the seven syllables, to form a triple sound and thus produce more harmonic and transcendental results. Finally, the three sounds merge into a single Word, which is entrusted to it. The seven words that make up the great Word are communicated to the initiate at each initiation by the initiates of the same degree. This group is divided into seven others, according to the sub-ray or lightning formation, and each group then sings a Word in rapid rotation. Simultaneously the colors and symbols of the different sounds pass before the initiate, so that he hears and sees what is entrusted to him. The most advanced group surrounding the throne (the three Departmental Guides in the first two initiations and the Pratyeka Buddhas in the finals) sing for the initiate the triple Word that merges at seven, and again he sees her before his inner eye. Finally, the Initiator pronounces it and the initiate is internally aware of having practically experienced the great sound one and knows what the vibration of a certain center is. It is well known that every center is connected to some plane, scheme, ray or other septenary divisions, thus highlighting the significance of its internal reaction.
  1. The Masters and Initiates, in Their task of contributing to the evolution of the three worlds, deal primarily with the seven syllables of the Word of His degree. The three words that join the seven are rarely used, except under the direct sanction of one of the Departmental Guides. (According to the syllable involved, each word is directly connected with the triple Aum and therefore with the Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva aspect, of which the three Guides are the planetary representatives).

When some initiate wishes to use the Word as a unit, for evolutionary purposes, he must achieve the sanction of the assembled Lodge, since said Word affects the matter of a whole plane within a planetary scheme and, consequently, the matter of those subsidiary plans of the plan involved. For example, a third-degree initiate, in pronouncing the Word of his degree, influences the matter of the lower mental sub-planes and, therefore, that of the astral and physical planes. A second degree initiate influences the astral plane and, consequently, the physical one. This results in powerful results that influence the work of many people.

  1. Each differentiated or synthesized Word affects the devic kingdoms and from there the constructive aspect of the form of manifestation. All sound produces its corresponding response in the deviant substance and drives multitudes of tiny lives to take specific forms. These forms persist and carry out their functions, while prolonging the sound that produced them, and the specific volitional energy of the one who initiated the sound is directed towards the living form. This is also true regarding a solar Logos when pronouncing the Aum, thus creating the solar system; when a planetary Logos pronounces His planetary Word creates a planetary scheme; An adept in producing results, in helping mankind on the physical plane and a common human being - in differentiated and diversified language, expresses an internal purpose or mental state and builds a form or vehicle with devic substance. Most human beings still construct unconsciously, and the constructed form is a beneficial or malefic agent, depending on the motive or purpose of man and will fulfill his will for the stipulated period of his existence.
  1. Each Word intoned is characterized by:
  1. A specific color
  2. A certain tone
  3. A special way
  4. Certain degree of energy or activity.
  5. The nature of cheerleading, self-conscious, conscious or unconscious life, God, man or deva.

The student will find that this is true with respect to a solar system, a planetary scheme, a human being, a mental form animated by an elementary life and the atom of the physicist or the chemist. By knowing these facts and by their conscious understanding, the true occultist will be known. The solar Logos pronounced a Word, the shape of our solar system came into existence, its color is blue and its note a determined cosmic musical tone. Its degree of activity is of a specific and mathematical nature, unavailable to the human mind in the current stage of evolution, and the nature of its great animating Life, the triple Logos, it is active intelligent Love.

  1. The great Word of our solar system can be added, if it is possible to express it that way, with other Words, for it is no more than a word of the Sevenfold Word, known for that great Existence that It is in identical relationship with the solar Logos, as it is with the planetary Logos. The sacred Words of seven solar systems, one of them ours, form the septenary sound that currently vibrates in the cosmic spheres.

These nine postulates briefly summarize the great truths about the creative processes of the solar system; they hide the secret of true magic, and their understanding will give man spiritually intuitive, purity of life and mobile, altruistic intent, severe self-control, courage and the power to carry forward the purposes of the ego, conscious collaborator in the work of evolution, participating, in part, in the plans of the planetary Logos of our scheme. This is presented briefly to protect hidden truths and in turn reveal them to those who are prepared.

In the seven initiations the seven Words of the solar system are revealed and form the Logoic Word that we only know, in its triple form, as the Aum.

In the first initiation the Word is granted for the physical plane.

In the second initiation the Word is granted for the astral plane.

In the third initiation the Word is granted for the lower mental plane.

In this initiation, as has already been said, the Hierophant is the Lord of the World, not only is the Word granted to the lower mental plane, but also entrusted to him. a a Word that synthesizes the three Words for the three worlds. sta se da al iniciado como tema de meditaci n, hasta recibir la cuarta ini ciaci n, pero se le prohibe que la emplee hasta la liberaci n final, pues proporciona completo control sobre los tres planos inferiores.

En la cuarta iniciaci n se otorga la Palabra para el plano mental superior.

En la quinta iniciaci n se otorga la Palabra para el plano b dico.

En la sexta iniciaci n se otorga la Palabra para el plano tmico.

En la s ptima iniciaci n se otorga la Palabra para el plano mon dico.

En la sexta iniciaci n el Hierofante otorga la Palabra que sintetiza la cuarta, quinta y sexta palabras, y el iniciado puede ejercer as completo control, por el poder del sonido, sobre la sustancia de los cinco planos de la evoluci n humana. En la s ptima iniciaci n el triple AUM, en su verdadero car cter, es revelado al iluminado Buda, entonces puede manipular energ a

en los seis mundos o planos.

Dos iniciaciones m s se pueden recibir, pero poco se dice respecto a ellas en nuestro esquema terrestre porque no es un esquema sagrado, y muy pocos seres humanos ?acaso alguno? logran las iniciaciones octava y novena. Para ello deben pasar primero a otro sistema durante un largo per odo de servi cio e instrucci n. Todo lo que se puede insinuar es que en la octava iniciaci n se manifiesta la dualidad del triple Aum, y en la novena se revela el sonido uno del Absoluto y su significación es vista y oída. Esto trae a la conciencia del iniciado algo de la energía y poder de “Aquel de Quien Nada puede Decirse”, o el Logos de nuestro Logos solar. La unidad de conciencia es entonces perfecta, como es perfecto el Logos, pasando a realizar un trabajo paralelo al del Logos solar. Tal es el grandioso programa y la oportunidad que se despliega ante los hijos de los hombres y ante todos los átomos.

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